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Golden: "I have the utmost confidence in how we're running our defense."

A day after his team won their season opener at Boston College despite giving up 10 acres worth of yards to the Eagles, UM coach Al Golden defended defensive coordinator and close friend Mark D'Onofrio while addressing other issues.

Ultimately, Golden said the reason Boston College was able to put 441 yards passing on Miami was because there were a lot of blown assignments and poor communication between players, not what D'Onofrio was calling.

"We had some blown assignments that just led to wide open receivers. It's as simple as that," Golden said. "There are no excuses here. We have to do a better job coaching it. The kids have to do a better job executing it. Give Doug Martin and the BC offense credit. They really did a good job scheme wise and ran off the first 16 plays without us really distorting that all all.

"But then at the same time I want to give our staff credit for responding. Between play 16 and play 61 they didn't score at all. Hopefully, we can settle down and eliminate some of those mental errors and some of the guys will do a better job with communication..."

Golden was asked if he believes in the scheme D'Onofrio employed. It seemed to me -- and maybe the rest of the world -- the Hurricanes were sitting back in zone coverage while rushing just three or four linemen each play and not getting to BC quarterback Chris Rettig. D'Onofrio's scheme wasn't the problem, Golden said.

"Do I believe in it?," Golden said almost miffed at the question. "I know where the question is going. I will just tell you all the explosive plays basically came on blown assignments in man-to-man coverage. Everybody wants us to do this and do that. The bottom line is we have to execute what's called. And clearly, I have the utmost confidence -- not just confidence -- the utmost confidence in how we're running our defense."


> Golden was pleased with how many young players gained experience in Saturday's game. He said 58 of the 65 players that traveled to Boston College got in the game -- including 14 freshmen, 12 of them true freshmen.

"I'd like to continue make sure everybody has a role in the game and an opportunity to help us," said Golden, who said he played younger teams at Temple in 2007 and 2008. "They played with a lot of energy and a lot of spirit and were competitive. We have to get them a little more poised, a little more calmed down and hopefully get them settled in between Game 1 and Game 2. 

> No play may have demonstrated the difference between the 2011 Hurricanes and the 2012 version than Duke Johnson's first touchdown run when there was blocking help up and down the field to help him get in the end zone. Golden won't bad mouth last year's team, but he did say this about that 54-yard TD run on Sunday.

"It's all effort. Clive [Walford] was excellent on that play in terms of his blocking," Golden said. "If you don't care about your teammates and care about conditioning, you're not going to finish plays. Don't forget [Phillip] Dorsett was 45 yards away on the opposite numbers. He and long with Clive led [Johnson] to the end zone. I think [Jonathan] Feliciano -- even though he looked like he was in the HOV lane, he and those guys showed great hustle that they wanted to finish those plays."

> Duke Johnson finished with 135 yards and two touchdowns on seven carries and Golden noted that Johnson would have received more carries if he didn't break a pair of long touchdown runs. That being said, Golden doesn't appear to be eager to make Johnson the only guy who touches the ball in his backfield. The Canes will continue to share the wealth for now.

"Clearly we want to make sure we get them all touches and we want to be a little more balanced this week in terms of our run/pass ratio as well," Golden said. 

> As for quarterback Stephen Morris, Golden said the one sack UM allowed was his fault because "Stephen will tell you he should have found his outlet in the flat and he didn't." Golden said there were "other occasions [Morris] could have pulled it down and ran," and that Morris has "got to trust his speed." But overall, Golden said, "Stephen did a great job with the offense."

> As good as UM looked in its hurry-up offense Saturday, don't start believing the Canes are married to it. "I was just trying to take our greatest advantage and widen that gap. I hope it helped. We stayed in it for quite some time because we felt it was helping, wearing down the defense," Golden said. "But every game plan is different."

> Don't be surprised if you see more of redshirt freshman linebacker Eddie Johnson. He finished third on the team with five tackles and made a big play by forcing a fumble that was recovered by Ladarius Gunter."Eddie Johnson gets beat and then he hustles down the field and takes the ball away," Golden said. "That is type of the effort we are looking for."

> True freshman Ereck Flowers impressed Golden in his first college start at right tackle. "Ereck Flowers graded out over 90 percent. I thought he played really well."

> Safety Deon Bush led all true freshmen on defense with four tackles. Golden said Bush played 30 snaps on defense and 12 snaps on special teams. "I think Deon is making a lot of progress and playing well," Golden said. "So is Rayshawn Jenkins for that matter."

> Golden counted seven drops by the receivers in the Boston College game and said that was what bothered him the most in his game review on offense. But he is confident that unit will bounce back this week. "I think Rashawn Scott will play better, I know Kendal Thompkins will play better, Malcolm Lewis answered the bell, we will get Dorsett more touches and Davon Johnson did his job," Golden said.

> After participating mostly on the scout team last week, Golden said Seantrel Henderson will have a chance to compete "with the varsity" for playing time this week.

> Golden is not anticipating a return for defensive tackle Curtis Porter (appendectomy) this week. That hurts against a good rushing team like Kansas State.

> Golden reiterated that he is hoping freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby, who had a cast removed from his right leg last week, can return by the Georgia Tech game on Sept. 22.


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We won the defense was horrible but they made sure to stop them enough for us to win the game.

1992 MBA, Got a Degree Dave? Somebody sounds butt hurt.

Shall I Translate ?
Not bad, That is funny. That KAK gives you plenty of One Liners huh?

hey lets keep these comments nice nerds


The simplistic reaction by University of Miami fans after watching Duke Johnson gain 135 yards


I outrushed him ... simply



U beat bc ... jesus

Not gonna defend D'Onofrio's calls or scheme(s). A lot of times it is at the behest of the head coach anyway. The BC QB Chase Rettig is an extremely experienced rascall. Like a coach on the field. 20 plus career starts. The HC in college fb as you know only gets so much time to spend with the players during the off season. Easy to see why BC's offense with coach Rettig working with it all off-season had Miami back on their heels. No I won't defend D'Onofrio but I don't think in this case he is the devil you make him out to be. Be patient Canes fans.



U beat bc ... jesus

Posted by: 5 n 7 | September 03, 2012 at 02:00 AM


U almost lost to Bowling Green at home....Ouch

I knew that even though his team almost lost to Bowling Green, that this guys obsession with everything UM would eventually get the best of him. We can see that even though the 'Turds are in for a long season that this guy's obsession with UM, will keep him on our boards. What a very sad life he leads.

Do you know why Miami grads put their diplommas in there windshield ? Do they can park in the handicap spots ! Go K State, a real academic and football school!

Here is how to play defensive secondary. You take #4, you take #20, you take # 26, I'll take # 84. Just like we did in sand lot football. Frankly anything more complicated is too much.

Cane fans and golden and defunnio who do not know squat about football are willing to accept mediocrity for the next four years just like during the shannon years, always having a ton of excuses and no actual knowledge of football. For example, a three down lineman defense is NOT a 3-4. A 3-4 pro defense actually has four linemen in a down stance on the line.
A three down lineman defense like golden and defunnio use only has three down linemen. Duhhhhh. It is called a prevent defense which prevents stopping a run, prevents pressure on the other QB and prevents winning.

But golden and DC defunny who are too stupid to understand that will continue to accept mediocrity and continue to make excuses.

It was NOT blown plays that let BC run passes and runs all over Miami, It was the three down linemen defense which could not stop a run with big gaps in the line. It was three down linemen defense where 3 Canes could not get through 5 or 6 blockers to the QB.

I will guarantee that if a team like BC can run over the Cane defense using only three down linemen that Kansas State and Notre Dame will beat the Canes by 50-10 just like ND beat Navy which used only three down linemen on defense.

Get ready for maybe a break even year unless you see a constant 4 down linemen on defense and a blitz every other play the rest of the year.

If golden and defunnio do not put in a four down linemen defense and a blitzer going in every other play, then
Hurricane season is over. Another four years of shannon ball and break even seasons.

If golden and the OC do not throw the ball down field on timing patterns and keep throwing the balls to the sidelines, get ready for boring three and outs.

Kansas State has the 2011 National Coach of the year, a great QB. And we have . . . golden, defunnio, OC, and excuses.

The players should say screw defunnio and just go to a four down linemen defense and blitz. Mutiny. What can the coaches do, bench everybody?

After a season and a game it is abundantly clear our Defensive and Offensive coordinators are not leaders in their respective fields. I'll give USC and Bama credit not just because they are hot now, but because they go and get the very best coaches to lead their defensive and offensive units. Al's dedication to these two men will ultimately be the reason for inconsistant performances by both units. Well you may say give them a chance because they are just starting to recruit better players. Well I say just like you can watch a player a few games and know he doesn't have it, the same is true about coaches. After one very bad bowl game Clemson fired O and D coordinators. Know why? Because they are serious about becoming a top program. I ask the Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst in consultation with Jimmy Johnson start identifying the best in field pro style offensive and defensive coordinators to show recruits, players and fans their commitment to resurrect the program.

Great win away from home. A better way to start than last year. Grow Canes grow!

Great Game Young Canes!
Liked their fight, second half D was beating up their O line. Remember how close game vs BC was when we won last NatC. This game could have been 55 - 14. But forget about it we are 1-0 in lead of Coastal, look ahead to KSU their QB is heisman caliber better than VaTechs or FSU QB. If we can beat KSU anythings possible!!!!!!


Great to start the season with a W. Lots of good stuff happening. More determination and fire in a tougher team. We are on the right track. Some great younger guys and Morris will be an outstanding QB. I will take Duke over Miller any day of the week, and he is only a true freshman.

That said, it is coaching and game prep that addresses the blown coverages issue. That should not happen so much, especially with 2 seniors in the secondary. The conservative D approach generated no pass rush, but it was against a really big and experienced O-Line. Defense must take more risks and stop giving away the underneath game to the other team.

We are used to dominant Cane defenses in the glory years. We have some studs in there, like Denzel. We need some better players, and this will come. Look at Bush, Howard, Johnson, etc. Still don't have the dominant DT, though Chick is promising at DE, as is Green.

So it is a matter of how do you use your resources and limitations? Sitting back through the game is a mistake, and I hope we see better coverages and a more aggressive D. On the upside, K-State likes to run, and I like our chances there.

Bring it to K-state!


Let's not get too giddy. We beat a low ranked team on the strength of two unusual plays. Remember, we would have lost without duke's touchdowns. We can't count on him for two 50 yd runs each week! But, my greatest hope, regardless of anything else, is beat notre dame!!! Big national stage and history!! Remember, in addition to the history, they beat us at our last bowl appearance! Remember jimmy's words, if nothing else beat notre dame!


We won the last game and this week is KSU. All that matters are improvement and more wins

tampacane and canefan72 I'm glad I am not alone here. Chase Rettig (BC) was in full command of the BC offense and Miami defense with almost 600 total yards, thats unbelievable. There are always freshman and youth on both sides of the ball and the feeder programs in CT and MA are nowhere near what they are in Dade/Broward. I live up here now trust me. Our players were out coached by the opposition. When was the last time we saw consistant 3 and out. I see the same stuff as last year, weak and unimaginative play calling from both Miami offense and defense. Look at turn around programs in 1 yr from avg 7-6 to 10-3 (Clemson, Kansas, Penn State, Cincinnati etc) Golden is mediocre with a 27-34 previous record to prove it. if fans want to let the coaches off the hook and be impressed with fancy ties and gimmick cane walks, so be it, I'm not. I want to see the kind of stuff that Erickson brought here, creativity on play calling. it is almost like they have nothing left in the playbook.

Golden is covering for D Onofrio.Period.He had his defense poorly prepared.All Cane fans know this.Guess Golden doesn t want to disintegrate the fragile chemistry of the team right now.D Onofrio is already on the hot seat though....after the first game.........make no mistake.

TONY DAVID.........YOU are absolutely right my friend.It s laughable a few fans are crying because we re holding the defensive coordinator accountable.Blown coverage IS a coaching error.Some fans want to see the same old average performance????They must all be 18 years old or younger.I ve seen Miami win National Championships.....but with excellent defenses and D lines.No pressure at all on that QB who got over 400 yards passing.THAT is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.Urban Meyer does not coach that way and he got his Gators a few Championships.When you settle.....you remain mediocre.YOUR POINT IS WELL TAKEN AND I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.GO CANES.

itc dolphin........Sorry.Were you there when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon????????Do you believe it happened?Ummmmmmmmmmmm most folk have satellite or cable these days and the games are shown on live TV.Now all fans across the country have to be there in person to give their opinion.Duhhhhhh.Anyway.....you must be a relative of the defensive coordinator to ATTEMPT to DEFEND the job his defense did for him.The DC prepared the defense poorly.End of story.Golden was trying to keep the fragile chemistry intact......that s all.

Last year we would've lost this game by 14, now we won. Just give it time, Golden will figure out the problems.

Did I mention we won!!!! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuke

Why...look at Clemson, DC change and a big defensive win over Auburn Saturday. Its up to Golden if he wants to roll the dice and have his DC take him down also. Maybe the staff thinks that they don't need to perform given Miami's condition? Kinda get the feeling that its OK if we go 500 this year because next year is what counts?

The D last year was atrocious as if they had not learned one thing under Shannon, completely lost. I too was a little concerned about coach D. I now understand it will take a little time to learn how to work with each player since they must be coached from ground zero. We need to get D linemen in the backfield to disrupt the plays before they begin as per yesteryear.

Let's look ahead to Kansas State. Let's say golden and defunnio run the same 3 down linemen prevent defense which prevents stopping KS runs, prevents KS passing, and prevents winning.

Then, what will all you Hurricane fans say? Oh, young team, sanctions, need time, blown coverages, waaa, waaa, waa. 1-1. But wait, we can go 2-1 if we beat Bethune Cookman.

You guys are a joke defending golden and defunnio and sahhahahallalaahahahhaalal and the OC throwing flat passes instead of down the field and instead of having 4 down defensive linemen and a blitz on passing plays. The QB has to be rushed or golden is giving him all day to find his receivers, set up, and hit his receivers, REGULARLY.

Since Butch left, it has been all down hill. And now the U accepts mediocrity for one decade, maybe two or more. Maybe the U should drop football and get some girls' sports.

Yo Arty... Listen to these U Dopes. God are they eternally DelUsional... Watch'm turn when they're 1 and 2.

Tells us about that Dominate D. again CANEFOOLTILUDIE ?

Youthful canes with a great win.

Grow up Joe. That stadium is small and very rears if ever to they show the action on the sidelines. Your comments show you did not see what happened and like small minds you try and impune those that are telling it like it is. Would be proud to be a relative but alas I am not, but your childish attempt at an insult is laughable by its immaturity.

Same ole troll stuff jimgallow. Golden has made his statement live with it. Also that coach and his staff were responsible for the win. So instead of saying how bad they were, which they were not, give them credit for taking 10 freshman or first year starters and winning a tough game.

ITc, here is a fact:
Players win games.

Coaches are the ones who LOSE games.
The MIAMI coaches LOST the BC game with their 3 down lineman defense. The players saved golden's and D's azzes by knocking loose fumbles and with the players' goal line stand.

If Miami loses to KS, it will be the coaches 3 down lineman defenses, no blitzes and failure to throw down the field like in the olden days to wide receivers and tight ends getting in the open.

When golden and his idiot staff came to the U, they should have thrown out their own playbooks and studied the playbooks of Schnell, Jimmy, Ericson, Butch for both offense and defense.

golden and his staff are idiots in even CAUSING this dispute among Cane fans. Why would golden use playbooks that have only netted him mediocre seasons??????

The minute you see and count only 3 down defensive linemen, you know: 1. it is going to get beat on a run or a pass, and 2. the head coach and DC don't know a damn thing about football, and 3. They will lose the game until they get four down defensive linemen and blitzes.

If you do not think I am correct, run a tape of the ND-Navy game and run the first two BC offensive series, count the number of down defensive linemen for Navy and Miami. And watch what happens to those linemen giving up yardage on run plays and being unable to fight through 5 offensive blockers and not get to the passer.

There is your proof. And I do not need golden to tell me he has the utmost confidence in running the team. That tells me he is clueless as are shalalalaalalaa or whomever hired him.

In fact, if i were hiring a coach, I would ask him if he has ever run a 3 down lineman defense. If he said yes, I would not hire him. And in any contract, I would have a provision that a coach agrees that if ever he puts in a three down lineman defense, he agrees that is a material breach of his contract giving grounds to firing him for incompetence.

Same with throwing flat passes instead of passes to receivers well past the line of scrimmage.

Canefan72 you really think you know it all. Too bad you were not there to see all the action. Guess it never occurred to you that BC has a superior O line and we have a known shortage of D linemen and will be a priority on recruiting. Chick was double teamed and you really should learn something about football. A win is a win is a win and the D was the bigger part of the win. You watch so much TV what happened on plays 30-61 for BC???

Itc, Miami won on two recovered fumbles, a goal line stand, and when it ran a four down lineman defense with a blitz that allowed a Miami interception and run back for a TD.

When Miami went to a four down lineman defense, it stopped BC.
When Miami used a three down lineman defense, BC scored, picket up third downs, and had all day to throw.

As to linemen, Miami has all kinds of linemen. The Defensive line with four down linemen is the most important positions and formation in football. Defense wins championships. The 4 defensive linemen win those games. So, it is more important to have big, mobile, hostile linemen on Defense than on offense. Or if there are not enough, then the linemen have to play both ways as I did in high school and college.

But the Defense has to have four down linemen to stop the run up the middle and to go across the line a yard or two to contain the end run and to rush the passer against 5 big offensive linemen.

And I keep telling you, moron, that Miami did not "Win" against BC. They got extremely lucky because the Miami coaches all but gave that game to BC with their piss poor 3 down lineman prevent defense and with their flat passes instead of throwing down the field.

I hope they and you grow a brain about football before the KS game.

I have a suggestion for sports reporters.
Could you please go and talk to Schnell, Butch, Jimmy Johnson, Don Shula and ask which is smarter, a 3 down lineman defense or a 4 down lineman defense and WHY?

Too bad cane fan that you can't see the trees for the forest. Did it ever occur to you that maybe we don't have the horses to play a four down all the time. Probably not to a horses behind like you.
Notice you can't get around BC's good O line and what happened between plays 31-60.
If we gave up 400-500 yards a game and won every game you'd still be bitching like a girl.

itcdolphin: I was there and your the one that dosent know about about football. In a 3-4 defense then end is ALWAYS double teamed. The DE job is to control gaps and to beat the double team block to push the pocket. Chickillo couldnt do it. 4-3 the DE can beat the single block and rush the pocket and collapse it. Miami linbackers were confused and couldnt get to the QB or cover TE's. Result opposing QB's having banner days. This is basic stuff. Lets see what happens next week but I think DC change is warrented. The biggest texbook advantage to the 3-4 is its unpredictability. Any of the 4 linbackers can blitz on any given play or move to the line as an end. Miami looks like it cant run the 3-4. So get back to 4-3. Just because Alabama was successful with it dosent mean Miami can be. Chickallo has alot of hype. Lets see him put up. Why do you think Golden keeps saying he needs leardership from him. If he cant come off the double blockand the linbackers get to the QB...forget it. Season will be over by October.

Jim G, golden is full of crap if he is criticizing his players for not getting by a double team block. With two guys the same size as our lineman, our guy is lucky he is not pushed back 10 yards on every play. There is NO way ONE def. lineman will get by two offensive lineman. THAT is the reason a QB has all day to find his receivers, set up and throw a good pass, NO pressure from a 3 down lineman defense.

I will guarantee that if golden and DC use a three man defensive front at any time against KS or any other good team, THEY are going to lose, not the 3 Miami defensive linemen.

And when Miami starts losing games, all of the excuses and excuse makers will come out. But the fact is that attendance will dwindle down to ten thousand because no true fan is going to come to a stadium to watch a loser coach's team.

For want of a nail, a horseshoe was lost. For want of a horseshoe, a horse was not used. For want of a cavalry rider a battle was lost. For losing a battle, a kingdom was lost.

For want of a fourth defensive lineman on every play, an offense runs rampant over Miami's defense and team, and Miami will have a very bad losing record. Wait and see. Maybe we can make a book of excuses for the loser Miami fans and coaches who do not know beans about football and good formations.

To anyone who thinks I am wrong about the losing weakness of a three down lineman defense, run the BC Miami game over. Watch the Miami line when Miami is on defense. Count the number of Miami players who are in a down stance with a hand on the ground. Then, see whether the BC offensive play was successful or not.
Keep track for both 3 and 4 down linemen plays and for each of those, successful or not. Then, do the percentages.

If you are honest and correct in watching and notations, I will guarantee that when Miami used a 3 down lineman defense, they were not successful in stopping either a run nor a pass. And vice versa when they used a four down lineman defense.

It really is that simple. The defensive line is critical. And DE have to stay in their lanes and not stunt or get pushed inside because they have to contain the end run and push the offensive ball carrier back into the defensive LB pursuit.

I have forgotten more about what is good football strategy than golden and his whole staff will ever know.

The qb was throwing it to the running back on almost every darn play in the coaches couldnt tell the player that... They were running that same darn slant play almost every play until we pick the ball off... Look it up... I dont think he calls really good defensive plays when we are playing zone 10 yards off the WR's...

Keep it nice NERDS !

Jim gallo nice quote from a book. If you were there you would know what you wrote was not that much of a factor in the game. You must have been the only one to get booze in thecstadium

Oh let us bow down to you all knowing cane fan. Your a perfect example of figures don't lie but liars can figure.
All your nonsense means nothing, these young men were coached to a win and had the heart and guts to stay in the game. Last year with japickey at 14-0 they would have started folding their tents.
If you know so much that would mean more than any formation you can come up with

Jim gallo and ltcdolphin need to kiss and make up you guys sound a little bit butt hurt.

Coming from a community organizer you should know.

ltcdolphin no i don't but you sound more like the expert you and your mistress going back and fourth on here like a bunch of scorn lovers.

ltcdolphin you should be more worried about the lackluster offense and defense of the dolphins.

yep He won't he is too busy arguing with his mistress on here.

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