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Wednesday practice report: OT Seantrel Henderson is back, but LB Eddie Johnson...

Very quick notes before I run to meeting.

Just finished with Al Golden and the first 15 minutes of Miami Hurricanes football practice.

Rumors are rampant that there is some type of situation going on with redshirt freshman linebacker Eddie Johnson, who just happens to be a co-first-team outside linebacker with Thurston Armbrister. I'm hearing there is something to those rumors, but I don't want to report anything until it's confirmed -- if it's confirmed.

Golden said Johnson was inside the Hecht Athletic Center and would be coming out shortly. He was not out there during our viewing. We asked about his status and Golden said his status was the same. "Nothing has changed,'' Golden said.

If Johnson's status is in jeopardy, then it appears Armbrister would be the starter, with true freshman Gabe Terry as the backup -- at least that's what the depth chart says. Johnson is listed as 6-1 and 230 pounds. He is from Atlanta, Ga.

* Golden confirmed that cornerback Vernon Davis left the team. "There was no problem,'' Golden said. "He asked for a release and we released him. That's it.''

Davis' high school coach told our Manny Navarro yesterday that Davis was heading to West Virginia to play for the Mountaineers.

* Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson was back at practice today. He has been cleared to play, Golden told us.

*Also cleared to practice for the first time in a long time (maybe all camp) is defensive lineman Cory King.

*We didn't see any players in yellow (limited) jerseys or red (no-contact) jerseys today. That's good news as far as injuries.

* Golden said between 60-65 players will be on the travel roster for Boston College. He will finalize that probably by "Sunday or Monday."

* Golden said cornerback Brandon McGee had his best day of practice during fall camp on yesterday.

* School starts today for the Hurricanes.

"The grind is over,'' Golden said, noting that the players are happy they have off from practice tomorrow. "The grind is over but the process endures. Stay to it. Don't worry about the outside.''



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So now Eddie Johnson's out of here? Great. It gets worse and worse and worse. But, fear not! Al just gets it! He gets it! He just gets it! So long as "it" = "beaten by Maryland for their only victory against a what-used-to-be-called-Division I-A school all year", then, yes, Al just gets it. Time for another extension, as the 'Canes go 3-9 or 4-8 and Al Just Gets It keeps being lauded for the job he did at Temple.

Hey, I am glad Seantrel is back with the Canes. I hope he gets real focused and gives it 100%. I wish him well and hope things have settled for him in terms of dedication to the UM.

And, Eddie Johnson is a tough young LB. Hope whatever is happening clears up, and he is ready to go against BC. He could be a really tough player for us.

It's almost here! Bring down the Eagles in their own nest (sorry...terrible play on words!).

Go Canes!

Where are all the pigs, errr, just one blog Pig with multiple IDs, who had confirmed reports that Seantrel was already enrolled in a juco or at U Minnesota?

Pig, what do you have to say for yourself? Put down the jelly doughnut you grim Pig and bare yourself.

What is it like to be in your late 50's and be a bitter old sow?

Ribbit, why don't you just "croak".

You just spent the past few days lying about Henderson, using the IDs of Canes fans, but you ignore that you were wrong and got caught when you provided no links to your lies, and instead go on to the next lie.

Complete loser with nothing to stand on, you can't even stick with one ID because your lies keep coming back to haunt you.

It's allright, 5 Titles. Remember, this 50+ year old Pig is always wrong.

Remember, Tracy Howard was "All Gatah?" And every other recruit that punked the UTRailertrash? The Pig is wrong.

But what else does a miserable over-the-hill Pig have to do with its time?

Wash. Rince. Repeat.

How disrepected has the Miami program gotten, an underdog to B.c. Young team will have to grow up fast.

The Line for Miami BC is pretty much even more than a week out. No respect, I don't thing so. What did you expect, to be favored on the road with a team that so young. The fact that the line is pretty much even tells me we are getting a little love. Hey get used to it we will be underdogs in most of out first games.

I'm just hoping for the season to be productive- last year wasn't very good I'm hoping for at lest 8-4 - young team who knows
What ever happened to Matt Patchan? remember the ego head had his own press conference with a gator and UM cap side by side - had his own press conference to televise which cap he would pick up?- what an ego air head- still floundering ( although starting) at UF I wonder if he will be drafted

We lost SO many starters from last year. Still 2-3 years away from excellence, but it is coming.

Yeah- Where's Patchan? He who dissed his own dad's legacy? Mr pretty boy hair is doing stand-ins for Fabio for shampoo commercials in the local CBS station at Alachua county/

ribbit: Miami has always been underdogs. Even when they won the NC. I mean all 5.

Hey, I'm with you all against posers that are fans of other teams yet come on our Canes blogs and inject false rumors, etc.. I actually laugh at the sophomoric banter that goes back and forth on these blogs. However, I do object to the link that being 50+ is over the hill! I am a 50+ Canes alumni and fan, and I'm not over the hill!
At least I still remember to take my daily Geritol and wear my bib boy pampers!

The 'Canes used to get the benefit of the doubt from pre-season pollsters, but they don't anymore, and rightly so. The team's end-of-season rankings have consistently been lower than its recruiting-class rankings.

In other words, the 'Canes haven't been playing up to talent levels or expectations.

But this is Golden's second season. By the time it ends we should be able to see whether he's made any real changes and, if he has, whether they're working.

That's the wild card. The 'Canes have about the same level of talent they've always had. The question is whether Golden and his staff can coach better than the previous two coaching ensembles.

We will see, we will see . . ..

It just gives us motorvation. Yes motorvation means our motors will be running. I hope they continue through the season as underdogs. We just going to continue grinding, lookout for next year pigs, gaytors, whateva Yall want to be called. I guest Yall know this that's why yall don't want to play TheU next year, scared punks. Lol

All bout TheU

Hey Chicken Little........err..I mean Ribbit.How old are you?????????Are you still in elementary school????????Surprised you could spell all those words you put in.Talk about a childish response.Brother.....you need to get a pair.

We cannot afford to loose any more players. Everyone should be able to step up and kick some a#%. I'm ready for the season to kick off next Sat @ 3:30pm I heard alot of mumbo jumbo during the summer camps. I hope I'll be happy to see the matching results that I've read in the Miami Herald papers. Seantrel I'm ready to see alot of pancakes this season buddie roe. Keep a clear mind and play for the one u love. Also remember that the fans have your back bro.

Judging from last years team, it apears to me the defense did not learn one thing from the years under Shannon. If they just go out this year and look like they belong on a football field, that will be a tremendous improvement. I am very much a senior watching my first Cane game in 1945 and I can personally say most of you do not have a clue.


Bwahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Joe Haden, arguably theCleveland Brown's bestdefender, gets burned. No, destroyed, by TBenjamin, who scored a TD while haden desperately tries to strip the ballaway from TB, then grabs his shirt and "roughens" TB up after the fact, such that teh Brown's head coach kicked Haden off the field.

ha ha haha hahahahahah

Even in the NFL youre still our beee-otches.

canes fans = randy marsh

All this "star" stuff has many confused, but when you consider the Gaytors fans we're talking completely delusional!! No team in Florida has had more top classes and more players leave or flop as the Gaytors! What does it take for them realize they are at the same level as we are win wise recently and they are supposedly kings of any stadium the walk into. When are they gonna say we are no better that you at this point and I'll shut up until our record says better. I love the Canes, but I aint gonna rag on any team until we improve. Thats that!

Im going to be posting my new Miami blog name shortly
I know all the groundbreaking rumors and im never wrong

Go Canes

I wonder if the Eddie Johnson stuff is once again the media trying to make something out of nothing or do they for once have something to back up what they say

LakeWorthCane -

Actually, I think the talent was down a bit for awhile and that Golden bases his selections on "camp" performances and not all the star hype from Rivals. I feel Coker got too into ranking of recruits and Shannon thought if he moved MW to Miami, they'd continue to be dominant in the college game. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Welcome back Seantrel Henderson. Now get in the back of the line and earn your spot. You are not special. You are a football player now act like it. Lets see what we got on Sept 1st. Everyone needs to remember now. There is unity on the Oline which was not there last year and most importantly, Jokory Harris is not on the field. We lost that game due to 4 picks and the score was only 24-17. Should have been higher with that many INTs.

Sept 1st LETS GO CANES!!!!

BC beat us last year and now we are younger. Line makes sense, prove it on the field.

Went from a -3 Favorite to a +1 Dog @B.C. ?


Only 3 games U'll actually be favored... Bethune, Duke and USF and that game might be a pick'em.

Vegas knows, why don't U ?

4-8 with 1 upset W of either B.C. or N.C.S. here U come...

I guess the Gators are winning it all then according to the clueless troll
What year was it that those mighty Gators with all that made up tradition went undefeated in a season?
Good thing they line up powder puff teams each year or they would be looking straight at a 3 win season at best

I'm not for starting McGee. The cubert, er, cubbard, ain't that bare. LB must be more solid. Hagans has to play more.

"And I wouldn't worry about the schedule that much. Pitt isn't on Tech's level yet, and Miami, to be blunt, is going to flat out stink."

-Stewart Mandel on Virginia Tech's chances against certain teams. Like his writing, but man this angers me.

Couldn't be more pleased with the national media's predictions on UM football this year, I'd sure rather have our coverage than USC's.

They fail if they don't win a national championship, UM is playing with house money.

florida will be lucky to win 5 games..... that's a stretch..miami,7 wins would be a very successful year...and that maybe a stretch..


What do the national and local media know?
How dare they make us a dog at BC and how come Joe Rose says we got no depth? They don't know nothing.
Nolkes and gators will be lucky to have 10 wins between the 2 of them while we will win at least 9 games and rule the ACC.
Don't these people know we got the Golden Freshmen?
And the most awesome punter? We will punt those teams to submission starting with BC.
I agree I rather have our coverage and our players than the ones from USC.
Fear the Freshmen! Fear the punter!

The Canes will win every game this year.

What do you get when you cross a pig and a Florida Gator.
There are some things even a pig will not do.



“We always talk about it,” he said, “because ultimately, if you want to be in the running for your conference championship in November, you can’t have a bunch of guys that got behind in school. You can’t. You can’t have guys pulling all-nighters as you’re coming down the home stretch. You can’t have guys that don’t take care of their readings or their assignments early in the season, or put things off — procrastinate. Now you’re sitting there trying to get them ready, trying to get them healthy, trying to get them rested, and they’re pulling all-nighters or falling behind in classes and they have to do extra work.

“We don’t want to do that. We just want to be methodical in our approach and take care of business every day.”


methodically 5-7 ... ?

damn, I miss the all-nite pullin Cane sUnUp at Dennys, B.K., Blimpies, Doughnut, Pizza corner @ Granada n Ponce de Jr. ... U ?

all U west of Palmetto Sweetwater Hialeah boys have no Gables idea...

Posted by: Mahoney Hall | August 23, 2012 at 03:08 AM


Posted by: 6-6... if U get lUcky


What ever happened to Storm Johnson?
Wasn't he going to be the next great cane runner?

pray now
How many games would Miami have won last year when our teams finished plays and played through the end of the game?..
3 or possibly 4?
What would you have said if we were ranked and ready this season with a 9-3 or an 8-4 record?.

Methodical worked with all the distractions..any other team or Coach would have had worse numbers..

You wouldn't know it is a 'Cane thing.

Go'Canes Always

We are mediocre, but IF we had finished a few plays here and a few there we COULDA won 3 or more games. IF we WOULDA done that we SHOULDA been ranked this year.
IF, we COULDA, we WOULDA, and then we SHOULDA
It,s a cane thang............

Reality Bites...yes it does...but it's easier to swallow when you truly belive "its the truth"....

We need to not fumble BC has been training to strip the ball backs, They also have a 6ft 7 in de who is a freshmen knocks pass s down. Our line and linebackers need to play 110 percent to beat this team.

So far this team sounds like a 2nd class[tier] team. Maybe they will surprise...

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