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Gameday blog: Miami at Georgia Tech

ATLANTA -- The Miami Hurricanes (2-1, 1-0) are taking on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-1, 1-1 ACC) today at 3 p.m. The game can be seen on a variety of networks. Locally, it's on SunSports.

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> The Canes are coming off a 38-10 win at home over Bethune-Cookman and have won three in a row in the series against Georgia Tech by at least 16 points in each game. But UM heads into this game 14-point underdogs because a lot of the guys who have shutdown the Yellow Jackets on defense are no longer around. UM has just 5 starters back on defense from last year's team that beat Georgia Tech 24-7 at Sun Life Stadium.
> The Yellow Jackets are coming off back to back wins over Presbyterian and Virginia in which they've scored more than 50 points. The Ramblin' Wreck are averaging 374 yards per game on the ground and have a much bigger and aggressive offensive line than in year's past. They also rank in the Top 25 in all major defensive categories and run a unique 3-4 defense UM doesn't face often. Georgia Tech's only loss was a 20-17 defeat in overtime at Virginia Tech.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Safety Vaughn Telemaque (knee) and receiver Allen Hurns (concussion) are back for UM this week.

> Seantrel Henderson may get his first start of the season today at tackle. Junior Jimmy Gaines and sophomore Gionni Paul will try to fill in for Perryman at middle linebacker.

> Georgia Tech has not allowed a point in the second or third quarters this season. The Yellow Jackets are outscoring opponents 52-0 in those two quarters.
> Tech opponents have scored a combined 43 points this season, with 15 of those points coming on the game’s last play from scrimmage or in overtime.
> Three of the ACC’s top 10 rushers are Yellow Jackets: Tevin Washington (t-2nd), Zach Laskey (6th) and Orwin Smith (10th).
> Tech will be facing one of the ACC’s top offensive threats Saturday in Miami’s Duke Johnson, who leads the ACC in scoring, touchdowns and all-purpose yards, and is tied for second in rushing.


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We have to give these kids credit. After that game at Kansas State, this was pretty impressive by the Canes.

I honestly thought that we were going to fold after falling behind big. No matter what happens in this one, they played hard for Golden and there is absolute improvement from that Kansas State game.

Though this would be a huge win for the Golden Era.

Lets go D!!

Edie Johnson showing his youth :(

Morris threw for 436 yds, if Willams was in the game we would have threw for 800 yds LOL. Some people are so silly

Imiawriter Golden sucks

Win or lose this team has balls

Biggest down of this young season.

Thley stuffed him!

Nice job D. They usually give it up to running qbs up the middle.

Edie Johnson steps up!

Biggest win in 5 years. YES!!!!


IMAwriter - I totally agree with you that this team does not quit and that is a massive change from the Shannon years. Given the cloud of the Shapiro crap last year, suspensions etc I agree that Golden is headed in the right direction. I am not totally convinced that he will get there, but he certainly is a big step in the right direction. and yes, I am an old time CANE - two degrees and I was going to games when George Mira was playing, not his son Jr. but George and Ted Hendricks.. so yeah I remember the great years and the not so great times before. I have faith that the []_[] will get back.

Miamis 3-1 fire golden!!!!!! You guys can be soooo dramatic sometimes

Nice comeback!!!

I will say this for Golden. Under Shannon, the canes always folded when bad things happened. To lose a 19 point lead and be down 36 to 19 and win. Good for them.

NO MORE CRYING ABOUT WE HAVE young players......

UNREAL !!!! the kids showed talent and heart awesome comeback WTG canes

Great win!! Go Canes!!

Johnny, Miami is not where they need to be. Golden will probably never get them to that there. Now what will impress me will be if Miami beats FSU and/or Vtech or both which they have both in Miami this year.

Tim, take your as* clown self OUTTA here, our unmitaged hater, morn, cretin!

Our KIDS...I said KIDS ...oh, how sweet it is.

WE WON!! I credit the players for showing they can do the job.

Jesus Christ!! Will folks still discuss our former Coach 10 years from now? Let his nuts go!

We'll see how good Fsu is tonight

Where they need to be! Rome wasn't built in a day. You just want them to blow out teams by 35 every game. This team was 6-6 last year. There not going to make the jump you want them to in one year! Give Golden time. We all know they would not have won this game last yr down 19-36. Baby steps. There not going to go from 6-6 to ranked number 1 the next year. That's why all this fire Golden stuff is silly

lets hope these kids build on this and gives them confidence the rest of the way. I 'll take the W anyday!! C A N E S CANES!!!

EJ from north atlanta stepped up when we needed him the most...

Tim, "good for THEM?"
Not "US?"
It's clear you are not, nor ever have been a Cane.
You wouldn't know.
By the way, "Brasil" I hung the Orange key around Ted's neck. I initiated him, on a chair!

I never made Iron Arrow though. Ted of course DID. he also had A 4.0 average in something like Physics, etc.

I am SO happy for these KIDS, and this program.
I don't believe ervan the sanctions will hurt. However, thye poor attendance at games WILL, unless UM makes a concerted effort to get students and fans to attend.
I never missed a home game from the time I was 22 till 22.
Went to a lot of away games as well, especially FSU.

This is one of the GREAT UM victories EVER, considering our AGE, injuries, and the KSU debacle.

Whoops,m meant to say from they time I was 10 to 22, when I moved.

imawriter go screw you sister you inbreed.

Posted by: tim | September 22, 2012 at 07:05 PM

Moderators doing a fine job around here.
However, I LOVE to mess with trolls like you "Tim" or whatever your name is.
I pity your family.

I used Shannon to make a point to all the Golden haters who just don't get it.
The poi t being that, unlike the previous HC, Golden won't LET these guys quit.
Did you see him cradle Lewis like his own. Players see that. Our former coach would have moped on the sidelines.
No more Shannon.

Chickillo played great. He pushed the GT option end run two yards into the offensive backfield and stopped a number of end runs, himself. Chickillo made the GT QB do his hiccup move on 4th and 1 to make the goal line stand in OT.

When Miami threw short passes down field, it moved the ball. Good blocking by the offensive line and of course, great running by the Cane offensive backs.

But one there was NO excuse for blowing a 19 point lead.
And two, the Canes were damn lucky as well as the kids playing their hearts out to come back from a GT 17 point lead.

I hope no one at Miami is looking ahead to Notre Dame.
NC State will be ready to play, guaranteed.

Now, if my Fins can do it to the Stinkin' JETS tomorrow.
That would be 2 weeks in a row for my teams.
Can't remember the last time THAT happened. LOL

Imawriter- Are you implying that Randy did not care about his boys? Really?

Fire Erik Spoelstra! Fire Randy Shannon! Fire Tony Sparano! Fire Joe Philbin! Fire Al Golden! I love the city of Miami but the fans down here are such drama queens

'72, well said, EXCEPT the zebras made some strange calls and non calls throughout the game.
The head guy being from Atlanta seems strange, but if next week, the Ref is from Raleigh, NC, I'd worry some.
Those tobacco road guys don't particularly like UM, and hated it when UM, and to a lesser extent FSU joined the ACC, even with the increased prestige.

A Golden Time of Day!!! Condition...Condition payed off to day!!! The Defense was fresh in the 4th gt. This team grew up today!!! Now these young men know they can play at this level. If this team continue to grow, the future is very bright.

hey i just looked over 5 pages of neg thoughts from everyone you would think some people would come back and eat some crow i guess Al knows what QB to play and why. that was a good comeback from a young team against a team that is suppose to compete for this division. HAve faith in the program and rout for Miami and support the team. All you negative writers come back and taste the crow

202cane, No, sorry if I gave that impression, however, name me an instance when Randy looked involved and emotional on the field?
Also, Golden plays NO FAVORITES, and the way he has rewarded a perhaps SLIGHTLY less talented but worthy player like Mike James is testament to his way of doing things.
EVERYONE (it's been documented several times) knows RS favored certain guys. I won't get into WHY.
You keep bringing this up, I'm ready to let it rest.
I hope Randy has success as an HC one day. I'm sure, like any 1st time HC, he's learned things that will serve him well in the future.
He was, and IS UM. Lets leave it that way, unless you need to comment on my comments!
Again, I meant no put down of Randy, it was more a testament to Golden's more emotional way. That's all.
These are KIDS, no matter what the troll Tim says, and they react emotionally.

Cane VA, good point, which was reinforced by Al after the game.
Al got after Andrew Swayze prior to last year, and this new bunch has bought in.

All you cane drama queens going rah, rah, for golden, well, okay. But really, this was a BIGGGGG win against because of the Cane players.

In golden's support, he did get the Canes in shape for this game. There was good blocking and good running, and I think the Canes wore down GT in the fourth quarter which set up the Cane win in the fifth quarter. Did you see the Canes hold up five fingers when they got to OT?

But the Canes were really flat in the second and third quarter. Chickillo took control and stopped a lot of GT end runs and off tackle runs which would have spelled a loss for Miami if he had not stopped them.

Good passing patters for 10-20 yard games to bring the Canes back. Long passes and flat passes are mostly useless. Canes got lucky with the early TD long pass.

I am really happy about this win. It was a big, big win. If the Canes can beat NC State, they have a slim chance to beat Notre Dame and FSU. Not a big chance or a break even chance. But a slim chance if they play as hard and get in as good or better condition as they were for this game and don't fall apart if Chicago has cold weather in a couple of weeks.

Fabulous comeback win; But no thanks to Sha-la-la

Great win today.....lets see if they can keep it going. But....419 defensive yards not going to cut it. We have to stay under 4,319 from last year to have a winning season. We are almost at 2,000 yards. But finally I saw some pride today, lets keep it going.

Imawriter, randy Shannon will never be a successful head coach. He is however a successful dc and needs to stick with that. Like cam Cameron. Good coordinator, bad coach.
Golden may not play favorites, but he needs to take a good hard look at who d'onofrio is and who he isn't, because I fully believe that Shannon and company are the reason most of the northwestern class aren't playing in the nfl....almost all of their freshman years were their best, and that is not a good sign for player development.
What these players could be, and what they are, is up to their coaches more than most people know. And tAking Finnie off the field was a big part of the win. Can't play favorites.
For me, I still need to see Ryan Williams. That was the first fourth quarter victory for Morris, and I've yet in his entire career seen him throw a td against a real defense to a wide receiver in the end zone.
But time to celebrate. Miami is ALONE atop their division. Bring on nc state.

Also, kudos to art kehoe and that offensive line, the rb an Morris need to take them out. No sacks? Brings back the dorsey days.

try THESE names on for size...Nick Spinelli, Bill Miller, and my FIRST Canes game, which featured Don Bosseler.

Jim, GA averages 100 more yards per game, I believe, andf they were at least 1540 below their average rushing totals.
You're gonna get beat long when you're playing D like we did.
It's a bit illogical to say this, but take away the long passes, and GA Tech was basically held way below.

What we learned today:

gocanes1: troll
Darin: maybe a canes fan, but trolls like he isn't
Tim: uneducated troll

It would be nice if the haters would acknowledge how wrong they were. Even I admit today showed me I was wrong about mike James (I'll take a 5 yard career average anyday), doesn't change my mind that he is the third best runner on our time, but very good today, most heart and holding onto the ball.

Does anyone else miss the tight ends of Miami?!?! Seriously, with our nfl success, how come we can't get a decent tight end to come here since coker?

Take out some time to read through every page in this blog. Its full of people hating on Mike James, Stepen Morris, the coaching staff, etc.... People, its a young team, just watch and enjoy Golden building this program.

Unlike the fan base, these kids didnt quit. That means something.

I don't want to hear a damn thing about how Al Golden can't coach or anything about how he don't know what he's doing cause that game there just proved that we got a gem in him. So F-off to all the detractors (cool cat and tim, ESPN and their know it all selves, and those ref's that constantly screwed us and tried to screw my Canes out of that win.

How sweet it is!!! I knew we could win this game. We ended with more total yards at the end of the game too. We met some adversity during the game and still came out on top. That speaks volumes about the character of the players Canes Nation has. D.Johnson stepped up with key catches that kept many drives alive and added a few first downs. Our Oline looked really good giving all the time in the world to Morris. Duke ran the ball great despite having the defense concentrate on him so hard. Chickillo came through as a 3rd generation Cane should. I remember reading people talking garbage about Eddie Johnson, this kid is good, young, and a hitter. I love it. Wish for a speedy recovery for Malcolm Lewis. Heard that he dislocated his ankle. At least it wasn't a break.

Man what a win!!! And even with GT stealing a TD from us with that last second time out call. Love how this game looked like it was about to get heated. That makes 4 in a row Tech. That series is getting cut shorter and shorter every year you play THE U. I believe that makes 10-8 and 5-4 since joining the ACC.








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