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Gameday blog: Canes at Kansas State

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on 21st-ranked Kansas State at noon this afternoon Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kan. The game can be seen on FX.

Our Susan Miller Degnan is there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Canes fans. Feel free to participate in our CoverItLive.com chat below. All you need to do is sign in with your email address.


LAST WEEK: The Canes are coming off a 41-32 win at Boston College in the opener where they played a dozen true freshmen and rotated a total of 25 players on defense. The freshmen hardly looked as bad as the defense. Duke Johnson earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors after dashing for 135 yards and 2 TDs on just seven carries. Right tackle Ereck Flowers graded out at 94 percent and receiver Malcolm Lewis hauled in four catches and scored a touchdown. Defensively, UM forced three turnovers including a 41-yard interception return for a touchdown by middle linebacker Denzel Perryman. But UM gave up more than 500 yards on defense (including 441 through the air, 3rd most in school history) and blew coverage schemes several times

K-State, which beat UM 28-24 at Sun Life Stadium a year ago, struggled for three quarters against FCS opponent Missouri State last weekend, leading just 9-6 before going on a 42-3 run over the final 22 minutes of the game. Junior running back John Hubert picked up 95 of his 152 yards on 12 carries on a long touchdown run. Tramaine Thompson returned a punt 89 yards for a score, giving K-State their 82nd non-offensive TD since the 1999 season, tied for most in the country with Virginia Tech. Quarterback Collin Klein, who lit up UM a year ago and whom Golden referred to as the best running QB in the country Tuesday, finished 19 of 28 for 169 yards, 2 TDs against Missouri State. The Wildcats gave up 323 yards through the air to Missouri State, but were pretty stingy on run defense (95 yards on 26 attempts).

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep). Backup defensive tackle Luther Robinson (personal issues) did not make the trip. The Wildcats have three players listed as questionable: OL Nick Puetz (foot), OLB Boston Stiverson (foot), TE Andre McDonald (personal issues). Puetz is the starting left guard. McDonald and Stiverson aren't listed on the two-deep.

> For more on K-State read up here.


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Not sure what kool-aid I was drinking, thinking we had a shot today...

Let's hear it for Art Kehoe's offensive line and Jedd Fisch's brilliant playcalling.

Fire the DC!!!!!! Let's fly the airplane banners please!!!!!

the only questions is will they score 100 ?

No better than Shannon

Is it just me, or does our secondary always seem out of position?

you nailed it Ted, unfortunately...sprinkle in some poor coaching prep...and you have a blow out in the 1H...

Super Furry Animals had a song called "The Man Don't Give A F--k". Well, this one can be called, "The Team Don't Give A F--k".

Until we fire Golden and crew, we should schedule all DIV III schools. The games would be more competitive, an we would have a chance to win!!!

Not true...look at both rosters. Almost exact in age/size/height. This is same BS year after year with both Miami and the Dolphins. OMG Olivadotti...was that the worst or what. I stick by my opinion....Shalala made a rush and irrational decision on these hires. Don't take my word for it, research yourself.....Golden came here with a losing record and DC was never a DC at any time and he has little to no experience on defense. NO coach EVER was hired at Miami with a losing record not even Lou Saben. WTF would Golden hire DC to begin with. That why Golden has to go...extemely poor executive decision. All I've been reading up here is this signee is great and that is terrific. All BS......keep dreaming or praying, one might work out for you.

So...knowing the outcome of this one, not so confident when we face other running teams...ND, Ga Tech, etc all...

we are officially the 2nd worse team in the acc, and the one worse will fire their coach after the season. next year, BC wll be better, we will be the worst. and weakest

How embarrassing. I don't mind the losses with a young team and all, but this raises questions.

Just a question.... With the current talent we have at D line and safety, is it possible the D coordinator is limited with the Def schemes he can actually run?


Jim...Jimmy Johnson was only 4 games over .500 when he got to UM...

Kansas is on the 3 yard line and our lbs are stand 1 yd in the endzone. I would have lbs heals on goal line.
on sweeps their ng is lined up in a weak 0 tech and the backside guard is trying to cut the ng while the center is trying to get up to lb. 0 tech cut center so he can't get to lb. why not block back on ng with center and pull backside guard. It appears to be poor coaching.


That's the kind of play you call when you have no fear of the other team......We got lucky

Snug954, move away from the fool-aid my friend. Don't blame the players for not being prepared or put in bad positions!!

The truth is Miami is super young, K-state is loaded with a senior heavy team that won 10 plus games against good opponents, so what do you expect? Miami is in hostile territory. I do believe they need to load the box and make K-state throw what the hell, they are already running wild on your defense.. So why not try to make them throw and get some turnovers. But you as fans have a right to be upset. But try to keep grounded and look at the overall circumstances

snug...the results of changing the scheme couldn't be worse could it?

DC's will have a chance to make adjustments...let's see...

Thats right...JJ was 4 game over .500 but then went 8-5 and the next year 10-2. Golden is no JJ...trust me. And yes I am typical Miami fan....unforgiving. Thats the problem down there, fan base got weak and accepts avergae performance. Tell me how you feel at the end if this game

Is this a Sparano coached team today. Whats with the field goals.

probably the way I feel now...embarrassed and frustrated, but still...

Al Sparano.

There is going to be alot of soul searching after this game. Lets worry about our confrence games.

come out of the locker room in a no-huddle...for a quick score, and you may have a ballgame...otherwise...no dice!

LOL......Al Golden...... The Golden ticket..... LOL..... He'll just blame it on the players youth.....Randy has to be smiling..

montatacane you are right about our youth, but, the scheme could use an adjustment. I'm just saying!!!!


it must e the noise like last week. next week, at home, nobody talk.

Down 18. We get the ball to start 2nd half and hopefully control field position. can the D settle down in the 2nd half? really hope so. a lot of stuff has gone wrong here. all you people calling for D'Onofrio's head check yourselves. just look at how young the guys are out there playing for us. they're going to be all-stars but need time, even guys like ed reed, dan morgan, and phillip buchanon got beat up. anybody remember that syracuse loss by 60-something points? It's going to be near impossible to win this game, but 'Canes are too good to just fold it up.

Im with you MontanaCane.

No real surprise here - this a game of juniors and seniors playing on their home field against a bunch of freshmen and sophomores. It is what it is. A good experienced team at home is whipping up on a pretty good, badly inexperienced team. Blame the coaches all you want, but UM is not ready to win this type of game yet.

And just think Golden got a huge contract extension for proving that he is a loser consistently. What else was it? we lost year, we are not better this year, Golden is richer and our beloved Canes are poorly coached BUFFONS..wtf!!

Fingers crossed hoping for a better second half, we get the ball coming out.

Does anyone realize how we constantly get pushed around on both offense and defensive lines
no push or pentration by either group.. D-Line looks like Clint Hurt is back O line not much better... think it goes beyond coaching we are not strong enough to compete at an elite level

rboud, its not just about winning, its how BAD we are. there is NO excuse for the lack of any imagination on either side of the ball. our off. is the same as last, our def is worse.

Jim Gallo, aka turdface, aka dried up pillow drool,

you are ignorant and know nothing about football. Who cares what Lou Saban's record was before coming to Miami you flea? Golden was at TEMPLE!!!!! Do you know how bad that team was when he took it over????? Do you have any idea why Golden's record is what it is? It's not that hard to figure out, it's because he took a job at a school kicked out by its conference, and by a school that was about to drop its team to Division II.

Jim Gallo you are a spineless jelly. Jerkface.

If Clive would of ran that TD or if Miami would of scored on that last 2 minute drive the game would be 10 to 24 or 14 to 24. But that didn't happen Miami will need a turn over and a stop to get back in this. Just curious If you as a DC sent blitzes at the offense would you trust your secondary? Seems like there is always somebody open but I can't tell if that's because there is no pressure. But I would send Blitz all day

Anyone think it's possible we can actually do something this second half?

Come on CANES!!!!! Let's get back to our gameplay and finish this!!!!

Linksys, wow you really need a sedative!! So you are providing Golden with a "golden parachute" for being a lousy coach/ The guy is a POSER!!

I should have known when Eric Crouch (whom UM BEAT up in the BCS Championship win) and a UPS commercial featuring that Freakin' Flutie hail Mary. It's like the Networks enjoy piling on us. There's always ex FSU/UF color guys on our games.
Of course, that doesn't account for the fact that we are being pushed around.

BTW, comparing KSU toan ACC team?
KSU would destroy VaTech or GA Tech. The skill players in the Big 12 are far superior.
KSU will be 10-2 again, playing a tougher schedule than UM (excluding UM, of course.)

THis is not on Golden, IMO. We are still undersized on D, and the lack of aggressive play (fear of getting burned0 has made us sitting ducks for the mid yardage routes.
I suggested Perryman "spy" on Klein. Didn't happen.
If this continues, Golden MUST do the right thing and replace the DC and some of the assistants next year.

Problem is, with looming penalties, it will be tough to attract a tough flight DC, not to mention Donna pays like sh&t.
There are DC's at state schools that make more than Golden;.

it really is amazing that after hiring 2 bad coaches, how bad we have become. and the more i see, i believe golden is the 3rd bad hire in a row. this staff has zero imagination with game plans. we look the same every game, every year. ???

we are very young which means you adjust your scheme to put your team in the best position to win. Minor tweets as I mentioned above. Fact is, we are GOING to be a very, very good team after this season. Lessons are being LEARNED!

We need to make sure we have someone sticking Klein wherever he goes...

Sorry, meant "TOP FLIGHT" DC.

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