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Gameday blog: Canes at Boston College

It's finally Game Day.

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on Boston College at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill. The game can be seen on either ABC or ESPN2 depending on where you are.

Our Susan Miller Degnan and Greg Cote are there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Hurricanes fans.

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> The Canes, coming off a 6-6 season and still under investigation by the NCAA, have a really young team coming back from last season. Coach Al Golden said he expected about 14 to 15 true freshmen to see action in this game. In all, UM has 15 freshmen or sophomores listed on the on the depth chart on offense and 18 listed on defense.

> Right tackle Ereck Flowers and cornerback Tracy Howard could end up becoming the first true freshmen to start in their first college game at UM since 2008 when Jacory Harris and Aldarius Johnson did against Charleston Southern.

> While the Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep) Boston College is a little more banged up. Tight end Chris Pantale, who lit UM up last season in BC's 24-17 win at Sun Life Stadium, is among a few Eagles that are out. Tailback Rolandan Finch (foot) is banged up.

> For more on BC read up here


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(I know you're not the real Romney.)

Dis NIGGA 4 real!!!!

Damn, I am glad Duke stayed after Randy was fired. This guy is going to be a special player.

Joisey Cane, can you please clean up your language?

Duke will annihilate U when U let him loose!!!! Go CANES!!!!

Duke just like the game Johnson scores again.

I bet there is not a fla fan on here today. Struggling with lowely bowling green.lol

thanks nation,i agree with everything you wrote except golden deserves a real chance. others have written about d-cood, and his job should be in REAL jeopardy. but with all the garbage off the field, the future is better. and i hope, really hope, golden proves you wrong, and not me. i would have fired shannon after the vir game closing the OB.


GO FOR THE KILL!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah miami

OOOOOOOOOOh my goodness that was a good turn over, and WOW that was close.

why is duke johnson not in after the fumble recovery??????? seriously??? this could have been the kill

Ill take it. A 2 TD game im for it. Remember we were down 14-0. The D has stepped up, but could be better.

why is mike james still getting the bulk of the carries?

Oh, my God, that was inexcusable, unacceptable and unforgivable. Turnover inside the 10, and you settle for three with the ball never getting into Duke Johnson's hands? Jedd Fisch? More like Dead Fish. He is a moron who should be fired on the spot. And who hired him? The same person who hired Ohnofrio. Al Foldin'. Even if Miami wins this game (and I fear, with the failure to score a touchdown there, that they will not), this is a win that feels like a loss. A hollow victory, if we hold on. If not, it'll be a typical Miami result. I'm sick of this.

Remember what I said about luck Joisey Cane????

I agree totaly johnny, I was saying that the whole series those 3 plays after the fumbe gien to duke ith his vison and this game was over WTH was h on the sideline!!!!!

i hope i am not jinxing us by thi, but the def looks to be adjusting.

Yeah Miami

Nice strip...

Its like watching Guerilla warfare with this team. Take it down little by little.

Hell yeah!!!M now let's finish this mutha...!!!!!

sorry, i should not have done that. BC was doing too good, but it is great to see us get some breaks

This program hasn't covered a tight end in the flat or a running back coming out of the backfield in at least 8 years. Only a complete act of lunacy there by the B.C. receiver -- it looked like he was trying to lateral it, and he just... I don't know what that was. Anyway, try and capitalize on this one, PLEASE!

Scott finally caught one

That's all folks

Yeah REY, I remember. Its comming to fruition.

Thank u very much!!!!! That is it for all the sorry ass haters!!! GO CANES!!!!

WOW!!!! this young team need a big win like this to build confidence for the season

This is a super young team!! All u golden haters are morons!! All is recruiting his butt off and I'm super impressed with jeds O! Gonna have growing pains but were on the right path! Touchdown!! Mal com Louis!!!!

I am still a Golden hatter, but I bleed UM!! so if that makes me a moron so be it.

Good finish here is what our D needs, they have given us the turn overs and have shown improvement thru the game in many areas KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!! the future looks bright for these young fellows GO CANES !

Thank U Jesus!(Even though hes a Notre Dame fan)

the 2013 canes are gonna be downright SICK!!

I want to see Duke for the rest of the game.

DarinD, you are a moron it isnt Golden its D Onfrio>

And he has adjusted.

d'onofrio is retarded

and as soon as I post d'onofrio is retarded, his D gives up a wide open pass for a touchdown

Or not.

Well if it's D Onfrio as you suggested Joisey, why is he still on the staff? So that would make who the moron again? remember it was Golden that made the clueless decison to start Jacory last year. Get your life!

we really need to learn what a back out of the backfield is

That was a bad penalty.

Keep in mind, Boston College has put up 30 points and 500 yards and two of their top skill position players aren't playing due to injury. Oh, and they'll probably still get the ball back one or two more times. They'll put up more. This game is far from over. Ohnofrio is awful.

What the hell was that?

Great. Just great. Gave them two free timeouts right there. We deserve to lose this game.


Hey The Nation, U just made me nervous again.

why would you pass in this situation?????? again, give it to the duke to get the first down and run out the clock, why would you pass??? to incompletes, the clock stops, they get the ball back throwing against bad pass defense and two timeouts

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