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Golden calls win over BC 'Herculean effort' by youngsters

Coach Al Golden kicked off his second season at UM by playing a boatload of freshmen and pulling off a 41-32 come-from-behind win against Boston College.

And by the sound of it, he didn't much care that the Eagles put up 541 yards of offense against his defense. He's happy he got out of Chestnut Hill against a team that beat the snot out of his last year with a victory. And you know what, Miami fans should probably be satisfied with that for right now, too. 

Here is what Golden told WQAM shortly after the win. 

"We knew it was going to be hard fought," Golden said. "We had a lot of guys playing for the first time -- not just the freshmen. [Phillip] Dorsett, [Rashawn] Scott, Shane McDermott. I can go on down the line, guys playing, shouldering the burden for the first time. [Tight end] Dyron Dye. [Defensive end] Kelvin Cain. [Linebackers] Eddie Johnson [and] Thurston Armbrister. Think about that in addition to the freshmen. Herculean effort to come in here and do that on the road."

The Hurricanes went to an up tempo offense themselves to and produced 414 yards of offense against a team they could only muster 17 against last year. Golden was obviously pleased with how offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch was able to prepare a lot of new young players in a short amount of time. True freshmen Duke Johnson and Malcolm Lewis each scored for Miami, which saw new starting quarterback Stephen Morris shine as well (28-45, 207 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT).

"We're getting there," Golden said. "There's a lot of things we got to clean up from this one. We know that. Just coming out of the media. They focus on the no sacks or the passing yards we're giving up and all that. Just to come him with a win with the way the odds were stacked against us -- it's just huge. So many guys were baptized today and came through for us.

"Stephen Morris. He runs the show. First thing I came in and gave a lot of credit to the coaches for doing all the things they did in 29 practices with all these guys who have not played. And we basically played an opponent that had everybody coming back, that held us to 14 [points] a year ago. We lost everybody and put 41 up. That's big. Again, we thought we would have an advantage in conditioning against BC because it was 75 [degrees] and not 98 like we've been seeing [in South Florida], 50 percent humidity and not 80 percent humidity. So we just kept with the tempo and I'm glad that we did. I'm glad we had the ability to do that."

Golden said he liked the fact the team didn't fold down 14-0.

"We're in better condition. It's going to be tested now Saturday against this Kansas State team in the tempo and the heat and that turf. But we played a lot of guys today and we'll regroup and fix some of the things we didn't do so well," he said. "We opened with a really good opponent on the road in a meaningful game and we're down 14 and the guys didn't flinch.

"It's one thing to be down 14-0. It's another thing to be down 14-0 when you have an offsides, drop a pass, you have a blown coverage. It looks like the wheels were coming off. They just settled in there. I give a lot of credit to the leadership on the team to hang in there. Was it perfect? No. But man we know where we are right now. It's not like we played somebody and could have won 50-0 and played everybody. We played a lot of guys anyway against a big, strong physical team. This is a big win to go on the road and win with the youngsters we did it with."

Golden said there were a lot of true freshmen who shined for the Canes Saturday -- not just Johnson.

"As well as Duke played, I can go on down the line. How many times did you call [right tackle] Ereck Flowers getting beat today? Didn't happen. He was steady," Golden said. "Duke is the same way. He finishes every rep. He's ready for that opportunity today because he's in such great condition, he finishes every rep in practice. You ask him to block, he blocks. You ask him to line up somewhere else, he studies it and prepares. He catches the ball in the backfield and obviously has breakaway speed and great lateral movement.

"And then how about Malcolm Lewis I got news for the fans out there listening. Malcolm Lewis didn't really practice this week. He had a hamstring. We got a little bit on Wednesday and a little bit more on Thursday. He goes out and does that. Big time.

UM's defense took the ball away three times despite giving up 30 points. Golden said the interception return for a touchdown by Denzel Perryman was "exactly what he was coached to do on that play."

"He was in position and he executed," Golden said. "Again, there is going to be a lot that we'll fix and we have time to do that. I just want to enjoy. I want these guys to enjoy it. They worked hard. Since the day after this game a year ago, they went to work. Got stronger and better condition and went out and did that.

UM performed very well on special teams, returning several kickoffs back for good field position. They also did a good job in coverage. The only hiccup was a bad snap on a punt, that Dalton Botts was still able to get away.

"All the young guys on their coverage units right now. We don't really have any upperclassmen on those. So, the young guys did a great job there. I can't tell you what happened with the snap [that almost led to trouble on the punt]. That's never happened. That's something we work on every day and it never happens. It wasn't even remotely close to that. I thought it hit the middle guy, but it hit the left guy which I don't understand."


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the U

congrats to the gaytors for barely beating bowling green. real nice showing there.


Great win coach


The U prevails with a highschool team that would beat, eat, and bbq everything here in Gainesville.

Really impressed with the team today. In the past 5-6 years, they would have given up after going down 14. This team, however, kept fighting. They just kept playing ball. I know it's still way to early to speculate, but this team just looks like they love playing football-which I haven't seen in years from a UM squad..mark my words...this team could be really good in two years.

The canes look much improved. Golden is a great coach who will get this team back into the national spotlight within a few seasons.

Miami wins and gayturds are crying a river..L0L

This team can be good now. Short passing game limit turnovers 25 rushing plays per game. Acc championship will be theirs. Undefeated season is not out of the realm. Play every game like it is the national championship

They got stronger and stronger as the game went on. That's Golden and his UTough program. His emphasis on conditioning was the difference in this game IMO.

Morris was impressive, and we may not lose anything swapping Duke for Lamar. Good thing too, because Mike James just doesn't have it.

They will have to outscore people for a while, but their O and special teams can keep them close, until the conditioning takes over late. It's too early to gloat, but this team looks much better than I expected. The speed, depth and relentlessness is reminiscent of Miami teams of old.

I have a real special feeling about Duke.I think this dude may be the best Cane we ever had.Don't wanna jump the gun after just one game,but he has every ingredient.Power,speed,quickness,nastiness,heart,maturity.He acts like he has been there.Having said that.Outstanding victory.Especially being down 14-0 with a bunch of freshman and things just not going well period.I believe that is Al Golden instilling the confidence and belief in these kids.We have plenty of work to do,but great things to build on.

clearly conditioning (which UM hasnt had in 8 years) was one positive. Others are the players attitudes, and their energy. Morris played great. He managed the game well. Threw one bad pass that was almost a pick six but there were a few drops- what is going on with our tight ends and with Kendal Th? Duke is the real thing. He will compete for the heisman in 2 years mark my words! I love Mike James as a person but it bothers me that he is still a 1-2 yd and a cloud of dust. Malcolm Lewis stud.

Ok the bad- what was it with the blitzing and leaving the middle open? that is why BCaccumulated 500 yds! Where in the world was Telemaque? Seriously where was he? Thank you lord for Denzel P.. stud. Donofrio adjusted well in the 2nd q and half. THAT was improvement over last year! Our dbakc play has to improve but overall I give the D a B because they bent but didnt break. And that goal line stand was beastly!

Haters- I am not going to lambast the gators -- they did it all by themselves. Please go away from this blog. Furman lost today by the way.

FIU people. Also go away. I respect your international institution, but please dont talkk football to us, and please dont come on here to smack talk to us- so much with FIU having more votes in the AP poll than UM. Duke is up 37-14 at the half! Seriously. Just go away.

Good win for Goldie. The U tough program is clearly getting results. These young freshamen and sophs are growing qickly amd maturing before our eyes! This is the future of the U sanctions or no- USc is doing it we will too.

Its all about this U.

To me the difference in this team and others can be summed up in one play. First quarter when Duke was coming on the option with one yard to get and he turned the corner and literally launched himself into three defenders that were closing full speed and got the first down even without the facemask. That is cane football old school right there. Young kid our of high school doing what it takes to get it done. That sends a message to the rest of the team about playing hard, smart, and with a will to win. Something that has been lacking for years. My hats off to Golden, staff, and kids on a job well done. Although many concerns, these young guys are learning to play the right way.....finally.

It's wonderful to have a real Head coach. Canes down 14-0 on the road and Golden finds a way to keep them organized and battling back. Love it!

Only complaint is the short passing game. Those constant tosses out into the flat will eventually result in a few pick 6s. Would love to see Morris look down field on occasion instead of constantly checking down. That may work vs BC but FSU's athletes will be all over it.

Go Canes!

Coach Golden! If U are reading this i want to congratulate on a great win but please, please work on the defense and if possible get a new defensive coordinator!!!!!

5 observations:

1) Morris is a better qb than Harris. Will be best since Dorsey.
2) Defense is solid against the run, atrocious against the pass. Defensive line could be one of the worst units collectively in college football.
3) Donofrio is not all to blame. Linebackers need to do better job of reading pass plays
4) Offense is better and team looks way, way more physical and tough with exception of DLine.
5) Duke Johnson is the most talented player for Miami on both sides of the ball. better than Lamar miller and runs similar to Clinton Portis.

I can't believe we wasted 3 seasons w Harris at QB. Nice to get ride of Shannon's players and insert goldens. Morris looked good today. Hope the D can step it up and support the O. Nice win go canes.

The win is very significant in multiple levels, 1- we lost to BC last year in the last game of the season, 2-after going down 14 points the team came back and they look like a cohesive unit 3-The seniors did control the team and the freshmens played like veterans. The coaching staff call a great game, they did not panic. This is the first time in the past 10 years I see a very discipline team they cross check each others and celebrate together. Is was very impressive see Duke Johnson in action at college level, and with the O line playing like they did the sky is the limit. We have to control the drops by the receivers, they kill multiple rallies and kept BC offense in. For a first game on the road and half of team fresh or sophs they did a great show, hope they keep the level of play when they hit KS next Saturday to revenge another heartbreak last year loss. Go Canes

Good coaching creates good results. The U is on its way....not today, maybe not even tomorrow....but the U is coming back. The kids want to play football. You can hear it in their interviews..you can see it in their play...you can see it when their together on the field. They want to play Huricane football! Thank you to the entire coaching staff!
This is not good news for the rest of NCAA. The Hurricanes are coming!

Agree with qa lot of these posts, like 5>3>2 and linksys.

Duke Johnson is head and shoulders above Miller. You won't see this kid get knocked back on 3rd or 4th and 1. You won't see him do a prima donna run out of bounds to avoid a hit, thus picking up extra yards. He will be our best running back ever. Exciting kid!

Love Ereck Flowers at RT! Played a great game and came to play footballfor the U!

This team has some serious speed and weapons. The D made some key plays, like Denzel's TD. Our coverage is weak however, and Rettig looked great. BC had two senior NFL prospects at OT, and our rush was non-existent.

If you keep your LBs back, and don't blitz, there should be way better underneath coverage. But no pass rush gives the other guy all day to hit underneath routes. Too many open receivers has to change.

Morris is the real deal, as I predicted. He has all the tools. This is a really exciting football team,and I hope we bring it to K State big time. Go Canes!

We will loose some games this year.. But don't worry about these kids "bringing it".
Excellent coaching!

Ya'll forgot how many picks Morris threw under shannon??????. It was never Harris. It was coach! Sh##! Harris would've won the Heisman under golden.

Harris wasnt a winner

Duke Johnson is special. At only 5'9" and 185, I hope he can stay healthy. With the exception of Barry Sanders, I don't think I have ever seen someone change directions so fluidly, and the guy has a 6th gear in the open field.

The pass defense is horrific. It made Retting look like an All-American Heisman trophy candidate, which he is not. I would have high hopes for this team save for such an abysmal showing against the pass. But, havnig said that, the D did make big plays that ended up being a big part of this win, specifically the pick 6 and goal line stand near the end of the game. But K-State is going to be a nightmare if some timely adjustments are not made by D' Nodefense.

The Kansas State coach was named 2011. In contrast Miami has golden and the def coordinator who gave up two early TDs to Boston College and let BC off the hook on several third downs because they were so stupid, they used a three down linemen defense which prevents stopping the run and prevented the Miami linemen getting a good pass rush against 5 offensive linemen and gave the BC QB all day to pass. A smaller defensive lineman can NOT get through TWO BIG offensive linemen and get to the passer who has all day to find his receivers.

KSU has back its QB and many of its team who won a lot of games last year including whipping Miami in Florida. Also, now Kansas State plays Miami in Kansas which gives KSU a 7 point home field and fan cheering advantage and no travel fatigue even before the kickoff.

The ONLY way Miami is going to beat KSU is with a four down linemen defense and surprise blitzes from the corners to put pressure on the KS passer.

Golden and the defensive coordinator also did NOT account for and contain swing pass receivers coming out of the Boston College backfield.

On the offensive side of the ball, Miami was incredibly stupid throwing flat passes to the sidelines one of which almost got picked off for a 95 yard runback by BC and was only prevented by the Miami receiver who just happened to get his hand on the ball since he going for the ball at the same time. Miami has to throw the ball on ten yard pass patterns down the field and not flat passes where you can really get burned badly.

I sure hope someone educates the Miami coaching staff on their screwups at BC before next Saturday.

Exactly CaneFan72....79 alumni and native Miamian here at the game yesterday. No 3 and outs and Morris was throwing at the ground the whole day. The sad fact is the coaching staff are weak, unimaginative and Golden is not the guy. Small catholic high school players (BC) went toe to toe with our "talented" Dade/Broward players and had the win if not for key drops by BC recievers. the whole coaching staff needs to be replaced...Golden is 34/40 with Temple/Miami....those numbers will not deviate much going forward. We are gonna get crushed against real teams.

Yup, Jim. That is the way I see it, too. And bloggers who have never played football will go all gaga over individual players like Johnson who had a great TD run but give his blockers credit, too. The fact of the matter is that Miami got extremely lucky recovering two BC fumbles. I love to watch great football like the five Cane championship teams which could have easily been 8 Nat. Championship teams plus a lot of 9-2 seasons. The Shula-Griese-Killer Bee teams were great. And Schnellenberger brought their playbook to Miami. I do not understand why any new Miami coach thinks he should deviate from winning playbooks. Coach John Madden was calling a game as an announcer and saw a three down lineman defense and said that "prevent" defense does not prevent runs nor passes. It only prevents you from winning. I turned off the Navy-ND game as soon as I saw Navy running a three down lineman defense. I almost turned off the Miami BC game after the first two BC TDs except I knew that the Miami players could win even in spite of stupid coaching. They will not be let off the hook against really great teams like KSU and ND, FSU, VT, etc.
Golden and orfunnio had better get smart in a big hurry. Or we are looking at another three years of break even records until shalaalalalalaalaalal grows a brain and goes looking for a smart coach.

KSU Coach Bill Snyder was named 2011 National Coach of the YEAR and did it with a bunch of guys from Kansas which is known for corn fields and big strong farm boys but not necessarily great football talent.
Miami got lucky with two fumble recoveries against BC. You can NOT count on luck to win games. Teams have to be in better shape and play smarter than opponents to win games consistently.
KSU won five games last year by a total of 11 points. That is winning by being in better shape and having a smarter head coach and coaching staff.

CaneFan'72 let me give you some good advice... this win with Coach G playing so many young players and starting the season should not be predicated on a smart play here or there or even your vaunted playbook.

It was done with heart, guts, determination, and grit..You might not know what that is but that is the process and formula that will bring victory as a young team grows and settles in..

I think you expect the world, but a bit of advice if you are a 'Canes fan. There will be a lot to complain and criticize during this season..but take my advice sit back and enjoy the victory.. and stop throwing up in this team the legacy that we all know.. go with the flow and enjoy the team..Believe me Golden has his playbook and it is very thick..
Enjoy the process and relax.
Go 'Canes Always

I was there and on the 2nd TD by Duke - coming toward us in the end zone, the BC fans just shook their head's and could not believe how fast Duke is. I saw it and still can't believe what I saw. His speed is really exceptional. Also - BC looked really big and fast so this might be a better victory than we thnk. I'll be curious to see how they do the rest of the season.

CanesFan72 & Jim Gallo deserve each other. Collectively their IQ's wouldn't be a decent bowling score. This defense needs experience and will improve each game. It's a shame the same can't be said for some of the idiot fans.

Really....BC offensive line avg is 6.4 290 vs Miami D line at 6.3 280....no excuse, BC QB Chase Rettig was on a sightseeing tour back there..totally unafraid and patient. Again let me know when Miami gets to the 3 and out point. At best Golden should at least lose the tie.

Why to battle till the end My Canes! Thats what a real training program will do for you. Defensive and offensive coordinators are questionable. No way your defense should keep getting burned by the same play! D'Nofrio has got to do a better job adjusting in real time. He's just not there as a D-Coordinator. Jedd has to become a more strategical play caller and get the plays in faster! We play to slow offensively. Hope the local press and talk shows address these issues also.

FYI....Second phase of celebration starts today!

Jim Gallo and CaneFan'72, you guys sound like you expected a Jimmy Johnson coached team to show up yesterday. While I agree with some of your comments, did you expect the team to suddenly overcome the mediocrity of the last years of Grandpa Coker and Randy Shannon? I'm a died in the wool Hurricane alum. I was there as an undergrad in the glory years, and I've suffered just as much as either of you have the last few years. You don't see progress between last year and this year? You don't see a Head Coach who is fighting against the lingering NCAA penalties coming our way to put a better product on the field? I will be the first to say he is not Nick Saban, but give the guy, his coaches, and the team a little credit. Is this vintage 1989 Canes football - hell no. But for the first time in a long time, there is hope we can recapture that. Based on where we have been the last 8 years, I'll take it.

ugocanefan and rocket like so many fans just keep making whiney butt excuses: shannon's players and coaching, ncaa violations, young team, needs time to mature, get experience, yada, yada, yada.

shahahaalalaalalalal picked golden who has a mediocre record just like last year. That is a FACT. golden and defunnio put in a three down lineman defense which is worthless to stop runs or passes and is demoralizing to the team, the fans, and the defensive linemen who begin to feel like their legs are in cement after just one quarter.
It is a FACT that using only 3 down defensive linemen is NOT a defense. Look at any pro defense. Four (4) down linemen, two over the offensive guards and two defensive ends.
Yeah, I expect a Jimmy Johnson or Butch or Schnellenberger for a premier football program like Miami's. This is NOT the Big 10 or Penn State or Zero State with 3 yards and a cloud of dust. This is Miami south Florida, Quarterback U, turn and burn, blazing speed, down field passing attack, punishing defenses tackling the passer or ball carrier behind the line of scrimmage.
Penn State lost after blowning an 11 point lead. Maybe they will take golden. He needs to produce winning seasons, or all you who are supporting his stupid 3 down linemen defense and passes out to the flat for no gain can go take showers with him. That is stupid coaching and that is a FACT.

Has he done some good? Yes, conditioning, weight lifting, better discipline, okay. Good. But that don't feed the bulldog. If he beats KSU, I will cut him some slack. If not, he needs to update his resume.

The main problem the D had on passes was with covering the back out of the backfield, they fix that with a LB in spy mode and that doesn't happen again.

Also on the TE delay routes, we kind of forgot about the delay routes, focused too much on the WR's and the TE or the back on the delay was wide open every time.

A little more discipline in the D backfield and you will see a drastic improvement in pass defense.

I think the focus will be on the DUKE. Therefore he should be used some as a decoy with play action. It is not to say we do not use the Duke but using him as a decoy will open other plays.

I dreamed Henderson switched to nose tackle and the Kansas State Team quaked as he fell on their quarterback..

I thought the 4th and 1 Duke ran was his best play. He looked at 3 DBs coming and didnt punk out and run out of bounds short, or Dive, or try and reverse they play. He lowered that shoulder with a head of Steam and played Hard Nose F^%$%$ Football!!

Teams start loading the box and Wrs gonna be wide open!

Great win Canes I'll take it. It wasn't 40-7 like I predicted but I'll definitely take it. Defense came out nervous in the first half and made good adjustments. I knew we would put 40pts, duke would get a TD (ended with 2) and the defense would get a score (thanks DP). VT made out defense look like garbage. This guy simply doesn't have it. Get Rodgers/Highsmith/Jenkins/Crawford/Bush back there. VT is done in my opinion. McGoo has made improvements, I'll give him that much but there is a ton of room for more. Finnie looked good to me and I saw Bush and Howard get some hits in. I didn't give BCs Oline enough credit, they played much better than I thought they could. Can't wait till Kirby gets better and we can have him and DP along with Buchanan locking down the LB spots. Bring on Kansas St.


Wait till Sat. When Miami, FL plays a bunch of real men in Kansas!

Some of you people do not know football....y'all act like y'all can coach...it's called a 3-4 defense canefan72 AND that is a fact...you really sound dumb AND that is a fact. Dont call out FACTS when you dont know what the f@&! You talking bout By the way a lot of teams in the NFL run the 3-4...another FACT you dummy...The defense that canefan72 and jim gallo are referring to with the four defensive linemen is called a 4-3... The Canes base defense is actually the 4-3....but they run variations if the 3-4 to get more athletes on the field...Go get a coaching job and see how you do...the Canes have a lot of improving to do but if you can't see how far they have came then you are blind...

The offensive coordinator had a game plan and guess what....It worked!!! Next week the game plan will be different.

If y'all was paying attention our LB (especially #37) was trying to play other players positions. There were times when #37 had the running back but he chased the TE (who was already covered) just bc the TE crossed his path. And when the Canes were in zone....the LBs left their zone to chase the TE

Canefan72 and Jim Gallo.....Go kill yourselves....Y'all know nothing about football!!!

Pay attention to what's going on in the game b4 y'all start criticizing. Some of y'all have no clue about football. Don't get me wrong....the defensive coordinator is not all that but the players have to trust the calls and play assignment football. They can't play other players positions.


I love you people who's answer is "you didnt play football". They played some high school ball and think their Jimmy Johnson....lots of mouth and not much brains.... I'm surprised their sitting home and not on the sidelines as smart as they think they are.
Golden is doing a good job! He did an unbelievable job at Temple. He's playing freshmen because the NCAA is dragging their feet in hopes of damaging the U's program. We may love the U but not so much outside our world.
Get a grip.....it's the first game...we'll loose some and these half wits will say.. Told you so!
It takes time to fix a broken program...it's been bad for a long time..lots of talent.. Look at how many Cannes are in the Pro's. Bad coaching..poor preperation...poor conditioning...a give it up mentality..lack of a winning attitude.
Golden and his staff are all over it... And these two know it alls want to analysis each play...
Get a life!

You get a life. 2 lost funbles and 2 droped passes won the game for Miami. BC racked up almost 600 yards of offense and Chase Rettig was in full command of both the BC offense and the Miami defense. These was youth on both sides of the ball Saturday and all this freshman BS is an excuse. Results is what matters and I'm seeing the same things as last year, weak and unimaginative play calling. I'm not gonna let the coaching staff off the hook, you salivate over fancy ties and gimmick cane walks. CT and MA are not the recruiting mecca of NCAA football. Small Catholic high school boys pushed our defense all ovet the field. You act like our Dade/Broward players just parachuted on the scene. This program should turn this year. Clemson goes from 6-7 to 10-4, kansas from 7-6 to 10-3, Penn State from 7-9 to 9-4, Cincinnatti from 4-8 to 10-3. Golden did a great job at Temple? You think 27-34 is great? Sorry, I don't see it.

Cause you don't know anything!
Golden took a program that was so bad it was dropped by the Big East. Less tan 1000 people would show up for a game at the Vet. Like here...first things firest.. Fix It!
Then morons like you want to forget the loses we're in the early years and in the end they were surprising everyone..... You can't imagine what it takes to recruit player at Temple! He got average players..no 4/5 star players..How many Temple players in the Pro's? He got the leftovers and won!
Give it a break and go back to fantasy football where you can be a hero in your own mind!

All of you are idiots for arguing with total strangers on blogs. Get a life. Go Canes.

Canes offense executed quite well.Defense has a lot of improving to do and hopefully enough to compete with KS next week.If so........they will win.Big improvement comes from game 1 to 2.Hopefully our defense improves better than KS does.GO CANES.

Your right!

bc won, but did not "beat the snot" out of UM last year. again manny, why do you even report for the canes. go do something else, you obviously dont care for the canes much

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