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Gameday blog: Canes at Kansas State

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on 21st-ranked Kansas State at noon this afternoon Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kan. The game can be seen on FX.

Our Susan Miller Degnan is there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Canes fans. Feel free to participate in our CoverItLive.com chat below. All you need to do is sign in with your email address.


LAST WEEK: The Canes are coming off a 41-32 win at Boston College in the opener where they played a dozen true freshmen and rotated a total of 25 players on defense. The freshmen hardly looked as bad as the defense. Duke Johnson earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors after dashing for 135 yards and 2 TDs on just seven carries. Right tackle Ereck Flowers graded out at 94 percent and receiver Malcolm Lewis hauled in four catches and scored a touchdown. Defensively, UM forced three turnovers including a 41-yard interception return for a touchdown by middle linebacker Denzel Perryman. But UM gave up more than 500 yards on defense (including 441 through the air, 3rd most in school history) and blew coverage schemes several times

K-State, which beat UM 28-24 at Sun Life Stadium a year ago, struggled for three quarters against FCS opponent Missouri State last weekend, leading just 9-6 before going on a 42-3 run over the final 22 minutes of the game. Junior running back John Hubert picked up 95 of his 152 yards on 12 carries on a long touchdown run. Tramaine Thompson returned a punt 89 yards for a score, giving K-State their 82nd non-offensive TD since the 1999 season, tied for most in the country with Virginia Tech. Quarterback Collin Klein, who lit up UM a year ago and whom Golden referred to as the best running QB in the country Tuesday, finished 19 of 28 for 169 yards, 2 TDs against Missouri State. The Wildcats gave up 323 yards through the air to Missouri State, but were pretty stingy on run defense (95 yards on 26 attempts).

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep). Backup defensive tackle Luther Robinson (personal issues) did not make the trip. The Wildcats have three players listed as questionable: OL Nick Puetz (foot), OLB Boston Stiverson (foot), TE Andre McDonald (personal issues). Puetz is the starting left guard. McDonald and Stiverson aren't listed on the two-deep.

> For more on K-State read up here.


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put in the bench and others to see how they play this a disaster....

maybe if we get beat by 70, Golden will get fired!!!

Thank you Shalala. I think maybe...maybe we could beat Harvard.

Well said F. T. Ardkowalczyk.

Missouri State would whip us. Stop making excuses Golden, your team is not ready to play. They can't tackle, they get pushed back, and they always seem to be out of position.

This is beautiful....... K STATE......

Man we are getting biatched slapped. Yeah, no FIU is not better.

Our defense looks like souffle.

WOW. Real bad day. We will see how they respond next week. Take your lumps and move on. They need some guys on D that want to dominate.

Played DE/DT at one time in college. There is little technique these guys are using...... the OL of KSU have got their hands on them controlling them almost every play. No technique bench pressing 600 will not help you if you waltz with the other guy.

Not a good day , and my name is Mr Obvious ....

This game just shows how much we need to improve and this isn't a coaching issue this just shows how young we are as a team

The sad thing is that Miami is like the national debt, there is no quick way out

Miami needs to go Division II.
With only 9500 students and poor ass coaching, they need to find another, less competitive league.
They just stink.
The offense is worse than the defense.

Let's hope that our sorry ass coaching staff can learn from this humiliating loss....

I can't believe how irrelevant this team has come to be in the world of college football

This is against the # 21 ranked team

Can we just forfiet the rest of the game. Thats even more embarassing.

Can't take anymore of this.

Embarassing performance. Big questions
about Morris. No composure.

Bigger questions about this coaching staff.
What was that "play" on 3rd and goal? Bizarre.

Even the refs were crap.

Sad day and predictions of a 4 - 8 season
are now better understood. Likely downer
this season. A few kids are playing their
hearts out. Kudos to them (#44).

at this point FIU would be an approptiate match for Miami.


we need to go back to having a chip on our shoulder. BRING BACK THUG U this being a wuss team with good grades stinks. if this university even cares a little about winning, golden should be fired tonight. young or not, this is pathetic. hard work my butt, this staff sits around doing nothing for preparations.

Wow! Regroup for next week..

it just came to me...they are calling the game as if this was the 2001 Canes...only problem: these ain't the 2001 Canes...

Yeah great back up. Any throwwing talent? That was embarassing. Once Klien is gone KSU will be nothing.

Time to bring in the back up QB to see what he can do.

What an embarrasement. It is like K. State is playing against a highschool team.

Last week I asked if the Dolphins could beat LSU or Alabama. Now it is time to ask would St. Thomas Highschool have a chance against the Canes.

the spread just came out...Bethune is favored by 3.5

That FB at KSu has destroyed the Miami LBs and he does not look at that physical.

Cant wait to hear the coach blame the players for the lost or maybe he'll blame it on the schedule.......... What a loser!!!!!!!!!!!


That's the most frustrating thing for me too. Not saying I expected Sapp out there, but I can't tell if our DTs are any good b/c they're just allowing themselves to be abused.

Boston College sucks,!!!!!!

expected this kind of loss at some point in the season. hopefully this will help these guys mature and understand the college game a bit more. i'm done watching this game. Go 'Canes.

@JCane , yeah it certainly showed this afternoon .

All u guys act miami was ranked coming into this or that k state was a D2 school calm down they are 21

I love the play call for thier back up... run. Theys say good to have him as back up if Klien goes down. I dont think so. Hate to say it Klien is a beast.

This is the worst defense ever for a hurricane team. D'Onofio is pathetic. Everyone is out of possession and look lost. WE ARE DONE FOR THE YEAR

temple got better when golden left

Klien and company would be beaten up badly after 5-6 games in the SEC.

all day the kickoff team has blocked like 90 year olds...no fire...drive.

By the way did KSU punt today?

Miami, please move to D2.
Just win baby, win.

My my my, and we wonder why 5 star H.S players avoid playing for Golden? We are not even the 5th best college football team in Fla. But like most of you I will put on U jersey and be back next week for another kick in the teeth.


these guys are not even trying.

Kstate, please have mercy on us, run out the clock, please!

They are still playing Shayon Green and Chickallo...why not put in some of the underclass guys to see what they can do?

You know what is really sad? We are going to be killed by sanctions soon and we have nothing to show for it. At least when we were on probation the firt time we were on top of the world and everyone said Oh that is why they are so good; the Canes had to be cheating. How do you recover from this garbage that we have now? We are probable gong to be in a bigger hole than Penn State.

No Miami is not ranked....they are just RANK!!!!!!

Its amazing. Even during the probation years we weren't this bad.

Hey, I don't know how many of you out there have ever played in the pros, or, for that matter, any college ball, much less high school ball, but, we do need to remember less than a year ago many of these guys were playing in high school. Theses guys all have talent, but, they need to develop the maturity. Most have never been on a team that has lost this badly. We're going to find out how much character they really do have. I would also like to add reference all the arm chair coaches, if you think you can do a better job, then apply for the job. I, for one, wouldn't take their job(s) on a bet. When your team wins, you didn't win by enough, when your team loses, your worse than dog poop. You can say what you want, but, until you've been there as a coach, then I'd think I try to use a little more constructive critizism. This team is going to get better and they will mature with some even making it to the next level eventually. National Championship teams were not built in a day as even Howard took several years to get there and what with the pending sanctions from the NCAA coming and we all know they are coming it's amazing that this team has stuck together at all. Go Canes.

Yes he is a great backup QB, He cant throw. He'll get wacked.

Joe, who do you think has been out there the WHOLE GAME??? Underclassmen...

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