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Gameday blog: Miami at Georgia Tech

ATLANTA -- The Miami Hurricanes (2-1, 1-0) are taking on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-1, 1-1 ACC) today at 3 p.m. The game can be seen on a variety of networks. Locally, it's on SunSports.

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> The Canes are coming off a 38-10 win at home over Bethune-Cookman and have won three in a row in the series against Georgia Tech by at least 16 points in each game. But UM heads into this game 14-point underdogs because a lot of the guys who have shutdown the Yellow Jackets on defense are no longer around. UM has just 5 starters back on defense from last year's team that beat Georgia Tech 24-7 at Sun Life Stadium.
> The Yellow Jackets are coming off back to back wins over Presbyterian and Virginia in which they've scored more than 50 points. The Ramblin' Wreck are averaging 374 yards per game on the ground and have a much bigger and aggressive offensive line than in year's past. They also rank in the Top 25 in all major defensive categories and run a unique 3-4 defense UM doesn't face often. Georgia Tech's only loss was a 20-17 defeat in overtime at Virginia Tech.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Safety Vaughn Telemaque (knee) and receiver Allen Hurns (concussion) are back for UM this week.

> Seantrel Henderson may get his first start of the season today at tackle. Junior Jimmy Gaines and sophomore Gionni Paul will try to fill in for Perryman at middle linebacker.

> Georgia Tech has not allowed a point in the second or third quarters this season. The Yellow Jackets are outscoring opponents 52-0 in those two quarters.
> Tech opponents have scored a combined 43 points this season, with 15 of those points coming on the game’s last play from scrimmage or in overtime.
> Three of the ACC’s top 10 rushers are Yellow Jackets: Tevin Washington (t-2nd), Zach Laskey (6th) and Orwin Smith (10th).
> Tech will be facing one of the ACC’s top offensive threats Saturday in Miami’s Duke Johnson, who leads the ACC in scoring, touchdowns and all-purpose yards, and is tied for second in rushing.


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Put air under that and it's a td. Unbelievable

At least try out Ryan. Seriously. I hate morris. He is not a team
Leader or game winner.

Wow. They are making us look weak.

Golden probably has some bs old school idea about not pulling the QB

Morris almost makes me miss Jacory Harris.

This team is a reflection of al golden. They said he turned the temple program around. Yeah he took them from no wins to 1 win. What a turn around. He sucks and this team does too.

Morris has no touch

Morris is not nor will ever be our answer. I fully believe he is starting because he is older and golden may feel he paid his dues and waited, but he has had his shot. He cost s is games, and even when he ends with decent numbers they are misleading, like the ksu game. Pull him now. Actually, pull d'onofrio. If he doesn't get more agreesive on third downs and keeps playing it safe these players will never get better! Gt adjusted! Why doesn't he ever?!?!?

Why Pull Morris again? He threw a interception got it! the kid is playing great. He threw the 60 yard TD for the first score

Darin, he never plays great. Not ever.

Golden turned Temple into a Bowl team. This team is much better than anything Shannon ever put on the field.

Don't blame the kids or youth.
It is the formations of our defense and not containing the end runs, LBs too far off the line of scrimmage.

Offense throwing long balls or flat passes instead of 10-15 yard passes only.

It is poor coaching.

Finally a stop. Like to see high smith.

LMAO...,.R U SERIOUS??? GT spots the u 19pts and now they're losing? Is this what they fired Shannon for??? LMAO!!!!!! GO TECH!!!!

Ignore the haters. They are pathetic.

no inimounts, I am not wrong, this is the real team you are now seeing, every year there is a different excuse: young, injuries, bad coaching, poor recruiting, etc
But go to the top for the real reason: the Lib Loon Pres Sha-la-la who is more interested in getting Obama reelected then in any of our athletic programs.

Canefan72, ur right for sure, but can we keep this team with Morris as our qb? Look at his win loss, his td-int ratio (used to be the worst in the nation even past jacory at HIS worst), and his third down and red zone numbers. We score td 50 percent in the red zone.

Is it possible that the defense can stop feeding the GT ego? The GT O really isn't that good. What does that say about the U D, but, it's not just the defense, it's also the the U offensive. No wonder Harris was the starter. Receivers when you catch the ball, your first priority is to secure the ball, then, make more yards. I doesn't help the defense when the offense keeps giving the ball up.

All you guys do is complain. This is why Miami dosnt get the best players out of Miami HS's. Who wants to play for a fan base that talks trash about them if they don't win 50-0. IT'S NOT 10 YRS AGO!!!! Let the past go. You all sound like a bunch of old grumpy men who can't stop talking about how you remember when a coke can cost a nickle, and when men were men. Come on. Let these young men play there best, an leave it like that.

How's Al Goldenshower working out for ya, Miami? lol.

Hey um ath director, call the coach at UL MONROE....

And a republican. Upsetting. Gocanes1, this is the youngest team we have ever fielded. Perry man, chick, duke, Tracy Howard, deon bush, all sophomore or younger, along with Nelson, the qb to possibly save us next year, and you're telling me this couldn't be different?
The nw players werent overrated. LOOK AT THEIR FRESHMAN YEAR. Shannon and coaches didn't develop them. Golden deserves a chance to make it right with these classes. Landry jones was awful his first two years.

He is working out just fine for us dipshit.

Johnny, don't u dare come on here and talk trash about canes fans from the glory days. Those are loyal decades long fans that u can't touch. And any canes fan of the past decade like us that was here in the Jim kelly days and geno toretta deserves better than to hear a snot nose come in here and talk trash.

UM is going to get all of its receivers beaten up if they continue to run the short slant so often. Both the linebackers and the safety are right in the area on these short passes. Offense and special teams need to get it together quick or this game is a loss. Morris needs to settle down. He just doesn't look comfortable.

Miami is a top 20 hs recruit school every year. No worse than Alabama, Michigan, Ohio state, etc.....so don't complain about THAT.

Rb oud, they keep it up we will see a pick six too before the day is out. Going to the well too often.
Morris just isn't a good qb. He reminds me so much of Robert it makes me sick.

Phillip Dorsett lost this game period, end of stroy. He dropped a ball last week vs BCU.

Butter fingers dorsett. Why cant we recruit wrs without buttah fingers?

Game should be um 22 or 26 gt 14 at worse.

Thanks phil, did you do that at at thomas? I think not. Why now?

championships are all that matters? Apparently not in Miami, lol. Time to throw in the towel, losers.

Isn't it a curious coincidence that Sha-la-la arrived at Miami in 2001, and fortunately could not ruin the football team in place for 2001 and 2002, but right after that both football and baseball nose-dives.
Thanks to her fantasy that the U is the NYU of the south, she raises entrance standards and most inner-city kids never qualify.

Hey Inimounts: now you are upset that I may be a Republican? Good, do vote for the Campaigner-in-Chief so he can complete bankrupting the country.

Who is the moron at the Herald that makes you log ijn to Facebook to post on the live game blog?
The company running it want s access to me DATA, even when I'm not using the "service."
This crap is what will turn the world over to 3rd world countries.

I don't insult people on the Internet because I'm not a troll. Still if you want to talk about the 2001 team for the next 30 yrs then be my guest. Talk about that team ever year and every game. Better yet talk about the 1972 Dolphins and how the the 2012 team dosnt compare. There really is no point and it dosnt make the team better. If you support the team then support them. Why insult those young UM players every chance you get? It's about the team, not the fans demanding un realistic things. UM can be good again but it takes time. Alabama wasn't this good 10 yrs ago, and I'm sure 10 yrs from now they won't be as good as now. Times change and it effects teams

go canes1, you're on to something! She cost Shannon his job.

Typos, but you get my point.
The officials are letting GA Tech hold and chop block.

The call against Golden is bogus.
Luther Robinson needs to be seated for a while.

This gt team is having unheard of 2nd and 3rd quarters this year. We apparently weren't made aware.

Finally, chickillo. Haven't heard his name nearly enough this year.

These corners and outside linebackers are playing so awful it's hard to watch.

And as much as I like deon I don't think the safeties get it. D'onofrio is the main problem. Poor coaching.

How long will golden hold on to d'onofrio because of their history? Thats my issue.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Epic fail by Goldenshower and the rest of the peons.

29 UNANSWERED POINTS...... LMAO..... Again this is what they fired Shannon for???? LMAO!!!!!

29-19 GT, I don't even have the words to explain how bad our defense is. Shannon kept Whipple around and it got him fired. It appears that Golden is keeping his poser D coordinator. We are no longer relevant in the college football world

Last time I checked we have 5 and u have 3. And i don't forsee you catching us anytime soon

Deon bush will be the next great safety to come from the u.

PA Cane: the Lib also cost us the Orange Bowl- she has no natural allegiance to our football heritage- the glory days are only a memory now.

There is no decent back up
Golden is pure idiot
Preston Dewey????/ Really
Crow is home working out
Give me that kids iq anyday
Maybe after this loss it may be time to play with the depth chart
Crow,, Crow... Crow

How do u not bring in a Rb to help 74?? Getting beat repeatedly!

The University of Coral Gables is not letting me down. Lose horribly and so much for y'all savior Duke. Wish he playing against Bethune and Boston College, huh?

On our way to 2-2, another 6-6, because golden doesn't get it. D'onofrio doesn't coach properly, no pressure when it's needed, third downs are first downs waiting to happen, and we need to
See ryan effin Williams!!!

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