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Polls: Canes still aren't Top 25 worthy yet

Both the Associated Press and USA Today/Coaches Top 25 rankings were released just a little while ago and as expected the Hurricanes remained in the "others receiving votes" category.

UM, coming off a wild 44-37 win over N.C.State Saturday, picked up more votes in both polls -- a total of four votes in the AP and 17 votes in the Coaches poll.

The Hurricanes (4-1, 3-0) take on ninth-ranked Notre Dame (4-0) next Saturday night in Chicago. If UM beats the Irish there is little doubt the Canes will crack the Top 25 in both polls.


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Miami wins this one. It's no doubt they are battle tested. Michigan gave ND about 5 turnovers and could score only 13 points. We will not give them that many turnovers.

It's like the days of old for Miami. Nobody wants to give credit for what these young guys are doing. But let the naysayers talk, cause thats what they did in the early 80's, the mid 90's, and now, and we all saw how that turned out. THE U


I'd love for nothing more than to beat ND, but our defense has yet to show up for a full 4 quarters against ANYONE...allowing nearly 40 pts per game will come back to bite us as some point. We might have to hope for another shootout win.

Nuck Fotre Lame

We don't have to be ranked yet. Just keep putting in the work everyday, like Golden says. Ranking will take care of themselves.

Would love to beat ND and jump into the polls but honestly I am looking ahead to that VT game... win that one and UM is almost assured a spot in the ACC Title Game... that would be a huge step for the U.

Is anyone else really worried D'Onofio is coaching from the Tom Olivadotti book of bend-but-don't-break? I will give him credit in the NC State game, he did send more safeties & corners than ever before...

Not the old days of Miami that I remember when they were so dominant in defense. They don't deserve to be in the top 25 until they beat an elite team. They'll have their chance next weekend in Chicago. If they win, I will be both delighted & literally shocked.
*the Miami defense looks terrible IMO.

It’s obvious those buffoonery ESPN sports writers are conspiring to convince any member of the sports media with a vote that Miami is not worthy of being in the top 25. Why? Because a Miami Hurricanes team, back in the national spotlight means the “U” is starting to hit on all cylinders. And those devious sports writers at ESPN are fully conscious of the fact that a Hurricanes team firing on all cylinders is bad for their SEC narrative. So, like Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, the Hurricanes also face a media bias, led by the Hurricanes # 1 Hater—Kirk Herbstreit. They are using both their TV and radio platforms as a tool to discount Miami. No worries though. As Al Golden has said, “take your shots at us now” because one day, soon, they’ll answer for it. By the way, the sports media in South Florida should call ESPN out on their media bias against Miami.

The only test Miami has had was Kansas State and we know how that turned out. I hope they can come mentally prepared because, this is not a GT or NC State team. If they make the mess up it can get ugly quickly. The defense is no dought the problem and the weak link in Miami team. We need some defensive tackles badly. At least 6'3" or more 300lbs or more. No more short guys at DT...we need nose tackles who can put pressure on QBs. Why miami can not recruit DTs? This is there area of weakness period.

Posted by: 4-8 | August 29, 2012 at 04:52 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/08/the-many-faces-of-lieutenant-al-golden/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

LOL! Goodbye Arty, you and your sicko alter ego have officially jumped the shark. Even pretending to be Jim Gallo got old real quick.

4-1 and likely to win many more, your baseless, hatefilled, just plain STUPID 4-8 prediction has taken 5 weeks to be tied, and after 6 or 7 weeks, will be as worthless as the rest of your life.

Is that why you stopped using that capital U style in your attacks, because it got old like your trailer?

How sad for you, troll.

The only test Miami has had was Kansas State and we know how that turned out. I hope they can come mentally prepared because, this is not a GT or NC State team. If they mess up it can get ugly quickly. The defense is the problem and the weakess link in Miami team. We need some defensive tackles badly. At least 6'3" or more 300lbs or more. No more short guys at DT...we need nose tackles who can put pressure on QBs. Why miami can not recruit DTs? This is their area of weakness period. I have been saying this for 2 years now. Without big DTs, we will not go very far. Every tackle within 100 miles radius who is 6'3" and at least 300 lbs should be kicking the door down at Miami. The canes are on the edge of building something great again but the missing links are DTs. Come to Miami and start right away instead of going to Alabama and set on the bench for 3 years before playing. Also, it the defensive coaches can't come up with a better performance, then we need to look for a Defensive Coordinator next year. We do not need another year to be pushed around on the defensive line like cowards who can't fight for themselves. Where is the mean streaks? Where is the foaming at the mouth to rip their head off if you stand in my way attitude? Get smart and physical quickly or the season will be over just as quickly.

For real my UM fans, we are not given any props because our DEFENSE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we looked better on "D" we would be in the top 25. Our wins are being looked at as if teams gave them to us instead of us beating them!! If we beat ND we will be ranked no doubt. Canes fans I'm being real, I don't think our D is physical enough to win this game. I might be wrong but that is my take. Our LB's, DB's and safeties don't fit into the wholes in the run game fast enough. The DB's and safeties don't react and break on the ball well enough yet to be a good def. Love UM I'm just saying!! Watch us play D and other good def. play D.

The defense is young and learning on the fly. Golden will get son D tackles and a coordinator for defense for next season. I wonder if Greg Williams wanna come to the "U".

Travis and Micah. Your way off base on the D and yes he will be hear next year and years to come.

Here’s a couple of thoughts on the defense argument with respect to why Miami is not ranked: West Virginia, ranked # 8, no defense; Florida State, ranked # 3, their defense is a terribly suspect, not to mention a suspect schedule. So, the whole Miami is not ranked because of poor play from their defense argument doesn’t hold up. Keep trying!

@valdis moseley

i don't think you're being serious. First off, the 'Canes don't deserve to be ranked just yet. Win next week and then they're worthy of a Top 25 ranking. But lose next week and we're back to being 4-2 and 0-2 against ranked teams.

Secondly, Herbstreit is far from being the #1 canes hater. Get rid of that "the media hates us" BS. You sound delusional and paranoid. The fact is that Miami is unranked because they got destroyed by KState, beat 1-3 Boston College, 2-3 GTech that lost to Middle Tennessee, a 3-2 NC State team, and Bethune Cookman. I'm happy we won the games we did, but it's not top 25 worthy yet.

My man Linksys, did you take your pills today? Since your reason for discounting the sport’s media bias against Miami has shifted from defense to scheduling, let’s take a look at the schedules of both the # 3 and # 8 teams in the FBS. Here’s Florida State’s schedule: Murray State, Savannah State, Wake Forrest, South Florida, and Clemson. By the way, Clemson’s offence didn’t seem to have any problems putting up points on that Seminole defense. Here’s West Virginia’s schedule: Marshal, James Madison, Maryland, and Baylor. What’s also worth noting is that West Virginia’s defense forfeited the Baylor game. If you still need to be convinced that Miami not being ranked in the top 25 is because of a sports media bias, not Miami’s defensive play, or schedule, let’s review Ohio State’s list, the # 14 team in FBS. Here we go: Miami (Ohio), UCF, California, UAB, and a 3-2 Michigan State team—just saying. Linksys, so much for the schedule spin—next!

Really I could care less about being ranked. I like that its US AGAINST the WORLD and ESPN......
Most important is to continue to win each week ugly or otherwise WE WIN everything else falls into place.

GO CANES!!!!!! See you in Chicago!

If we come out and our guys play 4 qtrs of football the way we have played the last to games 1st and 4th qtrs then we will be fine. The key for us is getting some pressure on Rees or Moseley, stuffing their run and our DB's playing tight and not getting beat by the deep ball. We can beat them as long as we play smart and run the ball. We win that game and we are for sure in the top 25 poll. We play smart, don't turn the ball over and we are in good shape.

Valdis, you are correct. I am a die hard cane fan, but let's be real, we're not that good yet. West Virginia has a Heisman hopeful leading the reigns and are a veteran team. FSU has a solid D, experience on D, and a senior Qb who's playing well,and are worthy of their ranking. We can't stop a high school offense. We allow over 500 yards a game. We got stomped by KSU. We are down to our 3rd, 4th, and 5th string linebackers. We have NO pass rush, can't stop the run, can't stop the pass. We have been fortunate to cause turn overs which allowed us to win this game. We will get there but we aren't there just yet. By the way, Herb and Desmond have been on the Canes band wagon for a while when Shannon was here, they just got tired of the Okie Doke. Can you blame em?

Valdis Moseley, U do have some valid points especially in regards to ESPN hating on the Canes and how the U doing well hurts their little SEC playground. However its not Herbstreite that hates on us, instead its that gapped tooth, wanna be comedian, nimrod, Reece's pieces Davis that always has something negative to say about us. I agree with what Golden said, take your shots now while U can cause soon we are going to not be such a funny little thing to talk about.

winning cures a lot of ills. we are young. we need time to correct mistakes. no ? ND better than anyone who we have played. coach will make sure we are mentally prepared. the players will have to execute.
there is something about this team that is different from the "canes" of yrs gone by. this is the start of a new dominance in coral gables. you got to believe.

Media conspiracy? Even I don't believe that.

Don't worry about rankings, guys.
Not yet, anyway.

And comments about the defense??? A little case of overstating the obvious.

This team wasn't ready for the KSU game. Lets' see if coach has them ready for ND.

these canes are not top 25 talent, or coaching at this point. beat top 25 team, then talk about this. every week we give up 4-6 football fields in yardage. our offense can't take advantage of turnovers, which made this game lose. the defense is getting turnovers, so there is an improvement. but along way from being credible yet. these next 4 games are very tough. even NC is racking up points at will now. so if we don.t get better, we could be 4-5. i hope not, but this is a rough stretch in the schedule. go canes

Forget the damned polls - keep your head down, work REALLY hard this week and leave it all on the field in Chicago.

i think we match up with ND as well as we could hope to match up with a top 10 team. win this game then we can talk about a ranking

Beat ND an the world will open there eyes to what Al has goin on in South Florida, Miami has a great chance to prove they belong beat ND, NC, & top it off with a homecoming victory over #3 fsu an the polls will most definitely take care of themselves...

Hey, championships is all that matters & j06smith, both of your points are well taken. I think we all can agree the a Miami Hurricanes team that is firing on all cylinders is like nothing else in FBS, and without question that works against ESPN's SEC narrative!

Old school Rivalry! Let's go Canes!!

Valdis, I wouldn't say that we are firing on all cylinders just yet, but we are showing signs of a resurgence back to where we belong at the top. On offense, I am concerned about our running game, in that we are not just lining up and blowing opposing defensive lines away. The only part of our passing game that disturbs me is that while we do a great job of going deep, our short easy pass game struggles. Defensively although we have improved our run defense and lack of pressure from our 4 down lineman needs to improve drastically, as well as our pass defense defensive back field at times lets a player get behind them. Special teams well Wieclaw's slump is very bothersome and hopefully he will find his confidence soon like this week. Don't get me wrong we are drastically improved compared to the Shannon and Coker teams of the past decade but we still have much to improve on before we are to be considered one of the countries elite teams.

The media just wants to hate on Miami b/c they wrote us off before the season started... so now they are looking for every excuse not to put us in the top 25.

I mean they had Baylor in the top 25 before this week b/c they beat SMU, Sam Houston st.,and ULM. WOW

We will give ND all they can handle. Not sure if we will beat them, but they haven't faced any real competition yet. Michigan and MSU were wwwaaayyy overrated at the start of the year. Purdue is mediocre and almost beat ND. Navy plain out stinks.

The vaunted ND defense will see its toughest challenge in the Canes. We will score points. Our problem, as many have noted, is our defense gives up points as well. If they can put together a better performance, we beat ND.

Defense is going backwards.....496 yard average per game.....were on our way to hit 5200 total yards, year end. Nobody is afraid of our defense. Any team can score at will. All the teams we have played sucked. I think we have had 1 maybe or 2...3 and outs so far. We can stop anyone and the ganes turn into shoot outs. The DC has to go. Whatever it is...he is just not good. That is where we are weak.....solve that and the rest falls into place.

We just need to "win baby win" right now. Who cares about the polls?... I'm more concerned with seeing us sitting at 7-1 going into the Va. Tech game (which would atomatically equal rankings) than getting ranked now only to become big headed and lose to ND and FSU!


This is why they need to stop the preseason poll because outside of Alabama for sure,nobody knows jacks""t about how good anybody is until they see a few games.Despite their defense,Im pretty sure we could beat plenty of teams in top 25.Hell,look at Stanford.They barely look like like a top 50.But because they had a good season last year they got ranked high.Let's whip ND's ass.Piss on the voters.

the best that can happen is a win that looks like it wasnt luck. then the recruits should pick up. no developing a guy for 4 years just to get something out of him. we need guys that on year 2 they are ready to change games. there out there we just need to get them here.

D Corch sucks!!We need a real proven DC, that is all what Miami needs...

Relax, no need to wastse your time debating where MIami should be ranked. The cnes will not beat Notre Dame, in fact it won't even be close. Expect a Kansas State type beat down.

No need to worry, the cane will be back, just not this year

Is it me or did the defense come up with at least six turnovers. This game would not be close if the offense scored.

Wish this game was next year. I think we'd win big. Not ready to beat anyone good yet, but we will get there.

Ok...lots of good and lots of bad! We should not be kidding ourselves...we could easily be 1-4 as 4-1.
Just like Coach G says...we need to be consistant. The good news is if we are consistant, we can be a hard team to beat.
We were more consistant than BC, GT and NCS. We were not as consistant at KSU. If we were, I am not sure we would have won, but we would not have been blown out.
It is obvious this team is getting better and that has showed the last 3 weeks. We just need to be consistant...players & coaches...keep in mind, we did not do much in the second and third quarters the last 2 games...
We are young...the coaches are coaching young players...young players are inconsistant...as they get experiance they become more consistant...we will get there...we are getting there...
We are a much better team than we were last year...we will be much better next year.
This year we have to continue to get better each day and each game!
If we can do that, we will have a better year than last year, and we will continue to get the better recruits the coaches want for the systems we run.

go canessssssssssss

Last I checked we were 4 and 1 and getting better each week, Jimbo.

Jim Gallo "Curse",

Miami is 4-1 and now leads the Coastal 3-0. The defense sucks because they're young. Coach D isn't going anywhere and he's going to turn out to be a great DC once there's some development and experience created. 19 Sophomores and Freshmen in the two deep is a recipe for crappy defense.

Golden doesn't give a fock what you think about Coach D. He stays, you can go...

Mark may is the biggest Miami hater

Espn does hate the U. Since the early days of college gameday. Beano cook hated miami as did corso. Chris fowler is a hypocrite who had fake disingenuous anger when the fiu brawl ocurred was nauseating. Lou holtz and mark my both depise miami both (notre ddame and pitt) for obvious reasons. But managment looooves miami. Why? Ratings. The U brings ratings. Translation $$$$$$$$$$$.

That is the hypocrisy of the media with the U. Most watched espn documentary.. Do i need to say it? Top 3 of the most watched games ever on espn.... Had? Thats right. Theu U.

Well see if they bring it to notre dame. I hope they do.

You people are crazy, a couple of wins over less than mediocre teams and you think your relevant again. The real fans in S. Florida know this team is a joke, thats why they don't come to games. It will be at least, 2-5 years, if ever, that golden can make the canes a name even worth mentioning nationally. ND will blow miami out, thats what people want to see. The nation loves watching miami get their butts kicked. This game will be over by half, canes will be throwing snowballs on the sidelines like the last time they met

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