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Eddie Johnson, Malcolm Lewis among new starters on Canes depth chart

UM released a new depth chart this morning in preparation for the Kansas State game on Saturday.

The biggest changes?

> True freshman Malcolm Lewis, who scored a touchdown versus Boston College, is now listed among the starters at receiver alongside Phillip Dorsett and Allen Hurns.

"Just have to keep working hard to maintain it," Lewis said Monday of moving onto the first team.

> Redshirt freshman Eddie Johnson is now listed as the starter at strongside linebacker ahead of Thurston Armbrister. Miami's defense looked dreadful against BC, giving up more than 500 yards.

> Junior Seantrel Henderson is now listed as the backup to Ereck Flowers at right tackle. That was obviously expected since he is no longer on the scout team. We'll see how much Henderson plays at Kansas State and if he gets in the rotation. Flowers graded out at 90 percent in his first college start.

> We have a couple new names as backups at defensive tackle. Jalen Grimble and Earl Moore are now listed behind Darius Smith and Luther Robinson (he was there last week) is listed as the co-backup along with Corey King to Olsen Pierre.

Click on the link  Download UM FB Depth_Chart 090312


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Good stuff. Bring on the new guys.

The sooner the lazy, entitled, apathetic Shannon recruits are gone, the better.

Young team with very few Seniors. Future, and maybe now, both look bright!

After reading the comments from the last 2 Blogs entries, Jesus people ! Idle it back n get a grip. It was freakin B.C. ! Sure it's nice to win, but come on. BC is the second worst team we'll play this year. It shoulda been a 55-3 steamroll job. 550 total yards given up to B.C. ? Well to you fellow Cane fans that are stiff with wood over that, congrats, I say show me against @KSU-@Ga.Tech-@ND-NCS-UNC-FSU-Va.Tech@Vir.-USF. So enjoy it I guess, but try to keep it real and in perspective moving forward. Far bigger and much better teams to play and hopefully beat.

It was Boston College that we basically played toe to toe with.

All I'm saying is, when this team lays an egg, and they will, don't flip it and be all gloom and doom.

BC Game Balls to: Morris, Duke, Perryman, Eddie Johnson, Botts and the entire offensive line.

Elevating the newest recruits is a positive step in the development of this team heading into week 2. It rewards those who put out the effort and stresses finishing rather than just going through the motions. The defensive line may be the area of ruling by committee, which, really isn't all that bad. With 6 defenseive tackles, there is plenty of time for each with rotation keeping all fresh and hopefully healthy. This will also attribute to their conditioning making them all stronger in the long run. I may be overly opotomistic, but, with the first game pretty much a vertical learning curve for many on the defense, a win, is a bonus. This next week and beyond will show how much, not only, the defensive line, but, the rest of the defense as well has learned. The k-state team is pretty much made up of the same type of players that bc is made up of. They had 21 recruits with 1 4 star, the rest 2 and 3 stars. Now Bill Snyder has done miracle things with the types of players that he's able to recruit. Last year was Al Golden's first year coaching against, what only can be considered as a legendary coach and this is a different year. Talent wise the U has the edge, so, for this game it's going to be about what have the coaches learned from last year and how well they can prepare the team to compete. One thing about having as many new recruits on a team, with the learning curve and all, the younger players don't feel like they know it all, at least not yet, and are willing to listen and learn. There was a comment made earlier about getting rid of Shannon's players, it's not about, getting rid of Shannon's players, it's about getting them to realize they don't know it all and being pushed by a group of new players may just do that. Go Canes.

eddie johnson played a strong game i have never been impressed by ray b he is always out of position also v telemaque if ur going to play that bad on d might as well play the the kids.

Thanks MarkB. Really. It's not as if we've been hearing about how much this team is going to suck for months now. If people want to get excited, who are you to pull them back? Are you also the guy that tells your friends how lousy marriage is on their wedding day? Do you point out thinning hairlines on people's birthdays too?

Ribbit, they are gone. Anybody that did not buy into Golden is gone, except maybe Henderson. Same thing happened at Maryland.


Another troll new name dcord

Mistress? That's not apart of my lexicon!!!
War? who said anything about war. I'm only trying to kill my personality, similar to long term amnesia or a self inflicted lobotomy.

and why is our mutual friend evading me?

I agree with ^raincould all the hype has been directed towards other teams so let the true Miami fans bask in the warm rays of a victory. This young team showed more heart an a will to win more then I've seen from any team since 2002... Great move with Lewis #9 an Johnson #44 Lewis played as though he's been here before an made a great move to get in the endzone showing he has the potential to be the next great cane wide out.... Johnson played extremely fast an aggressive he also seem to find the ball even if the play was not ran to his side... Other then the very easy observation of lack of communication the Lb corp played fairly well they gang tackled an everyone tried to get a hand on the ball... Maybe the coaches should simply the defense alil an let the young guys pin there ears back an let everyone blitz that isn't playing d-line mixing it up with corner/safety blitz an the Lb blitz's to keep opposing qb uncomfortable

this offense better get better or kstate will put this team back to reality. short passes wont work every week with a running game that really didn't work. duke's runs were great, but we need more consistency running the ball. morris was a welcome sight. we need to stretch the field with some longer passes. great win go canes

N ice win.. Let's build on it..Duke you sure were smooth as frozen yogurt or Sunday morning jazz.

Great job to all the players and coaches. I read on here about people that reference Alabama etc. Why do they reload on D every year? Because JR and Sr kids that have redshirted and learned a system for 2-3 years come under fire after they have had time. Our Canes are baptism by fire right now and I say get off them. Thanks to Coach Golden for staying committed to this mess you did not ask for. Thanks for giving us non "gloom and doom" Cane fans something to be hopeful for. ItcDolphin, it is refreshing to read your posts.
Go Canes!

BC returned 98% of it's offense. Something like 19 of 22 starters, at home... VS a team that played 14 freshman. To me, we deserved the W and the freshman are legit. No need to get ahead of ourselves and play one game at a time. Impressed with the win, D-backs need to press more vs KSU. 4-2-5 defense may be better suited against Klein... Nickel blitzes from the weakside. Offense needs to play with same tempo and keep KSU defense tired. My opinion - 5 cents

MarkB. I guess it's against the law to be optimistic about our home team. LOL. Did we lay an egg last year with far less talent playing n games? 33 pts totalin loses but you think the CANES are going to lay an egg. Unlike you some of us actually do have faith in the coach staff. BC Oline will be one of the best we have seen all season. Both of their Tackles will be drafted this season.You can't play both sides of the fence your either with the Canes or your against the Canes.

U know: I've thought about this. I like the proposed changes on defense. But this is COACHING. The DC gets the blame for giving up all those yards. I don't know what happened to WR Thompkins. But the replacement dude can play.

I say sit Henderson until he gets his had right. I trust what Kehoe is doing and whoever is behind Henderson let him play. What the heck is wrong with Telemaque?

Yes, yes, the win was over a BC team that wasn't very good last year. But anyone trying to downplay the significance of this win is ignoring the following facts: 1) the Canes lost to BC the last two years in a row; 2) BC returned a lot of starters from last year and the Canes played a lot of young players; 3) the Canes didn't get down after trailing 14-0 early on the road and; 4) after that point, the Canes outperformed BC 41-16 (not counting the intentional safety). Don't kid yourselves, this was an impressive and very important win for the Canes.

Quit making excuses!!!!! Our defense was terrible. NO pressure from ANY of our front four....NONE! It's going to be a very long day next weekend if these coaches don't get this fixed ASAP! Hell, does the DUKE play both ways????? If not, then he sould because he was the only bright against BC.

I like the talent we have and we will get better as the season progress..

Another troll caner your baloney has been shot down.

Just think, what if the play calling was simply vanilla,as am quite sure, the offensive coordinator will switch it up,and call plays that will stretch the field, we have the athletes to do it. On Defense, they have to find a way to either apply pressur to KState QB, or stop the run, and when he run,stop him!

TRock: Point well taken: But imagine an UM offense with Bridgewater, the same Bridgewater who was at UM had RS still been here. That UL offense is up tempo and will play to Taedy's strengths. Don't be surprised if UL leads the nation in offense and don't be surprised if its Bridgwater who sets some records.

But things took an unfortunate turn with the hiring of the new coaches. Based on the BC game, we're still winning and losing as even before "Goldy got here.

Cool cat bridge water is nothing but another japickey redux.

I didn't see Bridgwater's performance, 'Cool'Cat, but heard it was impressive. Not sure he would have made a difference for the Canes this past weekend, however. The offense certainly wasn't the weak part of that performance and Morris played a good game. I think he'll have a good year if he can avoid projecting his passes. The point of my prior post was that this win represented a significant improvement over the last two years--and, for the first time in awhile, I'm tentatively optimistic.

Grow Canes grow! Thats what we should expect and a W is always great at the end of a game.

I agree with Raincloud, damn MarkB let me revel in this win for a few days u hater!!!

Toe to toe with BC??? Hardly. After the 0-14 start against them the Canes outscored BC 41-9 from the middle of the first quater until five minutes left to go. In the second half they held them to 3 points and nowhere near the first halves debacle until 5 minutes left. Then they change up what they were doing and went to the prevent. I would have stayed in the same scheme instead of the going to the prevent but that's the way they play football.

Cool cat is upset because UM fired Shannon.

Cool cat... This team is nothing like shannons teams. This team had a goal line stand in the 4th q, 2 yrs ago they would have folded like a tie. Not to mention japicky would have had 5 ints by himself.

Teddy bridgewater and ul played uk the worse team in the sec. Dont celebrate him as the next heisman. He plays in a spread offense so even a blind man will acummulate stats.

Just BC??? How soon the negative people forget that our last championship team almost lost to BC and it took an int to close the deal...but hey, bunch of youngsters and JUST BC...I am thrilled we won and of course the fake fans that are gators want to diminish the accomplishment...meanwhile I think I was savor the victory and enjoy the season. It's Great To Be A Miami Hurricane!

The best thing about the game was seeing how good the true freshman are. Malcom Lewis, Ereck Flowers, Duke Johnson, Tracy Howard, Deon Bush all played very well for their first ever college game. These kids will only get better. I'm not sure if they'll win next week, but by the end of the season this team will be pretty good. Adjustments need to be made on defense. I'm glad to see Eddie Johnson is starting.

Maybe Coach Golden should just fire his staff and come here to learn how to defeat K State?

Cool Cat, what's your problem with Al Golden?

Randy Shannon was a terrible coach, that's why he couldn't turn UM around, got 0 job offers and is back to coaching linebackers.

Criticism of the DC is valid and you can gripe about Al Golden's record in year 1 if you want but you have to be consciously blinding yourself to not see the improvement. Biggest loss was 8 points, UM was in EVERY game. That wasn't the case for ANY of Randy Shannon's seasons.

Why think the worst of Golden when all indications are that he's a good head coach? Do you really dislike Golden or were you just in love with Randy Shannon?

Oh here we are again the white heron is out there.
Yes RS did not work out but he was a good man and role model, certainly not the same type as AG. His biggest fault was believing in those northwestern slugs and it cost him.
Please try and back up that criticism of the DC is okay??

For your sake? No.

But UM fans with half a brain already know why our DC deserves to be criticized.


When can we as fans stop bringing up Shannon its a new year lets stop living in the past.

Those wanna be's wouldnt understand, ITS A CANE THANG, BEE'otchees!!!

Yep....Telemaque s play is troubling.He s now a senior that still plays poorly.His leadership is weak for an experienced player.Anyway.....though the defense is very young.....they must improve alot next game to at least be competitive.Hopefully.....do that and hope the Offense plays well.Then.....Canes have a chance for victory.DEFENSE of course will be the key as this team .....KS....is much better than BC.That said....hope D Onofrio can get the D line to compete much better or use more blitzing.There was very little pass rush on BC s statue of a QB.Everyone in the country saw it and Golden defended his friend but it was terrible preparation.Period.

The problem is the DC and not the players...Some A-holes here blame ALL the defensive players and defend the DC..idiots111

Anyone here know anything about 2012 K State? Returning players?

2011 was beatable.

Does anyone know the team hotel for the Notre Dame game

The canes showed a lot of heart being down 14-0 in the first loved the leadership of Morris that's what we needed from our QB J12 never showed that. Duke is really a special kind of talent that only comes every so often let's celebrate this victory fix that Pass D remember Kstate gave up a lot of passing yards and we have alot of wideouts that we can go to that has a lot of speed. remember IT'S ALL ABOUT THE U!!!!!!!!!! and all you cane haters jump in front of a train........

No but the game is the same weekend as the Chicago Marathon, apparently a big deal.

Get a hotel now, wherever you can.

So if we can score 40+ pts. a game = 8-9 wins
Our defense is so young and so many missed assignments..
We will get better and speed kills..Go Canes

5 years from now folks will still talk about Randy. Damn, get off his d*ck. He was fired. He's gone now.

Hey white heron notice you. Ant as usual come up with something to back up your words.
Guess there is no reason to think the DC is doing badly then?

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