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Golden hopeful he can get Henderson, Lewis and Jones in offensive line rotation at Kansas State

Rain and lightning got to the Hurricanes before they could finish up practice on Greentree Thursday, the last day of workouts before they fly out Friday for Saturday’s noon kickoff at 21st-ranked Kansas State (1-0). Coach Al Golden took his team indoors to UM’s nearby Wellness Center for a walkthrough.


Right tackle Seantrel Henderson, who didn’t travel with the team to Boston College, has been practicing this week and Golden is hopeful he can get Henderson, along with Jeremy Lewis and Ben Jones, into the rotation on the offensive line Saturday. Lewis was the only backup who got into last week's game.

“I hope he’s ready,” Golden said of Henderson. “He’s only had two full pads practice with the varsity, so he’s got a long way to go in terms of his conditioning and his technique and everything. Hopefully he’s staying on top of it mentally, and if he has an opportunity this Saturday, he’ll be ready to go.”

Also looking to make a return this week is defensive tackle Corey King. “He rotated with the varsity all week,” Golden said. “So I think he has a chance.”

There was no medical update on defensive tackle Curtis Porter, who is still recovering from his appendectomy and won't play this week along with freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby (knee). They were the only Hurricanes  listed on Thursday's injury report.

> Golden is well aware that shortcomings the team had on defense from game one are sure to be attacked by the Wildcats on Saturday. Among those shortcomings are breakdowns in coverage and a lack of pass rush on passing downs.

“What you screw up in one game, you’ll get tested on the next,” Golden said. “Hopefully we’ll have some poise and be able to communicate.”

Although Kansas State doesn’t run the triple option, Golden compared the Wildcats offense to that of Georgia Tech because of their physicality, discipline, and how they strive to eat up time of possession.

“[They] get you to man up against the run and get you with a shot over the top,” Golden added. “I think it’s just a different style of doing it, but that’s what they are.”

Golden noted Thursday how much better his defense’s tackling appears to be based on film from the BC game. Tackling figures to be critical against Kansas State, especially with how prolific its running attack can be, led by quarterback Collin Klein and speedy running back John Hubert.



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Let's Ride Baby! This will be a great measuring stick to compare this year's team with last. I don't expect Duke to hit two homeruns, so I'm interested to see how the offense can manage the game in a more traditional fashion.

We should improvement every game. Kids more comfortable playing beforth large crowds and understand the speed and physicality of the college game. Would love to see the OL lower their pad level on runs and open wider holes more consistantly. DL I'm sure knows the pressure is on to pressure/sack the QB and make takles at an behind the line. The D'Nofrio watch is on too. He's gotta baffle the offense with his play calling and make adjustments on the fly. If not we gotta call him out.

WE READY!!! Do That Snitz Canes!

Take the crowd out of the game early, and make Klien think twice about scrambling

golden and defunnio still do not have a clue about defense if they are talking about tackling, bla, bla, bla instead of apologizing for ever putting in a lousy 3 down lineman defensive front which will NEVER be able to get a decent pass run NOR tackling.

Simple physics, 3 defensive linemen can not fight their way through 5 offensive lineman and a blocking back. Unless golden and defunnio somehow get smart in the next couple of days and put in a four man defensive front with two linemen over the Off guards and two on the outside shoulders of the end of the down linemen to turn back in the option end run, you can forget about a Miami win at KSU. And then, it will be too late for Miami. Everyone i the world will know how stupid the Miami coaching staff is and have their way with them.

Don't take my word for it nor the coaches words either.
Get a piece of paper, put a line down the middle. Write 3 down linemen on one side and 4 down linemen on the other side. Divide each side into two more columns. Put stopped for less than 4 yard or not stopped under the 3 and the 4.

When Miami is on defense, note how many down linemen, go to that side of the paper. And make a check mark to see whether Miami stopped them or not for less than four yards.

Betcha Miami loses if they have a constant 3 down linemen defense. Too wide of gaps, too many blockers to get through to get to the QB.

End results, Miami loses. Another mediocre year. Golden is looking for a new job. This is not rocket science folks.

You have no idea about football I see
Alot of dumb posters on here and you are now ranked #1
You and green must have something going on together
Way to show up at the same time


CaneFan '72 - I agree that the defensive game plan seemed suspect but to suggest that Golden is purposely blowing the season to find another job is BS! If he doesn't win he will never get another job.

Furthermore the 3 man front is not used to pressure the QB it's meant to have extra defenders in pass coverage, especially in a 3rd and long situation. Again I agree that they need a plan to generate more pressure because the D-line wasn't getting any push, but the DB's are young and you don't want them getting exposed by sending the blitz often

Biggest positive from the BC game was how the Canes responded after getting hit in the mouth. Last season's team probably wouldn't have recovered from getting hit that early in the game. K-State will be a challenge for the Canes to be sure, but the Canes have a decent shot at pulling the upset. To do that, the Canes D has to step up and minimize Klein's scrambling. I know he's worked on his passing this summer, but he's still a runner first. I'd rather force him to beat the Canes with his arm rather than his legs. K-State will want to pound the ball, control the clock, and maybe beat the Canes deep over the top. D'Onofrio better have the Canes D ready. The other big key, as always, is to minimize the turnovers and mistakes, especially on the road. I like the demeanor Morris showed in the BC game. You can really tell he's embraced his role as a team leader. It's a stark contrast to how he looked last year at Maryland. I know it's only one game, but the Canes just have a different look to them this season. They are buying in to Golden's philosophy and the results so far have been positive. Win at K-State, and Canes fans will really be feeling great about the direction the team is headed.

Canefan '72 Sounds like he popped too many ambien's today.

Great to hear they're trying to work Henderson into the rotation - he's too big to fail!

Grind 'em down with the backs, keep their offense off the field!

CaneFan'72, you know absolutely nothing. The 3 man rush is a prevent defense, not a base D. They do that in long yardage to get an extra DB in the game. God get more knowledgeable people posting.

He is fat out of shape and will get holding penaltys when the team doesnt need one, he is over rated, just like Armstrong was always beat and trying to beat the system. Somebody has to cover the middle and be able to bring down thw the runner, if you remember last year.

"play Seantrell"
Ummm, gomer? Hello, Gomer? Isn't that what you have been saying since Street and Lamar took his ballsack out of your mouth and went to the NFL.
UNLEASH THE OFFENSE. Get that lil Duke in space. Let Hurns fly down the sideline.
BWWAAHAHAHA. What will the lie be next week. Let's unleash the stud O-linemen. They have sucked for 3 years but this is really the game they show their stuff.
C'mon, gomer. You aren't really that stupid, are you? Gomer? Gomer? Well, it took you 6 years to gradumatate from MDCC so you may be.
Posted by: Canna'neck be any dumber


Wonder if his boss at his dead-end middle management job knows he is stealing company time.

I'm not sure what everyone saw on defense but we definitely need to run one safety maybe once or twice a down because they will run the option. I actually liked this matchup more than Boston college. Is G. Paul gonna see the field this week is he healthy? He wasn't on the injury report. I think Tyrone Cornelius will have a a big game this week. He is small but he was apart of some crucial stops at bc. Playing with a young team on the road last week was a big feat for golden and company. The defense gave up a lot of yards but they also got a game changing pick for six and 2 more turnovers. You need those to win ball games. Let the defense try and keep everything in from of them and come up with the tackle first and turnover second. Bc had a new offensive coordinator and came out and threw the ball well. They dropped a few that could have made a difference but so did we. Maybe coach D can use this HEAT and have them boys swarming on D out there in Manhattan. This game in my opinion is more winnable than bc was.

If our d-line can step up an get some penetration into the backfield of the wildcats an disrupt klien an hubert before they can get going this should be another W for the young canes... I also think the d-line gets the picture that they were the weak link last week an will come out with an extra chip on there shoulder Sat

I must be alone thinking our D did much better in 2nd half vs BC. They kept everything in front of them and started pressuring QB. Klein is a great QB and tough. Our D has vastly improved since last year, very good tacklers. Will be a game UM must win, lets go into there backyard and knock over some garbage cans!!!!

ColoradoCane, you're not alone in thinking that. I agree with 100%! They improved greatly in the second half of the game and we did see them pressure the quarterback (I didn't see any of that in the first half). As for the tackling, it's FAR better this year than last. Our guys missed so many tackles, it was almost laughable, and last week I was pleasantly surprised with the improvement. Let's hope this is a long-term thing and not just a fluke that we saw for one week! GO CANES

Tallycane, no chance of that! I think you're right that they should bring up safeties but this defense is 100% "bend but don't break", they avoid giving up the big play at ALL costs.

The tradeoff isn't just giving up the big play though because pressure is what causes turnovers, last year the lack of pressure and turnovers really hurt the defense.

Not sure if the turnovers last week were a fluke or a sign of things to come but if they let K State dink, dunk, and run over them without getting turnovers it's going to be shades of last season.

Here's hoping the defensive linemen win their one on one match ups and make the coaching a non-issue!

The morons who are bad mouthing me instead of a three man down lineman defense as well as golden and dfunnyo know nothing about physics or football.

Three Miami defensive linemen against 5 offensive lineman plus a blocking back will NEVER get NEAR a passer much less tackle him. The extra back in the Miami defensive backfield is worthless because the KS QB will have all day to find an open receiver.

The ONE play in the BC game where Miami had four down defensive linemen PLUS a blitzer resulted in an interception and TD to tie the score. I guess you morons missed the four down lineman plus a blitzer because you were all so gaga and gushing and peeing your little girly panties.

In the BC game, the Canes came back because they employed a four down lineman defense. A defense must pressure the QB on passes and stack up the offensive line on runs. The defense can NOT do that with only three linemen unless you have a Warren SAPP for a nose guard, you freakin girl scouts who never played football and never took a physics course.

Even on a third and long, a prevent defense just prevents you from winning. When Miami ran a four down lineman defense, they stopped BC into a third and long. Then, the moron defunnio threw in the 3 down linemen "prevent" defense, and BC converted to a first and ten. What freakin morons accepting such mediocrity at Miami.

If you see a three man down lineman defensive front, watch KS (and every other team Miami plays) shred the defense with runs and passes all because you morons know NOTHING about football and even less about DEFENSE which wins games. Or moron coaching LOSES games. Get ready you loser supporters when you see a three down lineman defense.

Eord: Kehoe and the OL are not a problem and won't be a prblem. I CANNOT believe that Art Brown has turned into the kind of player he is and was a true scrub under RS. I say rotate the OL. Leave it Kehoe's hands.

The DL, LB's, and the secondary is troublesome. If I'm KSU I'm coming at UM with a variety of runs, plays and play actions.From what I read in the interview with DC, he has no sense of urgency, no schemes planned not even realizing that he might have to find a winning formula by shuffling a bunch of people.

The defensive players can be coached to a different end. Where has Cain been? A player Cain's size should be unleashed and played in "schemes."

Word: Believe it: Art Brown was a SCRUB at UM. against this team, we can't get into playing catch up football. That's what hurt U last year. U depended on J12 to bail U out of games. That's why J12 rushed all those interceptions, because of no defensive stoppage.

Play Hagens more.

Should play Henderson at TE Can he catch?

'Cool 'Cat - please, J12 was the reason they were playing catch up most games, I respect Jacory Harris and his second FSU game was a terrific chapter in the rivalry but it's enough with the Jacory Harris and Randy Shannon obsession already.

It's not a coincidence that Shannon's players succeeded when they made it to the NFL and that Arthur Brown is a player for K State, Shannon couldn't coach up players, period. He's a UM guy through and through but he was a bad head coach.

If u lived in Gainesville you'd be angry 2!!!

Lmao! If you lived in Gainseville......now that is funny

CaneFan`72 once again showing how clueless he is about football.
Dementia has set in
Its 6:30 shouldnt you be asleep already?


? does S. Henderson have the mental and physical toughness to play smash mouth football. I am afraid he is another RR Armstrong. The present starting line is huge, smart, play well together. This team does not need any side-show to mess things up.

Ole canefan has yet to answer some questions because they put to rest his stupidity about defensive line play. So here we go again:
How many linemen down defensively GT vs VT??
What was the U playing between plays 31-65 for BC??
Those two questions make game set match and put the door with your theory.



How good are the CANES??? We will find out against KSU. Prediction, U 31, KSU 28. I really believe this team has a lot pf potential

The U can beat KSU, thier defense is not that good either, they lost several defensive guys, several, they also have young unexperience guys playing in the secondary,,now if they can contain That QB, the U can win this game big!!!!

Seriously Eudo, U are actually responding to that nimrod Cool Cat.

Is Cool Cat and CaneFan`72 the same idiot????
2 people cant really be this dumb

Miami has better talent and speed, Kansas State has better coaching.

Hey canes fan. There rumor saying dt luther robinson had disagreement with coach staff and question he might not play on saturday. Corey king will play for him. I dont underdtand what heck goin on. Luther play his ass off he force fumble last saturday. Can someone please tell me this rumor is false?

Miami needs to open an elementary college to educate some of the morons blogging about football and this player and that. Let me type slowly for the morons.

Players WIN games when they play well and do not fumble or throw interceptions like testaverde who threw away a national championship against Penn State.

Coaches LOSE game when they employ stupid defenses like a 3 down linemen with huge gaps in the line making running plays easy and which can NOT get pressure on a passer. Coaches LOSE games when they all for the offense to throw a flat pass and it gets intercepted like BC almost pulled off for a 95 yard TD interception which would have changed the game completely. Or when coaches call in a hail mary pass and it gets intercepted, incomplete or is wasted instead of passing a 15 yard pass.

There is a nice game analysis available on Rivals.com. It can be accessed through Miami Hurricanes Sports Spyder. It is slanted from the K-state perspective, making them 8.5 point favorites.

They predict a run-dominated offense for the Wildcats. That seemed to be the strength of our D last week. Don't know if rumors about Luther Robinson are true, but we don't need any kind of in-house crap, whatever it may be. All hands on deck!

In addition, K-state's secondary got toasted against Missouri State, in spite of being a veteran group. Our secondary was trashed and that must change, even against a guy like Klein.

We must move the ball and control the clock, as well as use our speed and explosiveness. Their strategy will be to grind it out. Our young team will be challenged, but has a good shot at a W if they keep composure and stop the run. They got the fans and the coach, but we won on the road last week with a young team.

Go Canes!

@ CaneFan'72
We got it you do not like the coaching staff, or the 3 down line men on defense.
Myself. I am not sold on the coaching staff. Don't get me wrong. I like what I am seeing. Mental mistakes are way down, better tackling on D, and players getting down field blocking so the big plays go for a touchdown and not just a big gain.
Sorry I just do not see firing the coaching staff after 1 game in really their first season with these players. Between all the crap that went down last season. I have wiped the slate clean for both coaches and players. This is their first year to me.
Yes the D needs to play better. Before I judge I will wait and see if adjustments are made as the season progresses.
My prediction for the game. Miami wins of course. 40-30

As always


2 things I want to say.

1) 2012 class vs. 2008 class both had almost the same amount of recruits and the same hype coming out of high school. But the 2012 class just seems more determined then the under achieveing pantie waste who felt there were the great football class of 2008. There not going to give up like noodle arm J. Harris
said his class did when thing wern't going well.

2) I am so sick of everybody saying we are going to get killed by to K. State I can't stand it anymore. I feel that Golden and all his recruits have the U going in the right direction

They had the coach last year, and barely won against a team rocked by scandal. Maybe Golden is a good coach, too, and now that we have more equal players, Miami wins.

I think they play a lot of 4-3, as well as 3-4, especially on passing downs. They are more interested in stopping the pass in obvious situations, than pressuring the QB.

Seems to me they are not confident of the DBs in the passing game, so instead of loading the box with 8 to stop the run, the load the back with 8 to stop the pass.

They also sometimes blitz 5 people. But that's few and far in between.

But the result of BC is they cannot stop their passing game.

Maybe I'm not understanding this correctly. Is the issue that some on this blog have with 3 defensive linemen or a 3 MAN rush? These are 2 totally different issues. I am a personally love a 4-3 defense (4 defensive linemen and 3 LB's). I have also seen the 3-4 defense (3 defensive linemen and 4 LB's) executed well also and it has won Super Bowls and NC's. Look at Alabama and Nick Saban, he uses 3 defensive linemen and they pummel teams. So to say 3 defensive linemen can not win or causes you to not get pressure on the QB is incorrect. Now if you are saying you have issues with a 3 MAN rush, now that is totally different issue.

By the way, how the teams that run the 3-4 get pressure is that one of those 4 linebackers (i.e., Rolando McClain, at the time when he was on 'Bama's defense or Lawrence Taylor on the Giant's teams of '80's) provides added pressure, so that is why just saying a 3 down defensive line does not work is not true. Also, I know that I put L.T. (maybe the best defensive player ever) as an example of one of the players in a 3-4 scheme. The 3-4 has been successful also with players not as talented at LB as Taylor was. Again, I like the 4-3 scheme, but the 3-4 can work also when utilized properly.

cane4 life's response is the best response on this blog. canefan 72. that's your answer. You cannot respond to that. The UM defense against was BC was bend dont break, although in the first quarter they were young kids who were a bit shell shocked and missed some assignments. It didnt help that we had so many key dropped passes in our own drives and there were a couple of fumbles by BC early on that they recovered. In addition on the first TD, Miami had them on 3rd and long, they presured Rettig, he threw a quick pass thatwas tipped at the line, tipped by the TE and then luckily caught by their receiver for first down inside the ten.

With all due respect C4L, Yes, I have seen teams win with a 3 down lineman defense such as if the three lineman are constantly rotated so fresh legs are always attacking the offense or such as when there is a warren sapp or a Wilfork over the center. Those huge guys are like one a half or two men running through people to get to the ball carrier on a run or a pass.

But when all linemen are equal, simple physics dictates that from one end of the line to the center is a huge gap, there are two offensive blockers to one defensive lineman, and a run play will get you a guaranteed 4 or 5 yards which is a killer on 2nd or 3rd and five.

Simple physics also says a 250-300 pound lineman will run over and pound a 240 pound linebacker, especially when the offensive lineman and the running back both have four yards to build up momentum. F = M x A Physics. But a four man defensive line could stop the play for one or two yards and force a punt.

And on a pass, there is simply NO way those three linemen can fight through 5 or 6 offensive blockers before the QB can find an open receiver, set up, and deliver a ten yard pass, again because of physics.

If I see even one play with Miami running a three down linemen defense, I will know the game is over and go out and mow the lawn. If I am wrong, I will catch the game on rerun.

And if I am right, I am also not going to waste my money going to JRS to watch the Canes get beat at home.

BTW, a 3-4 defense has four down linemen.
Also, in Golden's defense (no pun intended) he has instituted weight training and conditioning programs. That is very impressive. The Canes looked in good shape. And they have to be ready and able to play a couple of overtimes just in case.

I m hoping for defensive improvement as THAT is the only way Canes can get a victory tomorrow.I feel the Offense will give KS fits and will be offensive thankfully.Special teams will get the job done too.The defense needs improvement as the 3rd part of the overall team to contribute toward a Miami victory.If Canes D steps up....they ll win.It s all up to the D.GO CANES.

O-line will be the key to victory. O-line gives time to Morris to make plays and opens enough holes for backs to combine for over 150 yards rushing. The O-line is our strength and if it plays well and the D makes enough plays the "U" has a real chance to pull the upset. Don't look to much into what Missou State did last week offensively against K-State. K-State will bring it this week defensively. They have been hearing all week about how they got lit up my Missou State.

Like what Mike James brings to the table but more touches should go to E. Clement. His short explosive bursts should be used more than just in short yardage situations.

Cane4Life, not to split hairs but in this defense three down linemen IS a three man rush - our DC is allergic to blitzing.

Again, it's on the players to create pressure despite their coordinator, but IF they don't then it's very likely we're going to see a lack of pressure and a lack of turnovers in a loss like we did all of last year.

Maybe the DC is right that players need to beat their man in the bend but don't break defense he runs but if they can't pressure the QB it's on the coach to adjust his play calling. He did that last week, started calling blitzes late in the third.

You all DID see the SMD article interviewing Kehoe? Glad to see he can take a youngster like Flowers and turn him into something better than what we saw out of the guys like Matt Pipho.

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