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Gameday blog: Miami at Georgia Tech

ATLANTA -- The Miami Hurricanes (2-1, 1-0) are taking on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-1, 1-1 ACC) today at 3 p.m. The game can be seen on a variety of networks. Locally, it's on SunSports.

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> The Canes are coming off a 38-10 win at home over Bethune-Cookman and have won three in a row in the series against Georgia Tech by at least 16 points in each game. But UM heads into this game 14-point underdogs because a lot of the guys who have shutdown the Yellow Jackets on defense are no longer around. UM has just 5 starters back on defense from last year's team that beat Georgia Tech 24-7 at Sun Life Stadium.
> The Yellow Jackets are coming off back to back wins over Presbyterian and Virginia in which they've scored more than 50 points. The Ramblin' Wreck are averaging 374 yards per game on the ground and have a much bigger and aggressive offensive line than in year's past. They also rank in the Top 25 in all major defensive categories and run a unique 3-4 defense UM doesn't face often. Georgia Tech's only loss was a 20-17 defeat in overtime at Virginia Tech.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Safety Vaughn Telemaque (knee) and receiver Allen Hurns (concussion) are back for UM this week.

> Seantrel Henderson may get his first start of the season today at tackle. Junior Jimmy Gaines and sophomore Gionni Paul will try to fill in for Perryman at middle linebacker.

> Georgia Tech has not allowed a point in the second or third quarters this season. The Yellow Jackets are outscoring opponents 52-0 in those two quarters.
> Tech opponents have scored a combined 43 points this season, with 15 of those points coming on the game’s last play from scrimmage or in overtime.
> Three of the ACC’s top 10 rushers are Yellow Jackets: Tevin Washington (t-2nd), Zach Laskey (6th) and Orwin Smith (10th).
> Tech will be facing one of the ACC’s top offensive threats Saturday in Miami’s Duke Johnson, who leads the ACC in scoring, touchdowns and all-purpose yards, and is tied for second in rushing.


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I apologize... My name should say AlGoldenhater.... I love the players but I hate this coaching staff.......

inimounts, I was just thinking the same thing. Morris has had pressure 3 pass plays in a row from the right side.

Who is the clown that said this team will go 9-3 this yr???? more like 3-9.......

If D'onfrio has a heart and any coaching pride, he should submit his resignation immediately following this massacre. 36-19 GT WTF!!!

Now I know why Morris could not beat out Jacory last year. He is so inaccurate. It would not hurt to put Ryan in at this point. Let's take a look at the future; hope it is not as bad as the present.

Time to turn the TV off. Touchdown GT.

The defense, though may not medicore, but, the offense isn't much better, when they can set up the defense to blow a 19 point lead. When is the last time you've seen that, I know, against Maryland...

It's not the players. It's the coaching.

When was the last series we didn't start with a James run

Remember the u only paid Shannon $900,000/yr to coach a D-1 team.. Now the u is paying Golden $2.5mil/yr, so what is his excuse???

Morris is so great isn't he? Now a tough third down.

This is golden but I will chill because I need for my Seminoles to run the board to get in that NC game.

Has he never heard of touch???? Unbelievable.

Another tough third down.

Good point @ CaneHater & to top it off, he got an ext after finishing 6-6.. Amazing!

Number 11. On the sideline. Ryan Williams. Clean jersey. Makes no sense.

What a joke of a team. I guess Canes are only trained for 1 quarter of play. This starts with the headcoach. These guys are weak physically and mentally. Mr Golden is a worthless piece of crap

36 straight points. Not one fg. Not one punt.

Duke looking like these guys are fast! Much different than Bethune.

I hope the nasty injury ends that kids career. These kids currently pretending to be "U" Players are a joke. Everyone of them.

Shannon and his staff were ran out of town, and I was on the bus driving the firings. Golden and his and crew of posers are no better. Now this clown is wasting a timeout on a challenge in the second half regarding GT player running off the field! 5star players are avoidng the U becasue of Golden! sure we get thrown a bone with a few lower 100 4 star players. But they is a huge talent drop off when they are that low on the 150 4 star watch list.

LMAO now you guys want Williams in the game. Just like last yr everyone wanted Morris in for Harris. The second string QB is always the most popular player on the team. Need I say NY Jets? Do you really think if Willams was in UM would be up by 15 points rite now? Be realistic.

I had so much hope for dyron dye, such a disappointment.

Tim you are a moron.
The officials continue to do UM in. No interference?

We have a qb that can't throw td passes. That's the teams biggest problem.

Tim he's right. Hes just a kid and ur a hateful piece of junk.

Johhny, you bring u a great point. The play calling is still coming from the sidelines and the O line still has to block

Someone needs to tell d'onofrio that's how u dial up pressure.

And this horrible announcer says a deflected pass could be intentional grounding.

Trust me when I say that field goal is all on Morris. He cannot throw td passes. Never has been able to. Limits the offense entirely.

Johnny, u don't know what ur talking about? This canes fan never wanted morris in. And
Morris doesn't throw td passes. He is horrid in the end zone, is that not


inimounts you sound a FSU fan. Of course you would say that.

Johnny1303ification Nice metaphor with the NY Jets stab. lol.

It's MORRIS! Don't blame the play calling. If he ever threw tds before or in one game even then I would say different.
Worse um qb since Kyle wright.

tim you have serious issues, the players arnt worthless, they need coaching and depth and size, they just arnt as good as our past teams period, not sure we will ever be good again my hope is fading ...

inimounts, these jerk-offs like Tim are the type that still live at home...at 30.

Who is the color guy on Fox?
Says no penalty for 12 on the field? And Golden gets 15 for accidentally running into an official?

Tim is an idiot! Those are kids out there you dumbass! I'm frustrated as well, but you're going to far.

Will someone please fly a fire al golden banner at the next home game!

Imawriter, right?!?! Who is this announcer? Doesn't matter if they are on miamis side?!? I don't care if it's past the numbers, he's on the field, it's 12 men. Period.

They constantly put ex Gators, FSU guys, guys like this...and in the 90's, Doug Flutie on Canes games.
2 years ago, LARRY COKER did color on a Canes game.

snug 954. I hope your FSU and UF teams do well. Anyone who roots for the U will not EVER tolerate these losers of players and coaches.

Now send everybody and leave man coverage. If they pass and they get beat that's on them

Stop calling 21 year olds kids.

FINALLY. Pressure.

First pressure, first punt. Coincidence?

Idiot. We all make great decisions at 21 in college

Tell you what though,GA Tech will KNOW they've been in a game, as our kids hit HARD today. Too bad GA Tech plays another weak sister next week, as we softened them up.
Still proud of our kids.

Imawriter, trust me I remember the Coker games. And who does everyone else have? Ohio state has Chris spiel man, for example.

Moron, those are adults out there. Half our players are less than 20.

We wonder why the Canes bend over for everyone. Well look at the fans who won't put the pressure to fire golden and get rid of junk athletes(oops I mean worthless criminal trash). UM will not correct the issues until the fans get upset.

Has anyone ever seen morris put touch on a ball?
Another game where his numbers are good, and we are getting killed and he is horrid on third down and red zone and one td.

Rare. How many qbs can throw for 300 yards and 1 td. What does that make, 1 a game average?

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