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Gameday blog: Canes at Boston College

It's finally Game Day.

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on Boston College at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill. The game can be seen on either ABC or ESPN2 depending on where you are.

Our Susan Miller Degnan and Greg Cote are there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Hurricanes fans.

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> The Canes, coming off a 6-6 season and still under investigation by the NCAA, have a really young team coming back from last season. Coach Al Golden said he expected about 14 to 15 true freshmen to see action in this game. In all, UM has 15 freshmen or sophomores listed on the on the depth chart on offense and 18 listed on defense.

> Right tackle Ereck Flowers and cornerback Tracy Howard could end up becoming the first true freshmen to start in their first college game at UM since 2008 when Jacory Harris and Aldarius Johnson did against Charleston Southern.

> While the Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep) Boston College is a little more banged up. Tight end Chris Pantale, who lit UM up last season in BC's 24-17 win at Sun Life Stadium, is among a few Eagles that are out. Tailback Rolandan Finch (foot) is banged up.

> For more on BC read up here


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Oh to all the haters...... GET SOME!!!!!!! The U baby!!!!

WOW!! the TD run of old, remind me of Alonzo Highsmith, Maghee, Portis, etc

I certainly hope these athletic younng men emerge victorious and are able to celebrate their triumph after the game with a refreshing shower where they are able to rub lather all over their muscular chests, thighs, and abdomens and let the streams of water wash it all slowly down their finely toned, young bodies.

Pass rusher!!!!!!! NOW!!!!

You aint kidding!

We can't cover anyone! No pressure no coverage! Wide open fullbacks????? Are u kidding me??? Wheres the nasty hurricane d???

Nice job.

Well we had that one covered.

I just keep forgetting we are really young all the Freshman and Sophmores.

what's wrong with the defense. young or not this is not good. Does this DC ever call for a blitz?

Would like to see some Qb sacks, hurries, kockdowns etc..the DB's need to get more aggressive, the coaches have them playing passively.


canes222 your right with the blitzes, I havent seen any.

Got my lucky ceramic turkey vase. It casts spells on the other teams. You seen that one time it was like Martha Stewart there the way I was dancing in my kitchen in that apron, lol!! This is the BOston Universes team that beat them one time so they best be shady of that!! GO old turkey cast you spells on them now!! LOL!!!~

Man I have been waiting for Clevelands name.

YAYE Dalton!!!!

Jesus BC gets so lucky.

We get the ball. Awesome!!!

1st half report card C+ for Canes

yea : ( I thought we had a good chance to put up some more points before the half, we gotta stop droping passes.... we arnt good enough on defense for our offense to miss chances .... they are young but have the talent to win this game.... like last year, we are in this game, lets see if this year we can get the Win unlike so many close ones last year.... COME ON CANES !!!!!

regardless of the score at half, this will be a long season.

Unless we see a big coaching effort at half time and a change in our D in the second half, I am afriad you are correct Mike.......

afraid even lol

The good thing, Johnson is the real deal man.

You are correct sir about the D IS Donfreo actually there or what?


No self controle man!

Nice stop

Hmmm our Offense cant afford to be punting, Im not sure our D is gonna stop them at all , things dont look real good on our half-tme changes for our D co -ord : (

Good hope he dont come back. its part of the game. what a WUS!!!

Botched snaps, penalties, turnovers, tight ends running wide open all over the field.... Yeah, I definitely see the difference between Foldin' and Shammin'. Shammin' was awful, but Foldin' is just as bad, if not worse. Anyone who says otherwise is racist.

The offense is definitely better than last year. I just think Morris is a better leader ad qb

Here we go!!!!! Touchdown on the way! !!

Morris is a better version of Tebow, takes a licking keeps on ticking and can pass.


Another penalty derailing a touchdown drive. There's that great discipline that Foldin' has been preaching. Clowns, all of them.

Good drive, would have liked a TD but any points are good in a tight game like this!

Ill Take it.

nation, i guess im a racist. and obama will go also. get over it shannon had how many years? obama has had 3, and they both trashed everything. golden gets his chance now. GO CANES

I would like to have seen that screen go to Duke, a cut back inside with those blockers would have scored , edwardo tried to just run thru um : (

Josey, I agree with you regarding the comparison of toughness between Morris and Tebow, but Morris is a much better passer.


Gators Suck

U 2

OH! his is good Florida tied with Boweling Green 14-14 OVER RATED!!!!

I seriously think duke johnson needs to be the primary back, mike james is a 2-3 yard running back

There u go!!!! THE U!!!!!!

OK, Duke Johnson is really friggin' good. I have no idea why he pledged his future to our sinking ship, but I'm glad he did. Wow. (Until the first time he fumbles.)

WOW!!! 56 yds

oh, and as soon as I post this, duke johnson breaks one, duke needs to be the primary back, end of story!!! mike james is getting the bulk of the carries, go with the duke!!

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