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Gameday blog: Canes at Boston College

It's finally Game Day.

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on Boston College at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill. The game can be seen on either ABC or ESPN2 depending on where you are.

Our Susan Miller Degnan and Greg Cote are there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Hurricanes fans.

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> The Canes, coming off a 6-6 season and still under investigation by the NCAA, have a really young team coming back from last season. Coach Al Golden said he expected about 14 to 15 true freshmen to see action in this game. In all, UM has 15 freshmen or sophomores listed on the on the depth chart on offense and 18 listed on defense.

> Right tackle Ereck Flowers and cornerback Tracy Howard could end up becoming the first true freshmen to start in their first college game at UM since 2008 when Jacory Harris and Aldarius Johnson did against Charleston Southern.

> While the Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep) Boston College is a little more banged up. Tight end Chris Pantale, who lit UM up last season in BC's 24-17 win at Sun Life Stadium, is among a few Eagles that are out. Tailback Rolandan Finch (foot) is banged up.

> For more on BC read up here


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I can only imagine what Clemson and Florida State will do to this "defense".

Golden and company could have called perfect game. Why not run the ball and keep the clock moving

Good pressure

Vaughn Telemaque just cost Miami this game.

T should know better.

vaughn telemaque! 5th year senior!!! really??? and he throws up his hands like he has no idea what happened

WOW!! Telemac should be on the bench anyways, like jacory is OVERRRATED!!

Denzel, HEY MON!!!

Com on T!!!!! Wht the hell was that?????

oh and i can't wait for the onside kick

can we please get a fumble and be lucky?? this team is doing everything possible to lose this game

THE D will shut them down

That was a offensive pass interfirance on the reciever. No Miami doesnt have the luck as usual.

To the nation actually you can call philibustering treason as well. Where you aware that the politicians have philibustered more than ever in the history of the US. The Presidents job is to protect the US citizens from all enemies abroad and domestic.

The D shut them down!!!!! Like I said!!

WOW! This might not be a TD cause where he has hit in his hands. I say no.

Young CANE team stepping up!!!! Let's finish this!!!!!

I say A plus to Miami's Freshman.

Third and final timeout

he did not make it. no matter the call. this defense held them when it counted. great job. no way that ball crossed the line. go canes

WOW, what a roller coaster of a game... until we went 2 tds ahead.

Smart move

We need payback next week at K state, they blew us up last year in our place!!

Good win, we can build off of this.

I cant agree with you more DarinD.

unleash the duke.

Nation, It's not that people don't like you, but they feel sorry for you.

We didn't win this as much as they lost this! This defense has to come together. They were just as bad last year! Something has to change on defense!!!

What's up with USC again.lol

And they Called us optimist dilusional! Reality Bites Gaytors! The Duke is loose! What an effort by Baby Canes! Everybody gets game ball. Total team effort. Gotta sharpen up on coaching.

Way to go Canes!!! A great road win to start the season!

Morris was solid, with the only INT being a muff by the WR. He is a leader, fiery and with a great arm!

Flowers is a future All-American at RT.

And Duke? The guy is amazing! He will be a Heisman prospect down the road, and one of our greatest running backs, maybe the greatest.. I see some Barry Sanders and other greats. He is fast and tough with amazingly quick moves. Yah!Wow!

The D is major cause for concern, and the BC QB just shredsded us. Once again, no pass rush, few blitzes and lots of wide open receivers. Some good plays by the D though, and they grabbed some turnovers that made a huge difference. They kept heart!

Congratulations Coach and Team! You did indeed finish and not get down when losing 14 - 0. Great game for the young guys to gather confidence!

Bring on K-State and watch our remarkable speed! Go Canes!

Congrats on a good game. Wasn't sure at the start if you really meant it, but, you showed true U spirit.
Good game guys. The learing game is probably at vertical at this point, but, by next game we will be able to assess where the team is at. But, nothing like a win to start off the season to peak the interest, huh?

F*ck Kansas State.

Basketball school.

Where's SOLDY and Mario hiding today??

Oh yeah underneath the Cesspool called the Swamp in Alachua County


kstate will be a huge challenge for this def. hopefully morris and co. can keep possession and help the def. it will be a tough game. great to win

If we're honest with ourselves K State and Notre Dame don't matter. UM has a clear path to the BCS bowl played in it's home stadium, the goal this year should to be to win ACC games, beat Va Tech, win the coastal, and beat FSU to play in the Orange Bowl.

One step at a time, but Kansas State isn't as important as NC State.

Hey Nation, aka Blog Pig, choke on that Bowling Green vomit....Duke will run for 400 yards against the 'Turds next year.

I must apologize for giving up on them so quickly; but that first qtr was frustrating; nice comeback and win; need the D to step it up; getting Porter back could be big.

Where is Nation??? Damn, fair-weather fan!!!

Erick Flowers did a great job at right tackle as a true freshman. The defensive players have lots of athletic skill but are out of position or blow coverages...something that practice and time will cut down on.

dbc and Eudocimus you guys are exactly on the money..

Good game and good win but the game has to be tweaked.
Duke the Juke did it and will continue to do it..

I don't need to look on this blog and have a play by play commentary by the Nation... who is this moron.

Go cheer for someone else... leave this board PLEASE..
you sound like a typical fair weather fan that jumps around but have no loayalty to anyone or anything..
Please just go away and we all can watch the game thank you....no need for your commentary every minute.

This is a young team with freshmen, people need to understand in their first game..
Coach G and the staff will be working to improve and there is a lot of improvement to done.
Good job out of the box, and congratulations on the win.
Our 'Canes showed poise, and finish, and guts.
Go 'Canes Always.

Reading the live blog of yesterdays game is almost as good as watching a replay of the game.

I also see the bloggers who are quitters, just like some of those Shannon players.

Noone knows how the year will unfold. We know our defense and the kids will drive us nuts. We know we have to do better when it comes time to put teams away.
We also know, after 13 AG games, that these kids are not going to quit.

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