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Gameday blog: N.C. State at Miami

MIAMI GARDENS -- The ACC Coastal Division-leading Miami Hurricanes (3-1, 2-0) are taking on the N.C. State Wolfppack (3-1, 0-0 ACC) today at noon at Sun Life Stadium on ESPNU.

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> The Canes are coming off a thrilling 42-36 overtime win at Georgia Tech.
> N.C. State has won three in a row since opening the season with a 35-21 loss to Tennessee. The Wolfpack beat UConn 10-7, South Alabama 31-7 and The Citadel 52-14.
> This is the first meeting between UM and N.C. State since 2008.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Linebacker Raphael Kirby (knee) is back this week. N.C. State will be without OT Rob Crisp (lower back), OT Andrew Wallace (foot), HB James Washington (ankle).


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Where is Matt Bosher? Lol wow. Hopefully our Defense steps up when we need them the most...THAT IS ALL THAT COUNTS!

O Dolfan, yeah those were the good ole days. golden will be here, like him or not, so hopefully he CAN rebuild the program, like he says, we need depth. he has a lot to prove. but all we can do is hope. i'm not far from you either noe deland

Worst rush d ever seen in these uniforms.

Can our defense stop NC State? They have not yet.

This kicker is terrible. He is responsible for 9 points.

Another first down.

Weiclaw is done. He is proving he is an amazing kicker, until he misses.

Why are we not pressuring?!?!??,

just sad

Chickillo needs to wake the eff up!

What's wrong with miamis D for real?

This defense is lost. Every play that NC State tries is wide open. Only their own mistakes stop NC State.

Why was he wide open? Why does the qb have all day to throw.

Omg pressure!!!

Wow. F*ck u Weiclaw. I hate u.

Run. The damn. Ball.

Now that is a kicker. That has been the difference in the game.

Our kicker sucks and right now has no confidence. Let's see if he can change that on this drive and he can kick the game winner. We won't remember those 3 missed field goals, if he hits the game winner. I would not hold my breath on it, let's go for the TD.

We don't have a fg kicker. We need 7 unfortunately.

Burn some clock here

Clock stops. U gotta be kidding me.

Wow. Third down. Clock stops again. We can't kick a fg. Morris is choking!

Dammit! Give no state time and three clock stops! I hate Morris!!!!!

Who the hell are the TV announcers calling this game??? They sound like the same douches that called the GT game last week and are the biggest Cane haters I have heard announcing a game.....

Wow NC State has 1:03 to win this. If I was NC State I would go for the win. Our D sucks.

so we are now playing for overtime instead o to win??? what asad state we are in

Why didn't we run run run?

Miami tackles like they have no Arms...ridiculous

Worst tackling defense ever. And clock stops. We need a sack!

Lol this defense

We have time and timeouts!!!! C'mon!

That was a terrible call by NC State. These are 2 real bad teams playing each other.

Dammit quit it!!! Get ten yards stop throwing downfield

Wow. Worst playcalling....wow. Nc state has tried to give us this game, and this playcalling is horrendous

OMG a draw???? did someone let the coaches know there is 30 seconds left??? and btw first down passes stop the clock??? fisch is an idiot

Hahahaha wooooow...I have nothin to say but celebrate and laugh!

Wow. I do not like him. I don't. But that play was all Stephen Morris. No doubt. Amazing.

Yeah, we all knew Miami was going to win......

We are the worst 4-1 team in college football lol

I can't beleive it. How bad is NC State? We have to give Morris credit on that one though. And Dorsett can play.

i cant even believe that happenend.

aye the youth keeps them from knowing they are supposed to lose a bad D game like this ROFL

Miami Hurricanes= they make u smile and make u cry and hopefully make u smile again....2012

D'onofrio needs fired yesterday. Gave up almost 700 yards I believe. At home.

You are right inimounts. This does not look like a 4-1 team but we will take it.

This team is capable of beating notre dame. Is there any doubt? No. But is there any doubt if they don't play to their ability that it could be ksu all over again? No.

Golden needs to discipline this team. We are seeing an offense that can score at will, when it wants to, and a d that is being the worst coached I have ever seen as a long u fan.

They have to put four quarters together. Just once this season. Five games and haven't come close to doing it, not even against Bethune.

Btw, how did we not recruit that badass wide receiver at ucf? Dude is a monster looks like Andre Johnson.

Why does coach D always put them in that stupid zone that leaves guys wide open? And the DTs can't stop the run. Run up the middle an it's 6 yrs guaranteed

What is up with wieclaw? He was supposed to be superman this year, but, it seems, he's turned into nothing but a dud. It's a win, an ugly win at best, but, none the less a win. This game shouldn't have even been close in the first half. It wasn't nessarily the defense today, but, the offense not continuing to execute and wieclaw, well, what can you say. Dude, if you can't do any better than that, turn in your scholarship. This is two games in a row. I could have seen Golden, punting inside nc state's 30, before giving wieclaw another chance. Dude needs to get his head on straight and stop believing in all his greatness, he's just not that great and it appears he may have just pissed away any chance of playing on Sunday, if, he doesn't get his act together. Go Canes.

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