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Al Golden's Sunday transcript following K-State loss

Here is the complete transcript of Al Golden's Sunday press conference following the 52-13 loss at Kansas State

> Where are you as a team after Saturday's loss... "I think we're 1-1. Obviously we didn't play well. I thought Kansas State -- give them credit -- played flawless. Their quarterback was exceptional. It was a tough place to play. We're sitting at 1-1. Now, we get a chance to come home. We're excited about kicking. At the end of the day we can't worry about if we lost by 1 point or many. We're 1-1 and home now for Bethune-Cookman."

> Is it hard to convince a young team that this was just one loss... "We've just got to move forward. We have to execute and we have to create some value from that loss. I know it's hard to do. But we have to learn. We got beat by a better team who played better. As painful as that is to say, they executed better than we did. Their playmakers played better than ours. They coached better. I thought they were flawless in their execution on offense and beat us in all three phases. The bottomline is you lose in all three phases that's the coaches fault. That's on me."

> Can you give us an update on injuries... "[Ereck] Flowers is going to be okay. [Allen] Hurns is still undergoing observation for a head injury. I'm sad to inform you [Ramon] Buchanan is done for the year. He'll undergo surgery this week. Terribly upset for the young man. He's put a lot into it. So, that's tough and Vaughn Telemaque will be out for the Bethune-Cookman game."

> Were you able to identify specifics breakdowns on defense with scheme or personnel... "I think there's numerous things we can do better on and that we can fix certainly. That blame is shared by everybody from the coaches to the players. I didn't see a defense that quit. I didn't see a defense that was lazy or didn't run to the ball. Hidden in that game are some really outstanding performances. Eddie Johnson jumps off. Deon Bush grew up. AJ Highsmith. But just too many breakdowns. Too numerous. We get some turnovers on offense that put us in bad situaitons and then it snowballs and everybody is trying to do something more than they need to do. We just need to settle them down. We've played a lot of young guys yesterday on defense, settle them down, stay with the system, really improve in our fundamentals and techniques. Just take a deep breath, try to get better tomorrow and go from there."

> Any personnel changes on defense this week... "We're going to lose Telemaque for this game and Buchan for the season. We're getting to the area where don't have much room to make changes as it is. I think clearly, we still have a lot of competition at some spots. I think AJ Highsmith and Deon Bush earned more reps as did Eddie Johnson. I thought [defensive tackle] Earl Moore played better in his first significant action against a veteran team. So, again, we didn't get any takeaways. We didn't stop them on third down. We only made them punt one time. I thought their QB was exceptional. I give Kansas State credit. We know the things we have to fix on our side."

> What troubled you about the offense... "We lost all three phases. We're down 7-0 and we're on play eight of a drive and we fumbled the ball. Instead of it being 1st and 10 on the 38, we fumble and it's 14-0. Next time down, we're 1st and goal at the 9 after Clive Walfor's play and only get three there. Then we're down 17-3 and we throw a slant on first down it looks like is going to be a touchdown and we drop that. Just too many mistakes there in all three phases. You have to be careful. Now we're down 17-3. 24-3. Then offense is pressing and defense is trying to do too much. It got out of whack. Stephen held the ball there a little too long at times and other times the offensive line got beat. We have to improve there."

> Your defense has given up 1,000 yards in two weeks. Do you simplify the scheme... "I think that's fair. But we're trying to be as simple as we can at this point. Again, I don't think it was a function of a lot of mental errors, it was really a function of our execution. There were some plays that we didn't really fit well. We didn't stop them going downhill. The times they took the ball to the perimeter it ended up getting more yards because we didn't play as well. Clearly when you play that operation, everybody has to execute and do their job. You can't really worry about anything else. Playing Georgia Tech in that respect. Clearly, they out-executed us. No excuses."

> Some guys mentioned there was "freelancing" on defense... "One thing is you have to give Kansas State credit for the freelancing. They're creating illusions, running one play or faking one play and all of a sudden now you get behind and guys are trying to go and make plays as opposed to letting the game come to them or just doing their job and executing. I didn't talk to those guys. I'm sure that's what they're talking about. We didn't fit runs very well yesterday and when you do that it usually means one guy is out of whack and that creates a whole chain of problems. Again, give them credit, but we know what we need to fix after watching it here today and we'll start getting it fixed tomorrow."

> Can you expand on the Buchanan injury... "I didn't know the extent of either injury until this morning. He's a redshirt senior. Didn't know extent of either injury. Allen Hurns needed assistance to come off the field."

> Could Buchanan apply for a sixth year... "That's a good question. That's something we're looking into. I'd hate to comment without knowing. Very proud of the way he's fought back this year and leading. This is an unfortunate circumstance for him."

> Can you expand on how you can create value out of a loss... "We're talking about a team that hasn't lost much there. We're talking about a tough environment. We're talking about a team that played in the Cotton Bowl, excuse me played in the Sugar Bowl a year ago and was a Top 10 team. So, we're not talking about some team that we all thought was going to roll over. We went on the road two weeks in a row. We didn't respond. I told the team as I said to the media following last week -- it wasn't going to be good enough to go to Kansas State with the Herculean task to go beat them out there and to spot them 14 points and then have errors on defense the way we did. To be honest with you, the special teams was part of the issue as well. We didn't punt particularly well. We didn't kickoff particularly well. And we got beat. So, we got beat in all three phases. At the end of the day that rests on my shoulders. It's my fault. I'm not making excuses, but I am here to work and we have a lot of great kids that are going to bounce back this week."

> A lot of players took to Twitter and it seems flushing the loss and ready to move on... "Today is our day off. I asked them to leave that game in Manhattan. I hope they didn't say anything foolish on Twitter. At the same time, if that's how they expressed themselves, that's how they expressed themselves. We're not going to let this game beat us twice. It has no impact on the ACC, especially the Coastal. We just got to move forward. Our team got significantly younger today because of the loss of Telemaque, because of the long term loss of Buchanan and because the loss of Hurns, which looks to be the short term. But it's a loss nonetheless. We have to pick it up and move forward and one of the ways you do that is to leave that game in Mahnattan."

> After a loss like Saturday's do you make any changes in process... "With all due respect, we're starting over. This whole team right now is not the same team as last year. We're starting from scratch. We have a multitude of players that are playing for us for the first time, that are experiencing college football for the first time, let alone playing on the road. So, we're going to teach them that process. We're not going to deviate from the plan. We have a lot of kids that are trying to do things the right way and we just to got make sure we settle them down and trust them and teach them how to go about this, have some poise in those situations and then move forward. We're disappointed, but we're not discouraged. We're not going to change the way we do things or go about things. I told the players that last night. These coaches are going to work their tails off. They're going to be the same. We're going to move forward."

> Do you spend more time with individuals because this is a young team... "Absolutely. Without question. To teach the number of young kids that we have, it has to be hands on. Everything they're experiencing is for the first time. Not only did they go on the road once to start the season. They went on the road twice. They're managing study halls, everything and we've got to teach them to stay on schedule, stay on process and teach them how to do it and have the discipline to do so. It's no easy task. But embrace the challenge and we're excited about moving the team forward."

> Do you worry about team morale in light of the injuries and the loss... "I think morale is always a concern. I don't think there's a coach that wakes up today and doesn't think morale isn't a concern or a focus. I woke up last week the same deal. We had some upperclassmen that didn't play as well as some of the younger classmen. So, there were some morale issues there. I was worried about guys losing their focus because we did win. But, I wasn't fooled. We had too many mistakes that if we played the same way in Manhattan, Kansas it wasn't going to be good. And to be honest we made more mistakes. All three phases made mistakes. So, again, that's what I said what I said. When all three phases fail, that's a reflection on the head coach."

> Who replaces Ramon Buchanan... "Jimmy [Gaines] has made some progress. He's starting to play more snaps and feel healthier. Jimmy will certainly be in the mix there. Gionni Paul has to come through for us. Thurston Armbrister has to continue to make progress. Of course, Tyrone [Cornelius] has been playing over there with Buchanan. Tyorne will get a chance to be a starter. He'll probably get a chance to compete with Jimmy Gaines. But we need all those guys to step up for sure."

> When exactly did the injury happen to Buchanan... "I really don't know. I wish I could tell you for sure. I mean I saw it this morning. I don't have the time code. It was earlier in the game for sure. I believe it was his right knee. He got his right knee underneath him and like a pile fell on him, fell backwards on him."

> The offensive line took a step back this week... "I think we got beat off the ball a couple times for sure. I think we got beat at the tackle spot a couple times and we have to get that fixed. We had two uncharacteristic penalties. We convert a third down and get a hands to a facemask and then a holding. We can't have that for sure. The other thing is some of the sacks were Stephen holding onto the ball and not getting rid of it. Again, it's a combination of it. You can't be in third and long in Manhattan, Kansas and think you're going to convert. And once we got behind a lot of what your saying is a function of us being behind and the other team just teeing off. They don't care if you hit a run in there for 12 yards or not. They're just thinking sack, fumble, sack, fumble and they did. It was definitely a combination of all three units and we got beat."

> This past week you couldn't stop the run or run the football... "Kansas State did a great job. We didn't fit the runs exceptionally well. It wasn't just one player or one play. It was a number of plays. So, I don't think there's any question we have to do a better job stopping the run. You know what's coming up [Georgia Tech in two weeks]. We're going to have to do better against the run. There's no question about it. In terms of the offense, we're sitting there at 24-6 at the half and I'm thinking we're going to get the ball and go down there and score and make this a game so they can't just go into a shell and run the ball and eat up the clock. And of course we didn't do it and it went the other way. Now you get to the point where you're abandoning the run. If I wanted to keep it respectable I could have just run it a bunch of times and just gotten out of there. But I wanted the guys to compete and try to finish and make some plays."

> Any thought to going for it instead of kicking a field goal before halftime... "I thought about all that. What I would have done differently we didn't get lined up our second converted first down. We didn't get lined up accurately, so one of our receivers had to go from the field to the boundary and it took about 16 seconds. That's after a made first down. You should not have that problem in college football. You should be able to get lined up. So, that's where we had a breakdown. One of our young guys went to the field instead of the boundary. It's the first two minute drill of his lifetime in college. We got to do that better and I clearly could have used it up there had I known it was the case. And I don't think we operated with the sense of urgency that we needed to. To be fair, I think we made the right decision at the end to kick it. But ultimately we could have done a better job of managing it."

> Shayon Green had eight tackles Saturday and leads the team overall... "I think he's playing hard. He plays physically and he's very responsible in terms of being accountable and doing his job. He's one of the guys who does his job everyday and understands that. He does a good job fitting the runs and plays with a great motor. We got to get more production from other guys, but Shayon has done a really nice job so far.".

> What is Luther Robinson's status... "Luther was reinstated today. He was suspended last week for conduct detrimental and that's all I'm going to say about that. But he's reinstated today.".

> Linebacker Eddie Johnson looked really good... "I think he's making a lot of progress. As I said last week, it's just developing consistency in his approach and preparation. He's got to continue to do that He's blessed. He's talented. We got to continue to get that out of him by teaching him how to approach this thing. It wasn't too big for him. Eddie played hard. For all the things he did well in the game, he was one of the guys -- although he was being aggressive -- that didn't fit the run well a couple times well. We still have some issues like that we're working out. But as a defense there were times he didn't fit it right and it created a seam. We got to work that out with him.".

> Thoughts on tight end Clive Walford... "I just got to done talking to [offensive coordinator] Jedd [Fisch] I think on Thursday about Clive running a lot better. He looks 100 percent and looks healthy and is playing with more speed. Good to see him make that play.


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Well then, let's get it together Coach and team! If Golden takes responsibility for getting beat in all 3 phases, what was the error and how do you prevent it? Is he saying the prep was weak or he was not demanding enough? Or what?

Tough to see a Miami team get smashed like that. Hope it's the last time. Youth has its downside, but is likely to get better with time. Hope the Canes turn it around big-time!

Kansas State is a tough place to play! Just like Duke! Wow!

nedd a defensisive cord 2 years kaNSAS STATE BEATS US WITH ONE MAN A QB why because we have no one keing on him plus 1000 yrds in 2 games this is not temple its the U so let me pay for a new def cord [randy shannon or butch davis ]anyone but get this guy out of here

At least Golden gives answers and admits to knowing where the problems are and does take the blame. More than Shannon ever could do. It's a mess, but hopefully things will only get better.

Golden has to fire his best friends asap!

For 2 years in a row, the opposing team scores a touchdown on the opening drive of the game, 2 years in a row. I don't see any improvement on D this year from last, yes our line and linebackers are very young but they are also unprepared as well, who does that fall on? Answer, D coordinator. This is one of the worst defense that I ever seen and I just fail to see any improvements from a year ago. I still believe in Golden but when do you start making the D coordinator take responsibility for the defense? Yes it's the players fault as well, but they just look unprepared and badly coached. I hope we turn this around soon, GO CANES!

i think it may be time to get butch davis back as d-coordinator..

Keep it rolling coach, just another bump in this long process of rebuilding. Now with the injuries, it just got tougher. I for one will sit back and enjoy watching you develop these "boys" into great football players. Bethune will not roll over, watched them play twice and this will be their super bowl. Play fast and execute. Go CANES

Butch Davis cant be a head coach in title. He is with Tampa Bay now sharing the coaching with Greg Schiano.....How did all the great Miami guys slip thru our fingers for the head coach position....Greg Schiano, Rob Chudzinski, Mario Chistobol, Chuck Pagano.....we did get randy Shannon, lol. Shalala and Miami wont pay up...always looking for the Blue Light Special.....

what a buch of garbage. why not be honest and just admit you aint got a clue. no way just excuting will fix the fact we get shoved around all over the place. what respect goldie had this morning he just lost. to fix a major problem like this, you must first admit having one. how can he be excited about anything after that

can you believe goldie actually said, the off line got beat a "couple of times". wow do they test the coaches for drugs. unbelievable

Golden is real sharp!!! great abservation COACH.. as if we didnt notice saturday that you got your butt handed to you!!! After firing you SHALala should keep you in public relations.. and Thank God NASA is not hiring, cause you would be a great hire!!

Buchanan was starting to move well and looked like he could begin to help the defense with his experience. Some players have no luck when it comes to injuries. I have a bad feeling Hurns will be lost for awhile. He was held out in fall practice with concussion symptoms. After the 2nd concussion, if that's what he has, more caution is mandated. He may not see the field anytime soon. He will be badly missed if he's gone awhile. UM can't afford to lose upperclassmen with all the young players.

Terrible news about Ramon Buchanan, he really had a chance to make a name for himself this year, I hope it wasn't the same knee he hurt before...

Sounds like Luther Robinson's moved on from his trip to the dog house, good news because they'll need all the beef up front they can get against Ga Tech.

Two weeks to prepare, hopefully coach D'Onofrio can adjust his scheme to the players he has before we start losing ACC games because of it. As bad as the offense was I think they have more talent to take advantage of than on the defensive side of the ball.

fire defensive staff asap. this is a businessh

Deon bush,great potential,next ed reed or Sean Taylor. Eddie Johnson overrated. Makes a lot of tackles but too mistakes, but at least he tries. Would like to see more of gioanni Paul.

these answers from golden scare more thn sat score. if he thinks just being 1-1 is where we are, then he is watching films of some other game. we did very little to give hope in this game. the soph's are no better than the freshman. what happened to the year of experience they got. i know he cant say what is really wrong atthis point, but these answer are scary

Glad to have Luther Robinson back. Welcome back Luther. Now go kick some ass.

OK, coach, let me give you my opinion of where we sit. We indeed sit 1-1. with an off week coming in which we play a scrimmage against a small in state black school. One that's coming in for a payday and what should be a butt kicking. That's what they scheduled it's what they expect. If it turns out any different you have a much bigger problem that you know. That all said, our next real game is up in my back yard against Georgia Tech. Yes we sit 1-1, we better be 2-1 in two weeks for our next real game. Like I said the honeymoon is over.

Well at least we have a coach who accepts his and the coaching staff's part of the blame. This as much as I hate to say it was to be expected with such a young team. Other than Mcgee, Buchanon, and one or two others the majority of the playing time is being gobbeled up by freshmen and soph's so it is going to take some time. This really is Golden and crew's first year since so many seniors graduated last year and they essentially are starting at ground level. If anybody thought that we were going to magically run through this schedule with the majority of the team being so young, obviously are too dumb to know about CFB or comment with any validity. It's going to be tough but where we are going to see things improve is from this year to next year. These kids will take two steps forward at times and then look like they took 1 or 2 back. So don't be discouraged because it's just the nature of the beast. Sorry for Buch, hurns, and Telemaque.

Go on twitter, I am convinced this staff is the right staff. The kids all changed their names to brickbybrick and their numbers. Kids like Deon Bush and Duke are apologzing to the fans. Duke and Dorsett are challegning each other to work harder. This is something we have not seen from this program in the past. THese new kids arent afraid of hard work. In the past, it was like kids could care less.You don't change the culture overnight. This is Golden's first real class.

UM is and will always be about man to man defense and not about zone defenses. How can cornerbacks help stop the run when they are playing five yards plus off the ball and they have receivers full speed at them when they begin to sniff that it is a run? This is very simple: the secondary is responsible for the receivers and the linebackers are responsible for the running backs and tightends and from this premise you can mix your coverages. UM has the athletes to man up and not to zone up. If we man up then the secondary, linebackers and D-line will be accountable to each other instead of zoning up and being lost in space and being unaccountable to each other. Coach tell your DC to man up or else you and him will be gone tomoro. UM is and always will be about man to man defense, attacking and blitzing from the edges and never will be about zoning up.

Can the administration and Coach Shannon swallow their pride so he can come back as defensive coordinator?

After a stunning loss like Saturday....there are not many words left to say to convey such utter disappointment and shock and the level this Hurricane team played at and performed.It s very painful and it is depressing as heck.The reality to have to accept the way Chickillo and the D line are playing is more than embarassing.Sure..the Canes will win their next game 42-14 but who cares???????It will be like playing a high school team.D Onofrio won t ever be a big-time Coodinator and I m now watching Golden closer than I ever thought I would.It sure seems that Dennis Erickson,Jimmy Johnson,Butch Davis or even Howard Schllenberger certainly would have had their teams more prepared than the one that played KS yesterday.That said...........Golden no longer will get a free pass with me.I will watch his every move and make sure he knows that Cane fans won t settle for him treating the U like they re Temple.

Love the big mouthed Cane fans who mouth off on blogs and never show up to the stadium on game day.


Al Groh will be looking for a job after this season when Ga. Tech fires Paul Johnson afer 5 years of running that garbage offense.

Miami Fans = shyt for brains

55 true sophomores or younger = growing pains

Golden and his staff isn't going anywhere. All of you whiny self entitled morons will be proven wrong just like you were proven wrong about Butch Davis.

LOL! Some of you idiots actually thought Miami was going to win against KSU on Saturday? GTFOOH! Idiots set yourselves up for failure and then place blame on the coaching staff? FSU is looking for some bandwagon fans.

Did anyone watch the game last year against Bethane cookman??? we might be looking at 1-2 record going into that Georgia Tech game. They might put up 600 yeards rushing. Teddy Bridgewater FYI Teddy Bridgewater might win the Heisman...

I am sick of this talk about the team being inexperienced. I guarantee all but a few have been playing organized tackle football since the fifth grade. AND, none of our players were the sissy everyone pushed around either. If you think a lot of experience is necessary to play football on a college level, I give you Jimmy Gaines.IN ADDITION, did anyone notice how many starters in the Denver- Pitt game never played college football? ALSO, how about major league baseball? Count the number of players 20 and under.

It really hurts to watch the Canes now after being in the OB and tailgating during their great years when golden was in grade school. He obviously never watched a pro game to learn offense nor defense, never read the playbooks left by Schnell, JJ, Butch, brought along his buddy. "Good job, Brownie. Mission Accomplished."

3 down lineman defenses, no end run containment, on offense flat passes instead of down field timing patterns, not in shape or conditioning of fat, slow linemen, no big running back to get you three yards or for blocking or just in the backfield to make other teams wonder if Miami is going to run or pass. Not playing big juniors or seniors. Miami's problems are all DC and OC coaching errors.

Fire the entire Defensive staff!!!!! They are garbage!

I have read all these blogs 2-3 times...

All the boo birds are sitting and calling for the Coaches to be fired...these are the same people who attended the OB and booed when Vinny, Bernie and other quality players threw an interception..
As 'Canes fans what do you expect Coach G to say to appease you...he called it how he saw it.. WE LOST..get over it and move on to the next game.

Calling out Coaches will never return Miami to where it should be...don't you all think before opening your yap..What could Coach G have said to assauge the thoughts of "Fire Him he can't do the job.".
Need I remind you all this is the SECOND game of the season..
Look at the total body of work for the season then analyze but after every loss, we will read the same littany of "Fire the Coach".
Grow up people and face reality Coach G is NOT going anywhere, and the team and players need all the support they can get.
Totally ridiculous to bash the team, after all if you are disenchanted with Miami playing go change the channel or click off the game..Very easy to do.

The 'U' did not select any of you wannabe Coaches as fans and you have the right to take a hike if you so desire so enough of the whining about the players, team, Coaches, School, Stadium, Plays, etc..
Don't be fairweather fans who are so supportive when the team is playing and kicking butt, and then when they are rebuilding think they are garbage.. the Coaches, plays, and everything they do is wrong.

Go watch another game.

The true 'Canes will hang in there and take the lumps and feel good they rode out the tough times together.
Remember history repeats itself.. Butch and the Canes were once garbage but returned and we could find more Hurricane fans than you could imagine..Wannabe's.

The real 'Canes were there through thick and thin..hanging in and giving support to the team they love.
Give this team a chance to grow and gel and become 'Canes you can be proud of. Not rip and tear at them because you are so frustated that the team is not winning the way you would like...

Even in victory you boo birds will find something to criticize.
The real Canes fans and supporters..
Championships is all that matters
These guys will be here when many of you others will be gone..
Respect the process and if you can't wait click off.
Go 'Canes Always

u-go-cant, you are wrong. its easy for you to say show up, but i doubt you go to games. or watch. nobody can find anything positive about that game. thats what this blog is for. to vent frusrations,and you should be frustrated with that game as much as everyone else, if you care. these are canes fans, and much of what they say is right. get over it

UGoCane there you go, very few "real" cane fans and supporters on this blog. Very few who show up to the games. After one loss the fluff jumps off the bandwagon.
Bandwagon fans, front runners and fair weather that is your typical cane "fan".
I'm containing myself, and won't rub salt in your wound.
But I know if you had won and my Gators had lost your myriad of trolls would be spouting off at Gator Clause.
I haven't seen any of us putting your team or coaches down since your loss. It is what it is.

You really cannot get a good read on the KS game. just as our coaching staff was tying to motivate out guys, KS coaching staff had to motivate their guys to prepare for our motivation. If I fault anyone, I think our guys play WITHOUT MUCH MOTIVATION. Come on coaches, that is one of your jobs.

All of CANE fans should be MAD!!! Either Miami needs a complete comitment to a championship team or just drop football! The TROLL must GO. She is satified with a crummy football that goes to class. Screw going to class, get your butt in the weight room and film room! Also the U, needs to pay its assistants top money to attract good people. MIAMI is CHEAP!!!

MikeS I feel the pain just as much as you..

But to read on this blog that so many posters want to fire Golden and D'Onofrio, and the intimation that the team was laying down on defense, and did not this and that really gets me going..

These are high school kids stepping up to College ball.
15 of them in their first and second game..

How would you feel if you just left your ass on the field and played as hard as you could and the fans of the 'U' are writing some of the dribble that you have seen?.. Not very good..the questions is how do you get motivated for the next game if when you loose at the 'U' people jump all over your team, school, Coaches, and players?.
How do you get motivated for the next team that is coming up in 6 days..
We are talking kids out of HIGH SCHOOL guys, not 3-4 year players.. when Chick has to try to defend the defensive plays because these kids were out of position, and a Sophomore has to talk like a Senior, come on..
I think a lot of fans want instant wins, and if we do not deliver they are going to vent, fire Coaches, and describe in detail how to fix everything.

My take is there was a loss, Given.
Now how do we go back and get these kids in a mind set for the next game, and the next , and the one after that...Short term, Long term..How do we keep these kids motivated and fighting?
That is my point.
Go 'Canes Always

Tough to be a football fan in Miami these days. Both the college and pro teams are very bad.

From a former player there is 1 person to blame for not spending thr money to get a real coach. Just look at Alabama if you want to stay and be great you have to spend the money. Talent is talent but if you don't have the right coach to develop them then what good are you. Why has it been that players from The U are better in the NFL then they were in school? Cause there coaching has been horrible. We have not had a great coach since Butch Davis!! Donna E. Shalala is to blame!!! She must go ASAP or our beloved U will fall into the obscure.

Joe M: The Miami brand is gone...get used to it. Doing on the cheap has finally caught up to them. Bobby Bowden was getting 3 million 10 yrs ago. Miami is always been known for not paying, thats why everyone leaves. Why we are at Sun Life and why the facilities are not up to the "Oregon" standards. They would have come out ahead pay up in the past, now welcome to empty stadiums, no bowl money or brand retail money. Tuition next year.....I'd say $50K. And forget baseball as well, another failure.

I agree with you 100% but let's face it we all know the school has money i just think the heat needs to be turned up on her and get her fired. I myself have given tons of money to the school as well as other former players. Where the money is going well we all know who's hoarding it to themselves don't we. I think this news paper should do an investigation into her financials and tax returns and show the truth and then will will finally be rid of the evil troll. Cause i promise you she's breaking the law. Also I'll say this us former players and alumn will come up with 8 to 10 million a year to pay for the best coach out there. Hell i know Gruden or Butch would do it for that kind of cash.

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