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Gameday blog: Canes at Kansas State

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on 21st-ranked Kansas State at noon this afternoon Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kan. The game can be seen on FX.

Our Susan Miller Degnan is there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Canes fans. Feel free to participate in our CoverItLive.com chat below. All you need to do is sign in with your email address.


LAST WEEK: The Canes are coming off a 41-32 win at Boston College in the opener where they played a dozen true freshmen and rotated a total of 25 players on defense. The freshmen hardly looked as bad as the defense. Duke Johnson earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors after dashing for 135 yards and 2 TDs on just seven carries. Right tackle Ereck Flowers graded out at 94 percent and receiver Malcolm Lewis hauled in four catches and scored a touchdown. Defensively, UM forced three turnovers including a 41-yard interception return for a touchdown by middle linebacker Denzel Perryman. But UM gave up more than 500 yards on defense (including 441 through the air, 3rd most in school history) and blew coverage schemes several times

K-State, which beat UM 28-24 at Sun Life Stadium a year ago, struggled for three quarters against FCS opponent Missouri State last weekend, leading just 9-6 before going on a 42-3 run over the final 22 minutes of the game. Junior running back John Hubert picked up 95 of his 152 yards on 12 carries on a long touchdown run. Tramaine Thompson returned a punt 89 yards for a score, giving K-State their 82nd non-offensive TD since the 1999 season, tied for most in the country with Virginia Tech. Quarterback Collin Klein, who lit up UM a year ago and whom Golden referred to as the best running QB in the country Tuesday, finished 19 of 28 for 169 yards, 2 TDs against Missouri State. The Wildcats gave up 323 yards through the air to Missouri State, but were pretty stingy on run defense (95 yards on 26 attempts).

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep). Backup defensive tackle Luther Robinson (personal issues) did not make the trip. The Wildcats have three players listed as questionable: OL Nick Puetz (foot), OLB Boston Stiverson (foot), TE Andre McDonald (personal issues). Puetz is the starting left guard. McDonald and Stiverson aren't listed on the two-deep.

> For more on K-State read up here.


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we are in year 2 of this lousy coaching experiment, so using the shannon rule, we have 2 more years of this crap....wtf!!

Honestly, D'Onofrio has to be the worst defensive coordinator UM has ever had.


Why are the linebackers and defensive backs 5 to 10 yards deep before the snap, against this offense you need to attack the line and do not sit back and let them pick the defense apart practically giving up 5 to 10 yards a play, this defense reminds me of the Tom Olividatti's unit with the Fins. The U used to eat these types of offenses for lunch! The DC needs to go!

Ranked #21, its unbelievable. But no excuse the records of both Golden and DC were right there before the hire. I have said 1000 times, they dont have it and their records prove it..before and after, its only logical. Fans should stop talking without first investigating..there was NO REASON to hire these weak idiots. Golden is bull sh...ter from NJ. Typical Soprano type....all talk and little action. fancy ties and gimmick cane walks are for a brain dead fan base. Secretly search for NFL coach or DC....dip into the endowment and pay all the money. We have to go yankee style. Also find a way to not pay there 2 jerks....or make them take less to go away.

Hey, at least the boys never quit under Golden! Oh, wait.

Cooker.....Shannon....now this....that old spatchula licker who is in charget at the U is also on the list.

Typial Urban Meyer QB. OSU QB cant throw but can run. Where are the real QBs anymore.

Just read the first comment of the day posted by Amp, love it!
Almost as good as all those previous season's posts of Miami vs. name your opponent 31-3

Some of us "fan"atics are just delusional

What a disgrace!

Geez is our backup D in?

Tennessee, there's losing, which many of us expected to happen a few times this year...and, with a few exceptions, there's quitting. Age and experience has nothing to do with that. And as for coaching, i have not qualms people taking shots...as Mike Gundy says, they're grown men being PAID for results.

Jim Gallo...AMEN brother, well said!

the coaching staff must take responsability for this team not being competitive...it is really sad....one of the local HS coaches could have them prepared better than this


I agree that we shouldn't get so down on these kids . It is what it is , and I'd just assume they get back to work and learn from this debacle .

Yeah Cane fans , we got a beat down .

Do I still support what them ? Absolutely .

The defense is absolutely embarrassing. They literally are the worst in the nation. How can they be that bad? I don't care how good friends Golden and D'Onofrio are, D'Onofrio needs to pack his bags.

K State please have mercy on the Canes. They are not even trying to score and we can't stop them. They are trying to run the clock out and they are still scoring touchdowns. But you are right DarrenD, I will be back for another butt whipping next week. As a fan you are always hoping for a miracle.

Very sad day. There was a time when we would reload, now we can't field a team that can compete against above average teams. Now, the only U players that perform well are those playing for other teams. I get the young team thing, but there is no excuse for so many blown plays on both sides of the ball. I think Golden is a good coach, but I have my doubts with the DC. Has not shown much in a year plus. Please show us something next game!

ok that wr screen has not worked the first 10 times, so what the hell do it again....lol

wow I came back to change my 6 and 6 prediction, the canes are just sad, another year of high hopes and yes today they just quit, at least last year we were in every game, we cant even say that about this years team what a disgusting show of football from our weak and overmatched mini tropical storm. we are no longer hurricanes, time to pack up the canes gear for another few years, things dont look good at all anymore : ( sooo sad

It is what it is. Just a run of mill program now and have been for many years. The more years that pass separating today from the glory years the more irrelevant to todays players the history becomes. This is no longer a big-boy progam but a Pittsburgh, Maryland, Syracuse type of program. Many fans will grow disinterested; the rest will have to content themselves with smaller successes.

WOW can score a TD, although it was against K-States 3rd team defense.


Morris is the starter because he has more leadership...he can't play as well, but he's a better leader,right? Have I got that right? Sounds like Penn State BS to me.

UM, you are what you are. The 80s are not coming back. Welcome to th world of sub .500 football

even when butch davis has limited schoolarships around 1996 he was never killed by a team like this.

when morris had protection he did not look to bad for the most part

Morris is the better qb, there is no controversy. Williams faced the 3rd team defense with the 1st team offensive line. You can't compare that you mental midgets.

Another non throwing back up QB. Great talent.

Teams with much less talent perform way better. Miami is coached to be scared not aggressive. They are too worried about giving up the big play and not making mistakes!

At least we are 1-0 in the confrence for now.

I would love to have Butch back. He put the Cane back on the map after hitting rock bottom. He was a heck of a recruiter. We really got lucky when we got Butch. Hey I beleive that Butch is unemployed right now. Let's bring back Butch back. Let's end the Al Golden era soon before we keep on sinking.

Until today I have not said it , but I have to now,The D co-ord has got to be fired, or as far as Im concerned Golden can go himself.... this team is pure SH-T, and the hell with that young BS, they arnt even close in this game , they should all be ashamed of this game, as I am. I quess it is over, Someone turn out the lights on the storied Miami program.... I didnt want to believe it, but now I do. :( sad day indeed.

S. Henderson is a damn good Lineman..

its a shame when our canes get beat by a team with no talent. and what a loser shannon was...need i say A. Brown jr

Morris = no touch

took the words outta my mouth keith

Joe, I went to Syracuse for the 62-14 game.

How do you get rid of your best defensive player. They sure could have used Ray Ray Armstrong. Way to prove a point Al.

I bet Ray Ray is smiling now.

The basic defensive schemes are the same ones Miami has used for many years. They always played the linebackers off the the ball with deep safeties. The difference is the quality of the players and how well the developmental program used to work. Miami has not recruited the DL or LB position very well over the last 8-9 years; trending too much to smallish players.

Deon bush may be our best player.

I knew they weren't that good and was hoping for a miracle 6-6 season, but something as stupid as them not calling time outs at the end to try and score at least once more pisses me off. The coach gave up and that's just disheartening.

thank you its over.

Bring back Jimmy Johnson!!!

what the heck FIRE SOMEONE

Cane have absolutely NO DEFENSE. ANd Morris didn't look that good either.

butch davis: 8-3, 9-3, 5-6, 9-3, 9-4, 11-1.....Golden, really?.....I glad I dont get WQAM up here in the northeast to hear all the coaches BS, although i do get the Miami Herald still. Lets see if the Herald turns on Golden like they did on Shula....

Al Golden, Butch Davis, Jimmy Johnson, I don't think anyone can clean up the UM mess.

Lmao. This team just SUUUUUUUCKS. K State is TOYING WITH U
the coach is a fraud
The QB is a fraud
The PROGRAM is a fraud

Hola Soldy. Just like you said, they are ALL turning on their team. Worst fans in the nation. Don't believe me?? See above u dumb clucks

And fools the worst is yet to come


if yall thought a bunch of freshman and sophs would go into k-state and win WAKE UP... this team is learning and extremely young and we missing 2 starting D tackles..work in progress we'll be fine in a year or 2...even the commentators said that there is a big difference in strenght and experience with a miami team with 42 fresh and sophs and a RANKED k-state team with jrs and srs...let the media get their licks in now bc these canes will be smashing other teams in the near future...its funny how these message boards don't have this many comments after a win but blows up after loss. smh

I wasted the whole afternoon watching the entire game to see JUST ONE, JUST ONE good play on defense. Game over. Welcome to the Savannah State of South Florida! Al MUST reconsider his DC.

Seem to remember Syracuse and FSU beating this team like this when Butch was here during probation. This is a bad, weak team with a nonexistent defense and exactly ONE weapon on offense. It's going to be 5-7 years before this team is really competitive (would have been 3-5 without sanctions). There will be a lot more days like this before this program recovers. Blame the idiots who hired Larry Coker and Randy Shannon because they came cheap. The program was ruined by these bad hires and won't recover anytime soon.

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