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Gameday blog: N.C. State at Miami

MIAMI GARDENS -- The ACC Coastal Division-leading Miami Hurricanes (3-1, 2-0) are taking on the N.C. State Wolfppack (3-1, 0-0 ACC) today at noon at Sun Life Stadium on ESPNU.

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> The Canes are coming off a thrilling 42-36 overtime win at Georgia Tech.
> N.C. State has won three in a row since opening the season with a 35-21 loss to Tennessee. The Wolfpack beat UConn 10-7, South Alabama 31-7 and The Citadel 52-14.
> This is the first meeting between UM and N.C. State since 2008.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Linebacker Raphael Kirby (knee) is back this week. N.C. State will be without OT Rob Crisp (lower back), OT Andrew Wallace (foot), HB James Washington (ankle).


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Craziness! we won the game! Unbelievable
play by Morris to win it! Congratulatiolns.
Phillip D. is a monster downfield!

Lots of problems, but I am taking the day
off from analysis because WE WON!

These guys never give up!

Madness, I tell you BUT


ND WILL run up the middle, and unfortunately they can throw as well.They have beaten 2 quality teams, and will essentially have a home game.
Still, this is a GREAT showcase for our program, and if we play with poise, and keep it close, at least to the 4th quarter before getting worn down (we are SERIOUSLY small compared to other top teams) I can handle that.
I HATE ND, and a win would make my year, just to see Holtz spit and sputter would be SO cool.

Crazy thought ( I know) but as Chick is just to small at DE to make a real difference, how about switching him to LB? He would have a better shot, and we REALLY need push up the middle.
Our outside p[ass rush did nothing, as we can't get around a simple RB block it seems.
Especially with a immobile QB like today.

Way to keep fighting Canes!!! The growth is evident.

golden, DC defunnyo, and a 3 down lineman defense win MVP for NC State.

Way to go golden. You tried your best to lose the game for the Canes. But the offense bailed you and DC out.

golden is a freakin moron who went to a three man down lineman, plus LBs 5 yards off the line of scrimmage, ineffective blitz, zone pass coverage.

DC and golden did their best to try and lose this game for the Hurricanes.

Are you guys out of your freakin minds?????????????

The players were all great today.

The coaches golden and the DC were young and inexperienced, immature, and injured between their ears.

Morris, you played VERY well today.

But you could have had an A+ if you had thrown your two missed TD passes a foot lower to make them catchable.

Great effort by the defense players in spite of golden and his DC trying to lose the game.

And who is the field goal kicking coach???
Helloooooo. Do you know you failed today??
Do you know you failed to teach Wieclaw how to line up the goal posts??

Do you think you are at FSU??

72 you are an idiot same posts every day. how about something original if it were up to you, shannon would still be here,and we would be 2-2 at best, and you would still be talking about acc champs. which aint happening soon.

and we both know, shannon was the WORST coach ever at um. take your midol, or prozac, whichever you need worse

we need better play calling in thr red zone, it's just not all the players

fire the defensive coordinator. the defense sucks


You have the most absurd screen name in the history of blogs or is it ironic? Because you sure as hell are not a Cane fan.

Give it rest Knute Rockne, these kids are 4 & 1 and only getting better. Anyone with eyes knows the defense is substandard as the defensive coordinator appears to be over his head, but to attack Al Golden breaks the stupid meter.

Finally, those young, great kids won today...celebrate their success and put a cork in your endless and clueless negativity.

Hey moron 6thNC, you do not get a NC with a head coach who keeps his butt buddy DC around when NEITHER of them know what a good defensive formation is with 4 down linemen, LBs 2 yards within the line of scrimmage, not 5 away, lousy blitzing, and zone pass coverage which allows receivers to be wide open.

And for you to bash me instead of the moron golden coach allowing such a piss poor 3 down lineman defense, zone coverage means you moron, phony cane fans, do not know any more about football than you do about fornication.

Let us know when you get out of grade school so you can start playing football.

And you need to re-read my posts. I congratulate the Cane players (except for wieclaw).

It is golden and his DC who tried to lose the game for the Canes with their 3 down lineman defense, zone pass coverage, LBs too far from the line of scrimmage and not filling the gaps to prevent a five yard gain.

The Cane players won the game in spite of golden and the DC.

The Canes could be in the top ten teams in the country,

THIS YEAR, IFFFF they would fire the DC and implement a four down linemen, move up the middle LBs, play man to man pass coverage with two free safeties.

go canessssssssssssssssssss

defense is awful, not much talent there. offense loaded with young studs

Enjoy, the victory and watch a program being rebuilt
from ashes. The canes are two years away. Al Golden, is a great man, and he will get the job done. He is winning
with kids, but they are amazing, kids who are doing
unbelievable things under pressure. They will only get better every year. How can people, if they Love football
not go out and support these kids. Only gonna get better.

Cane Defensive players are great. They can play with any team in the country with the correct defensive formation.

The defensive formations golden and his DC are using makes them look like chumps as they get picked apart because golden and his DC are the MVPs for the other team using golden's defensive formation.

Notre Dame will put up 40 or more points next week if and when golden and DC use the same defensive formations.

Butttttt, ND will NOT let the Canes out score them.
Notre Dame has had some low scoring games which means their defense is solid.

Miami has a chance to break into the top 25 with a win next week at ND.

But it will NOT Happen with a 3 down linemen defense,
LBs sitting five yards off the line of scrimmage,
no effective blitz,
zone pass coverage which is really NO COVERAGE easy for ND to pick apart.

agree d, only thing bad about being 2 years away is morris will be gone and we will be breaking in a new qb

oh man, you really think one more lineman would make us top 10. did you play without a helmet. funny stuff

well course cane72, nd will be favored by a ton next week. we have struggles to beat 3 really bad acc teams, but u never know what can happen

They may not be ready, to bet the very best teams
in the country.And they shouldn't be. They are playing
a huge amount of underclassmen. They have turned Stephen
Morris, into a field general that no one would have dreamed of before the start of the year They have no quitters on that field right now, and that just bodes
well for the future.A very bright future, in the coming
years in Coral Gables. Go canes.

Miami has struggled to get its wins. That is true.
But the players are great.
And their youth makes them very enthusiastic.
And their youth gives them quick recovery after each hard run.
Golden or someone was on the right track to get the kids into shape. They should be practicing tomorrow, wind sprints because Notre Dame players are bigger and going to be hitting them very hard. Good conditioning prevents injuries, too.

Now, all that being said, Miami can NOT beat ND with a 3 down linemen, prevent (the win) defense. And yes, my dear DS, one extra man on the line is a big, big, big difference. Shrinks the amount of line each def. lineman has to cover, makes it easier to get into the backfield.

ND will have home field advantage. That is 7 points already. Miami can not play in the cold. minus 7 points. ND has a good defense and will not let Miami score over 27 points. So, Miami having an aggressive, solid wall of defense is mandatory, IMHO.

nd not at home, its at soldier field, that helps miami

60 degrees isnt cold, bad excuse

nd game will be fun to watch but not a big game, the week after home vs north carolina will be huge. we can win this side of the acc with a couple more big wins

CaneFan'72 you have convinced me that you are a FREAKIN moron..if Miami can do nothing in your eyes right, why watch the freakin game..
We do not need all the crap you are throwing our here..Turn off the game and play boche ball or something..it has been you same violin solo about this team from the first game "We will lose, we will lose, and when we win you find something to prattle about....Enough already..
A Win is a Win , is a WIN can't you get that through your freakin head..Please enough already...

Great job in a close win, and now let us continue to surprise the Naysayers that we have put up with from the start of the season.
Good job guys, Coaches we are proud of the 'Canes, and I will take the W anywhere, anytime...
Go 'Canes Always

bc, do you know how close Chicago is to ND?
60 degrees will be cold to Canes used to 90 degrees and humidity.
ND is not a big game????????????????????????
So, things are not going well for you in the asylum, eh?
ND is #10 in the country!!!
The Canes beat ND and they are in the rankings for the first time in a decade!!!
ND is an arch rival of Miami, as big a rival as FSU?!?!

I swear that some people blogging are in some alternate reality or drunk or stoned.

Forget the ACC for a couple of weeks.
Focus on one game, one play at a time.
Someone smack some sense into the DC and his idiotic 3 down lineman defense, LBs off the line of scrimmage, no blitz, zone pass (NO) coverage.

nd is not a big game this year, its all about conf games for this young team right now. and 60 degrees still isnt cold for the canes. not like its gonna make them play awful cause its 60 and not 90. and i dont care how close it is to nd, its still not their own stadium. and canes arent even close to the rankings right now beating awful teams. and who cares about rankings anyways just keep improving and winning games. i think golden doing great job

as big as fsu??? hilarious. we havent even played nd since 1990

bill connors you said it..

REBUILD and Conference...I agree you called it exactly.
Go 'Canes Always

Inmounts- shut up man.

The problem is Fisch. Seriously. First down on the 2 and he has Mike James (2 yards and a cloud of dust-there you go), Duke and Clements and he passes the friggin ball? Are you serious? Play callin on Offense is horrendous.

Tight ends- duds. All of them. Brick hands all of them

Rashawn Scott- stud.

Dorsett- Stud

Morris- Stud

Mike James- Seriosuly, he HAS to be related to javarris James. Gets 2 yds. and he is done. Reverted back to his old ways after last week.

Finnie- dud. Sit down. You got burned to many times and you canttackle worth a dang

#51- Dude You couldnt tackle my 90 year old granma if she was coming at you with a publix shopping cart. Weak a55 arm tackling- soft.

Telemaque. Man, you are such a dissapointment. Now I know youmade that hit and caused a fumble, but that TD was all on you. How do you let a wr go free like that? Are you seriosu? You havent progressed

And to whomever says anything bad about Donoofrio and the D, think about the take aways. Think about the last pick to set up the TD.

UM also had bad luck (3 missed fgs- Wieclaw sks a55) and on that one fumble, Dorsett was going to take it home, but Chikillo was pushed into him and tripped him.

Dudes, rejoice. Its not Um only without D- Even West Va had 700 yds put on them. So did ranked Baylor. Miami is 3-0 in the ACC. 4-1 overall.

If Miami doesnt get ranked this week theres is something very smelly in town.

miami has no chance of being ranked this week, lets get real here. we beat some horrible football games in very close games

in the five years that Miami and ND played, it was the Catholics versus the Convicts, ND were a bunch of thugs, but Miami got the blame.

In those five years, the winner of the ND-Miami game went on to win the NC.

Miami was robbed at ND just like with Zero State. That is two more NC that Miami should have had. That would be 7.

Then, add in the Testaverde nightmare and the loss to Alabama where a Cane got stripped of the ball, and you can add two more.
That would be 9 Miami Hurricane NCs for you UF bloggers here running down my Cane kids.

When a team wins, it is the players.
When a team loses, it is on the coaches who are so stupid they use a 3 down lineman, zone prevent (the win) defense.

lol uh ok cane72 ok

As jimmy Johnson said, " if nothing else , beat notre dame". The baby canes need a pep talk, so they understand the tradition and history and the importance of the notre dame game. Bring in jimmy, Michael, or one of the other guys. You guys have to beat notre dame!!!!!!

CaneFan72 (ha-ha!),

Now you are complaining about what MAY happen when MY Canes play Notre Dame. I only wish people like you who sit on their rotund rear-ends and from the comfort of an over stuffed sofa applied the same glaring eye on their actions/behavior in their own lives that they apply to 18-20 year old kids and coaches. Save me the speech that you do judge yourself in the same manner as you and I both know that's a lie.

If you only had the intellect to understand how monumentally stupid your remarks are, especially when slamming Al Golden who is nothing short of a Godsend for MY Canes.

Instead of focusing On Morris throwing for 566 yards and 5 touchdown passes setting an ACC and Canes record, you have to tear the young, freshmen laden ACC division leading team down.

CaneFan'72, look stupid their playing zone. It was a passing down near the end zone, you can blitz because they don't have corners to play man. You have to play man when you blitz. The long TD was off a blitz when Brandon McGee got beat by the receiver. Finnie was burned the same way on man coverage with a blitz. Quit post this nonsense. They have no corners to play man.

CaneFan'72, Get a little educated why things happen, because all you do every week is show how much you don't know/


It must suck being trapped in your moms basement all day.

You must know moron. BTW there are no basements in FLA. Showing your intelligence again.

Sorry Community I thought that was a post by CanesFan 72, my apologies.

Our defensive coordinator is trash. I been pleeding for his head all season. What does it takes to get a real defensive coordinator on this team.

Also don't understand Fisch play calling on the int in the redzone. Actually the second half play calling, or maybe it was Morris always lookin for the bog play. Please don't get like J Harris Stephen.

We have long way to go, Notre Dame going to beat us by 2 touchdowns if we don't adjust.
Leggo canes

Guys, '72 is the same troll that has been here for years. He's just trying to change his strategy. Just ignore that idiot.

All I know is the "experts" picked us to go 4-8 and be last in the Coastal. How in the world could you have anything to say negatively?

WE'RE 4-1 and 3-0 in the ACC!!!

Your mighty FSpoo is having trouble with USF and they're 4th in the country. We're not even ranked and y'all are crying?

Stupid is as stupid does.

like the win today. we are what we are. a very young talented team still learning how to put it all together. If we get a win against ND then we'll just how good we are, but a big IF and just hoping to see these Baby Canes play a hard fought game.
It's crazy but it seemed to me as if that highly touted CB Amerson was fixing the game. that dude, for all the hype around him, was noticeably terrible.

We won today and that's all that matters. I didn't get the score right but I'm not gonna complain about that. I will complain about our redzone offense and a good number of our defensive plays that left players unchallenged. I'm happy that Morris finally started throwing the ball down field and it paid off. Can't wait to see what this team will look like next season since we'll be returning a ton of players. Way to go Golden and Hurricanes U deserve it!!!


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