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Gameday blog: Canes at Boston College

It's finally Game Day.

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on Boston College at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill. The game can be seen on either ABC or ESPN2 depending on where you are.

Our Susan Miller Degnan and Greg Cote are there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Hurricanes fans.

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> The Canes, coming off a 6-6 season and still under investigation by the NCAA, have a really young team coming back from last season. Coach Al Golden said he expected about 14 to 15 true freshmen to see action in this game. In all, UM has 15 freshmen or sophomores listed on the on the depth chart on offense and 18 listed on defense.

> Right tackle Ereck Flowers and cornerback Tracy Howard could end up becoming the first true freshmen to start in their first college game at UM since 2008 when Jacory Harris and Aldarius Johnson did against Charleston Southern.

> While the Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep) Boston College is a little more banged up. Tight end Chris Pantale, who lit UM up last season in BC's 24-17 win at Sun Life Stadium, is among a few Eagles that are out. Tailback Rolandan Finch (foot) is banged up.

> For more on BC read up here


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Almost there, this tram sucks!

lets get it started

Let's go young canes! Time to

Fly around and let people know were on our way back!!

Intetesting. One on one drills to end warm up. Is anyone here to note.

Lets start the game

can we restart the game.

Well, I've seen enough. Season over. Better beat Bethune-Cookman, or else it's going to be an 0-12 season. This team is garbage. Al Foldin' is another false prophet. He and Ohnofrio need to get the hell out ASAP. Absolutely pathetic. Putrid and pathetic. That first drive by an absolutely horrid Boston College squad couldn't have looked easier had there been no defense on the field at all. Wait, there WAS no defense on the field! We will NEVER be good again.

This is by far the worst Hurrican'ts team since the pre-Lou Saban era. And I don't see a 21st Century Schnellenberger coming in to turn things around. It's over, folks. Tear down the Hecht Unathletic Center, tear down the Light, tear down Cobb, tear down the basketball arena, and build another library or four. We are no longer a sports school.

our defense looks bad...

I cannot believe D'clueless is still the D-Coord. The guy couldn't call a game to save his life. This D is not ready.

last season MD looked like a different team in the opener, now BC, why do we look the same every year for many many years.

This team sucks! Another long season. When will al golden be fired?

awful, embarrassing, disgraceful; I think that sums it up

now...notice all of the guys that GOLDEN brought in aren't getting shown up. telemaque slipping allowing a 3rd down catch, B McGee waiting on a guy to come to him and not attacking and making a play. this defense is making yet ANOTHER AVERAGE quarterback look like a freaking all star.

WOW I didnt want to believe it but our D is horrible : ( no pressure whatsoever and our coverage man : ( i sooo sad this is pathetic

Complete and total apathy and laziness in all three aspects of the game. But, hey, Al Foldin' just gets it! Let's give him another raise and extension based on what he did at Temple. This could be the only game Boston College wins all year, and they'll win this by 40 points. Foldin' and Ohnofrio are so far in over their heads, they could be part of Obama's cabinet.

Maybe they will come back.....ha!

I keep telling you people that Golden at best is a FBS coach!! We will spend another year making excuses and blaming the players. But let us not forget that it was Golden that gave to keys to Jacory last year. Stevie Wonder could see that Jacory was at best a HS hero/playground legend!

wow our recieves are really putting it thier work tooo WTF is with the drops this is a sad and totaly shameful display from our guys I would have never thought our season would start out like this ---- dismal, looks like we have a very long and sad year ahead of us ......

charles -- I think we just saw one of Foldin's recruits have a pass go off his chest on third down to turn into an interception. (Maybe he was too shocked that Stephen Morris actually threw a pass on target for once.) His kids stink, too. If the Hurrican'ts and Dudphins win three games this year, combined, it'll be a miracle. They might both go winless. It's mindboggling how awful this team is, and I don't want to hear about youth. They're not horrible because they're young. They're horrible because they're horrible.

Golden dind't just drop that pass on 3rd down boys!

i'm starting to not like college football. this is embarrassing.

Well, BC stopped themselves. Let's see if offense can do anything

haha.. I knew it wouldn't take long before our "fans" blamed it on Randy's players. After Randy was fired it was "Al will coach them up" now, its "Randy's recruits blah blah blah".. I still have faith in Al. Duke is looking good out there.

A replay of last season heartaches, I will say that we have a definite upgrade at the QB position!!

Touchdown!!! Y'all need to be patient and support this young team!!!!

Who dat still blaming Randy??? get a life if you are!

I sure hope that TD drive gives the D time to get thier SH_T together and start pmaking plays on D>>> come on CANES !!!!!

Still blaming Randy Shammin', still blaming Larry C---r. This is now Al Foldin's sinking ship. The one constant? The hermaphrodite head of the entire university. Think about it. There is your chigger in the woodpile, right there. Shalala.


I f..ing told U!!!!! Be patient!!!!

And just like that!

Man I love these Canes...lol

incredible comeback. WOW

Rey, I will take your advice for now, but I do reserve the right to negative again...lol

I love the youth , hope they can start to grow and get past the horrible start and put it behind and crank up so D, I love Denzel... we need some push up front thou!!!! GO CANES...

Where's The Nation?

Aight DarinD, u have the right, but it ain't over 'till it's over!!!!

No real defense.

They need to put a beating on somebody.

Damn they get so lucky.

Reality is kicking in for BC, it isnt so easy now. Im loving Morris man.

True that is Joisey, but their luck won't last forever!!!! Go CANES!!!!!

Man we need a pass rusher---- recruits look at the opportuniy here... DTs could push for starting at the U.

A nice open field tackle, Dorset fell.

I was getting ready to shove my flat screen out the window earlier. Now im settling down a bit like our offense.

I will admit that I have bad feeling for Golden, cuz he benched Morris in favor of Jacory last year! I tink it is evident to u all that Morris has the stronger more accurate arm. He is also more athletic than Harris could ever be...So with that being said Le't gp Canes in 2012!!

Gracious me! What beautifully athletic young men!

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