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Gameday blog: Miami at Georgia Tech

ATLANTA -- The Miami Hurricanes (2-1, 1-0) are taking on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-1, 1-1 ACC) today at 3 p.m. The game can be seen on a variety of networks. Locally, it's on SunSports.

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> The Canes are coming off a 38-10 win at home over Bethune-Cookman and have won three in a row in the series against Georgia Tech by at least 16 points in each game. But UM heads into this game 14-point underdogs because a lot of the guys who have shutdown the Yellow Jackets on defense are no longer around. UM has just 5 starters back on defense from last year's team that beat Georgia Tech 24-7 at Sun Life Stadium.
> The Yellow Jackets are coming off back to back wins over Presbyterian and Virginia in which they've scored more than 50 points. The Ramblin' Wreck are averaging 374 yards per game on the ground and have a much bigger and aggressive offensive line than in year's past. They also rank in the Top 25 in all major defensive categories and run a unique 3-4 defense UM doesn't face often. Georgia Tech's only loss was a 20-17 defeat in overtime at Virginia Tech.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Safety Vaughn Telemaque (knee) and receiver Allen Hurns (concussion) are back for UM this week.

> Seantrel Henderson may get his first start of the season today at tackle. Junior Jimmy Gaines and sophomore Gionni Paul will try to fill in for Perryman at middle linebacker.

> Georgia Tech has not allowed a point in the second or third quarters this season. The Yellow Jackets are outscoring opponents 52-0 in those two quarters.
> Tech opponents have scored a combined 43 points this season, with 15 of those points coming on the game’s last play from scrimmage or in overtime.
> Three of the ACC’s top 10 rushers are Yellow Jackets: Tevin Washington (t-2nd), Zach Laskey (6th) and Orwin Smith (10th).
> Tech will be facing one of the ACC’s top offensive threats Saturday in Miami’s Duke Johnson, who leads the ACC in scoring, touchdowns and all-purpose yards, and is tied for second in rushing.


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ima: Its competely illogical. There are no what if's in statistics. Last year we have 4319 yards against us.
GT - 419
BCU - 355
BC - 508
KSU - 498

Sorry, 1780 total @ 445 defensive average. At this rate Miami ends up at 5340 year end. Its still a major problem. Savor the win and a great one at that....but were still no where out of the woods. Plus concern about sanctions next year (5 lost scholarships at least and 2 bowl games) my prediction. Lets see what happens going forward. Great win!

Hey Gator nation, Last time I heard you had two national titles. We had five. Spurrier is gone, Urban left you for his family, and the temp you have now can't beat Auburn, Alabama, or Georgia consistantly. Tell me when I can expect your third? LOL...

Iamwriter- Are you sure that Al doesn't play favorites? What do you say about this? Why did it take numerous issues for Storm Johnson to be kicked off the team? Why is Henderson still on the team? He kicked out guys that got in trouble one(they never played--that's probably why).. Why is Cookie Buchanan still on the team? Why was Streeter in Randy's doghouse, since ya know--he played favorites towards NW guys, right? They both have flaws but it seemed like folks like to look the other way when it comes to Al. I love both guys since they coach this team, but come on, some of the piling on towards Randy is crazy..

Canetillidie. Whoa was 55 at right tackle all day

This was signature, win rebuilding a great program, but
we are still two years away. Al Golden is a great man.
We are so lucky he brought his talents to South Florida.
He will bring Miami back to greatness.
Enjoy the ups, and downs.If people don't show up to watch
this team there crazy. This isn't a national title contending team. But. if Love football, how could you not Love these kids.

Your watching a true college superstar, on par with a college Reggie Bush in Duke Johnson. Best freshman
in America hands down. That guy is worth the price of admission right there. These team, finally has moxy
and will only get better, over the next two years.
Love them canes.

Please beat notre dame !!!!!

told you guys miami was going to win! we are going to be really good on offense the rest of the year

Inimounts: have you no respect for yourself? You seem to be an authority on any given subject.

There are a lot of dooshes here. Morons hating on mj?Are ou serious? He single handedly won this game

This team has someting UM hasnt had in years... Balls.

They could have turned it in. In the 3rd q they never quit

600 yds offense

Held the triple option to less than 250 yds rushing

So many here predicted that gt would put 50 or more, 500 yds on UM. Spgna is one of those

This was a complete win. Got too high early, lost focus. Adjusted well. Conditioning is superb.

I almost cried to see malcolm lewis injury. God bless you young man. Youll be back.

This team never quit. Morris was a stud. Chikillo superb. Duke has another 50 yds rushing, 200 all purpose

Mike james is a true leader

The way golden held lewis as he lay there told me that he truly loves these kids.

Haters shoo.. Go away. You dont belong here. Youre like a pest that only orkin or truly nolen can get rid of

Great win guys....
All the naysayers including Gallo have to justify their position so even in a signature win they will have to save face and justify their opinions..
Suck it up and relaize Canehater, Gallo,CaneFan72, etc. that the 'U' did it.
Like it or not the Coaches, team, and fans are smiling.
Great win team. Coach G and Coach D,Coach F, Coach K, Coach B, take a bow. The 'Cane nation is behind you.
Now on to NC State and win.
You called it Canetillidie, 5>3>2, i'm a writer, FightingIbis.
You were in left field Gallo stayout there.
Go 'Canes Always

Nice win for a very young Canes team. Coach Golden: Your plan is working. While we certainly want to keep things in perspective, after all (defense still needs allot of work - GT was unranked; but a solid team) it's just one win. Not sure how many games the team will win this year; but yesterday's performance was encouraging. As these young players continue to grow through professional, performance oriented, off season conditioning and nutrition....they're only going to get bigger, stronger, and faster. I believe the missing part from the this team that been so ever present over the last few years was heart. Stone cold, never quit, intestinal fortitude. Looks like they may be starting to get it. Folks will use the analogy of the K-State blow-out to dampen our enthusiasm. Why? Anyone see that team in action against Oklahoma last night? They're pretty good....

Go Canes!!!!!

ugocane: Your an idiot green pea that dosent know or understand where cane football should be at this point in its history. We are right back to the 1970's. Poor dicision making all the way up the chain. Golden was a poor pick,I stand by the 100%. You live in a local bubble and I suggest you start watching other NCAA teams to understand my points. Take last night, you saw creative play calling from BOTH teams on BOTH sides of the ball. Jimbo Fisher goes 23-8 at FSU in 3 yrs....Clemson goes from a 4-3 team to 3 bowls. These stories are all over the place in college football. The win was great...everyone is glad but at the expense of 419 yards against a poor opponent. FSU can really make things ughly for UM.....they had 667 yards against a good defense in clemson....lets see NCU, FSU, VT and ND.....how they do against hose teams will determine for me that the staff is worthy. But still a great win for UM.....been here many times before only to fall apart and end weak.....lets see hwta happens.

Gallo ur an IDIOT, who gives a sh t about all those teams, we are starting from square one. None of those teams where as young as us. Have you always looked at others to make ur life decisions MORON!!!


Gallo, U are a bigger nimrod than tim and cool cat

Thats the whole point.....how does a brand like UM have to go back to square one? 11 years...really? Your the idiot.....you saw last night 2 teams coaching staff work the game with great play calling. Sorry, I dont see that with this staff. Clemson offense what rocking until the fsu staff made great adjustments and countered the offensive....you think that would be us? Please we would have been crushed right from the beginning and would have never recovered. In 2012, we shouldnt be rebuilding anything given our history. GT is not even ranked. they suck and at the same time still gave up almost 500 yards. I call like it see it.


LOL!!! You focking moron!

Nice to see the village idiots were out in full force and gave up on the Canes and the Canes and Golden proved you all wrong. These young kids are growing up before our eyes and you morons have nothing but garbage to spew. You are the same idiots who called for Butch's head while he was building the nastiest CFB team the world has EVER seen.

Now STFU you haters!

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Nice blog. I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

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