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Don't mark down Saturday's home opener against Bethune-Cookman as an 'automatic W' for UM yet

It used to be a tradition.

Hurricanes fans -- full of confidence and swagger -- would take joy marking down the automatic wins they saw on the schedule. 

You remember those days back in the Big East? Rutgers. Temple. BC. Pitt. Even Syracuse (after Donovan McNabb left). All W's.

Bethune-Cookman probably looked like one of those 'automatic W's' before this season. If Saturday's manhandling in Manhattan didn't rattle your cage, I'm here to warn you again: don't take this Saturday's home opener to the bank just yet. 

After seeing just how young this Hurricanes team is and the scope of problems this defense is facing, nothing over the final 10 games is guaranteed. Not even Duke.

Normally, Hurricanes coaches have tried to talk up FCS (I-AA) schools before their teams went out and dismantled them on Saturday. But Al Golden really doesn't have to do that this week.

You've got last year's game versus the Wildcats as proof. The Canes led the Wildcats just 14-7 at halftime and were up just 21-14 with two minutes to play in the third quarter before finally pulling away, 45-14.

That was with Sean Spence leading the team with eight tackles, Marcus Robinson producing three sacks and Micanor Regis getting to the quarterback for another. That was with Lamar Miller running for 102 yards and two touchdowns and receivers Travis Benjamin and Tommy Streeter combining for eight catches 149 yards and two touchdowns. None of those guys -- by the way -- will play for Miami Saturday.

"They're very aggressive, very tough, came in here and gave us all we could handle a year ago. We expect much of the same," Golden said. "They outgained us and beat us in time of possession. They run the ball very well, got a trio of guys who rush the ball. Two running backs and a quarterback that do a great job and over 265 yards a game on the ground and over 33 points a game. It's going to be a challenge. They're very aggressive on defense and a very experienced group. But I know our guys are preparing hard."

Before you just shake your head and dismiss Golden's talk as non-sense, ask Colorado about Sacramento State. The Buffaloes, a Pac-12 school, lost at home to the Hornets (1-1) last Saturday 30-28. Sacramento State was 4-7 last year. Bethune-Cookman? They've won eight in a row dating back to last season's 8-3 campaign.

The Wildcats don't just have 11 players on their rosters who were at FBS schools (3 from Rutgers, 2 from Mississippi, 1 from Marshall, Iowa State, UCF, Minnesota and Louisiana Tech) they also maul people up front. Their offensive line from left to right: 6-6, 310; 6-5, 380; 6-4, 270; 6-7, 325; 6-5, 305. Four of those five are upperclassmen. 

That same offensive line paved the way for Bethune-Cookman to become the first FCS school since Georgia Southern in the 1999 national championship game to produce three ball carriers with over 100 yards. 

The Wildcats have also shown they won't just go away when they fall behind. In its opener versus Alabama State, Bethune-Cookman rallied from 21-0 down to win 38-28. Last week at South Carolina State, they scored 27 unanswered points after being down 14-0 after the first quarter.

"If we don't have their attention after last week," Golden said of his team. "... but the reality is they understand that [Bethune-Cookman could beat them]. We can talk about Sacramento State going into Colorado and winning, but the reality of it is we had our own experience with this team a year ago. They'll have our attention."

Truth is, it might take more than just attention to beat the Wildcats.  


> UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said of the five sacks UM allowed last week to Kansas State, three were the responsibility of quarterback Stephen Morris. To drive the point home to his offense that sacks are everyone's responsibility, Fisch said he put an article in the lockers of his players from the NFL preseason where Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was sacked five times and said the sacks 'were on all 11 of us."

"You can't scramble around backwards and you not make a decision," Fisch said of Morris. "Two sack fumbles never should have happened, both of which were in the quarterback's control. Then, you have to get open. One of [the sacks] happened when we couldn't get open down the field. The offensive line didn't play winning football; no one did when you lose the way we did. But those sacks were mostly on us."

> Fisch said he's counting on Rashawn Scott to take his game up a notch this week with receiver Allen Hurns out with a concussion. "He's going to have to have a good game for us -- I don't know how long. But a good game for sure," Fisch said. 

> Fisch said he will continue to monitor the number of touches freshman tailback Duke Johnson gets. "We'll monitor him kind of like you would a rookie in the NFL so in Week 11 or 12 they're season isn't over and you have another eight games," Fisch said. "We'll get him the appropriate amount of touches and will continue to use him in a lot of ways."

> Although UM is averaging 124 yards a game (90th out of 120 NCAA teams), Fisch said "it's hard to evaluate the running game when you break two 60 yarders" at Boston College. In other words, UM might not even be that good. Fisch said UM "has to have a physical presence." The Hurricanes pretty much abandoned the run when they got down big at Kansas State.

> Unlike defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, Fisch hasn't had to scale back his offense. "The key is formations for us," he said. "The concepts are the concepts. Now it's a matter of who do we want to run each concept. Whether we have Duke run an over route this past week rather than Phillip [Dorsett] might be more of a change than making necessarily a decision on `Wow, we found a new play somewhere in the annals.' That doesn't really happen." 

> Golden had high praise for tight end Clive Walford: "The reality is he's doing everything better, is blocking better, practicing better. Knock on wood he'll continue to improve. The tight ends were one of the position groups that played really well Saturday, graded out well, finished and made some plays."

> One might imagine with Bethune-Cookman on tap, Hurricanes coaches would maybe take a sneak peek ahead at the complicated offense Georgia Tech is running. Not so said Golden.

"Honestly for us right now we're just trying to get better today and play well in this game," he said. "There is no preparing for next week right now."

> Golden liked what he saw from freshman defensive tackle Earl Moore and said he's earned more reps. "He's tough," Golden said. "Earl didn't get pushed around, knocked it back."

> Golden said freshman cornerback Tracy Howard, who was beaten one-on-one for a 30-yard gain at Kansas State, couldn't defend that play "any better."

"That's a hard position to play," Golden offered. "It's really Thomas Finnie's first opportunity to play out there too. [Antonio] Crawford earned more reps in the game, will play more this week. I think Tracy, he's a competitor. He prepares. The throw and catch they made over him, I don't know how you can defend any better. The kid made a great catch right on the sideline. I think he learned a lot. We are investing in a lot of guys that are going to be around for a long time. What Deon [Bush] did in the game, he grew up in that game. Maybe Tracy will see it a little better this week. Eddie Johnson saw it really well in that game. That's his first start and then he saw it really well. That's the value they gain from that game because there really is no other value from that other than the experience of being in that environment, that competition."

> Freshman right tackle Ereck Flowers said he graded out at 78 percent in his second straight start. Golden said Seantrel Henderson is closing the gap on him and left tackle Malcolm Bunche.


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In 2010 The Wildcats had two All Pro NFL players which included one defensive touchdown in the Super Bowl. We just thank God and UM for the opportunity to compete.


jut get better guys ill ride wit DA U no matter wat baby i love this university

If Bethune revs up its offense and takes charge from the jump, the defense can forget it. Right now, if I Bethune I BELIEVE I can beat UM.

Cronyism in hiring?

Man, if Bethune beats Miami, all hell will break loose down here..lol...No, literally, all hell will break loose!!

if BCU wins, do you fire Golden??

BC will gain a lot of yards on UM's defense. The Canes need to keep the scoring down, no matter how many yards they give up. There is no such thing as any easy game for this team this year.

The Canes will beat BC, but we need to realize these kids are learning as they go. I like the path we are on. I think the kids will focus on their jobs this week and we go on from there.

Manny... You're crazy. I would expect this from Susan "Bird Beak" Degnan, but not you. It will not even be close. I don't expect anything less then a 48 - 10 beatdown.

Come on man!

I expect a blowout, as this team will play angry. The real challenge will be Ga Tech in ATL.

Manny youre brain is accumulating too much cholesterol. Youre crazy. No way. No how. Not in a million years.
You contradicted yourself in the first paragraph! You said it.... So UM, who played terribly last year in the first half, went from 14-7 to 45-14 at the end. It wasnt even close!

It will be 55-14 miami or worse. I predicted 45-21 vs BC and didnt feel right about the KSU game from the start.

Listen, UM lost to a very senior team, a very good team, with a top 3 heisman candidate and a team which is clearly a top ten team. Wisconsin loses, Nebraska loses, Utah loses, and its like the end of the world. Michigan got whooped by Al. Michigan is not even close to KSU

I will support the U. I will go to the game. Please people support your canes. Go to the game on saturday

But dont forget 1997, 1998... East Carolina. Lost two years in a row to ECU.

U 55 or more.

Golden is preparing Miami fans for a possible disaster. Everbody knows Miami should roll by 40, however Goldy has been around the players and knows there is no pep, no desire, they are dead right now. He knows a noon start against a non Division I team will bring less than 20,000 fans and no juice for the team. Potential for a train wreck and circumstances ripe for BCC to be able to pull off a monumental upset.

don/t ask the canes coache to go with logic!!! the suk

Appalachian State beat Michigan a few years ago.

Posted by: gatorsam | September 11, 2012 at 08:59 PM

"Golden is preparing Miami fans for a possible disaster. Everbody knows Miami should roll by 40, however Goldy has been around the players and knows there is no pep, no desire, they are dead right now. He knows a noon start against a non Division I team will bring less than 20,000 fans and no juice for the team. Potential for a train wreck and circumstances ripe for BCC to be able to pull off a monumental upset."

Ah, yes but I think the team you're referring to is up at the swamp.

Bethune Cookman 38 Miami 17
mark it down people. it wont even be as close as the score shows. miami cannot, will not stop BCC from running. many will transfer from miami after this season. why not, especially if your young, sit a year,and have 2-3 years with a competitive team. the canes might as well take the death penalty, at least golden will be gone when they come back

got my miami and georgia tech ticket. atl here i come

I just want the team to improve...i did say this that depending on the defense in the k state game you would see changes...Georgia Tech is the the next contest..I def.. believe they will beat B.C.C....but i just want to see execution and the cords..call a good game bcuz truth be told fisch called a totally bad game..I mean due to the sitiuation but those 4 plays at the goal line in the 3rd was just him not calling plays to help the players out..a qb option 3rd and goal and you know your going 4 it on fourth down ..call a running play or something but not an option play ..too many good wideouts ..made it easy on the defense

The Canes are so bad, the Gators want to put them back on the schedule.

thats a great post southpaw. you know things are tuff when them there chicken gayturs want to play ya. GO CANES

after the cats put a whoopin' on you hurricanes, the down grade will be a tropical "depression", but the good news is, antidepressants are easy to get. someone needs to get AG a cup of cuban coffee and wake him up. i cant believe whats going on down there.

The reason k state beat is because we were out coached. they had more blockers than us at the point of attack almost every play, we did have 8 in the box a few times and were very successful on those plays. When they ran the qb they had 7 blockers to our 4 lineman-2 linebackers. Simple math , we lose 3 to 5 yards every play. And if a breakdown occurs it's ugly. We should have brought 8 in the box and made them 1 dimensional. With a young defense you should attack more, it puts the pressure on the opponent instead of your young players. This was coach deonforios fault.

after saturday, your song will be jamie's cryin'. van halen go cats

If my coaches don't create better game plans the canes will lose. Ill be at a convention in Jacksonville Saturday Dave. You are invited to come ask for me, I'm sure I can take a few minutes to sing you a lullaby in the parking lot. I'll be at the Jacksonville tattoo convention all weekend.

Desperate Nevin Shapiro is talking more smack. Herald has a story on the sports main page. The guy needs to go.

Eddie the fact that the herald willgive that puny little eunuch shapiro the time of day shows how pathetic this paper is. I dont even know why I am here, but I also read the sentinel and that is a much better daily than this garbage called the "Miami" Herald

We need Ray Ray and Storm.

well jamie, since your going right by daytona on your way, stop over and i'll buy you a tatoo that says, LOSER

Jamie ramirez, you really don't know much do you. Where did you play football. You don't attack with a team as young as Miami. You have to play vanilla, you try to protect your CB's, you play with your front 7. Had they done what you want, it would have gotten even more out of control. Geeeeezzzzzzz all these coaches.

5>3>2m they do it because it's news. The Sun Sentinel also publishes just as much about this stuff. I you don't like the messenger, don't read it, but it is news. Something happened, not all, but something. Hopefully not enough to penalize us greatly. Don't be a a fan that buries his head in the sand.

Sounds like BCC has some firepower that counters our defense. Like a good QB and 3 strong running backs. And a big O Line. Sound familiar?

Don't see much on their D, so could be a shootout. Hope not

The Canes should win this game by a wide margain, at least in theory. Hope you folks predicting a big W are right. It would be comforting going into GT.

When we worry about BCC, is rebuilding even the right word to describe our team? Must remember we beat a decent BC team. Lots of potential on this team.

A shame about Ray Ray wasting his career. Wow, bad decision maker, big hype but ultimately a flop. Such guys need to excel in the present moment, and not be NFL hungry and distracted as college athletes.


What we need is some DLinemen to step up and play like they are pi**ed and not going to take it anymore.
D'Onofrio needs to make changes to the D. He does not have the DLine for the type of D they have been playing.
A good coach makes changes to his scheme to use the players he has to the strengths of their abilities.
I am interested in seeing what he does these next two games to kick start the D.
The unit that I was disappointed in the most last week was the OLine. I figured K-State would score points on our D. I did not think our Offense would be shut out like it was.
Now that I think about it. The whole team needs to play like they are pi**ed off.
If there was one lesson the team should have learned last week. it's how to keep pounding a team into submission.
As always


Make changes on the D-line, with who. They just get younger. This team is just too young to have success. They only have 4 players in the whole roster that have play 11 career games at the college level.......that's young. Oh and those 11 games played include special teams. WOW. They'll have success, just maybe not this year.

I didn't mean changing players. We have who we have.
It is up to the DC to use what he has to stop the other team.
How about moving LB's and CB's closer to the line at times to give the look of blitz and drop out, or blitz.
It would give the QB, and OLine something to think about. Istead of you got the man in front of you.
Just saying something has to change.

This team is just too young. You can't put the corners on an island, if you do things would get even uglier. The reason for the lapses Saturday were mental and physical error buy the players. You can try to put players in positions to win, but if the the player don't put themselves where they need to be because of inexperience, you're not going to win.

The ABSOLUTE WORST fans in college football. I don't need an energy drink - I just have to read this dribble and it gets me fired up. I just wish I could meet up with some of these meatheads (Canes72, CoolCat, etc.)

The worst is yet to come. Wait until the NCAA drops the hammer and UM starts losing scholarships. Golden isn't getting rid of D'Onofrio. Golden will sooner or later throw his arms in the air and quit. Then you'll have to start over again and go through yet another rebuilding process. The U isn't coming back anytime soon.

Here we come to dominate the ACC!


rocket: Why r u sick. Fans wait decades, have to travel long ways to get to games and watch a product that is sanitized and lacks the college campus feel like you get lets say at Florida field? Sit a million miles away from the sidelines. Golden is not going to turn this program around. So why wait to complain later? So many other programs have advanced their product and have turned things around the next year. This is totally ridiculous. The DC a Miami guy..please, snap out of it. You are too yung to understand any of this. You have blind hope that comes with being a green pea. Good luck praying

Canes can lose this game if they don't bring it on Saturday. This team has serious issues on the defensive side of the ball. BC will look to exploit them. They have the talent to do so.......

What about the statement that "well play freshman and sophomores and the rest get weeded out".....what the hell is that all about? So the jr/seniors dont trust the DC? They wont play for him? If I was the Herald I'd drill down on the and get clarification as the what he ment buy that?

Its amazing how Golden gets all these passes while Shannon got annihilated. First Goldens crew coached up the kids Shannon couldnt (Streeter) then when Golden gets blowed out its b/c he still has Shannons recruits. You people kill me with this foolery. Now its they are young. Are you kidding me. There are coaches that come in an make the best out of what they have, young teams included. This staff especially on defense just cant do it. Golden, this aint Temple!

a win ! take a team for granted? are you kidding , have you not been wathching the last 4 yrs. some of the hardest loses ever.... heart breaking yes. good times bad times love the canes! these young men will work hard they will get better that i know i am sure of that ... i will have my canes gear on saturday and for the weeks to come. lead follow or get the heck out of the way !

Realistic end to the season? Next year Miami will be better, the year after they will make waves.

Bc 1-0
Ks 1-1
Bc 2-1
Gt 2-2
NCS 2-3
ND 2-4
NC 2-5
FSU 2-6
VT 2-7
V 2-8
USF 3-8
D 4-8

caneboss, are you kidding. many of us called for shannon's head for years. i was done with him after vir in the OB. but, how is it when we do complain about goldie we are not racists. thats what you are implying with the shannon trash. its about W and L. and that L last week was inexcusable. not the L, so much as the way the game went. shannons gone, he got 3years too many. and it looks like goldie is headed in the same path. DOWN but we shall see if AG can change this around. the young stuff is getting old go canes


If you call the criticism that Golden is receiving a pass, then I got some Ocean property to sell you in Arizona. After a Coach takes over a team he has to use his technique and schemes and process plays His way.

Looking at Miami loosing, the converse can be said if Shannon had built up strength levels, and the team had fought to the end in games he would not have been fired..Your argument is moot.

As far as Gallo goes when you are a football player you play for your school, your other players forming the team, and are GUIDED by the Coaches. You play to win, you don't play to please Coaches..with your opinions I thought you knew that from back in the day.
Playing young players is a given fact. No need for drill down..We all know that except you.

Welcome back gatorsam. Good to see you around here after all the problems at the swamp..We will make you a 'Cane yet.
Go 'Canes Always

I was giving Goldy credit. He is preping you all in case of disaster, so he doesn't get abused. You all should win going away, no doubt. But he already noted that the last time the game against BCC was even till deep into the third quarter. You know Miami will be flat. Not just Miami any college football team would be flat under these circumstances. Noon kickoffs stink. And with an empty stadium the potential for BCC hanging around for 40 plus minutes is real. As far as my GATORS, we are what we are. Our offense isn't going to score many points. The defense and special teams are going to have to shut poeple down and hope that the offense can just do enough to get by. Ball control, limit the turnovers and control the clock. Against the Georgias, LSUs, Carolinas and Semis it probably will not be enough. This week is huge.

Some our stupid focking fans must have missed the last depth chart. Let me show you why the defense is so bad right now. It isn't scheme or coaching. The incompetent coaching staff was given the ax and Golden was hired to rebuild from the ground up.

So DE Chick
Sr DT Smith "Juco Transfer, should be his first year"
So DT Pierre
RJr DE Green "No playing time until this year"

RFr OLB Eddie Johnson
So MLB Perryman
Jr OLB Gaines "Coming off injury"

So CB Finnie "Limited playing time"
RJr S Highsmith "Corch Randy put him at QB? LOL!"
Fr S Bush
Sr CB McGhee "Finally getting coaching"

The upperclassmen on this depth chart have either been injured, out of position, or shouldn't even have been recruited to begin with. If you expected this defense to stop Klein who is on the Heisman watch list then you're a focking retard, period, end of story.

Carry on morons...

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