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Don't mark down Saturday's home opener against Bethune-Cookman as an 'automatic W' for UM yet

It used to be a tradition.

Hurricanes fans -- full of confidence and swagger -- would take joy marking down the automatic wins they saw on the schedule. 

You remember those days back in the Big East? Rutgers. Temple. BC. Pitt. Even Syracuse (after Donovan McNabb left). All W's.

Bethune-Cookman probably looked like one of those 'automatic W's' before this season. If Saturday's manhandling in Manhattan didn't rattle your cage, I'm here to warn you again: don't take this Saturday's home opener to the bank just yet. 

After seeing just how young this Hurricanes team is and the scope of problems this defense is facing, nothing over the final 10 games is guaranteed. Not even Duke.

Normally, Hurricanes coaches have tried to talk up FCS (I-AA) schools before their teams went out and dismantled them on Saturday. But Al Golden really doesn't have to do that this week.

You've got last year's game versus the Wildcats as proof. The Canes led the Wildcats just 14-7 at halftime and were up just 21-14 with two minutes to play in the third quarter before finally pulling away, 45-14.

That was with Sean Spence leading the team with eight tackles, Marcus Robinson producing three sacks and Micanor Regis getting to the quarterback for another. That was with Lamar Miller running for 102 yards and two touchdowns and receivers Travis Benjamin and Tommy Streeter combining for eight catches 149 yards and two touchdowns. None of those guys -- by the way -- will play for Miami Saturday.

"They're very aggressive, very tough, came in here and gave us all we could handle a year ago. We expect much of the same," Golden said. "They outgained us and beat us in time of possession. They run the ball very well, got a trio of guys who rush the ball. Two running backs and a quarterback that do a great job and over 265 yards a game on the ground and over 33 points a game. It's going to be a challenge. They're very aggressive on defense and a very experienced group. But I know our guys are preparing hard."

Before you just shake your head and dismiss Golden's talk as non-sense, ask Colorado about Sacramento State. The Buffaloes, a Pac-12 school, lost at home to the Hornets (1-1) last Saturday 30-28. Sacramento State was 4-7 last year. Bethune-Cookman? They've won eight in a row dating back to last season's 8-3 campaign.

The Wildcats don't just have 11 players on their rosters who were at FBS schools (3 from Rutgers, 2 from Mississippi, 1 from Marshall, Iowa State, UCF, Minnesota and Louisiana Tech) they also maul people up front. Their offensive line from left to right: 6-6, 310; 6-5, 380; 6-4, 270; 6-7, 325; 6-5, 305. Four of those five are upperclassmen. 

That same offensive line paved the way for Bethune-Cookman to become the first FCS school since Georgia Southern in the 1999 national championship game to produce three ball carriers with over 100 yards. 

The Wildcats have also shown they won't just go away when they fall behind. In its opener versus Alabama State, Bethune-Cookman rallied from 21-0 down to win 38-28. Last week at South Carolina State, they scored 27 unanswered points after being down 14-0 after the first quarter.

"If we don't have their attention after last week," Golden said of his team. "... but the reality is they understand that [Bethune-Cookman could beat them]. We can talk about Sacramento State going into Colorado and winning, but the reality of it is we had our own experience with this team a year ago. They'll have our attention."

Truth is, it might take more than just attention to beat the Wildcats.  


> UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said of the five sacks UM allowed last week to Kansas State, three were the responsibility of quarterback Stephen Morris. To drive the point home to his offense that sacks are everyone's responsibility, Fisch said he put an article in the lockers of his players from the NFL preseason where Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was sacked five times and said the sacks 'were on all 11 of us."

"You can't scramble around backwards and you not make a decision," Fisch said of Morris. "Two sack fumbles never should have happened, both of which were in the quarterback's control. Then, you have to get open. One of [the sacks] happened when we couldn't get open down the field. The offensive line didn't play winning football; no one did when you lose the way we did. But those sacks were mostly on us."

> Fisch said he's counting on Rashawn Scott to take his game up a notch this week with receiver Allen Hurns out with a concussion. "He's going to have to have a good game for us -- I don't know how long. But a good game for sure," Fisch said. 

> Fisch said he will continue to monitor the number of touches freshman tailback Duke Johnson gets. "We'll monitor him kind of like you would a rookie in the NFL so in Week 11 or 12 they're season isn't over and you have another eight games," Fisch said. "We'll get him the appropriate amount of touches and will continue to use him in a lot of ways."

> Although UM is averaging 124 yards a game (90th out of 120 NCAA teams), Fisch said "it's hard to evaluate the running game when you break two 60 yarders" at Boston College. In other words, UM might not even be that good. Fisch said UM "has to have a physical presence." The Hurricanes pretty much abandoned the run when they got down big at Kansas State.

> Unlike defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, Fisch hasn't had to scale back his offense. "The key is formations for us," he said. "The concepts are the concepts. Now it's a matter of who do we want to run each concept. Whether we have Duke run an over route this past week rather than Phillip [Dorsett] might be more of a change than making necessarily a decision on `Wow, we found a new play somewhere in the annals.' That doesn't really happen." 

> Golden had high praise for tight end Clive Walford: "The reality is he's doing everything better, is blocking better, practicing better. Knock on wood he'll continue to improve. The tight ends were one of the position groups that played really well Saturday, graded out well, finished and made some plays."

> One might imagine with Bethune-Cookman on tap, Hurricanes coaches would maybe take a sneak peek ahead at the complicated offense Georgia Tech is running. Not so said Golden.

"Honestly for us right now we're just trying to get better today and play well in this game," he said. "There is no preparing for next week right now."

> Golden liked what he saw from freshman defensive tackle Earl Moore and said he's earned more reps. "He's tough," Golden said. "Earl didn't get pushed around, knocked it back."

> Golden said freshman cornerback Tracy Howard, who was beaten one-on-one for a 30-yard gain at Kansas State, couldn't defend that play "any better."

"That's a hard position to play," Golden offered. "It's really Thomas Finnie's first opportunity to play out there too. [Antonio] Crawford earned more reps in the game, will play more this week. I think Tracy, he's a competitor. He prepares. The throw and catch they made over him, I don't know how you can defend any better. The kid made a great catch right on the sideline. I think he learned a lot. We are investing in a lot of guys that are going to be around for a long time. What Deon [Bush] did in the game, he grew up in that game. Maybe Tracy will see it a little better this week. Eddie Johnson saw it really well in that game. That's his first start and then he saw it really well. That's the value they gain from that game because there really is no other value from that other than the experience of being in that environment, that competition."

> Freshman right tackle Ereck Flowers said he graded out at 78 percent in his second straight start. Golden said Seantrel Henderson is closing the gap on him and left tackle Malcolm Bunche.


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I'm just saying it don't take a rocket scientist to figure how to coach defense. Sane results to 14 games and no change. Mane yall kill me defending this low down defensive coordinator. Last year you have seniors with no D1 skills and now you have talented DB's and doing the same damn dang. Same fn results and corners still playing zone. Let me let yall in on something, when you play zone you also play that man and when no one is near you, you don't just sit there u fine closes defender.

Linebackers don't just allow receivers to run across them and don't slam the hammer of them. Defensive ends and tackles don't play with linemens.

Come on coaches its easy as 1,2,3 a,b,c. Elementary

bethune cookman 35 canes 17 now will u get rid of the defensive cord ya think

fighting ibis, i guess these players are no good. so why did golden recruit them. maybe next years he will get good players, and then in another 3-4 years we can win some games. or even slow down good teams, or bad like BC. keep making excuses, thats what keeps us near the bottom of the acc. moron

Miami 55 BCU 14

I dk what you all are smoking giving BCU that much credit. So... You all including chubs Navarro saying that BCU is better than Boston College also? In that case? Youall say BCU belongs in the ACC? Please. Youall are silly.

Miami had a bad game against a SUPERB and very big, older and tough KSU team. Watch KSU run the table in the big 12. Mark my words.

Miami will go either 8-4 or 9-3. I still am not sure about Vtech. Wins against BCU, UVA, UNC, NCS, GT, Duke, USF and "maybe" VT. They will lose to FSU and probably ND or VT.

Why? Because I see the talent is there. They are just young.

BCU 2-1
GT 3-1
NCST 4-1 (and ranked inthe top 25)
ND 4-2
UNC 5-2
FSU 5-3
VT 5-4 ---or--- 6-3
UVa 6-3
USF 7-3
Duke 8-3

corpus, i would say you havent been watching these games or i wish you share that koolaid, cause there is NO way this team wins more than 3-4 games. and next year, same thing,

Sorry Mike. I'm not throwing in the towel after one bad game. I am not happy, but I am not giving up on the season.
Last week was not all on the Defense. The Offense needs to pick up it's play as well.
I figured 8 wins this year. 9 to 10 wins if the dLine was going strong. 8 is still with in reach, but no more games like last week.
I guess time will tell.


@Mike & corpus & canentally

I also said UM will go 8-4 and bonus 9-3. But that was with the coaches hyping things up. I fell for it again like last year. After watching
last two games the way defense played I see us winning maybe 5. Only that because D-I don't know how to coach defense. He had to realize this is the ACC not Temple football. Adjustments has to be made during the game.

If me I'm like Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Eriksson, I'm letting the dawgs out (go get em) . Why sit back let's play UM football. You have to utilize their talents, let them use their raw skills. No way should Chic or Perryman be sitting here week 3 with no sacks or just 1.

Go canes

i agree wit 1 thing you said, it is great to be a cane, but the rest is no way. and really, 2 bad games. i really, really hope i have to eat these words, and bcc doesnt count, but i will be surprised with 4 wins. it just doesnt seem these coaches are teaching like i thought they would, i dont see a difference. they are not stronger like we were led to believe. and you were right, which makes 2 things, the offense really isnt that good either. go canes

Mike S,

Who said the players are no good? This team is young. If some of you impatient unrealistic morons can't understand then you just make yourselves look stupid. I know you're stupid. You'd think you would be remain silent rather than post on a message board for the whole world to see and remove all doubt.

Oh noes, 14 games into a rebuild where the first 12 basically didn't count and you want a roster with a majority of Sophomores and Freshmen to be dominating the competition?

Focking morons...

September 27, 1997

That afternoon, during Miami's game against West Virginia, a plane flew by towing this message for coach Butch Davis above the Orange Bowl: FROM NATIONAL CHAMPS TO NATIONAL CHUMPS! THANKS BUTCH!

Our stupid ass fans got it wrong then and they will get it wrong again with Golden. Most of the bandwagon shyt talkers work at McDonalds asking if some us would like to biggie size our combo meals should we decide to have to eat fast food so I understand and forgive them for being such low class scum. I wish they'd go show their fair weather support to the Noles or Gators while Golden gets a decade of incompetence fixed.


I agree with you that we are playing a lot true freshmen and sophomore also reshirt was too. I don't expect to be dominate but I also don't expect to get blew out like that either. A lot of these problems or issues can be resolved with this current roster, but only the coach can correct this not the players.

Let me ask you a question? Will you let your players be who they are or would you try to selfish and continue to run a defense that hasn't work in 14 games. Me, I'm goin to try something different because what I been doing or trying to establish isn't getting it done.

Why to Chic have 1 sack. Why aint we using our speed to get around offensive tackles. Why ain't our d-tackles shooting gaps. Why is the d-line 2-3 off the ball. Why is the db's 12 yards off the receiver. Why is the linebackers 6 yards off the ball. Why we rushing 3 defenders on 3rd down. Why when we play zone and a man can run right through it without a defender touch or manning him up. Why do teams run slants plays continuous through these 2 games( last year it was hitches). Why don't we play with any emotion only on special teams.

Comon help me out



An English tutor may help you out but until then go ahead and super size everyone's fries - it's on me.

Go 'canes!

LOL you all crack me up. rchy 12 has some points. But so does @fighting ibis.

I agree there are a lot of mowrons that are working costco who think they know football coming on here. SOme ofthem are probably flipping burgers in opa locka

Lets just wait and see- in 1997 UM DID get blown out and they lost to the likes of East Carolina TWICE!

But no way they lose to BCU. Dont care what anyone including fats Navarro says.

Canes will win by 4 touchdowns- you should be fired for even thinking this will be close

Golden should adopt the 1 back offense like Ericson did at Maimi

1. Duke is perfect for it.
2. Recievers can alter their routes and confuse linbackers giving Morris more options and focus more on passing.
3. Morris gets a chance to drop back (3 step) and give him more time
4. Passing game is key to keep Miami in it since the D is so bad

Yeah man, come on man! You all serious?


Wisconsin had big hopes this year with Monte Ball returning. Guess what- they lost

Same with Auburn

Same with Michigan with Shoelace- People were talking this was the year blah blah. So they got exposed. It happens. Miami's excuse is that we are STILL rebuilding with all these freshmen. No mater what anyone says or wants (including me), No way Miami can compete for real with this roster so we are going to have to be.. drum roll... patient.

Miami with Shannon's recruits and bad coaching was like we were on probation for 5 years. At least with Coker even if they were partly Butchs kids they competed through 2005 and won a bowl in 2006.

SO hang in there people- of course with garbage articles like Manny tubby Navarro's it stirs up all these fears that BCU can beat UM. No way.

Remember Furman with UF last year?? They still got whooped when everything was said and done.

If the Offense has less than 17 points at the half its time to switch to Williams. If they were so close in practice we need to see if Williams is better on gameday. We cant go the whole year struggling, and waiting for Morris to get better.
The Cameras caught him on the sideline while K-State was starting to roll, and the Commentator even called him out!!! He was just standing there with the Deer in the Headlights look.
NO LEADERSHIP AT ALL!! Dorsey woulda been on the Defense saying get me the ball back!! And How about a LEAD???? lets see the Defense with a LEAD!! Bet ya they do better.

Also lets not get to down on K-State thumping us, They were in a BCS Bowl last year, and have a Solid QB. We arent anywhere near their level of team.

Does anybody know if this game will be shown on TV if sxo what channel?

Back to back road travel games, far travel to Boston then to kansas, means limited practice schedule. WHY MUST OUR AD WITH YOUNG REBUILDIN TEAMS KEEP SCHEDULING TUFF OPENERS, 2 on ROAD VS NATIONAL KNOWN TEAMS IN BC AND K STATE. ???? Remember 09 or 10 when we had oh st, fla state, and OU. or something like that?? 3 of 4 were top 5 or top 10 teams,. ANYWAYS, GUYS, THIS IS LIKE 98,99.TON OF TOP 4-5 STAR TALENT, BUT YOUNG------BY THE TIME 2000 came along , they had 3 years under belt, and 2 more loaded classes to build depth ...then we rolled. I would expect 7-8 wins, 9-10 next yr, and by 2014, the 1st yr of the playoffs, we should have a LOADED TEAM WHEN DUKE AND HOWARD AND BUSH ARE JUNIORS, and all these young kids go 3 deep.........

GIVE IT TIME............


Why do you clowns keep saying the defense hasn't worked in 14 games? That's a complete fabrication of the truth. Last years defense had completely different personnel. The entire roster has been overhauled from last season to this season. How about being honest rather than telling complete BS lies?

I seem to recall this defense shut GaTech down last season. I also seem to recall that the defense was much better at the end of the season compared to the beginning of the season.

You admit there's a bunch sophomores, RSfreshmen, and True freshmen, but yet you don't expect dominance but want a better defense? Congrats! You're a focking moron.

Like I said, on Sept 27, 1997 our stupid ass fans flew a plane over the OB calling for Butch's head. It took another 3 years to build the most dominant CFB team ever. If you don't have the patience to watch this program get back on track after a decade of incompetence then haul ass and be a fan of another team. There is no quick fix and the answer sure as shyt isn't to keep firing coaches like you clowns want to do.

How about shutting the fock up and enjoying watching the talent get developed and coached up? There isn't a single one of you that have a clue as to what you're talking about. Thank god none of you instant gratification know nothings have any pull over this football program.

You are right Fightibis, I remember some Dumb fan holding a sign saying "Thanks Butch from National Champs to National Chumps"
Miami has a dispicable fan base

UM 1992 MBA

Go Canes,

Even Ed Reed wasn't Ed Reed his freshman year. Everybody is jumping all over Coach D and his defense but I thought he did all right against Jimbo and the Noles last year. They didn't make a first down until the 3rd quarter? Miami held GaTech to their lowest yardage all season long?

Yeah, it's looks bad now when youngsters are playing all over the place but give it time and this defense is going to be nasty. Most of these idiots have never built anything from the ground up so they don't have a clue about trials and tribulations. Hell Jim Gallo wants to scrap the offense and install Ericksons one back offense after two games? You can make this kind of stupidity up!

Golden will get it corrected but it's going to take time and there will be growing pains. I expect by the time he builds his monster he will bounce like all the others after enduring years of our stupid fans. They wonder why the coaches leave after the garbage they spew. Morons all of them...


Your a fucn turd. Yes we all know we are young. And only ur dumb as$ keep giving the defense coordinator passes. He had my pass last year, this year I'm not giving it to him. Make adjustments its easy, look what Nick Savant did his second year at Alabama, he adjusted to his team.


Who gives a shyt whether you're giving the DC a pass or not? You're not even a nobody you're a never has been. You couldn't find your ass with your hand with a map. You're the focking idiot moron I speak of who of couldn't buy a clue. Who gives a shyt what Saban did at Bama? Comparing apples and oranges are we you retard?

So you admit the roster is young which is obvious due to the fact that there's 55 true sophomores or younger but you're not giving Coach D a pass because Saban is the HC at Bama? You do know Saban isn't the DC at Bama correct? Now you're comparing Bama's Head Coach to Miami's DC and you wonder why I have labeled you the focking idiot you are?

LOL! I'm done with you. You couldn't debate your way out of wet tissue paper stooge. Go on making yourself look like the focking idiots who flew the banner over the OB calling for Butch's head. Those are the same morons who cried when Butch took the NFL position after telling Canes he wasn't going anywhere. They just couldn't understand why Butch would do that to them after they ripped him apart for rebuilding from scratch. Word of advice, Golden and Coach D aren't going anywhere. Wonder what your new screen name will be Coach D makes you look as stupid as I have done.

One other thing, Coach D is running a defense very similar to Bama's D. If you like that Bama D so much then maybe you should sit back and watch Coach D implement it rather than act like a spoiled baby missing your ba ba.

And by the way rchy12, go get your shinebox because my shoes need polishing.

I don't care if you're Bama, when you have a team chock full of guys with VERY LIMITED playing time, and thrown up against a very SOLID TEAM stock full of SENIORS who went to a BCS game last season, chances are you're gonna get spanked, and that's EXACTLY what happened.

These kids got a bad taste in their mouth, and I'm betting they don't like, and this WON'T happen again. Somoetimes it takes a good ass whooping to awaken the inner beast. Most of these kids aren't used to losing, and will step up.

BCC picked a bad time to play us, because I'm thinking they get dog stomped, and we'll see some leaders emerge. When you're this young, it's one game at a time. Go KICK SOME ASS Canes!!!!


I ain't ur do boy. U be better off sticking a finger up ur as$. I wasnt comparing hc wit a dc, I was comparing two defenses in two season u Jack rabbit. Now that's call adjustments, playing to the strengths of your players.

And by the way lil bird, how and the hell you goin to say Miami defense look similar to Alabama's, now that fucn retarded. Miami will be there in 2 years like I said beginning of season. 8-4 was b4 we saw this crampy defense, until I see improvements 4-8 and I've always been a U fan unlike yo as$.

Go canes


How the hell am I'm going to say Miami's defense looks similar to Bama's? Well let's see you focking paint chip eater, we are running a base 4-3 that shows odd man fronts just like Bama. You have already proven you're too stupid to comprehend that so I figured I'd help you out. Just because the defensive depth chart is young and has no playing time together and Coach D is running bend but don't break right now doesn't mean the scheme isn't damn near the same as Bama's. Get it?

As for being the 2nd year? What part of the entire roster has been overhauled don't you get? Sure, this could be the 2nd year of the system being ran but the personnel is brand new. Get it?

I've been a season ticket holder since 1982. I was at the first national championship and will be at the next.

Now, biggie size my combo meal you focking dunce.

Listen, I love Golden. I am bought in 100% to chaning the process and becoming a disciplined winner. But...... if we do lose this game to Bethune....they should fire Golden and the entire staff. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for the University of Miami, Florida to lose to Bethune Cookman. Ever

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