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Who would you take in a Canes' fantasy draft?

In the spirit of fantasy football draft season, I've decided to come up with a list of the top players at UM in terms of who I believe will provide the most quality production and leadership during the 2012 season.

Again, we haven't seen any of these guys beyond 15 to 30 minute sessions at practice. I'm formulating these rankings based on those brief glimpses and interviews I've done with players and coaches. Basically, if you were to ask me who I would take off this team to try and win, these are the guys I would take in order right now:

Denzel Perryman1. Denzel Perryman, So., LB: I think we took for granted last season the immediate impact this kid provided. He finished second on the team behind Sean Spence with 69 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, a sack and two forced fumbles in 12 games, five starts. Because of the struggles at defensive tackle, Perryman (6-0, 230) could end up getting swallowed at middle linebacker on some plays. But he's UM's best defensive player and in the end whom Mark D'Onofrio will count on heavily to make up for the mistakes of others in his front seven.

2. Anthony Chickillo, So., DE: Again, another guy who made an immediate impact as a true freshman, tying for the team lead in sacks with five and starting nine games. He's head and shoulders above anybody on the defensive line right now and will be the second guy on defense opposing teams focus on taking out of plays. Like Perryman, Chickillo made huge gains in conditioning and strength in the off-season so he won't be pushed around in the least. But at times -- like Perryman -- he could get swallowed up because of double-teams, etc. Still, Chickillo is the best pass rusher on the team and should lead the team in sacks again.

3. Brandon Linder, Jr., RG: He's the glue on UM's best starting unit. If you talk about a guy on the offensive line who is probably irreplaceable, the 6-6, 312-pound former St. Thomas Aquinas standout is that guy. Linder has the most experience of any returning lineman (17 starts) and graded out at 90 percent last season, tied for the best mark on the team. He allowed 1.5 sacks, made only seven mental errors and was flagged five times in 2011. UM can't run the football effectively without him.

4. Stephen Morris, Jr., QB: He shot up my rankings by winning the starting job easily over Ryan Williams and looking as though the back surgery he had was no big deal. We'll see what happens when Morris starts taking hits. But his arm strength and athleticism has never been questioned. It's been the interceptions he's thrown early in his career. Seeing the job Jedd Fisch did with Jacory Harris last season (he finished 19th nationally in passer rating), though, gives me Morris has a bright future ahead of him.

5. Vaughn Telemaque, Sr., S: He never turned out to be the Ed Reed, turnover magnet Randy Shannon said he would be (4 career INTs, 5 career fumble recoveries). But Telemaque has been reliable in terms of tackling (he's been top five on the team three straight seasons) and is the most experienced player on the roster (36 career starts). He's currently ranked 20th at free safety among potential prospects who could get drafted by CBSsports.com. With a Reed-type senior season, Telemaque would drastically improve that and I think with a better supporting cast around him in the secondary, we'll finally see that.

6. Tracy Howard, Fr., CB: I'm sure Brandon McGee and Ladarius Gunter have done all they're supposed to do to put their names above others on the depth chart at cornerback, but this is the guy who makes you hopeful for the future. Howard wore a black jersey a lot during camp and will eventually be on the field as a full-time starter. He was an All-American and the No. 1 player at his position in high school. I've seen him play and believe the hype. He's going to make an impact.

Duke Johnson7. Duke Johnson, Fr., RB: Even if he doesn't get the bulk of the handoffs early, Johnson figures to play a lot on special teams and get his touches because he's explosive. I'm thinking the ball will be in his hands 10 to 15 times a game between handoffs, catches and returns. Like Howard, Johnson is the future of this program and a huge building block moving forward. He's going to be who you want with the ball in their hands as the season goes on.

8. Phillip Dorsett, So., WR: He's the fastest receiver Miami has and my pick to lead the team in receiving this season. At 5-9, 187 pounds, he's the guy who will replace Tommy Streeter as the deep threat. I expect Dorsett to also do a pretty good job with Johnson on kickoff and punt returns.

9. Malcolm Bunche, R-So., LT: The strongest guy on the team with 36 reps of 225 pounds, Bunche is finally healthy enough to where it appears he can be dependable. He's always been fit, trim and athletic. All you worry about with him is experience. Bunche played in eight games last year and started just once against Virginia (at right tackle). Coach Al Golden said he just needs to show consistency. I'm banking on it.

10. Brandon McGee, Sr., CB: Like Telemaque, I'm expecting McGee to take the next step in 2012 and become more of a playmaker. He has one career interception. But being in the dog house with Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio -- as well as the push from the freshmen -- should make him better this season. McGee's tackling abilities are also a bit underrated. He had 38 last season and also had a sack. He's always been lightning fast.

11. Seantrel Henderson, Jr., OT: He's been through a lot this off-season and missed all of camp, but he did look physically good coming into the fall. He was lighter, healthier and appeared to be headed toward a breakout season. Now that he's back at practice and on campus, Henderson should put his troubles aside and start making the trek back. He knows there is a lot of money to be made if he gets his act together. He's still the highest listed player among potential 2013 NFL draft picks (CBSSports.com has him 152nd overall, 13th at OT, 4-5th round pick). In the end, UM is a better team with a good Seantrel Henderson on the field.

12. Rest of UM's starting offensive line: I'm going to cheat and list center Shane McDermott, left guard Jonathan Feliciano and freshman right tackle Ereck Flowers here because to me they're all about the same. Feliciano has more experience having started some last year. But talent-wise and ability he's on par with the other two guys in the starting lineup. As I said earlier, I think the offensive line is the best overall unit on the field for Miami.

> Ranking the rest of the Top 30: 13. RB Mike James (Sr.), 14. WR Allen Hurns (Jr.), 15. CB Ladarius Gunter (Jr.), 16. RB Eduardo Clements (Jr.), 17. LB Ramon Buchanan (Sr.), 18. P Dalton Botts (Sr.), 19. K Jake Wieclaw (Sr.), 20. WR Rashawn Scott (So.), 21. DE Shayon Green (Jr.), 22. TE Asante Cleveland (Jr.), 23. LB Jimmy Gaines (Jr.), 24. S Kacy Rodgers (Jr.), 25. DT Olsen Pierre (So.), 26. S Deon Bush (Fr.), 27. CB Antonio Crawford (Fr.), 28. LB Gionni Paul (So.), 29. DE Jelani Hamilton (Fr.), 30. TE Clive Walford (R-So.).


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If our other LBs tackle better this year we'll surprise a lot of people. IF so I'm looking at 9-4. If not it could be as bad as 6-7. But main thing is we have a very good young core and Al Golden, so in 2013 we should be back in top 10, look out.


We're all nerds here. Half of us graduated from coral park. best buy is a good career. canes are mediocre just like the rest of us.

Posted by: Five Titles The Movie | August 23, 2012 at 02:41 PM

Yet you're the one posting on the University of Miami blog instead of the Florida blog or the blog of Florida's rival, the Florida State Seminoles.

So while Miami fans posting here might be "nerds" for talking sports on the internet, you, personally, are a huge loser obsessed with an internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

You know it's true, you ol' 50+ year old fruit.

Not our rival = repetitive poster

ban the dicky

Posted by: Five Titles The Movie | August 23, 2012 at 03:01 PM

Just because you change your name every day out of embarrassment for how much time you spend reading up on the University of Miami doesn't mean you have anything new to say.

There's nothing you can say that changes the fact that you're a loser obsessed with a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Not Our Rival keeps chiding others yet never posts about football himself. Hypocrite?

Manny are you serious, fantasy cane football? With this crop of nobodys?
Only the first 3 you mention would make the 3rd team in any decent conference.
Wait they did't even make 3rd team All ACC in the most crappy conference out there.
Therefore you did not list the only worthy cane, Mr. Botts. Mr Fantasy cane is Mr Botts!

My Handle is True. My Arguments you can't refute. It sUcks to be U.

not our rival, I am sure by now you know that was the ID thief Dick that goes by gatorsam/ACC/whatever name comes to his mind today.

I have no problem with you, a Canes fan, posting on a Canes blog, about the Canes.

And Manny already knows I have no issue with him, either.

Fake internet tough guys. When i get off my shift at La Carreta i'll be happy to serve any of you.

Not our rival speaks with a forked tongue.

IT fans the flames of fake internet rivalries by constantly referring to fake internet rivalries.

IT is like howard stern and this is the WACK PACK


Five Titles.....The fact that you "get off a shift" tells us all we need to know. A college reject who labors for a living in a job he hates. You needed to make better choices along the way. Too bad....You sow what you reap.....

CANEOUTWEST Seems to harbor ill will towards the working men and women of america. why do you hate blue and white collar jobs? We all apologize for not growing up with a silver spoon in our mouth like you. elitist materialistic prick.

It isn't elitist to expect a graduate of a barely university/public diploma mill to post some semi-intelligent things once in awhile.

But since the UFailure is pure garbage academically, and now athletically (cue the dulcet sounds of Corinne Brown: "The best a-fuh-letical skewwl in duh conference in which dey play"), I guess it is too much to expect.

It sucks, to be, a Floriduh gAtard.

Manny I agree that it is very difficult to project based on limited access to seeing these guys in Camp.

I agree that some of the incoming 'Canes will have an impact and may even breakout this season as exceptional players..

My take is this..after the first five games we will know how everyone is stacking up, intensity, injuries, and schemes. We can then tweak and adjust to go after our remainder of the season..

I called it earlier that it should be an 8-4, or if we are lucky a 9-3...that would be exactly where the expectations for the Coaches would be, in realistic terms..
We are going to Surprise a lot of people..
Great job Manny keep up the good work,
Go 'Canes Always

Nice way to keep folks interested in the upcoming season! Almost hate to say, win or lose, am down with just watching the Canes play, but I really expect them to surprise a few teams, starting with Boston College and Kansas State, we the latter being more difficult, but if we can start off 2-0, I can see this team finishing 9-3 with a pending bowl game!

Posted by: FiveTitles The Movie | August 23, 2012 at 03:30 PM

I am a UM fan but I don't post about the Canes here, I can barely even read around all the comments about the fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football to see what other fans have to say about UM.

My only goal here is to make it explicitly clear that the single Gators troll who lives on this blog and the handful of UM trolls that post here and on the Gators blog are losers who are talking about an internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

My greatest wish is that they all realize how goddamned embarrassed they should be and stop posting here so actual UM fans can talk about UM football.

Is it a single Gator troll here and a handful UM trolls here and there or is it the other way around?
Probably there are a handful of trolls on both sides.
There is football being discussed among the trolling. Enjoy the ride it will be a long season.

Don't know how you can have Telemaque so high and Mike James and Hurns so low. Telemaque has underachieved his entire time here and James seems healthy and improved. Hurns should be our top WR if he can figure out how to stay healthy.

I hope you are right about Telemaque, because that would mean he really stepped up.

A fantasy cane draft is an oxymoron, none of these stiffs would get drafted right now. None of them could even crack the All ACC team, that says a lot.

Honestly that would be nice. But don't come looking for me to bail you out again. Life is hard go make the right choice.

telemaque is a hack.

second coming of darnell bing i think not

There's this one manager/water girl I've sen that is cute. I'd pick her.

ithink miami is great and they are going to rock!!!

If we don't have a cohesive oline a dominant dline we will be mediocre. We need two or three more back ups that will be able to contribute. Hopefully feliciano and isadora can do something for us. I haven't read anything about grimble is he hurt or something. Maybe since smith lost his job and some weight he will show up.i thought he was servicible last year. Tyrone C. played well in the spring. He reminds me of Rohan marley for some reason. I definitely like bush and Howard making their way in to the secondary. We desperately need their coverage. Probably my biggest disappointment is the injury to Paul. I thought Williams would have won the job over Morris but hopefully he can right the ship. What I hope
Really happens is that Cleveland and the other te get it going. The old mood Miami teams always had a good te.

It's funny the NCAA is investigating msu

Why the f*ck is that funny?

Seantrell...you're takinga flyer on this kid, he's turning out to be a bust.

That it took them so long to investigate. That happened two years ago if it's that it could be something else. You know they overlook the sec dirt. Petrino getting and giving rides to the female trainers at Arkansas. The Tennessee foot ball team brawling out in a bar in old
City. Was the honey badger at that bar were the lsu boys broke a part of a dudes cervical vertebra and then went back to the qbs house were he' had about forty something pairs of new shoes he hadn't worn. Wow how does a college athlete get so many pairs of shoes? Alabama had some type of book buy back program the NCAA so graciously overlooked. And least we not mention the very near forty felonies that fla has and we are under investigation. That is why it's funny. The Philip fulmer natron means Alabama booster snitch was tied to a chair in colliierville tn and beaten to death and no investigation. A blind eye ha?

If misery loves company then it is a poor mistress. You know you should do something, so what am I?

I agree with Ramocrat about the water girl. I would draft her first but I would also take the awesome punter.
Does anyone know WTF emilio is talking about?

Wow, U Canes are really setting Urselves Up for disappointment this year yet again. After the last 7 years one would think that U'd of learn to use a little more Decorum and discretion in all Ur wild 9 and 10 Wins this season predictions... Serious question, do U Canefans without real football knowledge and are so blindly loyal that U automatically just cheer and think that the Canes Football teams showing up in their Uniforms and helmets with that silly U on it, will Win because that is Ur stUpid "Cane Thang" motto ? Or can U actually reason, be logically objective and base Ur Analysis on how good they are and will be on the talent and experience level of the kids that are inside and under those uniforms and helmets ?

I strongly suggest U don't read or listen to what ALL the College Football experts have to say about Ur U this season... But then again, dUh U against the World syndrome from the haters is all a part of Ur mystic, make believe "Cane Thang" long gone false persona right? 47-40 the last 7 years soon to be 52-57. So how's that been working for U lately and going on longly ?

Well, good luck with that. U'll need it, wooosh wooosh.

64-59 after 2014 ... There, U feel better ?

Local and National 2012 Cane Football Predictions ?

Brandon Odoi from CaneInsider called 4-8.

Gary Ferman of Canesport called it at 8-4.

Michael Casagrande Sun-Sent. at 5-7 or 6-6 at best.

Kirt Herbstreit says "I think if they’re a .500 team this year, I think that would be an outstanding year.” Another 5-7 or 6-6.

AthlonSports.com "Matching last season’s 6–6 record won’t be easy." Another 5-7 or 6-6.

ACCFootball.com "A tough schedule will be tough for Miami to win 6 games." Yet another 5-7 or 6-6.


Which of the above is a Typical Cane Writer ?

Manny and Susan are next... Will they tell U what U want to hear or the way it really is ?

5-7 or 6-6

9-3 or 10-2 and ACC Coastal Champs... DoooUche DoooUche !!!

Quoting Herbie Herbstreit as a reliable source? ha ha ha ha ha ha. There yu go cane fans- therein lies the reason whey gator trolls are always considered dumb**$$es. Herbstreit has picked FSU vs USC in the national championship game with FSU winning. No way No how that will happen.

Recall back in 2009 Herbie picked UM to win it all.

Regardless- this is an 8-4 team. There will be 4 losses, 3 of them close: KSU, FSU, VT, and UNC or ND. Miami thenself-imposes a second bowl ban, and then the NCAA hammer comes down which will be nothing in the end.

What I am most fed up withthough is UM players literally s--king for 3-4 years, hardly ever consitently making plays, or even starting games in the depth chart, and then killing it (even though its preseason) in the NFL: Olivier Vernon, Adewale Ojomo, Tommy Streeter and Travis Benjamin already making noise in teh NFL and catching everyuones attention.
Sick and tired of that garbage. These recruits need to play NOW.

Who cares what anybody else thinks.
Let's play some football, and shut them up.
IT"S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!! IT"S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easily 9-3, Go Canes!!!!!!!!

A winning season is a season of success. I heard what you said the other day and it's not pretty. Go ahead and make your noise I still come out ahead and you know it. Haters will be haters so go away.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | August 24, 2012 at 06:25 AM

Love your enthusiasm. Agree with your KSU, FSU, VT, and UNC or ND assessment with a home win against UNC most likely but not assured. We're not ready for FSU and VT even at home. Those teams are just ready to play at a different level consistantly. On the road at KSU and ND will be beyond tough. But a win is a win and a loss is a loss and I will never take solace in taking the "we only lost by so much" moral victories in defeat. That's a Turd trait. We MUST go 2-1 in the first 3 against @BC-@KSU-Bethune to even have a shot at 8-4. But it's that Mid-Sept. through October run that is going to be an absolute killer for these young kids. It's unheard of to have to play 10-15 true Freshman (btw- where are our Redshirt Freshman from last years class the will contribute this year?). That stretch of @GT-NCState-@ND-UNC-FSU-VT we'll be lucky to go 2-4. Then after that gauntlet we finish with @Vir.-USF-Duke. Yet another absolute 2-1 at worse and hopefully 3-0. But by the end of the year, like all teams, we no doubt will be beat up and fatigued with even less experience to replace our inexperienced starters. That's a lot to ask to go into Charlottesville and then a fired up USF... My point is, it's not so much how many good teams you play, but the order in which you play them with bye weeks and cupcakes in between. We basically have 2 extremely tough battles, a scrub and then 8 straight good-very good and great football teams. But to get back to your 8-4 prediction, which is possible with a stunner over ranked KSU-ND-FSU or VT. But if not, we MUST beat @BC-@GT-NCState-UNC-@Vir and USF ! Plus Bethune and Duke as big favorites.

Now, with the probable losses to be 8-4 to @KSU-@ND-FSU and VT, we'll have to run the table. And I'll tell you what right now. Even as a Cane, I will bet anyone 2 to 1 odds BIG money that we do not click off 6 Wins against @BC-@GT-NCState-UNC-@Vir and USF this season. It's just asking too much. I'm hoping for a 5-1 but see a nice 4-2 record in those games against good football teams. Thus either 7-5 or 6-6 and a Good year launching us into 2013.

And I mean those 2-1 odds during those tough season changing games. I'll be happy to meet anyone at the Titanic to put up 2 Benji's to as many people that put up 1 Benji up to 10k. It's just how strongly I feel about what we are facing this regime defining season. And if I do lose, I'd be more than happy to pay up and admit my error because that would mean a beyond solid 8-4 year and even perhaps ??? Let's do it on the field C.A.N.E.S !!!

btw- Ignore the trolls. They are insignificant and not worty of reply.

Yo Cane trash

Yo marcant long arse post next time keep it simple stUpid

Yo LOL U clUcks r the Queens of moral victories. U maggots post so much crap U forget what U said.
5 ancient Titles or 5.3.2 doUche keeps saying how one play here or there and U woulda been 8 - 4 last season, and how close U were in all Ur losses.
U be the best Almost Won team, the Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda Champs. Close loss, pretty loss, always a loss.
Moral Victory ClUcks. U own that maggot.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Cane clowns are so delUsional they have come to believe a moral victory counts just like a real W. Pathetic.
Moral victories are the only victories you have.
Must be a cane thang................

Posted by: Canetrash | August 24, 2012 at 10:27 AM

Is there anything more pathetic than a nerd so obsessed with a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football that he purposely signs off every post with a misspelling so that (hope of hopes) someone will talk to him?

Yo Cane trash

Yo Not our rival

What misspelling U talking about fool?
Seriously now enjoy the banter, I know U do.
But bring something more, Ur line is getting tired and U sound whinny. U forgot to urge us to post on the Nole blog.
U r camped here waiting for my post or one like it to jump in. Don't be a hypocrite.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Agree with the list somewhat. But haven’t we waited for Telemaque and McGee to take the next step for over three years now? I would not hold my breath on these two doing much more than what they have already produced up to this point. I don't know how everybody else feels but I wish the NCAA would hand down there decision already. Fans, players and coaches just want to know whats coming and finaly move on.

Not our rival IGNORE, IGNORE...that works.

MarcAnt78 I agree with your post up to a point..

I believe the young players for the 'U' will initially be awed by the tempo and pace of College Football.

After overcoming that and settling in with a few wins under their belt the Coaches are tuned in to pump them up to the next level.
"Playing over their heads" if you will.

Here the sky is the limit, because if the 'U' stays healthy and they play on the confidence level to stay competitive, they will surprise some teams..

That is why I stay with 8-4.

NCState and NC are in my opinion going to be more trouble than VT this year.. VT closed out their practice and looked horrible on offense. In fact the Coaches were so upset the article said that this was one of their worst Camps in years so I think this year VT's win by the 'Canes is there.
KS is also close because they tend to play the brand of ball that our D can look for certain traits and Coach accordingly.
ND is a toss up..what ND will show up?..So it should be interesting, and our'Canes will show much stronger than many of our erstwhile Sport writers and broadcasters predict.
Good post.
Go 'Canes Always

Not for nothing but there sure are alot of little kids on this blog. Not much football talk but alot of little kid banter. My dad can beat up your dad blah blah blah. Freaken sad and pathetic.

I told you if you answer they will not go away. It works better when you listen to me. I know that so why don't you.

The excuse that we have a tough schedule is not valid anymore. ga tech plays at Clemson and at Georgia. Other programs have tough schedules as well. Either the kids or young men anre prepared and motivated or they are not. BC is BC.Kids will be disciplined and hard nosed. We have to play these kids one game at a time. Hold off on the emotional highs and lows. Focus focus focus.

The only thing I wish Miami did like the 'turds and other SEC teams is play 3 cupcakes to start off. Not a conference game away, then Kansas State away. Thats ridiculous. Miami should open every year with BC or FAMU, Wagner, Citadel and then Furman. Just like tha turds- that way they can start 4-0 and ESPNwill at least rank us. Just like the gators. Wait. No. Never mind. We're the U.

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