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Gameday blog: N.C. State at Miami

MIAMI GARDENS -- The ACC Coastal Division-leading Miami Hurricanes (3-1, 2-0) are taking on the N.C. State Wolfppack (3-1, 0-0 ACC) today at noon at Sun Life Stadium on ESPNU.

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> The Canes are coming off a thrilling 42-36 overtime win at Georgia Tech.
> N.C. State has won three in a row since opening the season with a 35-21 loss to Tennessee. The Wolfpack beat UConn 10-7, South Alabama 31-7 and The Citadel 52-14.
> This is the first meeting between UM and N.C. State since 2008.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Linebacker Raphael Kirby (knee) is back this week. N.C. State will be without OT Rob Crisp (lower back), OT Andrew Wallace (foot), HB James Washington (ankle).


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First play we do as I figured we should, get Duke outside, then we throw?
No penalty on the offsides?
Even the REF looked perplexed. HE should have thrown the flag if he saw it.
Still, the officiating has been no problem today.
This is making me ill. Just can't understand.

Looks like NC State just wants it more.

simple mistakes costing alot of points, maybe the game if we dont get it on track, quick.

It looked like Morris was going to throw for 500 yards early on. Morris had 287 mid way through the first quarter. I think he still has that. He is so inconsistent.

both teams equally inept. who can become the lesser inept will win. ncstate should be running more, we cant stop them. we need to run the ball better, dont rely on morris and t-ends. morris has flashes of greatness, flashes of harrislike. but GO CANES

Where has that been. Finally, we hit a long pass. Let's score a TD. We don't want to count on our kicker. The kicker has no confidence right now.

those throws outside will get a pick-6 someday. 4th-2 we shoulg

Thanks NC State!

i guess we're even on sp teams td's off penalties. we needed that

Stupid pass to Hagans almosts cost us.
Finally, GIVE IT TO JOHNSON outside, great block.
We could be doing this all game.
This is NOT a Mike James type game, as NC State is UCH bigger than GA Tech, who, BTW is having it handed to them by MTSU.

OMG run the F ING BALL MORRIS what a loser

NC State is a mess. We should be beating this team by 4 TDs. They have made a ton of mistakes.

I was hoping that the Canes would crack the top 25 this week but even if we win that is not going to happen. Even a homer like me knows that they are not worthy of the top 25 yet.

Hopefully ND will be looking ahead to Stanford the following week and they will lay an egg against us. Wishfull thinking.

1st qtr-miami
2nd qtr ncstate
3rd qtr-tie
we eed to win the 4th qtr. GO CANES defense defense

that is wishful to be sure , unless next week is the first time this team plays for 4 quarters, cause we havent played for more than 2 quarters yet this yr.

mid tenn state 42 GT 28

Wow we were all thinking that what had taken a step ahead with the win against GT. Big celebration by the players after the game. Maybe it was not as wonderful as we thought. GT is getting whipped by Middle Tenn. State.

next week is a good time to plan a family camping outing or something far from the TV..... this team is too hard to watch.

we had their defense gassed in the 1st qtr, now they haven't been on the field forever. our defense played good enough to win this game, our offense has blown a chance for a blowout. now, it don't look good.

Have fun camping Keith...

Is Tracy Howard really that bad? This secondary is brutal.

This defense is just shameful, win or lose, this was a pathetic display..... they are getting pushed around like high school kids... I have no delusions that next week we will get it packed in our Arses. this team isnt anywhere near a top 25 team.... sad to say

Keith, better make it a family dinner. It is a night game against ND. You are right though it is hard to watch and Golden complains about fans not going to the game. Who wants topay $ 30 to sit in that hot sun to watch this.

It may be a blood bath next week. Miami agains the #9 team in the nation at ND.

Why is Vaughn Telemaque even playing? I thought they realized they were better off without him next weekend.

NC State is really bad...thank God!

Wv and Baylor have scored 112 points

Please help me understand why we have this carousel on the OL. Henderson should be in there every single play. They are rotating those guys as if they were DL. Let the best maulers play, plain and simple.

this game is more important than ND, acc wise. we most likely lose to fsu, and that would make vt a huge game for us. getting to the acc champ game is an accomplishment in itself

Tell golden this....I always went to games, win or lose, and the best team that ever played in college, I was at three games that year, the best by far being the rematch with Washington. Ten rows up, and everything went right. Running? Davenport was third string. Dorsey was on fire, we had five great nfl linebackers. Our secondary was the difference - all four nfl shutdown. I can't even describe the feeling to this team.

Real fans will still watch next week no matter what. We all knew this team has potential but it is not going to be pretty this year, that's why they have been so inconsistent. Be patient with this team! Lol I know it's hard but you have to be patient

Telemaque is terrible!!!!

That was HORRIBLE. 100 yard pick six if we were playin next week.

I can't beleive that DB missed that INT. That was a horrible decision by Morris but it worked. That won't work next week against ND. Let's enjoy the win this week.

I now saw the light , The brilliance of Fisch, we clear the sand behind the bench, and draw out the "Ole bounce the ball of the defenders head for the TD play" -- fisch was just saving that one for a important time ROFL

Bayarea, any real cane fan that's been here's in the last bad decade has patience trust me. What we can be furious about is d'onofrio still having a job. See how lsu and Alabama top ten d every year? That was us. We are 98th. And it will be worse after this game.
That's not about patience, it's about golden needing to stop being a homer and let his temple pal go.

Georgia tech lost to
Mstu 49-28.

Could be the two overtime losses, but still.

i was at that game also inimounts, neuheisel? was so mad after that game. especially when we called time out to honor the seniors last game at the OB that year. it was sweet. my daughter and i made the 5 hr trip 1 way, went to allcanes, bought new shirts, and sat in the west end zone. i had no voice by end of 1st qtr, she was still screaming. great flashback

Where is. Chickillo this year???? Besides gt, he has done nothing.

Aye inimounts, I was born there, lived in South florida for 35 yrs, and have spent the last 10 trying to make 3 hour drives south here and there to watch my team, , and yes ask my wife and kids what is their fathers only love and they will tell you ..... and it is hard to put yr after year of this without being sick, just like this last play by our suck arse defense again.......... God they suck


Besides deon bush, and Tracy Howard, I wouldn't keep ANY of this secondary!

Inimounts I understand the defensive part of it cause even under Randy Shannon our Defense was never giving up big plays every other play. But a lot of people are so impatient they are griping about every single play that is not a positive play

Need an Edie Johnson stop

How is the defense this bad lol?

an easy TD wow WE SUCK ! the canes of old must be sick of watching these wannabes

MikeS you are absolutely right that VT is the big game as they are in the coastal division. Hopefully, the team improves as the season goes on and they can crack the top 25 also.

However, this team is down there with NC State and other scrubs. We can always blame it on rebuilding and being young but I remember the days when we used to reload and we were a contender every year.

No pressure. We didn't send anybody, because apparently d'onofrio doesn't understand u can drop all 11 if the qb ha all day it will b 7 points every time.

Why were there 3 guys on the left side covering no one?

Wide open, throws out of bounds. Dammit I'm sick!

If we lose this game, we will lose to nd and fsu and be 3-4. With va tech to play, another crap season for golden. This team needs to step
Up and play four damn quarters on both sides!

I'm sorry, a qb sneak? Really? 3rd and 7.

Wieclaw is unhinged. And that was the worst series of the game.

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