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Gameday blog: N.C. State at Miami

MIAMI GARDENS -- The ACC Coastal Division-leading Miami Hurricanes (3-1, 2-0) are taking on the N.C. State Wolfppack (3-1, 0-0 ACC) today at noon at Sun Life Stadium on ESPNU.

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> The Canes are coming off a thrilling 42-36 overtime win at Georgia Tech.
> N.C. State has won three in a row since opening the season with a 35-21 loss to Tennessee. The Wolfpack beat UConn 10-7, South Alabama 31-7 and The Citadel 52-14.
> This is the first meeting between UM and N.C. State since 2008.

INJURIES/SUSPENSIONS: The Hurricanes come into the game without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle). Linebacker Raphael Kirby (knee) is back this week. N.C. State will be without OT Rob Crisp (lower back), OT Andrew Wallace (foot), HB James Washington (ankle).


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Mane we giving up ova 500 yards on defense. That fukn suck. Fire the troll and D'fino

cane72 you are one dumb s--ob/

This was a great win. Whocares about how many yds teh D gave up. Nobody says anythging about WestVa, or most Pac12 teams giving up tons of yds. YOu just want to win. So any negative comments here (except against Fisch for passing on from the 2 yd line) are idiotic.

The U is 4-1
The U is 3-0 in the ACC
The U finally has an offense.

Look- Glennon is a good QB. Our D bends but generally doesnt break. Had the Offense capitalized on most of the turnovers we had, the score would not have been so close- and Morris would not have had all of those yds. There were 3 missed field goals. 2 trips inside the 5 with zero points, and 6 turnovers that the D created. Morris was great with the hard counts- made NCST jump like 6 times.

Green needs to be taught how to tackle. Dude cant tackle.

These 500-500 yd games are exciting.lol
We are winning games we would have lost, the last couple of years..Morris has a gun for an arm..I wish we had some TE's that were down field threats.

72, and rchy, 2 biggest anti-canes in drag. gayturds for sure. never happy. like it or not, golden is here for many years. he picks the staff, thats why he gets millions. you girls, just blog the same garbage every day. more lineman, fire this guy, fire that guy. no-one is happy with the defense. but it's not going to change, tis year, or next. or probably the next. we are doomed to this, because its who we are now. the old days died when butch left, and they aint coming back. get some anti-depressants, find a couch, go to sleep

OhHo'Frio really has no place at this level of football. Constant zone schemes (even in sports like basketball) are considered bailout defenses; done when you don't match up personnel-wise or talent-wise with the other team. Makes perfect sense when you look at his coaching resume: Saint Peter's College, Rutgers, Virginia, Temple...I'm sick of this guy breaking his cherry with UM. Tons of us want him gone. Also as a sidenote: Vaughn Telemaque is single handedly responsible for 7 of their points on what was a totally blown, high-school level, assignment. Keep him on special teams and off the field.

The offense went cold for a bit. But I'm not worried about them at all at this point. There are play makers at every level.

@RichmondVirginiaCane: Hey dillweed, nice try going after my screen name to berate other posters. I changed my password so put the barrel in your mouth now loser.

Guys, what a wild game today by our Canes. They showed glimpses of greatness by not folding and showing the heart of a champion and winning the game. Awesome game to Morris, and Dorsett in particular. WE are winning those close games that last year we lost by a point or two, which is a clear sign of progression within the program's progress. Golden is at least two years ahead of where Butch was at the same stage so this bodes well for the near future. Eddie Johnson, Cain, Chick, and the rest of the D will come along and improve as the season goes on. Heck they are much better now than the first game and you can see the improvement week to week. Great win Canes

It is incredible the rah, rah girls touting the win against NC state and others as being so wonderful. The one good team the CAnes played, KSU whipped defunnios and goldens azzes by 52 points!!
GT 36 points!! NC State 37 points!!

Are you elementary children that stupid to think these are good number of points for teams to put up against the Canes.

Then, I have to listen to waaa, waaaa, waaa, we are young, we are inexperienced, we have injuries, we have sanctions, waaa, waa waaa. What a bunch of god damned wussies who never played a freakin down in any football game.

The FACT of the matter is that Miami's golden balls and defunnio or WTF his name is are losers. They proved it at KSU and only escaped against much lesser teams. They will not escape from ND, FSU, and the rest of the schedule IF THEY KEEP RUNNING 3 down linemen defenses. They even proved this over and over. Every time the Canes forced a third down and long, moron golden and DC went to a 3 down line and zone pass coverage. And the other team converted. WTF is wrong with you morons?? Even a gator could see that crap. No effective blitz. LBs too far off the line of scrimmage to stop other teams from 4 yard plus gains on running plays. No DE going 2 yards across the Line to turn an end run back inside.

What a bunch of morons. If golden and the DC do not keep a 4 down linemen, LBs up close, blitz, and man to man defense with two free SAFETIES, watch Notre Dame whip golden and the DC just like KSU did, you stupid fugging morons.

BTW Morons, KSU and ND are both in the top ten teams in the country. Like Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

ND will put up 52 points against Miami just like KSU did against Miami IF golden balls and defunnyguy play a 3 man defensive line, LBs five yards off the line of scrimmage, zone pass prevent (the win) defense at any time during the ND game.

Someone who loves the Miami coaching staff please copy and send them this information because I don't believe they are smart enough to watch and analyze game films and compare their 4 down linemen and their 3 down linemen defense statistics and how much better the 4 lineman defense is compared to their moronic 3 lineman defense, zone pass coverage is.

Zone defense is great IN BASKETBALL, it is lousy in football because a receiver goes and finds an open area. Like Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

nd wont put up 52, there offense is horrible. nd will beat us 27-10

Good win....morris came thru again.Very impressed with his arm strength. The team has a winning attitude. The defense is getting worse. 664 yards with 33% 3rd down efficincy....awful. We went from 436 defensive yard average to 494. Miami is at 2473 yards now and is on track to go to 5935 vs last year at 4319 total for the year. It is impossible to continue to win like this.

664 - nc
537 - bc
498 - ksu
355 - bc
419 - gt

Sorry the DC has to go. A game like yesterday tells teams...you can do whatever you want against Miami...they cant stop you.....all you have to do is stop morris and you get the win.

championships: as always since you were not there. At this exact time comapring Butch davis and Al Golden:

Butch Davis....12-4 and 10-1 conference
Al Golden....9-7 and 5-5 conference

I am convinced Gallo and CaneFun72 are the same losers who rush around in College trying to draw attention to themselves, while all the time trying to hang out with the RIGHT Crowd.

We are all Canes here. We might disagree or discuss in detail what our thoughts are for OUR Canes but these two FREAKIN A******* are either the same poster, of Gayturds who try to tarnish each win with a lot of B*******.
Ignore them..
Al Golden is his own Coach, his own Process, his own program so why always compare him with former Coaches..
Accept the fact that he will be rebuilding and doing a Great job.. If you don't like him or the plays..turn off, and go play or find something else to do.. We do not demand that you watch the 'Canes.
Our 'Canes need support not a bunch of Whiners..
Go 'Canes Always

I didnt compare him......see championships post I just corrected the record. I think you jut like to argue on blogs. grow up.

"Golden is at least two years ahead of where Butch was at the same stage so this bodes well for the near future. Eddie Johnson, Cain, Chick, and the rest of the D will come along and improve as the season goes on."

Did I say that?.....what a jerk off

As they said over at AllCanes, "Much like last week, a quick some perusing of social media sites and message boards, countless fans doing their best Skip Bayless. Seems everyone wants to be first in line with the told-you-so approach. Instead of reveling in two exciting wins, some are lining up and building their case for that next loss – working hard to prove that this Miami team is flawed and will eventually unravel.

Seems half a decade of losing has broken spirits and left many in a position where they no longer remember how to appreciate a win – which is actually worse than losing itself; that inability to appreciate a win."

360, your a psycho...what in the world are you talking about? Miami won...we got it. But the defense has gotton worse. No denying that. Almost a 500 yard average. Thats insane. Lets face it...anyone can score on Miami. In fact everyone except ksu has been weak. All we are doing is trying to make the team better with suggestions. The DC is awful....cant deny that at all. The stats dont lie. 664 yards yesterday is a disgrace. Be honest with your blog.

If you're a true Canes Fan, you probably remember Jimmy Johnson's 1984 team (and the "Hail Flutie" game -- still pains me) and how many yards and points allowed by that team. And then you'll probably remember the subsequent years and defensive dominance -- it's all about instituting your own philosophy and process. Give Golden and his coaches time to evolve! Anything short of that proves your ignorance...

Was at a frat reunion tailgate for the USF vs FSU game and missed the game entirely! Saw we scored to win on a hail mary. Also see from previous post that the defense played poorly again and there was questionable play calling? If that was the case "again" and despite youth and lack of depth, its clearly obvious both coordinators magnify the lack of effectiveness and consistancy. Two top level coordinators will improve our win record by 2 games and accelerate our return into the top 10.

A win is a win! Great Job Canes!!!

The defense is what it is. Until we get a tackle who demands double teams, and controls the line we will be in
these types of games.
The truth is if the Offense would have scored on a couple of the turnovers this game would not have been close.
As stated earlier in the blog. A win is a win for this young team. I am proud of the team for staying together, and fighting till the end.
Congrats to Morris for breaking the records. What is funny is if he hadn't gone a little cold in the 2nd and 3rd quarters he would have shattered the records.
Big game next week for movement in the polls, but not a season killer. I agree the Coastal is all that matters this year.
The Offense plays a full game next week? Which they have yet to do. We can beat ND.
I would like to see the offense stay in the 2 minute offense the entire game. Morris just seems more comfortable in it. Not to mention the other teams D wears down.
Defense just keep fighting. Your not winning the line of scrimmage, but you are knocking the crap out of the ball carrier, and making them pay.
One game at a time.
As always

Let's see. When you watch the games, do you not see freshman weight going against junior/senior weight? Our front 7 can't even penatrate and y'all think it's schemes. Lmao at you fools.

And when we do blitz our corners get burnt because they are out of position, freelancing. That TD on VT #7 that went over his head. Remember that? The perfect scheme was called. If the players were in position like they were suppose to be, it would not have been a TD but a sack. Please get a clue.

That DC for LSU was my coach in college when I played at Tennessee and Miami couldn't offer because that Pell Grant issue. I have been there and done that. I think I know a hell of a lot more and can see the issues a hell of a lot more than you couch QBs.

My brother also played for the U. When you watch the U documentary and they show the fatigue squad team photo, #60 on the front row near Eddie Davis and Vinny is my brother. We bleed football in this family. You fans have no clue what the hell you're talking about.

We are playing with 17 freshen you flipping morons. I'm done. This is pointless. Its tough talking football with the uneducated. Have a good one.

i just checked both rosters.....ncs has more freshman and sophomore than we do. your the moron that dosent know what hes talking abou. Why do you thing we didnt get into the top 25? Ill tell you because who we played so far sucks.....and the defense gives up an average of 494 yards per game so far. The defense cant get ANY 3 and outs. that is defensive schemes...defense is unable to confuse the offenses...we are pedictable. We are all glad we won...no doubt....downfield action by the offense was terrific. But the defense is extemely poor. Stop with the freshman stuff....we have plenty of jr/sr at EVERY position practically. if you watch te game closely ncs had their way with us....I didnt think mike glennon was that great...more hype than anything...we are just that bad on defense. Every QB has had great games so far with us ith the exception of bethune...but they put 233 yards against us to make up for it. The DC got to go....no exceptions

The Hurricanes have great players.
The offense has done well except for the field goal kicker who refuses to learn how to line up properly and exactly for each attempt. He likes to free lance it.

golden balls and the DC must be lovers because they are both so stupid, both refuse to change to a solid 4 down linemen, move linebackers within two yards of the line of scrimmage, go to man pass coverage with two free safeties and regular blitzing from an open position.

golden ball and DC lovers and you moron cane fans who accept that mediocrity can enjoy getting your azzes whipped by Notre Dame and FSU and the rest of the schedule because you do not know your butts from first base.

The ones who will suffer will be the great Cane players who go along with the crap defenses from golden and DC instead of demanding a four man defensive front, blitzes, and man to man pass coverage.

I never would have believed that a head coach and a DC would intentionally screw up. But that is the lay of the land just like all of the other mediocre football teams in the USA.

jim gallo-

Hey Stupid! It's not the number of freshmen on the roster...IT'S THE NUMBER OF FRESHMEN WHO ARE STARTING OR REGULARLY PLAYING...TALK ABOUT A MORON!

Chanpionship it is just Dicky playing a new game.
He was here all summer saying how the Canes would have a losing record now.
We don't so he changed his name and tries to pretends he is a Cane Fan.
Pity him he is just a sad little person.

Thank U 6th CHampionship, thats the part that little Jimmy Gallos has not been able to comprehend yet. Yes Jim it was 97 when Butch Davis went 5 and 6 instead of 96. So how do U think Golden is doing worse little jimmy? I could see U pissing and moaning if we were in year 3 and Golden had followed a head coach that had won 2 national titles within a 4 year period but Little Jimmy, Golden had to follow two nimrods that are almost as dumb as U are when it comes to football and being a HEad Coach. Pay attention and learn the game little Jimmy instead of sounding like a woman who only knows if a team wins or loses.

the roster is a 2 deep roster with a sr/jr on it....since your so worried about the youth..play the more experienced players then....i call it like i see it....take out BCookman and we average over 39 points....defensively. we suck..period....will never get better with dc, youll see. ND and fsu will humble you...watch. then green pea youll understand this game. he has to go or miami will suffer.

There are som sr's and jr's on the roster but the majority of the ones playing U idiot are freshmen and sophomores. The young players are the better players dipshit that's why they are playing. Read this slowly little jimmy, we are building for the future. Do u understand that! God for someone to piss and moan so much U would think you would know a little about the game. He made Temple's defense into a top 20 defense but it didn't happen right away doofus. And so what if we lose to Notre Dame and Florida State? THe last time a checked they both still had to play us and beat us. Really both of them should beat us, my god look at what Fisher was handed, what Kelly was handed and then look at the mess Golden got and what he has had to deal with and fix. They both should beat us, but the thing is they got to do it first. little Jimmy, U really make yourself look as stupid as you are.

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