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Gameday blog: Bethune-Cookman vs. UM

MIAMI GARDENS -- The Miami Hurricanes (1-1) are hosting Bethune-Cookman (2-0) today at noon. The game can be seen on ESPN3.

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> The Canes are coming off a 52-13 loss at Kansas State and looking for serious answers on defense.

> Bethune-Cookman has won eight games in a row. The Wildcats don't just have 11 players on their rosters who were at FBS schools (3 from Rutgers, 2 from Mississippi, 1 from Marshall, Iowa State, UCF, Minnesota and Louisiana Tech) they also maul people up front. Their offensive line from left to right: 6-6, 310; 6-5, 380; 6-4, 270; 6-7, 325; 6-5, 305. Four of those five are upperclassmen.

That same offensive line paved the way for Bethune-Cookman to become the first FCS school since Georgia Southern in the 1999 national championship game to produce three ball carriers with over 100 yards.

The Wildcats have also shown they won't just go away when they fall behind. In its opener versus Alabama State, Bethune-Cookman rallied from 21-0 down to win 38-28. Last week at South Carolina State, they scored 27 unanswered points after being down 14-0 after the first quarter.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting safety Vaughn Telemaque (knee) and linebacker Ramon Buchanan (knee). DT Curtis Porter (appendectomy) is still out along with LB Raphael Kirby (knee).


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I guess you missed that TD.

Golden is fine. Its those two coordinators that are making him look bad. You're only as good as the people around you! Fact!

Who are the best D and O coordinators we can swipe?

You don't want a QB controversy, and Morris is the best QB on the roster. He's doing what most good coaches do, have confidence in your QB. Like I said not very sophisticated.

where is shannon !golden is bronze -fake gold is what we have found at the u-

we want a pitcher not a belly itcher

Really depressing to see what has happened the past decade. A systematic destruction
of one of the greatest programs ever. Winnng football games stopped becoming a priority
and it appears it will never be again. The U is now all about academics which is fine, but
you have to take chances on the kids Howard, Jimmy, and Erickson did. Maybe the coaches
hands are tied, but we have lost so many local elite players that we simply don't can't compete on the national level anymore.

This program hasn't been elite in 10 years. Golden will bring it back.

Now you know why Jacory beat out Morris. He's really not very good. Two yrs from now Olsen will leads this team.

People stop saying the coaching staff needs to be replaced, its not like the Miami is paying them top shelf money, and yes, they may not be top shelf coaching staff, but it could be a lot worst,,,,and besides Fisch only gave Golden a 2 year committment and then he is back to the NFL to make more money!!

Morris cant complete a pss downfield? This is not our guy...all he likes are short passes....her Williams in there

No jokin'..there are some playas on this team, though.

UM swallow your pride and bring Butch Davis back! Alabama did and hired LSU coach

i am in atl and relying on you guys ti fill me in....thank God for Duke!!! whats up eitj sll the pass plys this yr to the left and right 2 and 3 yds????

Mark u can't watch it at espn3.com?

We have the third best qb out there, at least the second, and McGee sucks compared to a FRESHMAN.

mark - I'm ATL too. no access to ESPN360?

This is gross. Our strength and condition is as awful
As it was with Shannon,we may have lost petty man, and I have NEVER seen our run defense look so awful as it has this year. Our dc needs to go, I said it at the end of last year.

we need to get this senior and juniors out of here,they're Randy's guys.We need the NCAA to hurry up and tell us what the they're doing agianst us and get it over with

One positive note is that there are a lot of freshmen getting playing time. You may not think it now, but, it really is a good thing. It's not like the U was going to play for the NC this year or even a divisional or conference championship this year anyway. One good thing is that VT is getting their head handed to them today by Pitt. Go Pitt.

Don't know if I'll be able, stable or capable to watch Georgia Tech run thru us like a star rapper thru groupies. Has the Dline even made any tackles today. Has the D Coordinator schemed any blitzes or anything to disrupt their offense. I want Butch Davis back!

Perryman in a boot with GT coming up next. Yikes! We cant blow this team out?!?!

Yup, what is the problem with morris? if he can't do the job, and, he certainly isn't doing the job today, give the back up some experience.

The shame about duke Johnson is that he doesn't have a qb to take the pressure off of him. The acc teams will load the box on him in future games, and if we don't get a legitimate passer then we not only won't compete but he will suffer for it. So much talent, but cannot get an elite passer since Dorsey. I don't understand.

Players that are not freshman or sophomores. Ok now look at the the teams that Golden won against Mike. You think that is worthy of Miami football? Now look at all the coaches that have turned around programs. Look at ND and Brian Kelly as just 1 example or Jimbo Fisher at FS.....give me a break, Miami has suck to the lowest and the whole world knows it.

Whats amazing is that on paper Dorsey would pale compared
to these guys...with his wounded duck throws. They looked bad, but were catchable.

This offense is getting huge chunks of yardage. GT is going to murder us.

This week, we will get bull answers from the dc and golden, and next week against a bad pass defense we will get beat because Stephen Morris is not a college d1 qb! 1 td and 1 int thru three games...is anyone surprised?!?!? I know a couple of u liked him (don't know why) but why isn't Williams getting in this game, does anybody understand it???? Golden reminds me of richrod at Michigan, cannot see he made mistakes....made mistake with his dc hire, made mistakes either naming Morris the starter or not signing an elite qb out of high school...this is an embarrassment. If not for duke we would be losing to Bethune cookman.
Golden for me
Gets one more game. If he doesn't install some
Discipline or change around the strength and conditioning program.
Is that our first pick?

Does anyone else feel that Lamar miller, duke Johnson, and Eduardo Clements show how mike James
Is a complete disappointment? So inconsistent and doesn't read holes.

It's simple. Mike James
Should be a third string.
And this announcer said it, this game was so much closer than the score will indicate. Just like last year.

Pacane 91 I saw Dorsey live several times. His throws were not all wounded ducks, he saw the field like a college Peyton manning and he ran the offense in a way that miamis offense hasn't been run since Kelly. Dorsey was the reason along with that o line that we dominated. He would go into horrible conditions like west Virginia and put up record numbers

We need Olsen to enroll early. He needs to start in 2013.

One word to describe this team: undisciplined
One word to describe what u need to beat GT: discipline

This victory is fools gold. We have not improved at all.

Dorsey was a real leader. Should have had back to back titles but for phantom flag...that was the beginning of the end.

Golden gets one more game? What kind of idiot are you? There are 18 and 19 year old kids. They are not 5 star elite players right now. They are young and learning. You think there is a coach out there that will show up and flip a switch and all of a sudden we are elite? That's asinine. Besides, Golden isn't going anywhere. He's signed till 2019. We are a private institution with limited funds. We are not paying another coach after having one on the job for lessthan 15 games. Plus, who the heck is coming to cach here with sanctions looming? You don't like the direction? Find another team to get behind. A better idea would be to show support and understand that turning a program around takes time. Deal with it we suck and given time and patience we will improve.

McCord needs playing time! He affects every play!

Canes still putting in 3 down lineman defense and keeping LBs 5 yards off the ball thus giving up 5 yard runs by even a small team like BC. No blitzes, no pressure on the QB.

You just can not fix stupid coaching.

Looks like maybe a hundred people in the stands. Ain't gonna pay the light bill with that kind of revenue.

# 17 T. McCord and true freshman DE did an excellent job.

Golden Coordinator's Suck!

Golden will suck too if he doesn't make some changes!

That's right, Beeeyatches!

Chick didn't do nothing!

You guys are complaining way too much. The defense is soft, yes, but its because of all the youth on this team. Morris was off today, but he still stayed in the fight and didnt get down on himself.

Do you really think firing the coaching staff is going to get this fixed? Nick Saban cant make that defense any better than it is right now.

Golden is building from scratch....Accept this team for what they are and be patient.

Canefan 72 the problem is the coaching. They believe since their players are so young that they need to coach conservative, true, but last year we weren't young and d'onofrio still did not send pressure. They can always make up excuses to coach this way, and it means we will get drilled by other teams until its stopped.
I've said before, golden so far has been like RichRod at Michigan, stubborn, won't admit mistakes and correct them, and says very little when talkin to the media and fans. If he doesn't change that approach, make us all (especially his players) know that these performances are completely unacceptable and jobs will be on the line (like saban, miles, etc do) then he will have to go, and until he does we will keep being a disappointment. I for one hope changes. Realizes his mistakes, stop trying to keep his job and do his damn job, change strength and conditioning to get these players hands off their hips in the second damn quarter and stop these injuries every other play.
Why was Shannon so bad? Players didn't get better with him, they REGRESSED. Look at the northwestern crews numbers their freshman year. Then look at the next years. And now with golden, looking at chickillo,

It's starting to worry me. If he can't develop talent, then what can we really do with golden.
I did not see good coaching last year. U say give him a chance, but too many times he was trying to get out of games rather than have the canes swagger and punish people. Undisciplined play is what we reek off, and unless he changes and turns Hard on These players and opens up some honesty with the press, then I will want him fired, and so Will the other canes fans. I'm still giving him time, but he needs to change.

Stop Nut Swinging, Canesjunkie! We played Bethune-Cookman Today and we still played like crap!

Get a real Coach!!!!!!

The U needs to hire the coach from UL Monroe... Call this guy NOW...

Canes junkie, u are wrong. Saban would make this team better, that's the point. Saban has never accepted lack of discipline, and for u to say what u said about Morris proves ur just another kind of guy that can't admit a mistake. During the jacory years, Morris was the only qb that had a worse int ratio than j12 in ALL of college football. Not only that, in three full games he has thrown what?...1 td, 1 pick? Is that true? I can't recall at the moment, but on almost every throw he is off. When great qbs or even good ones go against these defenses they complete 75 percent or better, Morris was way below 50. He is the reason we lose to Maryland last year, should I go one?
And I already explained about golden and d'onofrio.
Bottom line: there are bad apples, true, but for the most part, as with the dolphins as well, most of us deserve to want a better type of change and SHOULD be disappointed that year after year we don't get it. You shouldn't generalize with your comments, and I really hope that u are being overly optimistic because of what u see as too negative and not because u believe Morris will ever be a good qb or golden or mark will ever be good coaches the way they are now.

5titles, u r the reason canejunkie has to say what he says. Don't come on here just spouting negative one liners that have no base of truth or reason behind it just to show ur pissed. Canehater: change ur name or get off this blog.
This is for Miami discussion and disagreement through debate. For people who love the canes/dolphins, and Anyone else should leave,

Oh btw, nick saban is the devil. And when I say saban, I mean saban, miles, hoke, urban Meyer, Beamer, Stoops, Kelly, ALL have had very young teams, and all have had bcs success with them.

People on here are clueless.. Its funny Shannon never got the benefit of the doubt, because he had YOUNG players as well but his team was expected to win from DAY ONE...Kind of like people expecting OBAMA to fix the country problems on DAY ONE... Hmmmmmm and what do they have in common???

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