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Flowers' emergence leaves Canes with a big question: What do you do with Seantrel?

University of Miami offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch pretty much had a delightful time breaking down game film of Saturday's win at Boston College.

Seantrel HendersonSure, his unit got off to a little bit of a slow start (early drops) and didn't score on their final two drives. But there was a whole lot of goodness in between. The Canes offense scored 34 points (seven came on Denzel Perryman's INT return), produced 415 yards of total offense and saw a lot of promising signs from a boatload of freshmen. 

One would assume Fisch doesn't have much to concern himself with. But he does (at least a little). What should he do with Seantrel Henderson?  

The high school All-American and USA Today Offensive Player of the Year in 2009 returned to work with the regular unit on Tuesday (he spent last week on the scout team after missing all of camp) and no longer has the starting spot at right tackle. Freshman Ereck Flowers, who graded out at 94 percent at right tackle Saturday, appears as though he's locked into that role now.

Could Henderson slide over to the left side? Could the Canes line him up at guard? It certainly doesn't seem like a bad problem to have. But it's one Hurricanes coaches don't really seem to have an answer for yet -- other than Henderson and more backups need to play. Saturday at BC, the only backup who got into the game was guard Jeremy Lewis, and he was in for a total of two snaps. 

"We're going to have to play more guys," UM coach Al Golden said. "Ben Jones, Jeremy Lewis, Jared Wheeler, Seantrel -- we're going to try to have a better rotation. I don't know what the heat will be like Saturday. But we're going to have to play more guys there."

While Golden said the Canes will always go with their best five starters and said that "now it's up to Seantrel to chip away," Fisch didn't seem eager to get Henderson on the field or switch him to another spot on the line. Asked about how much playing time Henderson could get at Kansas State, Fisch was non-committal and said, "I need to see the film." As for where he will play, Fisch said: "He's a tackle."

"We could probably give him some work on the other side. But I don't think we're going to do that right now," Fisch said. "We're going to continue to let him play in the position he's most comfortable with."

At this point, the only thing you can feel pretty positive about is that Henderson will travel with the Canes to Kansas State. Playing time? That's another issue. If Flowers continues to perform like he has, it may be awhile before Henderson gets in.

"I thought he played extremely well," Fisch said of Flowers. "Did not at all say that's a freshman. Did not at all say that was a mistake, it was his first time doing it. He was poised. He was tough. He was physical. He communicated well. He had a good day."


> Fisch said what he liked most about Stephen Morris' start Saturday (28 of 45, 207 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) was that he never strayed from the game plan and took chances downfield. "That was really the most important thing we preached last week that we were going to be real patient. We didn't want to kind of put ourselves in difficult situations, force any throws downfield," Fisch said.

"We felt like that was not a team you kind of good deep on. I think we threw three balls over 10 yards in the air and he executed that well. The three balls he did throw downfield they were all catchable balls. I was proud of him. That makes a huge difference when your quarterback does that."

As for his freshmen, Fisch pretty much my sentiments from today's early morning blog that Saturday's opener "was just another game for them."

"These guys are coming off state championship games, coming off playing on ESPN and some of these other All-Star Games and they were ready for that," Fisch said. "It didn't seem very big for Duke Johnson. It didn't seem very big for Malcolm Lewis. It didn't seem very big for Ereck Flowers for sure. Those guys, it just seemed like any other game. That was an awesome thing. That's what you need."

> As I told you Sunday, Fisch said not to expect to see the hurry-up offense every week. Every game plan is different.

"We went into that game against Boston College saying the best way to attack them was pushing the tempo and felt as if that was going to be something against that team and that defense. Coming off playing them the last game the year before you kind of have to show them some other wrinkles," Fisch said. "We'll continue each week to determine the best way to move the football and how we're going to do it. Whether it be running the ball. Whether it be stretching the field or hurrying up. That's what we'll go out and execute on game day."

After failing to punch it into the end zone late in the game last season in a 28-24 loss to Kansas State, Fisch said the focus this week in practice will be on "finishing strong." Golden said that loss stuck with the Canes all season.

"I don't think we finished the game real well last week," Fisch said. "So, we have to become a better finishing team. Obviously, it cost us a game against Kansas State and probably could have cost us against North Carolina and probably could have cost us on Saturday. We're going to finish strong and hopefully see what happens."

> Left guard Jonathan Feliciano said the Hurricanes offensive line was so well conditioned Saturday "we could have gone another couple quarters." UM ran 79 offensive plays. 

> What has elevated redshirt freshman Eddie Johnson to a starting role at strong side linebacker in the team's latest depth chart?

"I see more consistency," Golden said ."It showed up on game day. If you can contrast the play where he caused the fumble - that was who we were the other day. We made a mistake, but finished the play. We weren't paralyzed by our mistakes, kept fighting, and Eddie's play personifies that. He gets beat, chases and knocks the ball out. It's hard to teach that aggressiveness and recklessness, and it's good to see he had that first time out."

#### I'll have a story on UM's defense and what went wrong Saturday in tomorrow's paper along with quotes and insight from defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.


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The hurry up "spread" offense was pretty impressive I must say. It will only get better this week!!

Start him at Power Forward

KSU will not be able to do what they did last year. Sorry, last year was a great year for them but it won't happen again. Their Dline is suspect, secondary lost their main DB. Only at LB they have A.Brown, that's it. On offense they have a half decent WR, no RB in Hubert so all passing and rushing, as always, has to rely solely on Klein. He will get hurt if he wants to play football like that against us. I see Perryman knocking Klein out of the game if he wants to keep running. If not Perryman, Eddie Johnson will do plenty of damage. I can't wait for Curtis Porter to get healthy and get back on the Dline and get that line right again. Everything was fine until he had his appendectomy. Wish him a speedy recovery. Heard that Herb Waters made the depth chart, that's great for the young man. Everyone has been saying that he puts up nice yards after a catch so can't wait to see that. I think that this is the game that James will break a long run which will give him the boost he might need. If Duke does what he did against BC he'll be just fine.



The offense will lead the way again i just hope the d gets better...

Just read Manny's interview with the defensive coordinator - WOW!

Not at all what you want to hear - that he's just happy the offense carried them to a win and he doesn't think the 500 yards to BOSTON COLLEGE is that bad. He blames the players for every pass and blames the players for the lack of pass rush even though he didn't try rushing more than four defenders until late in the game (including all of last season...).

One thing's for sure, it's going to be on the PLAYERS to step up and stop Kansas State, I'm afraid they're not going to get a lot of help from their coordinator.

uncle luke for DC!

@ Eudocimus
Fire the DC after the first game? With that thinking, fire Barrow. The LB's have not covered anybody in years.
While we are at it lets fire the whole Defensive staff.
Thought the team was only suppose to win 6 games this year according to the experts.
I'm not happy with the amount of yards, and blown assignments
Here is a idea. Lets let the season play out, and do what needs to be done at the end of the season.

AS always

Ok, about to get a bit radical...

Give SH a shot at nose tackle. If he's good, move to a 3-4.

Maybe that will work - cant be much worse than what we saw on Saturday...

One often overlooked items on all of our Championships was dominating and stifling defense.

Cant swagger until then.

Ok I have put in 60 hours studying the U vs BC game film (ie Ron Joworski) and the film showed me from the middle of th second quarter they played much faster and BC couldn't keep up. The defensive line just couldn't get off the ball or blocks quickly enough. They also couldn't get a good push and missed to many tackles when they had the chance. The blunders were poor coaching. Why because as I watched the tape the LB's and Safeties never came up to honor the guy out of the backfield or H-Back on mis-direction plays. It happened too many times for it to be attributed to player error. D'Nofrio is using that as an excuse, but he's in over his head. DB's did well but who can cover a guy for 6+ seconds. There were several passing plays where the QB sat unharrassed in excess of 6+ seconds. If Chickaloo is a beast, the film did not reveal it. Of the D-Linemen Luther Robinson played the best.

White heron you have got to be the most ignorant football fan on this blog. Either that or you try and twist something to fit your Barbara Streisland. DC said not such thing.
Also what does 31-65 mean to you??

ACC: we beat Bowling green we beat bowling green! Typical ignant rednk billie.

Over under on Driskel picks?/???? takers? 3, 4?

That blog pointed out that you inbreds come on here always talking about your sellouts. You didnt sell out on a gorgeous sunny day in traylerville- what welse was going on that day- the redneck olympic games featuring the toilet seat toss?

Sapp was a multisport performer. he was one of the quickest and fastest athletes I've ever seen. he could run a basketball fast break from the point guard position or be on the wing to receive the pass. SH is not that quick, but he's smart and can play G, T and probably center.

Cool cat please with the smart. If he was so smart he would be in shape and not take the summer off

Ancient history, maggots.Shannon was the last bump in the road? What was last year? And the year before? 30 years plus of football and barely 10 where you mattered? Congrats. 30% of the time the CaneFailure is relevant.

And this year? Delusional meth-cake eating trailer maggots.

When a student body of 12K and another 5 million druggies in a 50 mile radius don't show up to fill a 60K stadium, something is up.

It is not just the smell of sewer water, waffle batter and the disgusting site of a church on every corner. It is more than that. It is a crappy team and the worst fan base in college sports.

Enjoy 6-6 again this year, maggots. Ga Tech, Va Techt and FSU are having nightmares of how to stop Morris and Duke.


Just so you canes understand, this is a copy and paste, with a few name changes only, of a post by the cane pig on Gator Clause. Had to share it with you.

Posted by: Bob_bba70 | September 05, 2012 at 11:00 AM

He shoots he scores!
Wrong sport. Right idea, Bob.
It's just durn hard to button your lip sometimes.
You and I have gone around a bit, but I'd like to think, always with respect.

Hate to say Tampa cane you better study the film some more and see what happened. What does 31-65 mean to you.

make seantrel a defensive tackle

Saw somewhere else where we should give him some Pom poms and a megaphone


Since you know so much about how to run the canes defense I want you to be our next defensive coordinator it would be awesome to have your so called knowledge.

community organizer

The dolphins need his knowledge a little bit more in my self indulging opinion.

Its a cane thing

Not really he thinks this defense is worse.

ltcdolphin is the drunk uncle at the picnic who doesn't know when to put the bottle down.

canetally - who said "fire the DC"? And how was this "one game"?

The defense didn't provide any pressure all of last year and they gave up intermediate passes and quarterback draws all of last year.

BC was more of the same, without the scrambling quarterback. The DC is in hot water no doubt about it, fans (of which this blog is no kind of representation) are tired of it.

I give him a lot more leeway than most fans because I know he's not getting the production out of his front 4 that he should reasonably expect, but most fans want D'Onofrio gone.

When ltcdolphins agrees with you, you have a pretty good idea you're on the outside looking in on reality.

@eudocimus you say you studied the game...the fumble by the goalline was caused by mccord blowing up his guy and robinson stripping it..e johnson admitted on acc.com that he blew a coverage but didn't quit...on another play deon bush blew up the qb..they played zone the whole time just to make it simple..this week the will play depending on how k state runs the ball..they run down their throat expect blitz packages and man..they done run good at all..zone coverages. ..but i do believe he will mix it up just bcuz of the personnel and the kids haven't quite caught up to speed with the playbook

Seantrell should sit until he's needed. if it's not broke, don't fix it.

IMAWriter I have no idea WTF your talking about. What wrong sport. Think you confused someone for me. I hate this blog format, you can't respond directly to a persons post. Now that the season is here I will stop posting comments to Eye on the U.

Move Seantrell to defense?! Are you guys serious? Just make him the defensive coordinator too while you're at it. Look, the guys doesn't practice, so he'll have to sit.

D corch suckie suckie!!


Has to be a uf fan quit trolling idiot.

Seriously some of U dipshits need to lay down the XBox fantasy crap and come down to reality. Seantrel is not a DT, not that I don't think it would do him some good because he is way too passive as a player. And another thing, have any of U so called defensive genious's ever took a look at our defensive roster, which is full of true freshmen, redshirt freshmen and sophomores. It takes a while to get everybody on the same page. Practice time is not the same as game time experience that alot of these guys working through the growing pains of learning. Was the defense a little Vanilla? YES but when you have a bunch of first and second year players thats what you have to do. And D'nofrio and his defense has nothing do with CHickillo and the rest of the DLine not getting off of blocks and getting pressure on the QB. The dline as a whole has to man up and penetrate the opposing team's line. This game is going to be a tough game because Bill Snyder, is a great HC and he always does more with less. I wouldn't read too much into K-state's struggles last week or our guys vanilla looks defensively last week, with this being the marquee non conference game on our schedule.

@ Eudocimus
Sorry about the fire the coach bit. I thought you were the one repeating it over and over in earlier blogs.

I have thrown last year out. With the suspensions, and the attitude of the players that left. I just wiped the slate clean for coaches, and players.
I am not sold on Golden, or any coach. I like what I am seeing so far though. Offense looks good. I like the hurry up.

I like the way the players on D are playing. Full speed. Tackling is much improved. The D just needs to clean up, as it was said, it's blown assignments. I have said all along the season would come down to the D-Line. Especially the first 4 to 5 games. Pressure without blitzing would help the young LB's and DB's grow into their positions.
Lets hope Porter can make a difference when he gets back. We sure could use him for this game. Other wise it will be whoever gets the last points wins the game.


Please guys stop with the Seantrel being at DT talk. He is too tall!! A good DT or NT/NG is 6'1" to 6'4". It is rare to see a very good interior D-Lineman be taller than 6'4", 6'5" may be the max. A DE can be taller (Jason Taylor, Calais Campbell, just to name a few). If any of you remember Daryl Gardner who played DT for the Dolphins in the late 90's (along with one of the most underrated Dolphin's of all-time, Tim Bowens). Gardener was 6' 6" and eventually he had back problems that cut his career short. Why? His height caused problems for him frame wise. Tim Bo, on the other hand was 6'4" and had a long career with the 'Phins (one of the few carry overs on defense that Jimmy kept that Shula had drafted). Check the height of Cortez Kennedy, Russell Maryland, Vince Wolfork, Warren Sapp, etc. none of them are over 6' 2".

I know you guys want to get Henderson on the filed, but don't just throw crap out there as regards position changes because you think it will work. What Henderson has to do is EARN, his starting position back or work his way into the rotation. There is NO position on defense (he is too tall to play tackle or nose guard and too heavy and not swift enough to play end)that his height and frame suits, so stop trying to put him there.

BTW, remember Chuck Kliengbiel who played for the Dolphins in the early '90's? Great run stopper, 6' 1" at best.

I am looking forward to Miami's DC's excuses for using a three down lineman defense which got whipped on the first two series and other times when it was used and the three defensive linemen could not overpower 6 offensive BC blockers to stop runs or pressure the passer.

BTW, is there a comparison of the BC game Miami defense as to when there were 3 versus 4 down linemen defenses and when Miami was able to stop or not stop BC's offense for less than 4 yards as to each defense?

I know overwhelmingly the 3 down linemen defense did NOT work while the 4 down lineman defense DID work against both runs and passes.

Defense wins games. DCs and head coaches who do not know what they are doing LOSE games. Like Super Bowl winning coach John Madden said, 3 down linemen prevent defenses just prevent your own team from winning.

frostdog0819, I'm also not the one who said I studied the game, that was someone else above.

But I did watch it and I hear what you're saying. I'm not as down on the DC as most Miami fans, most want him gone. I was just happy to see the defense take the ball away in a win.

All I'm saying is that D'Onofrio is on the hot seat, read the paper, listen to talk radio, fans are sick of it.

He didn't call blitzes until halfway through the third quarter, that's on him. And maybe everything else is the players fault, but not having time to install the defense was an excuse for last year, it's not acceptable this season and to his credit D'Onofrio hasn't made it.

But he can't just brush off giving up 500 yards of offense like that when he's talking to a reporter, the very least he can do is recognize that it's a problem and coachspeak us on how they're going to fix it.

I agree with Eudocimus. Obviously if this continues he hot plate will get hotter and pressure then will go to Golden to do something. Only draw back would be the lack of continuity. Since 2002 we've had I don't know, 4-5 DCs? I think we need a better D-line. Wasnt it Miamis usual Defensive MO in the glory days to rush 3 linemen and go man to man from there? Currently we're getting slammed in the middle with dinks and dunks to tight ends and slot receivers. We arent going to get beat deep- no way. But Notre lame and their 15 tight ends will exploit this weakness. KSU has a spread option similar to Tebows gators- LAst year Klein faked the hand off about 20 times only to run the ball. UM should prepare just like they would for Georgia Tech.

Monday’s Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech college football game drew a 2.9 overnight rating on ESPN, according to Sports Business Daily — down 12% from Miami/Maryland last year (3.3)

Despite the decline, the 2.9 overnight was actually the second-highest of the weekend for college football on any network (broadcast or cable).
-- smw

even when U bad ...
U good ...


Miami's non-conference road game Saturday at No. 21/20 Kansas State, televised nationally on FX, will also be carried live on FOX Deportes
-- hurricanesports.com



NEW Raising Canes: Lay Your Brick



Notre Dame isn't going to do its own network because it doesn't need to -- and because it can't.

"We'll never have something like the Longhorn Network," athletic director Jack Swarbrick said. "I'm a fan of the model but they have geography working for them. They have 10-12 million households in Texas. That's their distribution footprint. I have interest everywhere but I don't have concentrated interest that I can sell to a cable company."

Swarbrick is in love with the idea of the athletic department's reconfigured website and its possibilities. He had a revelation during the Olympics. Millions of people not only watched events live during the day on the Internet but turned in later to watch them again in prime time.

That convinced Swarbrick that viewers wanted to see how events were "packaged." Watching a faceless world feed is one thing. Watching NBC tell the cute gymnasts' stories and chronicle the swimmers' dominance is another.

"It's going to reinforce a trend that has already really begun, and that is to expand access," Swarbrick said. "You might stream the locker room. The [regular] broadcast is not going to be able to fit that in. Before you watch the Notre Dame game, the first hour of game-related material you may be accessing online."

That's going to be Notre Dame in the future -- on the Internet, on your IPad, on NBC Sports Network.
-- dennis dodd


Q: hey manny navarro, how’d your blog do in august?
Posted by: green | September 18, 2007 at 08:09 PM

A: Thanks to you Green … pretty high up on the food chain at The Herald. I think we actually finished second only to Dave Barry’s blog and Dolphins in Depth. A credit to you Canes fans. Thanks.
Posted by: Manny Navarro | September 18, 2007 at 08:30 PM

at the drop of a hat I can take my ball & go home ...
or return to the herald ...
turn it into a powerhouse ...


Flowers did excellent. Man, it make me happy to see local talent excel like this. Flowers, Duke, Bush, Howard, Morris, etc etc. Great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!!



Duuuuhhhhhhhhh. We be playin' in duh ACC. We be duh bestest conference.
It don't dun help me none get a job after gradumation but I's be a Cane fan f'life. Get me y'all?

Posted by: A cane grad says |

More pearls of wisdom by the one and only cane pig!

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Get rid of Shantrell. He's been a problem at each school he's attended, Cut your losses.

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