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Duke Johnson named ACC Rookie of the Week

Duke Johnson was named the Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the Week Tuesday.

Johnson was one of two true freshmen to start in Miami’s 41-32 win at Boston College. He had 135 rushing yards and two touchdowns on only seven carries, posting the most yards on the ground by a UM true freshman since Javarris James ran for 148 against Houston in 2006.

Johnson scored his career-first touchdown on a 54-yard run in the second quarter and added a 56-yard score in the third quarter. He tallied a team-high 214 all-purpose yards (135 rush, 10 receiving, 69 kick return).

"He's a tremendous player. What else can you say? He had a good first outing," UM coach Al Golden said. "I think he's level headed. I think he prepared the same way today as he did last week.

"I don't follow what the other teams are doing. But I thought Duke's effort should put him in the other realm -- above the rookies. To be able to do that on the road in your first game, he should be compared to anybody in the league, not just the rookies. And I thought Ereck Flowers clearly grading out at 94 percent in your first start, taking 75 snaps is exceptional."


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Congratulations Duke.
It was a pleasure to see you in person Saturday.


Good job Duke!!!!!! Well Tracy Howard & Deon Bush,Rayshawn Jenkins what are y'all waiting on? Let's make some pick 6's and make it count. Good Job Ereck Flowers!!!!!!! Bro u do a tremdous job on blocking. We have a good O-line. Stephen Morris you did good as well. U scared the hell outta me @ times with your decision making but you did great bro. U need to smack Rayshawn Scott for making you get a pick. Glad he's on the bench he's where he needed to be.

I wonder if there isn't a way to get Henderson onto the field in some kind of power 6 lineman formation?

Kehoe's going to play the top 5 guys and I don't see who Henderson could displace if Flowers locks down the tackle job.

@Eudocimus bro Ereck Flowers has his position on lock. Seantrel can forget it. The only position he can take will be Malcome Bunche and he looked great Sat night.

Look at ALL these Cane ClUck Fans all CHARGED up over sweating out a win against a hapless BC scrUb sqUad as Ur Defense was getting whiplashed while getting torched for OVER a half K in total yards to Ur fellow bUmbling ACC cellar dwellers. Tell us all about that Dominate D. again CANESTILURBRAINDEAD. SerioUsly, U nUts are a freaking riot with all Ur BIG Talk after eaking out a W at that Football 38k graveyard known as ChestnUt Hill... It was Sooo LoUd hUh ClUless Cane players ? Really? Ppphhhhfffffftttttttt...

DuKE !!! DuKE !!! DuKE !!! Best Cane Runningback EVER ! All-American !!! Heisman !!! ??? ... Man U ClUcks are starving for anything with a heartbeat Offensively down @clUsterfU@kedU. To bad Ur 5-7/180 SMuRF will be in traction by Notre Dame. Mike "dUst storm" James ? dUde won't bUst a 20 yard run all Season. Try getting a trio of STUDS toting the mail like 5-11/212 #23(outrushed Ur mUnchkin) - 6-0/220 #33 - 6-3/230 #24 Gators.

U Dolts check the New Top 25's ? YuP, GATORS STILL Ranked in the AP and ESPN/USA-TODAY... U ? ... ? ... Ranked #50+ and STILL NOT A SINGLE VOTE. NADA ! BuT none of those Coaches and people that cover the game for a living know anything riiieeet ? Poor, silly, stUpid, blind, STILL in denial Cane ClUcks... U enjoy the next few days, becaUse Ur flat spin spiral into the depths of continUed mediocrity will resUme in Manhattan and run right through DuKe... And the, "WE'RE YOuNG Cry will Reign Supreme!"

B.C. WIN !!! ... JesUs U should hear Urselves ...

Getting ready for... WE BEAT BETHuNE !!! Played BAD, but a GREAT WIN !

TuNE In SatUrday... GAME DAY !!! S.E.C. !!! GATORS !!!

White heron you need to learn that Henderson is a head case, no ambition, and somewhat self centered like japickey. One of the last holdouts bucking Goldens process.
The first thing Henderson needs to do is to commit to Golden and maybe practice.

"B.C. WIN !!! ... JesUs U should hear Urselves ...

Getting ready for... WE BEAT BETHuNE !!! Played BAD, but a GREAT WIN !

TuNE In SatUrday... GAME DAY !!! S.E.C. !!! GATORS !!!"

Posted by: A CaneFOOL Says What ?
I bet you can't give us one logical, intelligent reason for posting on this blog...

LOL. Meanwhile UF sweated out a win against some no-name school.

what is gonna be sad is when UF loses this week to a undermanned texas AM team lol I will laugh...

Wait a minute: I'm not sure if Henderson is mentally and physically ready to play. Keep it up, Duke.

Now, it's the defense U have to worry about. Anytime U give up 500-plus yards, U have a problem. If people like Eudicimus, Ithdolphin, 5/3/2 and the rest of that bunch don't see that the current DC is not right for this job, then I don't know how else to put it. The looming sanctions are enough. UM has NEVER had a problem securing talent. people come here to win to play in the NFL and because of the UM folklore, which got lost somehow over the years?

"Goldy is a go-between in getting those lost years back. But based on what I've seen so far, UM is no better now than what that master recruiter and incredible DC himself RS could do. Think about it, gents. Each of you is smarter than you're coming off to be.

Itdolphin: I'm bothered by you referring to Henderson as a "head case."

Do this: Walk up to him one day and ask him something about Shakespeare or Marx or Hemingway. Trust me, he ain't a head case.

The Gatr Trash dropped a spot in the rankings after its spectacular "win" over Bowling Green.

Way to go. A few more wins like that and the Gatr Trash will be unranked.

See, it is about respect. And the Gatr Trash gets none.

You, Pig? You get less than that. Fat. Zitty. Disgusting.

'Cool 'Cat - ltcdolphins hasn't gotten past Dr. Seus yet and I'm definitely concerned about the defense and the coordinator.

Randy Shannon's defenses sure didn't play like he was any kind of "incredible DC".

Probably why he couldn't get another DC job even after taking off several years to look.

That is not the head case one refers to in sports. If you and white heron think this guy is committed to the U and playing good hardboard football then you probably think shalalalalalala is doing well and did not know Shapiro was a slime bucket when he handed her a big check.
I'm wondering if he can't practice or learn the plays how he would understand those that you mentioned.

Its good to see the GAYTURDS reach deep to pull out that "hard fought" victory against the Kentucky powerhouse and Major player Bowling Green. Good luck in Texas you will need it.

I wonder why that Gator fan is so upset and still feels the need to write on a Hurricane blog? Relax man, go work out or something or maybe rub one out...I would say get laid but given that you spend hours on this blog I know there is not a chance in hell of that happening. Worry about your own team there bud...enough there to keep you busy for a while

So white heron what is RS doing today??

PS. You a reader of Marx??

Hey, I didn't realize Kansas State was ranked in the AP!

That's great, first chance to knock off a ranked opponent this year!

So does that mean Duke can be on the same list as our punter?

Hahahahahaha...silly trolls.

I like us being a 7 pt underdog, That will give us even more motivation to send them back to the land of OZ

Looks like we struck a nerve with numb-numb up there.

"Bowling Green by Thirteen!" is the new Gator chant. lmao at this clown everyday!

The Gators are not even going to win a SEC game this year. Book. It.

RS a master recruiter and great DC? Quit your illusions CaneCat. We both love the canes but RS's recruits did nothing, probably for lack of coaching they never improved at UM and showed little heart, they would have folded on saturday. As for SH being a head case it's not about intelligence it's about attitude. He thought it was like with RS that you did the minimun effort and still had your spot on lockdown but it's a new day at Greentree buddy. SH may not get his starting spot back and I love it, what a lesson for an intelligent but entitled young man to absorb. The next funeral might be for his career or NFL signing bonus. It was like that back in the day at the "U", if you took a nap you had someone there to steal your lunch, that is what is going to bring us back, not swagger, but hard work and fear for your job.

No one can deny Shannon's recruiting ability, even though the players largely didn't work out, the classes were all top ranked, he brought in players other big time programs wanted.

I don't want Seantrel on the field for his own sake, I want him out there for Miami's sake. He's a raw talent, they need to find a way to use him.

Nice preview on Kansas State.


Ok lets stp the celebration and the Duke hype and get focused on the nex game. Although we won, it certainly wasn't a thing of beauty. We also face a coach that knows how to exploit our defensive weaknesses. Lets make this a final exam for D'Nofrio. If he doesn't have the defensive troop schooled or cannot make adjustments between snaps and possessions then its clear he's not the cat to lead this defense. Offensive coordinator should try calling plays from the booth were he can see the defense better. I want to see better performance from pass catchers and more aggressive run game. Defensive Line needs to get a push and off blocks much faster. Linebackers need to know their assignments and talk it up out there. DB need to play the middle of the field better.

Kirk Herbstreit‏@KirkHerbstreit

Relax Marc...talking ACC as good ? not in this world..this is like AA ball to the @KirkHerbstreit u still think VTech is awesome. Lol"

Kirk Herbstreit‏@KirkHerbstreit

"Surprised ur loving this "lame game".there aren't any SEC teams on the field". Haha.wow y'all need an intervention. Lil jealous of the SEC?

Kirk Herbstreit‏@KirkHerbstreit

"@Bleedteal4life: what will it take to shift the balance of power away from the sec?" Win high profile gms vs SEC. Consistently

Kirk Herbstreit‏@KirkHerbstreit

"this isnt about hype, its about poor analysis. Alabama being awesome does not make the SEC awesome top to bottom." You all must be blind


My name is Kirk Herbstreit and I approve these Outside Ur DelUsional World FACTS... Ur BLIND and the ACC n U SuCK !

DuKE is a SMuRF Gimmicky mUnchkin ...

Kirk Herbstreit deleted his twitter account over a year ago jerk off.


try again dUmbassse

It's not up to the coaches to find a way to use Henderson, it's up to him to want to play. We are better off without him at this point until he buys into the Golden process.

And U ACC n U Fans are as dUmb as they come...

I remember he had to delete his account because he was talking sh*t about Tressell.

You're still a jerk off, why would an SEC fan care about Miami?

You do know that UM hasn't played an SEC team since 2008, right?

Do this: Walk up to him one day and ask him something about Shakespeare or Marx or Hemingway. Trust me, he ain't a head case.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | September 04, 2012 at 04:22 PM


Great, so U now have a 6-8/380lb. Back-up Right Tackle that's a Commie Fisherman speaking with an English Accent... Congrats on that.

Aftrr sitting pine through Notre Dame...dUde will catch the first Chicago to Minneapolis Greyhound...

Why do you care about Miami?

I like us being a 7 pt underdog, That will give us even more motivation to send them back to the land of OZ

Posted by: sdobcane | September 04, 2012 at 05:51 P.

lUcky for U, U'll be cremeing Ur striped lil orange n green Dolphin shorts when the late money pours in shooting that number to 10/11 then.

UFelons would LOVE to have The Duke on there team....they really are an entertaining bunch...

Why do you care about Miami?

TAMPA CANE, the defense isn't a matter of coaching, it a matter of youth, experience, and there only 3 starter back from last year. The old Canse D's provide a pass rush just with the 4 down linemen, no blitzing. This team can't do that. They have to play this bend but not break D because of their inexperience. There were free receivers run all over the field, think of how many more would be free with one or 2 LB's blitzing, They just can't play pressure D right now, now matter how much you want it.

Some of U might be missing the points. I'm going to go out on a limb and put Telemaque and Henderson in the same boat: Very intelligent people, but are thinking things through a little too much. VT can play. SH is the whole package.

Face it: This DC is NOT the right hire for this program.

SoCrats: What's wrong with being smart? Ha?

TampaCane: Exactly my point. The DC has to do better. It's the whole defense, no standard bearer up front. LB's have no role. The DB's are traffic cops.

Cool cat doubt that over thinking is a problem for those two. Not working hard enough and not doing their job is the problem. Temalque was awful Saturday.

We both love the canes but RS's recruits did nothing, probably for lack of coaching they never improved at UM and showed little heart, they would have folded on saturday.

Posted by: Marios | September 04, 2012 at 05:59 PM


News Flash Cane ClUck ... There are still a bunch of Candy Randy's Jr. n Sr. boyz still playing at dUh U. Including Ur QB, Starting RB, many O-Lineman, a few W.R.'s, D-linemen, LB's a Corner n Safety... And U really think that just because they didn't quit against a soft n sorry BC team Saturday, that they won't qUit later down the line when a collection of 9 better and favored opponents size 14's are crammed up their U bUtts? It's not that U didn't qUit, BC ran out of the no talent they had and didn't finish. Don't confUse the two. U said the same exact thing last year right up Until U Threw Up The U white sUrrender flag AT HOME agaimst that mighty 3-8 B.C. sqUad...

Ur repeating Urself, and it sounds even stUpider and moronic the 9th. n 10th. time...fUrther proving once again, "It's A Cane Thang" as Always...

This troll guy here is just comical. I'll pray for you dude. There's a lot more than Gators football and trolling for you to enjoy out there. Don't let life just pass you by while you spend your life the Internet.

Why don't U just have Phatreal lay across the D-Line from GaUrd to GaUrd and at the snap, have him monkey roll towards the backfield ... A Running back is boUnd to trip over that BillBoard PhatAr$$e of his...

Hey everybody Dicky is giving us a prediction.
I wonder what took him so long to come back and help us.
Probably had trouble finding his crystal balls after the Gator' fine performance this past weekend.
Come on Dick. Rub them together and give us a score.
Cross your eyes and repeat after me Dicky



I LOVE Corch Goldielocks !!! He soUnds jUst Dreamy on the Radio...

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