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Gameday blog: Bethune-Cookman vs. UM

MIAMI GARDENS -- The Miami Hurricanes (1-1) are hosting Bethune-Cookman (2-0) today at noon. The game can be seen on ESPN3.

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> The Canes are coming off a 52-13 loss at Kansas State and looking for serious answers on defense.

> Bethune-Cookman has won eight games in a row. The Wildcats don't just have 11 players on their rosters who were at FBS schools (3 from Rutgers, 2 from Mississippi, 1 from Marshall, Iowa State, UCF, Minnesota and Louisiana Tech) they also maul people up front. Their offensive line from left to right: 6-6, 310; 6-5, 380; 6-4, 270; 6-7, 325; 6-5, 305. Four of those five are upperclassmen.

That same offensive line paved the way for Bethune-Cookman to become the first FCS school since Georgia Southern in the 1999 national championship game to produce three ball carriers with over 100 yards.

The Wildcats have also shown they won't just go away when they fall behind. In its opener versus Alabama State, Bethune-Cookman rallied from 21-0 down to win 38-28. Last week at South Carolina State, they scored 27 unanswered points after being down 14-0 after the first quarter.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting safety Vaughn Telemaque (knee) and linebacker Ramon Buchanan (knee). DT Curtis Porter (appendectomy) is still out along with LB Raphael Kirby (knee).


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Its year 2, way too soon to come after the coaches. Let Golden build his team up before we rip it apart.

You want to have Thanksgiving dinner, but the turkey hasnt been cooking for more than 20 minutes. Have a biscuit and relax.

The one bright light today was Johnson. If he gets injured it is the end of Hurricane season. The Hurricanes will turn into sun showers.

All a team needs to do to beat Miami is to shut down the run and Miami will fall apart with no passing down field, no passes to tight ends, and a porous defensive line with LBs way off the line, not filling the holes, not turning the end runs back into the middle and into pursuit, and no blitz. And the team is not in good conditioning.

All of these problems have NOTHING to do with the age or experience of the players. Those problems are all about extremely poor coaching.

Well, a good win for the Canes today after an iffy start.

Duke Johnson is an amazing true freshman who seemed to glide on several plays. He will be a Heisman candidate and possibly a winner. He is one of the great running backs, and will be UM's greatest ever.
He has breakaway speed and toughness, a rare combo.

And inimounts, who cares about whether he is big enough to play in the NFL? Screw the NFL. He is a freshman. Duke has the kind of character that there is a good shot he will play out his eligibility at UM. He is a humble kid with heart, in contrast to me-first 6th rounder Miller last year.

Good job by Seantrel. The RT spot is solid. Great job by the O Line.

All 3 running backs looked good.

Our kickers are outstanding, and that will help in close games.

Our team plays hard and is motivated.


1. Morris does not look like the commanding presence that we need at QB. Consistently missing receivers was not good. A weak link today. Ran only once, in spite of good speed.

2. Our defense gave up a lot of yards. They play hard and with energy. But too many missed tackles and porous run defense. I didn't hear D linemen's names called much making stops. As the analysts pointed out, much youth is a problem, and we have got it. But some of these guys will be great players.

3. Some injuries of concern, including Perryman and our starting center. Hope they recover in time for G Tech.

4. G Tech will bring it with the run. This will be a big test.

5. One downfield pass on the first play, a likely TD that Morris overthrew. No other attempts. This has to change, especially with our speed in Scott, Lewis and some of the other guys. I like Davon Johnson as well.

So good game, guys. Keep it up and GO CANES!

If we get solid QB play, we can play with G Tech.

And congrats to PITT for stomping VA.Tech. Could be good for their collective doubt.

Lame Coach! Lame Football Team!!!

Call Tampa! Ask to speak with Butch Davis!


What we get? Great Team!

Cane Hater,
No fathers?

inimounts, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Morris was 20-35, 211. 1 TD 0 INT's. Tyler Wilson one of the best QB's in all of college football was 11-20 for 55 yards against Arkansas St, you really don't know much. Btw Jacory did not have the worst TD/INT in college FB, he was 20 TD's 9 INT's last year. You really know NOTHING.

Bridge water and Eli Rogers are out there doing unc.

inimounts, and Morris just had 2 INT's last year.Try posting the truth some time.

canehater, should be white hater

@dbc yeah and thats why your canes SUCK!!!!!! lol
@daytona dave I call it like I see it, I hate no one....

Canfane72 you show your lack of knowledge when you blame coaches. There is a reason freshmen and sophomores don't play much, they make mistakes and that is what's happening now. Sit back enjoy the process it's working.

@dbc even without Fathers I'm willing to bet they both have turned out better than u.....

Glad there are some normal folks here. The team sucks right now. Big deal! Enjoy the rebuilding process and stop calling for people's heads after every loss. Thought I read a stat that this season is the first in several that the coordinators have not been changed from the season prior. Imagine the good if the players can learn and eventually perfect a system? Looking forward to seeing the kids play next week in Atlanta. And if we lose, I'll find a way to survive and not be so freKin bitter, lol. Go Canes!

I would have liked to seen ryan williams get some time earlier. Take Duke and Clive's big play out of the offense and morris we havent done much this season. I feel like morris is very clumsy out there and not commanding.

I only see 2 more losses on this schedule, Miami can finish 9-3!!!!

Good win canes

agree on bridgewater, sucks seeing him become that good

2 more losses?? probaly not a game left on schedule we would be favored in. we beat a div 2 team fellas. lets actually compete against gt before we get excited


i have got more degrees than either
of them and have been blessed in life.

but, fair enough, didn't coach
my Canes, or become President!
great achievements for sure.

Impressive men, and I don't begrudge
them their success.

they beat the odds big time. god bless 'em.

but not sure what race has to do with the
discussion, or having a different point of

Did I read the box score correctly? 355 yds given up to the BC team from Daytona? Surely a mistake! No? Yup, I already know how many freshmen U of Miami is playing, but I live just north of Daytona (Anastasia Island/St. Augustine Beach) & know a bit about BC Daytona. They're a bunch of rejects who couldn't get into Miami, Florida or Fl. State for the most part. I also know I'm active with the Jacksonville Boosters Club & kicked in a 5 figure number in order to help Miami recruit & then pay for Coach Golden. I sure hope he's not falling in love with his Defensive Co-ordinator. Something is wrong. I understand the BC (Boston) & Kansas St. games, but BC Daytona? WTF is going on with that team & staff?

ron scoreboard u fool

why are you so called fans out there com-plaining?? just shut the heck up and deal with a young team give them a break for crying out loud. as long as the team actually now are playing with a little more heart than last year . great things are going to come mark my words... pleeze be patient ..IT*s ALL ABOUT THE U!! NO MATTER WHAT YOU STAND BY THE U!!!!

bafone cookem gets another stomping.

stupid people, stop complaining so damn much,,Miami is not known for paying thier coaches a ton of money,,,compare thier salaries with any SEC team, and you will find at least $175k descrepency at every position, and you may find that same descrepency amongst other ACC teams, so I ask, who are they going to go get? WHO? You dummies dont know!!

eatchickens: BS...Miami has plenty of money. The endowment is 719 Million vs FSU at 518 Million.....

Miami last 5 yrs - 34-28
FSU last 5 yrs - 42-24

FSU 3-0 and ranked #5....

Miami - FBS rankings

73rd - passing
92nd rushing
74th points for
113th - points against

ps. FSU had sanctions also

Todays win means nothing since a win over a low team like BC is a laugher in the day. Golden and staff cant escape the numbers....get rid of them all, they will not take us where we need to go.

Posted by: al

Look closer...there are more losses in our schedule

There were two more losses today by the mighty sec western Kentucky 32 kentucky31 and ulm taking auburn to overtime counts as a loss as well. Sec is top heavy.alabama is the top team in the nation but all those other sec teams are beatable.

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