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Gameday blog: Canes at Kansas State

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on 21st-ranked Kansas State at noon this afternoon Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kan. The game can be seen on FX.

Our Susan Miller Degnan is there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Canes fans. Feel free to participate in our CoverItLive.com chat below. All you need to do is sign in with your email address.


LAST WEEK: The Canes are coming off a 41-32 win at Boston College in the opener where they played a dozen true freshmen and rotated a total of 25 players on defense. The freshmen hardly looked as bad as the defense. Duke Johnson earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors after dashing for 135 yards and 2 TDs on just seven carries. Right tackle Ereck Flowers graded out at 94 percent and receiver Malcolm Lewis hauled in four catches and scored a touchdown. Defensively, UM forced three turnovers including a 41-yard interception return for a touchdown by middle linebacker Denzel Perryman. But UM gave up more than 500 yards on defense (including 441 through the air, 3rd most in school history) and blew coverage schemes several times

K-State, which beat UM 28-24 at Sun Life Stadium a year ago, struggled for three quarters against FCS opponent Missouri State last weekend, leading just 9-6 before going on a 42-3 run over the final 22 minutes of the game. Junior running back John Hubert picked up 95 of his 152 yards on 12 carries on a long touchdown run. Tramaine Thompson returned a punt 89 yards for a score, giving K-State their 82nd non-offensive TD since the 1999 season, tied for most in the country with Virginia Tech. Quarterback Collin Klein, who lit up UM a year ago and whom Golden referred to as the best running QB in the country Tuesday, finished 19 of 28 for 169 yards, 2 TDs against Missouri State. The Wildcats gave up 323 yards through the air to Missouri State, but were pretty stingy on run defense (95 yards on 26 attempts).

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep). Backup defensive tackle Luther Robinson (personal issues) did not make the trip. The Wildcats have three players listed as questionable: OL Nick Puetz (foot), OLB Boston Stiverson (foot), TE Andre McDonald (personal issues). Puetz is the starting left guard. McDonald and Stiverson aren't listed on the two-deep.

> For more on K-State read up here.


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I like golden but it's seems like he has a deficient dc. I liked Shannon but whipple is garbage. This Ben but don't break worked well against bc but when you are playing a teams with Option like plays you need pressure. He will have to make game pland designed specifically for theses teams. He is coming out running this vanilla d across the board and this won't work.

for thoe of you who thought we were going to win this year, WAKE UP!

This is the worst Miami defense since the 70's.

We build our dynasty on intimidating defenses which controlled the game until our big play offenses would strike.

This defense & this D.C. are horrible.

What a shame.

These kids will make us proud this year for sure. lets be patient and continue to SUPPORT them!

BTW, could't see if it was Luther (93) or Darius (98) who keeps stumbling into double teams
Several times on the rush, he just headed right into the double team, without making any move to avoid it. Sam,e as last week.
Surely the position coach is teaching them some techniques, spins etc to allow some penetration.
Watch our defensive left side and you'll see how constant this is.
Chickillo is having to do it all.

You are a writer but that but you lost me after the first sentence.

Special teams has been abysmal today.

I bet all the guys complaining about the coach and the team are the same poeple who didnt giva a crap or watched or went to any games when Miami was under sanctions when Butch coached. Im proud to say I not one of them so I saw the low of the low and how we developed and won a championship, and thats wehen these no nothing jumped aboard again. Now ther are ready to jump out until the next Championship.

Well, I mean, EVERYTHING has been abysmal today, but the special teams being this abysmal wasn't expected.

Tally...lost you?
How so. I just mentioned that our defensive left side has no technique, and that it's almost as if Darius allows the double team.
Plain English, my friend.

BTW, the next fan whom defends Randy Shannon?
I have 2 words...Arthur Brown.

Jedd Fisch's playcalling blows rhinoceros testicles. Really? Running a reverse on second and ten down 18? Holy Christ on a cracker.

Imawriter got one word for you. Homesick

The offense can move the ball, but gonna have to involve the backs on occasional slip screens... they're rushing hard on the edges.

God this is depresing.

And there's Stephen Morris, all day to throw, staring down and then heaving the ball to a double-covered receiver. He's not the answer. He's just another huge question. And another shank by Dalton Botts. Beautiful. Fold the program.

Hurns not playing still?
I left the game for a few.
That will really hurt, as he's great up the middle, which appears to be KSU's weak spot defensively against the pass.
That one Duke dropped in the 2nd quarter couldn't have gone a long way.

Luke Warm I think we are all praying for something to happen in the 2nd half. Can't believe you guys are already calling for coaches heads on there 2nd second season with a super young team. Pretty unrealistic fans that are out of touch with reality. (but Bobby Paternio ex-Ark head coach is available lol just saying he is also a fellow Montanan)

GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!! LOL......... GO K STATE!!!!!!

One of the biggest things we've heard for the first 13 games of the Al Foldin' Error is that this team never quit! They don't quit! They don't lay down and die! Now, they may not START playing until the second half, but they don't quit, they make the game closer, they don't get blown out!

Ummm. Yeah. Well, they've quit today.

Fire the Tie.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | September 08, 2012 at 01:55 PM

Homesick? Confused, ol buddy.

I am a writer your first sentence about Eric crouch and the hail Mary made no senses. You may be a writer but you are definitely not a communicator. A coach is only as good as his coordinators and our dc is inept.

At least the FINS are undefeated. :)

Gonna have to get out of 2-deep and start competing better at the line... Playing 2-deep aint accomplishing anything when we're getting manhandled at the line with no light at the end of the tunnel.

if i was a freshman on this team, i would transfer next season, sit a year, and play somewhere that can at least compete, with anyone. BCC will be favored next week

I dont like watching players get hurt, but the way this QB leads with his head we need to clean his clock. Plus there is no deep threat with this QB he can pass only short or slants. I hate these so called QBs.

This is beautiful........Nothing better than watching an Al Golden team lose...

Golden must GO! say it with me, what a freeking bum, talk about getting a handout...he should donate his check to pocket pooler's Anonymous. That appears to be all that he is doing on the sideline. Not one defensive adjustment

Two words......Butch Davis

joisey: Been with the canes since 1972. I know how it was. But Butch was one of the best coaches at Miami, Under sanctions yes.....lets see then Miami went 51-20 and 33-9 conference with 4 bowl wins.....hummmmmmmm, your right.....I feel much better now.

FT, I do not think they've quit. They been out manned, and out schemed by a clearly superior team. I truly didn't expect this, considering how well we played them (mistakes excepted) last year.
We must recruit bigger, especially at LB, and more skilled and aggressive D-Line players. It will take time.
neither Butch nor JJ did it in 2 years. Remember, we were in the relatively soft Big East those years.

Another drop for Duke Johnson. Looks like last week was a fluke. Fluke Johnson. He blows. I'm done with him.

BTW.....Miami hasent had the controling 3 and out defense in 20 yrs....how long does a fan have to wait?

Great Duke cant catch. Great time not to catch the ball!!!

ima, the acc is not exactly strong.

Writer... They've quit.

yeah, Tally, I meant that I knew we were in trouble when the UPS commercial came on, then having Eric Crouch on the broadcast.
I don't believe you had to insult me to get your point across.

That's it...this game is over

Remember the U is paying Golden 2.5 million/yr and Shannon on got 900,000/ yr... Nobody supported Shannon.. Just imgaine someone paying u less money and wanting you to produce like a high wage earner....U get what u pay for....

They are a young team Canes Nation. Let up on Golden too. They are moving the ball, not taking dumb penalties or stupid time outs on D. IMO-that enough, is a step in the right direction.


Boston College-0
Maine- 3

So beating BC last week is nothing to brag about......... LOL

mikeS what have you coached? we've got freshman and sophmores. get real dude!

F.T. I know you are not serious about Duke. Cause if you are then you are a Douche.

At this stage, with limited time available, just empty the backfield and fling it down the field on every play. Can't be any worse than what we're doing!

This team is straight garbage! They play softer than Charmin teddy bear and have little speed outside of 5 guys. Gonna be a long year for the Canes

Who is worse the canes or the phins? South Florida football is embarassing. The hurricanes have a Division II defense.

I remember when we had tough defensive football players at UM. Those good old days of Warren Sap, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed etc. This team is so soft and I never thought that I would say this but the canes look a step behind the other teams and lost. The "lost" part reflects on the coaches.

Posted by: reality bites | September 08, 2012 at 02:06 PM

Exactly what I said, in other words. That KSU would destroy the ACC.
You didn't see Clemson beat Auburn last week?
Yes, ACC not a powerhouse, but my point is that apparently the Big 12, along with the Pac 12has an abundance of skill players.
Even Russell Wilson had to go to Wisconsin to hone his skills, a conference with a distinct LACK of skill players.
KSU is as good as we are not...right now. I believe in our HC, and we just have to get out of this game without any more injuries and move on.

Va Tech lost to James Madison, and went on to have a successful season.

We will improve.

that was Embarrasing with a capital "E"

looking at the schedule, miami will be 2-10, or at best 3-9. believe what i say. this team will not get better as the season goes, every team will exploit this def, and our offense is boring. no chance

This DC has to let the guys play. Take some damn chances.

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