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Gameday blog: Miami at Georgia Tech

ATLANTA -- The Miami Hurricanes (2-1, 1-0) are taking on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-1, 1-1 ACC) today at 3 p.m. The game can be seen on a variety of networks. Locally, it's on SunSports.

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> The Canes are coming off a 38-10 win at home over Bethune-Cookman and have won three in a row in the series against Georgia Tech by at least 16 points in each game. But UM heads into this game 14-point underdogs because a lot of the guys who have shutdown the Yellow Jackets on defense are no longer around. UM has just 5 starters back on defense from last year's team that beat Georgia Tech 24-7 at Sun Life Stadium.
> The Yellow Jackets are coming off back to back wins over Presbyterian and Virginia in which they've scored more than 50 points. The Ramblin' Wreck are averaging 374 yards per game on the ground and have a much bigger and aggressive offensive line than in year's past. They also rank in the Top 25 in all major defensive categories and run a unique 3-4 defense UM doesn't face often. Georgia Tech's only loss was a 20-17 defeat in overtime at Virginia Tech.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Safety Vaughn Telemaque (knee) and receiver Allen Hurns (concussion) are back for UM this week.

> Seantrel Henderson may get his first start of the season today at tackle. Junior Jimmy Gaines and sophomore Gionni Paul will try to fill in for Perryman at middle linebacker.

> Georgia Tech has not allowed a point in the second or third quarters this season. The Yellow Jackets are outscoring opponents 52-0 in those two quarters.
> Tech opponents have scored a combined 43 points this season, with 15 of those points coming on the game’s last play from scrimmage or in overtime.
> Three of the ACC’s top 10 rushers are Yellow Jackets: Tevin Washington (t-2nd), Zach Laskey (6th) and Orwin Smith (10th).
> Tech will be facing one of the ACC’s top offensive threats Saturday in Miami’s Duke Johnson, who leads the ACC in scoring, touchdowns and all-purpose yards, and is tied for second in rushing.


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Hey fellow Canes fans and moderators, I finally have some down time and would be so grateful if you guys could post a link to watch the game live..thanks much and go U!

Your deployed Canes fans

go canes, this would be a monumental? win. dont forget to vote for ibis on capitalone.com. sebastian is 2-0, and just behind right now, he needs your votes. we wont win anything else, maybe the mascot could win. C-A-N-E-S

Why dont yall ever post the other teams injury report???

Sgt a, the Miami game can be watched online at www.thefirstrow.eu click on the Miami vs. Gorgia Tech game.

sidcane your right! gt has not faced a duke johnson this season have they? virginia, vt, and presb. all not very good offensivley. canes win today!im psychic.

Here is the direct link for the voting page for sebastian.

Let go Canes!!

Thanks mosley from all us(3UM and 2GT) Watching in our "theatre" room

I would love a win but I doubt the game will bbe close we just cants top the run.

gt will have no answer for our offense. we can run or pass. this will be our break out game offensivley.

Anyone have a link to this game? I don't live in the USA so I don't have ESPN3

TD!!!!!! Morris has a cannon!

come on defense !!!

Wow we are flying

Really wish I could watch the game.

please somebody post the Live Stream!!!

ok u can watch the game at thefirstrow.eu

CSN will show the game at the conclusion of the UNH ODU game

THats bad Lewis just got either his leg broke or his alc is gone. Great start for the Canes but terrible break for LEwis and us for the season.

Hey guys the game is on FOX sports

We are on a roll TD James

Lewis had looked so good this year. It is a real shame.

Great start for the Canes though. I am surprised at how good the defense is playing today.

Touchdown! It is going to be tough for an option team to come back from this deficit.

THat was a BS call by the ref.

arrgg friggin 31 let him get outside of him on that TD come on defense WTF you gotta turn um back in : (

What was th unsportsman for. I have no volume at. The NJ Ale house.

GT scored. And why? Because golden and DC do not know that the DE must go across the line and turn the end runs back into the center. Duhhh.

Here is the link:

I knew that was going to happen to Dorsett. He was running with the ball to loosely and you could see that linebacker coming from behind.

wow the wheels cameoff WTF was that shameful shameful shameful ..... later all that was enough for me

Man this thing is going down hill. The defense is starting to fall apart. Let's get it together UM.

UM needs to score a touchdown now. To switch the momentum. We've been moving the ball against them.

when will they pull 31.....when?

THey said that the coach got in the ref's way which is BS. I tell you one thing I like this Deon BUsh kid. He has attitude like the old Canes.

Bush rocks!

Can you say CHOKE!

When will we find another Defensive coordinator? Today I watched Bowling Green play Va Tech, and although BG was over matched, the defensive players were hitters and play aggressive

Forgetting where the endzone is again. Come Golden get their heads back in the game

This is where and why I hate d'onofrio ...they thought they'd run all day on us, they adjusted when they saw they couldn't, and now look. And what do we do to adjust back? Nothing. Conservative permanent gameplanning is all he can do and it doesnt work!

No team can win with a defense that lets the other team turn the corner or run outside.

Deon bush is the future of us. Like duke Johnson. Finnie hopefully is not.

What has happened to the defense? I guess GT made some adjustments.

And in less than a quarter, now we are done. Pathetic. Watching the canes has been hard for years, but this defense and more importantly the coaching and scheme especially on third down is unbearable.

the real Miami team is now playing


The problem is that golden and DC do not know defense and using the DEs to contain the end runs by going straight across the line of scrimmage.

You can't fix stupid.

Two third downs on that drive alone, and we have conservative d with no pressure on qb...more than embarrassing, give time and any qb can pick apart.

I meant down, not done.

Every time I ask the the U to "show me something" I get absolutely nothing. Someone, somewhere has to make a play. BTW - what was up with the all Duke series?

Go canes1 , u couldn't be more
Wrong. This is not the real Miami team. This team is ultra young and is playing the scheme they have been given with no
Adjustment. I like the talent, like most of the players. Still not a fan of Morris, he's our biggest issue besides coaching, but until
D'onofrio gets big ball or leaves it will not stop.

I have never been a fan of mike James. And Morris is just so awful it makes me sick.

I remember the good old days. An option team would get shut out by the old Canes. This GT team is completely one dimensional. We know they are going to run the ball and still can't stop them. The lack of talent on this defense is evident. For the first time since Jimmy Johnshon this team seems a step low.

Oh and Morris is terrible. Who is the back up?

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