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Gameday blog: Canes at Kansas State

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on 21st-ranked Kansas State at noon this afternoon Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kan. The game can be seen on FX.

Our Susan Miller Degnan is there to cover the game. I will be here at home watching the game on TV like most Canes fans. Feel free to participate in our CoverItLive.com chat below. All you need to do is sign in with your email address.


LAST WEEK: The Canes are coming off a 41-32 win at Boston College in the opener where they played a dozen true freshmen and rotated a total of 25 players on defense. The freshmen hardly looked as bad as the defense. Duke Johnson earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors after dashing for 135 yards and 2 TDs on just seven carries. Right tackle Ereck Flowers graded out at 94 percent and receiver Malcolm Lewis hauled in four catches and scored a touchdown. Defensively, UM forced three turnovers including a 41-yard interception return for a touchdown by middle linebacker Denzel Perryman. But UM gave up more than 500 yards on defense (including 441 through the air, 3rd most in school history) and blew coverage schemes several times

K-State, which beat UM 28-24 at Sun Life Stadium a year ago, struggled for three quarters against FCS opponent Missouri State last weekend, leading just 9-6 before going on a 42-3 run over the final 22 minutes of the game. Junior running back John Hubert picked up 95 of his 152 yards on 12 carries on a long touchdown run. Tramaine Thompson returned a punt 89 yards for a score, giving K-State their 82nd non-offensive TD since the 1999 season, tied for most in the country with Virginia Tech. Quarterback Collin Klein, who lit up UM a year ago and whom Golden referred to as the best running QB in the country Tuesday, finished 19 of 28 for 169 yards, 2 TDs against Missouri State. The Wildcats gave up 323 yards through the air to Missouri State, but were pretty stingy on run defense (95 yards on 26 attempts).

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game relatively healthy (only DT Curtis Porter and LB Raphael Kirby are out among those listed on the two deep). Backup defensive tackle Luther Robinson (personal issues) did not make the trip. The Wildcats have three players listed as questionable: OL Nick Puetz (foot), OLB Boston Stiverson (foot), TE Andre McDonald (personal issues). Puetz is the starting left guard. McDonald and Stiverson aren't listed on the two-deep.

> For more on K-State read up here.


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Jim you can stream WQAM

Cane fan 72 ....I think some bloggers owe you an apology!

What a golden performance!

Miami problems again, same as last year no defense!!!!!
We should have been at least 9-3. Now there is a defense problem again and a QB problem!!!! Can not blame J. Harris this season!!!!! Same drop balls for the last four years.

I think Mark D'Onofrio is still in a learning process. Klein completes 9 passes! Load up the box, you know they are going to run the ball. Every team does that against running teams. Its not rocket science!

JIM GALLO do NOT watch another Miami football game..
You should be ashamed to even mention that you attended the 'U'.

With fans like you it would be advisable to go cheer for someone else...

We do not need your commentary. Go cheer for UConn.or whomever you choose..
We lost so what?, football will be played at the 'U' whether you like it or not..
Do not jump back on the bandwagon when the team starts winning.. I will remind you of all this.
Even in LOOSING I still say
Go 'Canes Always

Clement's fumble and Duke's drops turned the game early.
Lack of focus and a lot of poor execution.
And of course, the D sucks.

You're right billb. It will take quite awhile to dig out of the hole UM was put in by 2 inferior coaches. Coker is the main culprit. Probation will definitely slow progress. Recruiting will suffer some and limited scholarships will make the road back to respectability that much more difficult. Fans are not patient so ugliness will persist on these sites.

Coach Golden is shell shocked.
He sounds as weak as his team plays.
Very unsure of himself. Has no direction.

Man, I know they are young, and virtually weaker than today's opponents, I mean, lets face it, Kstate is known for getting Junior college transfers, these guys are typicaly bigger,stronger,and smarter than your average 5 star freshman recruit. But the defense still look out of position, not playing like a unit, I dont know if its the youth or the coaching!

Where is Butch Davis?
Get him back ASAP.

yeah, but JUST ONE !!???? We can't get ONE play on defense? Interception was individual effort. Nice job on that but scheme wise and in the trenches................

I lover Perryman, but the rest of the 2012 recruiting class needs to be filled with some LBS and Defensive lineman. I dont care if they are 2 star or 3 star recruits, but we need some bulk at these positions.

I think K-state scored another touchdown!!

Tennesseecane and dbc are real 'Canes...they recognize that the game went downhill fast..but this team has so many freshmen and first time starters they went out and met the enemy.. The enemy put a beating on them and they will now know what it means to be outplayed, and thrown around.. this is all part of the process to grow and develop a team from ground ZERO..
Saying the DC and Coach G should be fired is so typical of bandwagoners that I will not even go there..
These are people who cheer when Miami wins and then shouts to fire everyone the has a 'U' on at the drop of a hat.. Ignore those.
Key in on the CONFERENCE games now, and use this loss as a primer to improve.. that is what the Coaches will do.
Second game and these play by play Coaches should have switched to the many other games played at the same time.
The 'Canes are the 'Canes win or loose.
Go 'Canes Always

Ugocan: Miami high class of 1975 and Um class 1979. dude Ive earned it ok. I am a loyal fan here. I dont live in a fantasy world like some green pea class of 2016. I call it like I see it. Mark D'Onofrio goes from a linebackers coach to DC of a program like Miami's?....never was a DC. That is unforgivable. Just like letting th Orange Bowl slip away from the canes....same incompetence. But well see from here. it feels impossible now and I see it on the players. They dont have confidence in the coaches or themselves. You keep praying OK..let me know how it works out.

i said it before, miami gets paid almost the same money win or lose in the acc. the big easy, teams kept 50pct of bowl game money. the acc is socialistic, share it equally. so why, would miami pay a coach to help win. the party is over for 2012.

lets be honest, everyone here would be considered fair weathered with these posts. gallo is just saying what he sees. there was not alot to be hopeful about in this game. nothing. miami got whooped in every aspect of the game. it is the job of these coaches to get these KIDS ready. they were not. they were not ready last season either, this is a trend. but get ready. miami cannot afford to fire golden. so this is what you will have, for years to come.

delancane: excellent point, i never though of that.

Posted by: Amp | September 08, 2012 at 09:13 AM

"I am so sick of everybody saying that K. State is going to win. I don't see that happening. We are a bigger, faster and stronger team then last year. Our LB'S are now weighting in the 230's not in the 210's as last year's team."

Did you expect KS to hit the pause button after last year's victory, and wait for us to catch up to them?

Jim Gallo I attended the U and have degrees from the U.

I do not post negative demanding posts that do nothing but criticze, and pull down our legacy that I enjoyed while attending the U, and still do.

You I don't know about..but I will say one thing.

The U win or loose will be always the U..and it does not matter if we have a 6-6 year or a 9-3 year..the support for a very young team that the Coaches recognize are freshmen,and who have no depth and backup but continue playing their hearts out on the road: does NOT need all the drivel that these "so called fans" are throwing out..
It is bad enough to loose but then to listen to this nonsense is way over the line..
I guess with some of these posts we should fire the whole team..
A 'Cane is a 'Cane is a 'Cane.
Criticize and disagree but with Class.
Go 'Canes Always

the univ. was going to have to help pay for the OB, this was a big reason for leaving. joe robme sta. was an easy fix. joining the acc was definately our worst decision, ever

lets face it, since the peach bowl 2004, miami has been slipping, then sliding, now free falling, and no hope in sight. young or not, this team cant even come close to competing with a good team. this problem is more than being young, its the program as a whole. the coaches, the kids neither seems to have any answer. it is doubtful it gets better any time soon. with games like this, even simple progress will be hindered. the trust of the athletes to the coaches has to be broken. being on that field, has to take alot out of the kids. go canes

Despite of what you all said about Shannon, this performace today was an embarrassment. Same ole problems. In my opinion, the talent level at Miami is over hyped with an exception of a few. Lets face the facts, these kids are not that talented as most of you have made them to be coming out of High School. It's time for Miami to look outside of State for better D and O linemen. The talent level is just not there anymore!!!! S. Morris is a disappointment!! I thought he would look better than what he as shown thus far.

So....this is typical Miami and hasent changed. They always try to do it on the cheap. ALWAYS. Oregon enters the 21st century with facilities and here we are with run down equipment at the U. Look at the visual at Land Shark....got to cover up 1/2 the seats to escape the embarrasment. The city wanted them to stay at the OB..they were flexible...Shalala made another bad decision. Her hands are not clean on any of this. Heck Bobby Bowden was getting 3 million 10 yrs ago....please, snap out of it

delandcane how much depth does Miami have at any given position and how long have those players played College football?..

Can a Coach answer the needs of the team without a pool of trained athletes, not to mention freshmen playing high School ball last year?.

Those KS guys looked like men throwing around kids out there..
Experience in College football is crucial and we have none if you look at this roster..
Patience is the key, and support.
Go 'Canes Always
Get the picture?

speechless. words cannot explain this hurricane team today. total lack of ________.
A. coaching
B. talent
C. all the above

Is it lack of talent? Will the defense be able to stop Bethune-Cookman?

No, the OB decision was all on the City of Miami. Go back and research the fights between Joe Robbie and the City of Miami. They have wanted to tear the OB since the 80's. The City of Miami = banana republic. Jim Mandich always called them out.

And all conferences share, the ACC just cares about football more. Miami could not afford to stay in the Big East. Although I know it had to be done, hate the ACC.

Reality check for my beloved Miami hurricane football team is that either offensively or defensively they are moving ahead in the wrong direction. This team should not even where the U on the helmet. recruiting has to improve. It's been more than 10yrs, O5' since the last time they had dominant DT's. Is anyone else tired of hearing the coaching staff say "we'll get it fixed"... they must have called in sick last week. Sad.

everyone keeps commenting on us being a young team but its the upperclassmen that have been nonexistent in the two games 1. the whole dline except for chick and pierre are all juniors and seniors. havent heard the plugs name mentioned in 2 games. cain a jr should go back to lb because a passrusher he is not.luther robinson was the only cane that got penetration last game. need porter back. telemaque a sr and rogers a jr are outplayed by bush,highsmith and jenkins.gaines a jr outplayed by eddie johnson.cornelius a jr should not get pt unless its an emergency.offense mike james and clements need to step up big time. where is cleveland a jr. thompkins a 5th sr...really?

BS....UM expected 2 million more in revenue by moving. It was all about the $$$. The renovation was targeted to be around 206 million. UM would have to pay some but tons on money in endowmnet plus alot of rich grads to approach on fund drive if she was serious. She took the easy way out. How much money are they making now at Sun Life?.....was the parking revenue that important that she wanedt it all for herself?...let the locals have it and and allow UM fans 15 feet access to the opposing teams bench as we stamp our feet on the steel structure to deafening noise and an arms throw of ice.


on several of the recruiting sites they are saying miami is targeting 1 de for this cycle. are you kidding me. they better change that and get as many dt and de as they can. miami has always been about being quick off the ball ,shooting the gaps and getting penetration. a big risk big reward type of line play.not this takinging on blockers holding up the olinemen stlye of play.that will only work if you have a monster of a nt like bama or georgia and super athletic lbs

Nothing but excuses. The facts are this. Last year our Defense was terrible, and this year it is worst. Make all the excuses u want...Freshmen, coaches, or recruiting. The Canes are not getting it done, and every fan has the right to complain about it. I personally am sick of it. I can't even say we are a average team right now and tired of excuses. Accountability is something everyone has to deal with, either on the football field or at work. The U of Miami need to make changes to their defensive philosophies because this zone of theirs is not working. I can't wait to hear the next excuses from the fans, players, and coaches.

totally agree with you naples dave. the fact is kstate staff would be in absolute dreamland if they had the type of recruiting classes miami had in the last 5 years even the last 2 which are goldens kids.comes down to coaching,coaching,coaching

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