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Flowers' emergence leaves Canes with a big question: What do you do with Seantrel?

University of Miami offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch pretty much had a delightful time breaking down game film of Saturday's win at Boston College.

Seantrel HendersonSure, his unit got off to a little bit of a slow start (early drops) and didn't score on their final two drives. But there was a whole lot of goodness in between. The Canes offense scored 34 points (seven came on Denzel Perryman's INT return), produced 415 yards of total offense and saw a lot of promising signs from a boatload of freshmen. 

One would assume Fisch doesn't have much to concern himself with. But he does (at least a little). What should he do with Seantrel Henderson?  

The high school All-American and USA Today Offensive Player of the Year in 2009 returned to work with the regular unit on Tuesday (he spent last week on the scout team after missing all of camp) and no longer has the starting spot at right tackle. Freshman Ereck Flowers, who graded out at 94 percent at right tackle Saturday, appears as though he's locked into that role now.

Could Henderson slide over to the left side? Could the Canes line him up at guard? It certainly doesn't seem like a bad problem to have. But it's one Hurricanes coaches don't really seem to have an answer for yet -- other than Henderson and more backups need to play. Saturday at BC, the only backup who got into the game was guard Jeremy Lewis, and he was in for a total of two snaps. 

"We're going to have to play more guys," UM coach Al Golden said. "Ben Jones, Jeremy Lewis, Jared Wheeler, Seantrel -- we're going to try to have a better rotation. I don't know what the heat will be like Saturday. But we're going to have to play more guys there."

While Golden said the Canes will always go with their best five starters and said that "now it's up to Seantrel to chip away," Fisch didn't seem eager to get Henderson on the field or switch him to another spot on the line. Asked about how much playing time Henderson could get at Kansas State, Fisch was non-committal and said, "I need to see the film." As for where he will play, Fisch said: "He's a tackle."

"We could probably give him some work on the other side. But I don't think we're going to do that right now," Fisch said. "We're going to continue to let him play in the position he's most comfortable with."

At this point, the only thing you can feel pretty positive about is that Henderson will travel with the Canes to Kansas State. Playing time? That's another issue. If Flowers continues to perform like he has, it may be awhile before Henderson gets in.

"I thought he played extremely well," Fisch said of Flowers. "Did not at all say that's a freshman. Did not at all say that was a mistake, it was his first time doing it. He was poised. He was tough. He was physical. He communicated well. He had a good day."


> Fisch said what he liked most about Stephen Morris' start Saturday (28 of 45, 207 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) was that he never strayed from the game plan and took chances downfield. "That was really the most important thing we preached last week that we were going to be real patient. We didn't want to kind of put ourselves in difficult situations, force any throws downfield," Fisch said.

"We felt like that was not a team you kind of good deep on. I think we threw three balls over 10 yards in the air and he executed that well. The three balls he did throw downfield they were all catchable balls. I was proud of him. That makes a huge difference when your quarterback does that."

As for his freshmen, Fisch pretty much my sentiments from today's early morning blog that Saturday's opener "was just another game for them."

"These guys are coming off state championship games, coming off playing on ESPN and some of these other All-Star Games and they were ready for that," Fisch said. "It didn't seem very big for Duke Johnson. It didn't seem very big for Malcolm Lewis. It didn't seem very big for Ereck Flowers for sure. Those guys, it just seemed like any other game. That was an awesome thing. That's what you need."

> As I told you Sunday, Fisch said not to expect to see the hurry-up offense every week. Every game plan is different.

"We went into that game against Boston College saying the best way to attack them was pushing the tempo and felt as if that was going to be something against that team and that defense. Coming off playing them the last game the year before you kind of have to show them some other wrinkles," Fisch said. "We'll continue each week to determine the best way to move the football and how we're going to do it. Whether it be running the ball. Whether it be stretching the field or hurrying up. That's what we'll go out and execute on game day."

After failing to punch it into the end zone late in the game last season in a 28-24 loss to Kansas State, Fisch said the focus this week in practice will be on "finishing strong." Golden said that loss stuck with the Canes all season.

"I don't think we finished the game real well last week," Fisch said. "So, we have to become a better finishing team. Obviously, it cost us a game against Kansas State and probably could have cost us against North Carolina and probably could have cost us on Saturday. We're going to finish strong and hopefully see what happens."

> Left guard Jonathan Feliciano said the Hurricanes offensive line was so well conditioned Saturday "we could have gone another couple quarters." UM ran 79 offensive plays. 

> What has elevated redshirt freshman Eddie Johnson to a starting role at strong side linebacker in the team's latest depth chart?

"I see more consistency," Golden said ."It showed up on game day. If you can contrast the play where he caused the fumble - that was who we were the other day. We made a mistake, but finished the play. We weren't paralyzed by our mistakes, kept fighting, and Eddie's play personifies that. He gets beat, chases and knocks the ball out. It's hard to teach that aggressiveness and recklessness, and it's good to see he had that first time out."

#### I'll have a story on UM's defense and what went wrong Saturday in tomorrow's paper along with quotes and insight from defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.


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Maybe we should have that hurry up offense every week - rotate in our above average backup offensive linemen and wear defenses down.

Can't wait to see the DC's explanation for the defense giving up 500 yards.

Its payback this week for K STATE. U, U WIN THIS WEEK VS RANKED TEAM ON THE ROAD AND WE SHULD B BACK IN TOP 25. I dont see why not? if kst is ranked, and we win on road at kst to go 2-0, Ud think we would replace their spot. BIG GAME CANES. PUT US BACK ON THE MAP!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I get concerned with the kids getting over confident. Somehow I'm not this week, this week it's Fisch I think needs to get a grip. I hope he didn't really believe most of what was coming out of his mouth. I hope it was just talk for the interview. We are going into a much tougher arena this weekend. He better have all hands on deck. If Seantrel is ready to play he better be in there when needed. Flowers is a nice kid, but he's still a kid. He might have a much better player to handle this week.

It's already out there white heron and on this site.

#### I'll have a story on UM's defense and what went wrong Saturday in tomorrow's paper along with quotes and insight from defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.

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I'm not seeing it out yet, got a link?

I like us being a 7 pt underdog, That will give us even more motivation to send them back to the land of OZ

Posted by: sdobcane | September 04, 2012 at 05:51 P.

lUcky for U, U'll be cremeing Ur striped lil orange n green Dolphin shorts when the late money pours in shooting that number to 10/11 then.

We both love the canes but RS's recruits did nothing, probably for lack of coaching they never improved at UM and showed little heart, they would have folded on saturday.

Posted by: Marios | September 04, 2012 at 05:59 PM


News Flash Cane ClUck ... There are still a bunch of Candy Randy's Jr. n Sr. boyz still playing at dUh U. Including Ur QB, Starting RB, many O-Lineman, a few W.R.'s, D-linemen, LB's a Corner n Safety... And U really think that just because they didn't quit against a soft n sorry BC team Saturday, that they won't qUit later down the line when a collection of 9 better and favored opponents size 14's are crammed up their U bUtts? It's not that U didn't qUit, BC ran out of the no talent they had and didn't finish. Don't confUse the two. U said the same exact thing last year right up Until U Threw Up The U white sUrrender flag AT HOME agaimst that mighty 3-8 B.C. sqUad...

Ur repeating Urself, and it sounds even stUpider and moronic the 9th. n 10th. time...fUrther proving once again, "It's A Cane Thang" as Always...

why don't the fans pipe down while our Head Coach is talking ? If they would listen, they just might learn something. Amazing.

it was a win, and I am glad and proud...but KState is another well-coached team with a tough SOB for a QB! We must play solid 4 qtrs...they will not quit we saw that last yr...the defense has to find a way tp pressure the QB...too much time to throw is killing us...Duke is the man, but he is small, and his body cannt sustain 12 games of pounding, BUT those 2 runs were a thing of beauty,,,see ya, good luck to my canes...and God Bless all my cane brothers and sisters

Posted by: Over/Under DuKE ? 450 Rushing Yrds.- 790 Total Yards ? | September 04, 2012 at 08:00 PM

Posted by: U pUt The U in qUit the last 8 years and will do so again n again blaming Candy Randy All the way ... | | September 04, 2012 at 08:01 PM

You are a very sad person.


Hey you still crying about your mistress leaving you?

Look at ALL these Cane ClUck Fans all CHARGED up over sweating out a win against a hapless BC scrUb sqUad as Ur Defense was getting whiplashed while getting torched for OVER a half K in total yards to Ur fellow bUmbling ACC cellar dwellers. Tell us all about that Dominate D. again CANESTILURBRAINDEAD. SerioUsly, U nUts are a freaking riot with all Ur BIG Talk after eaking out a W at that Football 38k graveyard known as ChestnUt Hill... It was Sooo LoUd hUh ClUless Cane players ? Really? Ppphhhhfffffftttttttt...

DuKE !!! DuKE !!! DuKE !!! Best Cane Runningback EVER ! All-American !!! Heisman !!! ??? ... Man U ClUcks are starving for anything with a heartbeat Offensively down @clUsterfU@kedU. To bad Ur 5-7/180 SMuRF will be in traction by Notre Dame. Mike "dUst storm" James ? dUde won't bUst a 20 yard run all Season. Try getting a trio of STUDS toting the mail like 5-11/212 #23(outrushed Ur mUnchkin) - 6-0/220 #33 - 6-3/230 #24 Gators.

U Dolts check the New Top 25's ? YuP, GATORS STILL Ranked in the AP and ESPN/USA-TODAY... U ? ... ? ... Ranked #50+ and STILL NOT A SINGLE VOTE. NADA ! BuT none of those Coaches and people that cover the game for a living know anything riiieeet ? Poor, silly, stUpid, blind, STILL in denial Cane ClUcks... U enjoy the next few days, becaUse Ur flat spin spiral into the depths of continUed mediocrity will resUme in Manhattan and run right through DuKe... And the, "WE'RE YOuNG Cry will Reign Supreme!"

B.C. WIN !!! ... JesUs U should hear Urselves ...

Getting ready for... WE BEAT BETHuNE !!! Played BAD, but a GREAT WIN !

TuNE In SatUrday... GAME DAY !!! S.E.C. !!! GATORS !!!

UM only plays the Gators every 5 years, we haven't played the Gators since 2008, yet here you are for some reason, posting on UM's blog...

You have anything to say about UM that could negate the fact that you've had at least a five year love affair with my team?

move Henderson to the d tackle they need a wide body,warren sapp came n as a tight end.

You'd have to strap me to a chair and duct tape my eyes open to make me follow the Florida Gators enough to know who their good players are and what their fans are talking about.

I know they have two freshman quarterbacks, I honestly couldn't name either one.

Henderson gets the playing time when he earns it. He's had a difficult training camp, numerous distractions, but hopefully he's now focused & committed. Granted, he's HUGE but I never thought he moved all that well or moved off the snap quickly enough - good enough to dominate in H.S. but different story when lined up against FSU or VT.

As far as our D, yeah BC was ugly but we're playing so many true freshmen & 1st time starters. They showed athleticism & were hitting pretty darn hard out there (when was the last time that happened?!). Sure they blew a lot of assignments but that's to be expected & will begin to disappear when the unit gets more experience. A larger concern is how some of the more experienced players performed. Telemaque seemed lost (& I've been a big supporter of his for the last 2 yrs). Chickillo looked crazy slow off the snap. Our lack of a pass rush was the biggest reason BC shredded us in the air. But all these issues, hopefully, will be worked out eventually. Overall, for the 1st time in a long time, I'm encouraged. It's gonna be a tough season, maybe really ugly at times, but I really feel we're finally on the right track!

start deon bush and kacy rodgers, tracy howard and finnie, eddie johnson and denzel at outside, middle put gaines, chick and cain at end, sentrel and ? d-tackles.

Lets Compare UFelons and TheU

1 wannab's
2 almost lost to a high school team
3 playing 2 qbs (dont have 1)
4 only score less than 25 pts
5 losing record against miami
6 wanna pull out playing us next year
7 top 10 recruiting class and cant score
8 always getting players arrested
9 the coach on hot seat
10 bout to lose againist a new sec school
11 just overrated

1 more national championship than UFelons
2 more than any school since 1983 (5)
3 more players in NFL
4 better coaches
5 freshman run for 135 yrds on 7 carries in 1st college game
6 playes 35 freshmans and sophomores in first game and win on road againist confernce foe
7 top 10 educational school
8 more haters in this world (lol)
9 invented swagger
10 slways find some UFelons on our website

We should trade x-tra Olinemen for DB's.

Yes, that was a joke, having too many is much better than none at all. Glad the "entitlement" program is gone. If we could only eliminate it in D.C............

U cannot move Henderson to the d line. I'm sorry but it's not possible. Warren sapp was a tight end, a receiver, and u need that quickness, and o line doesn't have it. They are more brick wall. I say put him in at left guard or left tackle. He plays well, maybe doesn't practice well or have the perfect mentality, but he plays well and limits mistakes, and our line could look sick.


Call Ray-Ray and ask if Faulkner U. has any o-line vacancies on special teams.

Freaking DC blamed the kids for his scheme..Even the opposing QB said he was surprised at how easy it was to throw the balls and the LINE-UP (SCHEME) had large holes in it...FIRE O'NOfrio...HE SUCKS!!!

I remember Erickson putting Robert Bass back in as LB when Ray Lewis had filled in for him as a freshamn. Erickson statement was that you do not loose you position due to injury. This despite Ray Lewis playing at a much higher level than the senior Bass.

I'll put Sentrel big body on the DL, why not, he is big, strong, and mean looking, I think it will work! And he will automatically become the biggest, and athletic DL guy

dU this

Why don't U just have Phatreal lay across the D-Line from GaUrd to GaUrd and at the snap, have him monkey roll towards the backfield ... A Running back is boUnd to trip over that BillBoard PhatAr$$e of his...

UM only plays the Gators every 5 years, we haven't played the Gators since 2008, yet here you are



a's before U's

Another intelligent football comment by community organizer

Playthefreshman. You must be community organizer based on your ridiculous comment

@ Itcdolphin
Those are just some of Dicky's many names. We are his life, or as he likes to say, we own him.

As for Seantrel. Let him earn his place back on the line. I see him being ready to play around the NC State game.

As always

Has anyone watch the K-State mask video LMAO

I do not know which part was funnier?
The wild cat roar, or some people are meant for greatness.

bet the gators cancel the game next year vs the canes...just like west virginia did to fsu this year...


Sorry here it is. For a laugh.

Posted by: bUckle the fU@k Up... 366 days | September 05, 2012 at 02:27 AM

Damn this idiot Pig is boring and just plain stupid. Jumped the shark, Pig. Jumped the shark.

Welcome to Manhattan, Miami fans. Keep in mind, thug parking is 3 blocks south of the stadium. Please clean-up after your slovenly selves.

You are about to receive a beating like you haven't seen since your last bowl game, or your last game of 2011. Please pay attention to the safety signs. They are there for your protection since you are arguably too stupid to protect yourself.

Boston College? BWWAWHAHAHAHA. Chicken man? BWWWHAHAHAHA.

You call that a defense?

I see why Arthur transferred. Too stupid to come up with original material.

Although, if he had transferred to UTrailer, he would be valedictorian.

Trouble filling the rat trap stadium in Trailverville? Ohh, the horror. Say it ain't so. What about, "we sell out." "We are the SEC?"

A load of garbage just like the campus of UFailure.

like i said in a previous blog..a lot of freshman will play and a lot of sophmores. right now coach g and the other coaches are weeding everyone out..and went seantrel manny coach kehoe said after the game seantrel is playing so thats what they are gonna do with him...Eddie johnson has established himself and so have malcolm lewis and finnie....the safety spots will change in a couple of weeks...something else also...i can put money that BC will make a bowl game this year and i watched the gator game...THEY DON'T LOOK TO GOOD ON OFFENSE..BC WOULD HAVE DEF GAVE THEM A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY...IM XCITED AND READY TO SEE THE IMPROVEMENTS...DOWN 14-0 WITH A BUNCH OF FRESHMEN IS AND WAS NOT AN EASY TASK...THE LARGEST CROWD I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN WAS LIKE 10000 IF THAT...THOSE KIDS SHOWED TALENT AND THEY LISTENED...OH SEANTREL WILL PLAY BELIEVE THAT...IF HE IS AS TALENTED AS THEY SAY HE IS ..IT WILL FINALLY SHOW OR HE WILL LEAVE JUST BCUZ FLOWERS IS BALLING

Lets Compare Cane Convicts and The Flagship State University in Florida

Cane Convicts
1 wannab's
2 always lost to at least one high school team
3 give up over 500 yards to a pansie that will struggle to win one more game all year
4 losing record for the past decade
5 play in the worst conference in football and cannot compete
6 only good recruits are local kids who want to stay home otherwise get shut out nationally
7 the coach over his head, the DC on the hot seat
8 bout to lose aginst a ranked team as usual
9 the stUpid "fans", all 15 k of them, get in a tizzy after beating a pansie only to come crashing down once the losing resumes

to be continued...........


"i can put money that BC will make a bowl game this year"

What money fool? The Shapiro kind? Has to be to be thron away like that. BC will win no more than 4 games this year you big dUmmy. They sUck and so do you. Get all exited about beating a cupcake, only a Miami Moron.

"Trouble filling the rat trap stadium in Trailverville? Ohh, the horror. Say it ain't so. What about, "we sell out." "We are the SEC?"

Typical Miami Moron lack of logic and lack of knowledge.
The Swamp is 5k short of a sell out, that is one third the attendance at a typical No Life Stadium Saturday afternoon. Is that the best you have Moron. You have nothing.
We beat BC! We beat BC!

@makes more sense...did you watch the game or were you to busy hitting on your cousin or aunt at the keg....that game was trash....they play a&m and will more than likely get embarassed...not on the players but def..on the coach..like i told you b4 hand Muschamp will be out of there next year..watch that game..6-6 maybe depending on this game

you only have to win 6 games to make a bowl....don't get upset at me bcuz florida was good and now your hoping your good...and were talking About football..i have been to the swamp a few times..i told you my friends parents are 3 generation gators..have you been there moron..and you all beat bowling green..another thing also..when was the last time the gators had a victory against a winning team...look it up

last team georgia 2010..you all haven't beat a team with a winning schedule since...and looking at this years schedule you all are in trouble..truthfully no more than 6 wins..you all lose to A&M it will be hard to get 6

i meant winning record

Yea, only 366 more days of you obsessing over the University of Miami.

Then they'll play and you'll shut up for about a week.

Then start another 5 YEARS of obsessing over the University of Miami. Because honestly, without you spending all your time reading up on Miami and bitterly trying to get a reaction out of UM fans, what's left?

Dumb 'neck. Even in the face of facts he doesn't get it.

Your beat writer wrote about the flagging interest in the team. And with a 50K undergraduate body, another 5 million ignorant 'necks within a 50 mile radius, how is it possible that that dump stadium is less than full?

EPIC FAILURE. It's all relative, 'neck. You are just making excuses and rationalizing. Typical 'neck.

Just a few more weeks till the Gatr TRash start the "SEC" chant.

Classless fans, classless head coach, now classless OC.

Typical Gatr garbage.

I never saw so much woofing between two schools that hardly play each other. Why Cane fans find it necessary to respond to the Gator trolls amazes me. Just ingnor him or them. They're probably in there Mom basement. I alway try to remember a comment that came out of some bright guys at the Naval War College. " Never wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty, the problem is the pig likes it."
As far as the school in Gainsville being the Flag Ship of the state schools, well that's just plain delusional on the troll's part. So guys let ingnor this Gator trash and keep the comments to the U and our opponents.

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