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Gameday blog: N.C. State at Miami

MIAMI GARDENS -- The ACC Coastal Division-leading Miami Hurricanes (3-1, 2-0) are taking on the N.C. State Wolfppack (3-1, 0-0 ACC) today at noon at Sun Life Stadium on ESPNU.

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> The Canes are coming off a thrilling 42-36 overtime win at Georgia Tech.
> N.C. State has won three in a row since opening the season with a 35-21 loss to Tennessee. The Wolfpack beat UConn 10-7, South Alabama 31-7 and The Citadel 52-14.
> This is the first meeting between UM and N.C. State since 2008.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Linebacker Raphael Kirby (knee) is back this week. N.C. State will be without OT Rob Crisp (lower back), OT Andrew Wallace (foot), HB James Washington (ankle).


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Is this not the most frustrating thing
U have ever seen from a college team? We should have 50 points with our yards and four halftime
Turnovers. Unbelievable.

I cannot believe how poor this team plays quarter to quarter... intead of a 30 point lead like we should have our offense is stinking up the field....

Why would u go to nc state as a fullback then? Or play for o'brien?

agreed, Im totaly befuddled at what the hell is going on with these guys...

Good stop
By d....but only because they abandoned the run, but I'll take it.

What are these drops????


That was a crap call

Wide open, another errant throw.

If u are getting five yards a carry, then run run run.

Wow apperently the Defense came to play the game but the Offense came to play 1 quater.

3rd down we know they are gonna run , stack the line or blitz and why didnt we call time out so one of our star punt returners at least would get a chance, WHAT kinda coaching is that to sit back and let the clock run out , that is why this coach isnt in the SEC, you think Alambama's coach would have let that last minute run off??? shameful... and morris in the second quarter has stunk up the place in passing as well as lack of running...

bad 2nd qtr. they get the ball 1st, this could get scary really quick in 2nd half.

I sure hope halftime wakes the offnse up , because they went from awesome to sh-t in 1 quarter.

I know I'm not a Morris fan, but I admit I missed the first quarter. I really needed to see the first quarter, because apparently he did everything he has never done.

We did the same thing with gt. they adjust after first and we don't counter adjust.

he had 250 yards passing and looked in total command, then the dropped pass in the end zone and the offense has been crap ever since, Im at a loss how we went from moving at will to completely lost in 1 play....

The play calling continues to be an issue. It almost cost them last yr. against NC & again this season against BC.

They simply do not know how to play with a lead. The turn around in this game so far was that call on 1st & goal from the 2 with 22 seconds left in the 1st quarter.

NC ST was gassed, even if they stop you, you still have 2nd & goal inside the 2 & have a break between quarters to draw up the next play. 30-7 would have sent NC ST packing & the Canes could have coasted from there.

We also need a TE to step up, the guys we have now are pitiful.

halftime, vote for ibis. best mascot in cll football, could use some love.

well our D has given the ball back 4 times, and we have ad 3 strong scoring opportunities with 0 points yeilded, that is the story of the 2nd quarter. hope they find the offense again , because we cant count on 4 more turnovers saving us, as our defense seems not to be able to stop the run whatsoever.

I'm a huge canes fan here in Iowa! Would love tickets to the Notre same game!!!! Anyone has them for sale let me know! Go canes!

well all I can say is out of our 11 commits next year 2 are TEs , I think someone see's the issue we have at TE.

It's amazing with our success in the nfl that we can't find a decent tight end since Greg Olsen (don't count graham, he wasn't recruited by us)

BTW, our star punter is averaging 37 or so yards, I believe.
Yesterday I predicted a 10 point win, but "shouldn't be that close."
We are seeing why today.
Plays where the receives and Morris are on a different page, and Fisch all of a sudden going stupid?
Duke needs to be given room. Our team speed superiority is REALLY obvious today.

If we lose today, what local fan base there is will decide it just ain't worth it to swelter.

So far, it's our fierce hits that are taking their toll on NCState, not the heat/humidity.
7:30 PM starts. Screw TV, get the crowds back, and they'll televise us.

Speaking of commits. Alabama
Just got the number one rb.....as a dolphin fan, it makes me sick, as does Satan.

It's on at espnu, u can also watch the game online at thefirstrow.eu

the way he dropped that, i thought we were white

It's a good thing that ncstate is awful, this won't fly against va tech notre dame, or fsu

yup and our D cant stop anyone unless it is a turnover

We are 98th in total defense! 98th! How does d'onofrio still have a job?

Another fumble for NC State.

and Chic is invisible again today.... where is the defense? next week and FSU games are gonna be horrible...

Can you beleive that Morris has 287 yards passing?

Our kicker stinks! He can't kick the short or long kicks.

We're keeping a bad tem in the game.

About to be a 2 point game. Almost 300 yards passing in first quarter, 3 tds. And it's gonna be a 2 point game.

Orlando, our kicker is great, he is just struggling since
His two misses last week. He had only missed three kicks through his career before

Two point game.

just another sad display of weak football, against a sorry team.... Sad to be a hurricane : (

we are in big trouble now. they have the momentum, we need a great return to get the team excited. the def made a stop, sp teams hurt us again. lots of work to do

I'm disgusted! Can't stop a high school team! On another note I'm a canes fan in Iowa and never been to a game live ever. I'm looking for Notre Dame tickets in Chicago next WK and if any of my fellow canes brothers has any for sale let me know!!!!

middle tenn state, beating GT at atlanta. how good are we?

this team makes me sick, they have heart, but not the mind just like the running into the friggin punter , another totaly stupid play... and dont give me is was great effort, they teach yain city ball to not friggin run into the punter!!!!!!!!!!!

What has happened to our offense. We looked unstoppable early on.

I know that we are young but there is no way we beat Notre Dame, FSU, or Virginia Tech. The way we played last week, I was hoping that we could shock the world and beat ND but I guess I need to wake up.

Have to get rid of that damn ball. And refs cost us this drive. Good thing we have a top 100 defense to stop them.

what the hell was that these guys blow.....

Ive seen enough goams to know that Miami is going to lose this one

To add insult to injury, middle Tennessee st is showing up against gt better than we did.

I totaly agree, this team has no chance againt ND,FSU, VT hell im starting to think USF has a chance now, our team cant play a whole game so anyone can beat us hell a womens basket weaving team could score on our Defense... and they wonder why we fans dont wanna spend $30 on parking to watch this crap!!!!!!

Give the ball to Duke!

23-7, first/goal on the 2, and Golden doesnt run it in: all downhill from there

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