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Dorsett, receivers eager to get vertical passing game going; say they will step up with Hurns out

Ah, the deep ball. The nine route. The play every receiver can't wait to have called for them.

Hurricanes sophomore wide out Phillip Dorsett is patiently waiting for it. But he wouldn't mind if Jedd Fisch decides this Saturday against Bethune-Cookman is a good time to finally go back to it.

"I'm not really itching for it," Dorsett said of the deep route with a smile. "Whatever coach Fisch calls -- he's a good offensive coordinator -- whatever he calls we just try to take advantage of it. [Long pause] But hey, I like the deep ball."

Through two weeks, UM's passing offense has done a pretty good job being efficient. Running primarily short and intermediate routes, quarterback Stephen Morris has completed 47 of 71 attempts (66.2 percent) for 422 yards and a touchdown and one interception. Even backup Ryan Williams came in and went 2 for 2 with a pair of short passes before tossing a touchdown.

But lethal? That's a word you couldn't use to describe the Hurricanes' pass offense, which went deep quite a bit last year when Tommy Streeter was around, but has yet to do so this year.

Outside of a 56-yard catch and run by tight end Clive Walford, only two other UM receivers have caught a pass of 20 yards or more. Leading receiver Allen Hurns, who will miss this week's game recovering from a concussion, hauled in a 22-yarder at Boston College to convert a 3rd and 16. Sophomore Rashawn Scott, who hauled in a 25-yard pass shortly before halftime while UM was in a two-minute offense at Kansas State, is the other.

"We have to do a better job vertically," coach Al Golden said Tuesday. "We're getting the ball to a variety of players and we're catching in-cuts better than we did a year ago. We're catching the ball across the middle better than we did a year ago. But have we put it all together yet? No we have not."

Whenever Fisch has called a pass on 3rd and long, Hurns has usually been UM's go-to-man. But with Hurns out this week, Fisch said he's counting on others like Scott to step up and make tough cathches. Dorsett made one last week -- a leaping catch over the middle on third down to convert. This week, Dorsett expects Scott to be able to deliver, too -- now that the jitters are out of his system.

"Just being able to get that nervousness out of him from his first game is a big thing," Dorsett said. "I know how that feels. He's going to step his game up."

Dorsett, who injured his groin on the opening series of the game last year against Bethune-Cookman, said whether its him, Scott, freshman Malcolm Lewis or seniors Davon Johnson or Kendall Thompkins, or the tight ends, he's confident Morris will get the ball where it needs to be on Saturday for the receivers to make plays.

"Stephen has the arm to be able to make any throw," Dorsett said. "He fits them into tight windows and can get it over the top, which we haven't done yet, but we're hoping we get to this Saturday."

Morris said on a teleconference the week that the key for UM's offense is "not to force anything."

"Our biggest thing is to play within the system and when the deep opportunity presents itself, we'll definitely take it," he said. "We have a lot of speed and a lot of athleticism at the receiver position, the running back position and the tight end position.

"I'm never concerned about the deep shot. I think teams are more concerned about it than we are because the defenses that they play against us sort of allow us to do both."


> As expected, there were no surprises on Thursday's injury report. Linebacker Raphael Kirby (knee), defensive tackle Curtis Porter (appendectomy), receiver Allen Hurns (concussion) and Vaughn Telemaque (knee) will all miss Saturday's game against Bethune-Cookman.

> Is freshman Deon Bush ready to make his first start? "I feel like I'm ready, I'm prepared. I don't really feel that pressure because I've got guys by my side," Bush said. "I can just lay my brick."

> Senior Kendal Thompkins has two catches for three yards this season and at least two drops.

Asked about his struggles, Thompkins said: "At this point, I just think it's all mental man. My preparation going into the games is there. But maybe I'm not going fully confident or I'm not fully prepared like I have to be... It's very frustrating because you're expecting to do well. But when the game time comes, you could drop a ball and it just really messes with you man. It's very frustrating."


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man I really hope allen hurns gets better, he will be much needed, hopefully he won't have to retire from football

Hurns is definitely a plus. The Highsmith kid has a good attitude. His old man was a pretty good player. I'd like to see Highsmith play some QB. Maybe some former players can get in the ear of DS and tell her how things used to be and can be, if only..........

Bethune ain't no easy game. They think UM is arguing amongst themselves. When U got indecision and finger-pointing, that plays into the hands of opposition.

Hope The U can execute and gain some very valuable experience. I really do believe this team will be better as the year progresses. I also believe that the coaching approach will become much better as the players start to mature.

Dorsett will make a few big plays this week, but the Lewis is the one that's going to burn a few kids on a short route, then take it the distance.

Leggo Canes, time for a change. I believe in you all except for the defensive coordinator.

I just do not think Stephen Morris is a clutch performer.

I really dont think canes fans realize how bad we are. KState is a really good average tea. their offense really is not that great. which is why they are still ranked where they are, others see it. iami is in the worst shape hey have been in a very long time. i would say, a huge portion of the fans have never seen a UM team this bad. it will show sat. golden and company need to make changes uick. go canes


@mikeS and terry king

Thank you its about time someone finally hear what ive been saying. As a defensive coordinator yuou have to play to the players strength and not weakness(D'nofino scheme).

Aint noway we shouldnt have double digits sacks as a team. Denzel and Chic should be causing havoc. But hey everyone else wants to blame it on the youth.

@terryking thats what i have been saying also..the cords have to play to the kids strength...he is scared and he is to predictable ......when a QB(retting) with a NEW COORDINATOR in the first game of the year says he knows exactly what you gonna run then there is a problem..now the only thing i can say (and the players say the same thing) that they are not executing it right and if thats the case then you have to help them out ...it is easier said then done,but there is and has been too much talent there for them not to improve and thats what you want to see..i just want to see improvement..the offense i do like..kind of wish we could have seen Angelo Jean Louis right now

rchy12, mikes, and terry queen,

You will be the same idiots calling for coach d's head when he dials up the pressure like he did last year when the defense got burned for a TD. This young defense sure as hell doesn't need to keep getting burned for TD's just because clueless fans like you clowns don't know what the fock you're talking about. This defense isn't ready for attack mode yet. This defense has to play bend but don't break and keep everything in fron of them until they develop and can then play aggressive attack style of defense. The defense at Temple was very aggressive so expect that to happen over time. Until then that won't be what coach D runs.

This coaching staff is damned if they do and damned if they don't while the youngsters grow up with stupid fans like you idiots. Amazing how history repeats itself.

Carry on ass clowns...

I can attest to this though that the guys on defensive have put up some good individual games and it might be they have to put it all together but i would love to see a good not great defensive performance.... the talent is there

To all of you bashing Coach D,

Let me give all of you morons a heads up. This team will lose every game it plays this year if the offense only puts 13 points on the board. This team goes as far as the offense takes it this year. The defensive part of the roster is the weakest link right now.

Nick Saban couldn't turn chicken shyt into chicken salad this year. Coaching and scheme has nothing to do with the youth on that side of the ball. Keep the play in front of the defense and don't give up the easy points is all this defense can hope for this year.

Playing an attacking aggressive style of defense will give opposing teams even easier wins. Let's pretend like the coaching staff knows more than you clowns. Oh wait...

@fightingibis...everyone does know about football like that.but fans want to see improvement...real fans know these guys are freshman and sophomores ...you have to give them time but help them out..but like t king said when it is 31-6..hey lets see what these guys can do ..put the guys who are gonna play and let them attack a little bit... no schemes you have to throw it out bcuz its not working...honestly though they have ..it is imperative that they show improvement ...Johnson=stud...green=9 tackles plays the run pretty good..Bush=ready...perryman=already...chick=ready...they have players ..can they put it together

The "NIX" curse..

@fightingibis i meant doesn't know


When it's 31-6 whats the point of seeing what these guys can do and break their spirit by allowing the team to get even easier scores? Last season I saw improvement as the season went on. Unfortunately the defense lost everybody and started back to square one this season. Improvement will happen and trying to rush the defense into schemes they're not ready for isn't the answer. That's a good way to lose your team and have the players lose faith in the coaches.

Like I said, let's pretend that Coach D is better at this than all of you on this message board. Let's pretend like he knows what his players strengths and weaknesses are and will put them into position to make plays.

The KSU game isn't a good gauge and making changes because of it is way premature. You guys want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Patience is a virtue and this isn't a quick fix. Quit acting like you guys know better. Coach D will have this D clicking once the players develop and get more reps. Time is the only answer.

I get all that everyone is saying but this defense really is worse than it was last year, just take a look at the statics. Stats don't lie, if coach D did a lot more with a lot less at Temple, than I don't see it happening here. We had pretty bad teams coming off of our sanctions years ago, but this defense is worse than all of them. We never struggled as much as we do this year, we got a few leaders like Chickallo, Perryman, and a few more to build around, but I don't see any leadership from the coaching staff. I don't see our player developing the way they should, 2 years in a row on the very first game, the team scores a touchdown on the very first drive of the game and instead of getting better, we are getting worse, again just look at the stats. You want to support Coach D, that is fine, but support him somewhere else because he doesn't know what he is doing. Where is the pass rush? How about stopping the run? How about teaching linebackers to cover open players? They make the same mistakes week after week and I blame Coach D for not making proper changes or adjustments. I understand that they are young, but that is no excuse to play this poorly, they looked unprepared and out coached. It is up to the coach to properly prepare them and have them learn from their mistakes. It's pretty bad when opposing offensive RB say that they can see all the wide open gaps in the defense. Your right, there is no easy fix but you can start fixing it by getting rid of the D coordinator that has failed to come up with a good game plan. I support the Canes regardless and want the best coaches that can develop our young talent and that is not Coach D. GO CANES!

to the ibis, this is not a bend dont break defense. it just keeps bending, and breaking. to NOT do something different at this point, is ignorant. young or old, it just isnt working. that, goes to the coach. and yes, the off. is not helping. do we want a team like marino had, throw 4-5 td's against the jets and lose. it starts with defense, which gets turnovers, and short fields for the off. or even just field pos. but the other teams start on their own 2 yd line, 6 plays later they score. i think your watching replays of games 10 yrs ago, this is the worst canes def in decades go canes

When you agree to coach at the U, or when you sign the dotted line to play here, the expectation is that you will do everything to win. The Miami brand is playing with reckless abandon, it is hit or be hit, it is beating the oter team within the rules of the game by forcing your will upon that other team. It is about taking no prisoners. It is about being not just minimally acceptable but dominating in your strategy of attack and in the mode of your execution. It isn't wussy football.

Bend and not break is wussy football. It allows teams to chalk up first downs in the hope that eventually you will stop them at some point while they march down the field. You let other teams do stuff so they won't hit a home run. When that happens to a team, I would argue that breaks the will and spirit of the defense far more if a team hits a home run or two.

If you are agressive, especially early in a game, and you blitz here and there, and you get a sack or make the quarterback uncomfortable in the pocket, now the defense is dictating the style the play, putting the offensive into uncomfortable second or third and long situations, and that energizes the defense and invigorates its spirit and will. Nothing demoralizes a team quicker than when its offense is forced to go three and out. Nothing more energizes an opposing defense than when its offense is allowed to stay on the field against bend and break defenses.

The bend and break defense is something coordinators from the 1970's did. They was before the quarterbacks and offensive schemes changed. You see almost no NFL defense that has that philosophy. NFL defenses know that any quarterback can pick a zone apart at will. So almost all NFL defenses that use a zone combo it with some blitz to try to get the ball out of the quarterbacks hands. Nowadays, even an average quarterback like Klein can read a zone and make the right throw as long as he has time to do so and has no fear of being put on the ground by a blitz.

Before this year, Golden said there would be NO excuses because the team was young. But the minute he loses, he and D'Nofrio blame the youth. Although I believe the reliance on the youth and the lack of player development of the players who were here before they arrived is shameful, you can't say we are going to play the kids and then not give them a chance to justify playing the youth over the more experienced players on the roster by playing a weak scheme. I ain't buying it. If you are going to play the youth, let them play winning schemes and not a scheme designed with the assumption that the players are not capable of playing winning football. Winning football is the U brand, attack, dominate and impose your will and don't let teams impose their will on you.

Get rid of D'Suckio!

i like that mr parman. i remember in 89 when erickson came here, the defense told him not to change it, he didnt. in 90 he tried to make it more complicated. in 91, he went back, to defense that reacts to the ball. aggressive like you said. they are not having fun after last week, and now probably 2nd guessing instead of reacting. if dnofrio can coach at all, we will see a difference at GT. beating bcc doesnt mean anything, lose to them and watchout

Go take your meds SJMPARMAN and STFU.
Heres a quarter now go buy yourself a clue about football. All that typing and you said nothing worth any value



Thanks. I also like your point "this is not a bend dont break defense. it just keeps bending, and breaking. NOT do something different at this point, is ignorant. young or old, it just isnt working."

There was NO in game adjustment made against KSU when one was BADLY needed. In fact, as the game went on, the philosophy got more ignorant of what was happening on the field. I never saw a linebacker run blitz the entire game. Not once. Everything was read and react on our side of the ball. And asking freshmen and sophmores to maintain certain lanes when they look up at the scoreboard and see they are down 17-6 or 24-6 at that point is a useless call. They want to win more than the coach. They want to make plays.

At that point, a good coach calls on the DOGS. He sets them loose because he realizes his strategy ain't working, and he displays confidence in the players he CHOSE to put on the field that they will make plays. When he doesn't change strategies, he makes them sacrifical lambs and uncessarily open to fan criticism for playing the useless scheme he has chose to employ. And then, after the game, he criticizes them for being to yound to play it instead of letting them be th studs they are and playing a winning strategy. Pathetic really.

Stop talking like everything needs to go back to the 80s and 90s you fools. Typical Cane fans that want to jump up and down about the history but dont know a thing about the game. Im sure they have never attended a game or gave anykind of donation to the Canes but that wont stop them from acting like little children. GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE AND GO SUPPORT THIS TEAM IF YOU ARE A MIAMI FAN THE WAY YOU CLAIM TO BE TROLL BOYS

Your just making a rambling fool out of yourself
Why dont you send in your resume to Miami so you could be the defensive coach
You sure like to think you know about the game

Oh My!!! I have followed this football team since the 1960's to the present and have attended more than 100 or more games. I was one of only 20,000 fans in attendance during UM's home opener against Rice University in 1984 after its first National Championship. When the Hurricanes lost against Tennessee in the Rocky Top game against Tennessee at the end of the 1985 year, I met the players at the airport to express my support for them. I have done that many, many other times, both in victories and losses. Although I no longer live in the Miami area, I attend Canes road games when they are in my area. I proudly wear my Hurricanes shirt when I went out grocery shopping earlier today even though we got stomped last week and there is a wealth of VT fans in the community in which I live. I know more about football as someone who has actually played the game, coached it, and devotedly followed this program probably longer than you were born. So you don't know me, I don't know you, and I would kindly ask you to please not judge me or my intentions. They are entirely pure. As a fan, what is going on is unacceptable, and I have every right to call it as I see it.

No, I would not name myself as defensive coach. As a fan, I would want someone truly qualified to coach on the level of a program like Miami. Unfortunately, Golden didn't make that search and chose to select his college buddy over doing a real defensive coaching search for a guy who was an up and comer in the ranks or who had an innovative scheme.

OK just to be clear, I am off line at this point and won't respond further to any posts. My points have been made and not further responded to which was the best resolution he or she could gain from it. We both made good points, and I am neither declaring victory or defeat. We both share a love for the program. I get that. I value his or her opinion, and his or her interest in making sure that those who comment on the program have some interest in it.

Discussing what is right or wrong with the program is what a good blog is about. I encourage more people to participate. This is a defining moment in Hurricane football. Strategy is important as well as player execution and development. If a turn around is going to occur, we need to see the seeds being planted now. We need to see some growth from the soil now. Two different visions were shown tonight. Neither is better than the other. But I know we all share a vision that what grows will lead us to something special with respect to our place in the hierachy of ACC football.

The problem is we expect to much out of these guys to early. Remember pretty much the whole team is made out of fresh or soph players. Give them time and u will see things change. We have young upcoming stars in perrymen, chick, hurns, duke, morris, tracy, malcome lewis,deon bush, and the list goes on, they just need more experience, once that happens they will do damage. #RESPECT THAT "U"

42 freshmen, 22 sophmores and you guys want to blame the coach? Just look at Temple's defense. Pretty damn awesome. They put nobodies in the NFL from that Temple defense. It's going to take time. With today's complicated offenses you have to have more mature, seasoned guys on defense. We have 8 true freshmen on the depth chart on defense. We have a very weak defensive line. No D tackles. Until we get great D tackles again our defense is going to suffer. Poor Curtis Porter, we may never know what he can do. We have to be patient and trust the system.

I agree with fightingibis- Sparman adn Mike S and alll others- just plpease stfu. If youall were any football geniuses as you claim you are, then you wouldnt be on here.

One of you sages said that KSU is a (and I quote) good average team. So which one is it , brain surgeon?

KSU won a BCS bowl lastyear with basically the exact team they have this yr except they are bigger, older and better. They are a top 10 team, poised to break out. Klein can run the rock (obviously) and he is quite accurate passing (he burned us and the heralded Tracy Howard). How can youall comeon here and whine about Miami being so bad and this and that? Fact this, UM got whooped with a Donovan McNabb-type QB in the exact same fashion as 1997-1999 when SU pasted us 66-13 or something ( I cant remember exactly )/ UM had a ton of players that were just too young and inexperienced then but 2 years later they showed us what they could do.

This is a very very young team. THey will be good. I will come onhere and guarantee that next year they will hammer UF. This year I predict 9-3 or 8-4, depending on how they play on staurday. I say, if they put 50 or more vs BCU they will go 9-3. If they are unable or if BCU scores more than 20 on MIami, but Miami wins, they will go 8-4. If BCU wins (which they wont)- It will be 3-9

What if we lose to Bethune, then what?

Go 'canes!

The problem with the canes is not the coaching
The problem is that the players suck
Only Perryman, Chick and the four freshmen are any good
And they would be 2nd teamers on most good teams, and the freshmen would be sitting on the pine and learning.
A lot of you kept saying good ridance to the so called Randy's players, but when they all graduated, left early, or were kicked out we were left with nothing.
You can't expect to go into a season with a bunch of scrubs and promising freshmen. You can't expect to win that is.
The fact that we are being told to watch out for Bethune is so telling. We will be lucky to get 4 wins this year.

then-53-2 will say just be patient, they are young. accep losing ike a goodcanes fan should thats all those guys ever have to say, just accept it, dont expect anything, we have to wait. its the ones like this who never go to games, never been, never will.

if people would read posts by people like mikes and partman, they are not talking about nat champs. they are talking about seeing growth and being competitive. so far, its been regressing. and the young stuff was last year, and now this year. on defense, not many big plays by anyone. chick is over hyped. perryman reminds me of vilma, but a good coach, uses his players strengths, and that is not happening. maybe the recruiting isnt as good as many thought. so then what, start over again. i like what alot of people are saying, but 5>3>2, and oh my, just stir up trash. we dont need you here. go canes

you guys are making Kansas State into a juggernaut and writing revisionist history at the same time -- Kansas State lost last year in the Cotton Bowl to Arkansas 29-16. The Cotton Bowl is not even a BCS bowl game, yet one poster is claiming Kansas State won a BCS bowl last year.

And the "we are young" excuse has been playing itself out since 2008 and is wearing a little thin.

Wake up and smell the mojito.

There aint a couch potato in all of America that has watched football over the years that doesn't know that if your D-Line can't get pressure then you blitz LB, corner, combination or bring the house! You don't stay base and watch mediocre teams set records on you! D'Nofrio is out of his league and must be released back to the Catholic high school league. At this point the NCAA might give us immunity! At this point they should be promising the better DLinemen they will start if they sign. We should sign no less than 8 DLinemen and those that don't cut get their scholarship revoked and can sign with any team they want. In the mean time the U administration in dire consequenses to save the program should begin the search for a hard core, highly experienced, best at it group of coordinators or head coaches in the NFL with the zeal to recruit and "close". What had Jethro or Brennen Carroll done for us in California or Texas? They go too. We gotta show coaches you produce with the players you bring in our you are history. Bring back Butch Davis. Heck Alabama took Saban from Dolphins because they swallowed their pride and got the coach they knew could get it done although he had coached their rival. Drastic times call for drastic measures! Out!

run the 2inute drill all day...for the rest of the season...amd please nlock somebodyy!!!!!!!

This defense is miserable and the worst I've ever seen! But I believe things will get better..Howard bush Johnson need to grow up fast. And donforio does need to take a few risks.getting roasted without the risk any way. Might as well start now. Not giving up on the staff yet. Way to soon to do that! Need to get better tho. Hire lewis and reed when theyretire.

Our defense is a dumpster fire, no doubt. I can not remember a worse defense, not even during the probation years. We have virtually no talented upperclassmen, especialy on the defensive line.
Unfortunately this is not a position that can easily be filled with freshman, their bodies are just not ready at 18 or 19 to play in the trenches against
mammoth offensive linemen. Therefore I don't think this defense is going tobe good for at least another 2 years. However, even with our lack of talent on defense, to be ranked 114 out of 120 teams is just unacceptable and the coaching staff needs to change the scheme to work with what they got. When you are ranked 114 in total defense, you defensive staff is not
getting it done. It is just unbelievable that it has come to this.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/09/dorsett-receivers-eager-to-get-vertical-passing-game-going-say-they-will-step-up-with-hurns-out.html#storylink=cpy

Since you never played football, obviously, let me give you a clue. IF A TEAM CAN NOT SCORE, THEY CAN NOT WIN.

So, a game can be won on a field goal by Miami much less 13 points. A game can be won on a safety by a good defense 2-0. A game can be won on a pass interception or a fumble run in for a score by the defense.

The only thing offense does is puts butts in the seats of morons who go ooooooo and aaaaaahhhh and yea, yea, UUUUU when a pass is completed.

But defense wins games (or loses them in Miami coaches' case.)

I think Bethune Cookman has a good chance to beat Miami because golden did not develop juniors and seniors nor get JC transers, golden did not put the DC on a short leash with a four down linemen, LBs up close to the line, blitz of a great KSU QB, man to man in the def. backfield, not many 10-15 yard passes, still throwing to the flat.

golden and his coaches are young and inexperienced and without any talent. The Cane players are great and should take their game into their own hands, pro offense and defense just like JJ and Schnell and Butch brought to the game.

canefan72- is that wishful thinking? If so, youcango watch the UCF-FIU game instead. And leave this blog to real U fans. Your comments make no sense and at best are repetitive. Ok we get your point. Stack the box. Play more aggressive. Dont do what our coaches tell you. Fire donofrio. But get over it by now. No way UM loses to Bethune. You forgot they beat BC in Chestnut Hill. Contrary towhat many think, that's never easy. Ask the 2001 UM team with Ed Reed and everyone, who struggled down to the last play to beat BC. Seriously.

Seems that many here are giving more attentionto theloss thanthe win. Evenwhen they beat BC many here were whining about the 500 yds we gave up on D. What- would you have rather UM lost 9-6 while only giving up 180 yds in offense?

UM is 1-0 in the ACC 1-0 away in the ACC Those are positives. Right we should look at things ONE game at a time.

Imho....its still young in the season. I hope that atmosphere in Manhattan is an experience and taste the young canes will remember. Its over lets move on. Now I will say this you can get mad or argue I don’t care. #44. E.Johnson is pretty damn good however his pass coverage can improve but he is young. #93 Luther Robinson...look I don’t know what went on behind closed doors and it ain’t for the general public to know that’s in house but that kid was penetrating against BC and I believe he had a force fumble...we can work with him. #72 Cuzzan Earl Moore should be in the rotation...he was a step off from the flow of the action but he is a youngster and his motor is SUPER HIGH. #30 A.J. Highsmith... I don’t know if ya’ll saw what I saw but that boy came up and laid the wood on a K-State player, he can play the pass, and he has gotten super physical over the years “shout out to MO-CITY”. #46 Clive Walford is a premier athletic tight end and he should get more play calling his way, we ain’t forgot about you Asante Cleveland. #22 Kacy Rodgers we still riding with you bro stay focus just make the tackle you played in to many big games out of D-TWN and in 5a to miss tackle(s), you still good 1-game not gonna make you a bad person keep ya head up kid. #3 Tracy Howard... we need to throw you back in the fire again and keep playing, plain and simple you will learn and you will get better. #5 Mike...straight up kid the more we feed the ball to you the more you bruise the d-line, you need to touch the ball at least 18-21 times and guess what zooooom here comes Duke. #8 Duke guess what you dropped some passes and guess what I bet nobody was harder on you then your mom and you, keep grinding kid you are special. #2 Deon Bush ain’t scared to tackle and it seems he is ready for the spotlight, just listen to your coaches and be a ball hawk kid. Every body keep ya’ll head up and lets see who is correcting the mistakes because last time I checked we play 12 games and we got a lot of football left. Good Luck at the home opener against Bethune Cookman!!!!!!!!!

corpus, if Miami sticks with the defense of golden and the dc, they stand a good chance of losing to BCU because they are giving up 5 yards every running play by not moving LBs up to within one yard of the ball and giving up ten yard passes with no pressure on the QB and no tight coverage.

The BCU game is NOT a gimme like it was in the past with great Miami teams and great coaches. These coaches are leading Miami down the path of mediocrity just like Shannon and just like the latter years of Coker. That means only slightly better than mediocre teams and coaches will just beat Miami. And great players or smart coaches will tack up 52 points on golden balls and his coaches.

But hey, if you enjoy mediocrity, go for it. I will watch the better games on TV tomorrow like OS and Cal, WF and FSU. Why couldn't shallalaalalala get a coach like Urban Meyer?

Texas Southern08_ University of Miami_89:

You need to start giving the pre-game speeches.

Some of you all are to emotional on these blogs...The point im making is that we want to see improvement..@fightingibis you gave me a response ...don't let the game get away from them..bro the score was 52-13..that has not happen in a while....IMPROVEMENT..thats all i am asking for...@mirimarcane..please don't say that the kids aren't talented you sound retarded...Georgia Tech game we will tell..like in previous post i have done..i said that by the fourth or fifth game the players will start seperating themselves...you have to understand youth is hard to coach.. Nick Saban said that but it is fun to watch them grow up....we want them to grow up fast..I DO PREDICT THAT WE WILL FINISH UP STRONG..THOSE YOUNG KIDS WANT TO WIN..I JUST WANT TO SEE IMPROVEMENT

I hope the defense plays as a unit..just play as unit..I am still optimistic just bcuz of the talent i see on the field

if we play on our heels, our D will be dominated and playing with fear. if we play on the ball of our feet, we will dominate and play without fear. UM FOOTBALL IS ABOUT ATTACKING THE BALL, NOT WAITING FOR THE BALL TO COME TO YOU.

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