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Golden: "I have the utmost confidence in how we're running our defense."

A day after his team won their season opener at Boston College despite giving up 10 acres worth of yards to the Eagles, UM coach Al Golden defended defensive coordinator and close friend Mark D'Onofrio while addressing other issues.

Ultimately, Golden said the reason Boston College was able to put 441 yards passing on Miami was because there were a lot of blown assignments and poor communication between players, not what D'Onofrio was calling.

"We had some blown assignments that just led to wide open receivers. It's as simple as that," Golden said. "There are no excuses here. We have to do a better job coaching it. The kids have to do a better job executing it. Give Doug Martin and the BC offense credit. They really did a good job scheme wise and ran off the first 16 plays without us really distorting that all all.

"But then at the same time I want to give our staff credit for responding. Between play 16 and play 61 they didn't score at all. Hopefully, we can settle down and eliminate some of those mental errors and some of the guys will do a better job with communication..."

Golden was asked if he believes in the scheme D'Onofrio employed. It seemed to me -- and maybe the rest of the world -- the Hurricanes were sitting back in zone coverage while rushing just three or four linemen each play and not getting to BC quarterback Chris Rettig. D'Onofrio's scheme wasn't the problem, Golden said.

"Do I believe in it?," Golden said almost miffed at the question. "I know where the question is going. I will just tell you all the explosive plays basically came on blown assignments in man-to-man coverage. Everybody wants us to do this and do that. The bottom line is we have to execute what's called. And clearly, I have the utmost confidence -- not just confidence -- the utmost confidence in how we're running our defense."


> Golden was pleased with how many young players gained experience in Saturday's game. He said 58 of the 65 players that traveled to Boston College got in the game -- including 14 freshmen, 12 of them true freshmen.

"I'd like to continue make sure everybody has a role in the game and an opportunity to help us," said Golden, who said he played younger teams at Temple in 2007 and 2008. "They played with a lot of energy and a lot of spirit and were competitive. We have to get them a little more poised, a little more calmed down and hopefully get them settled in between Game 1 and Game 2. 

> No play may have demonstrated the difference between the 2011 Hurricanes and the 2012 version than Duke Johnson's first touchdown run when there was blocking help up and down the field to help him get in the end zone. Golden won't bad mouth last year's team, but he did say this about that 54-yard TD run on Sunday.

"It's all effort. Clive [Walford] was excellent on that play in terms of his blocking," Golden said. "If you don't care about your teammates and care about conditioning, you're not going to finish plays. Don't forget [Phillip] Dorsett was 45 yards away on the opposite numbers. He and long with Clive led [Johnson] to the end zone. I think [Jonathan] Feliciano -- even though he looked like he was in the HOV lane, he and those guys showed great hustle that they wanted to finish those plays."

> Duke Johnson finished with 135 yards and two touchdowns on seven carries and Golden noted that Johnson would have received more carries if he didn't break a pair of long touchdown runs. That being said, Golden doesn't appear to be eager to make Johnson the only guy who touches the ball in his backfield. The Canes will continue to share the wealth for now.

"Clearly we want to make sure we get them all touches and we want to be a little more balanced this week in terms of our run/pass ratio as well," Golden said. 

> As for quarterback Stephen Morris, Golden said the one sack UM allowed was his fault because "Stephen will tell you he should have found his outlet in the flat and he didn't." Golden said there were "other occasions [Morris] could have pulled it down and ran," and that Morris has "got to trust his speed." But overall, Golden said, "Stephen did a great job with the offense."

> As good as UM looked in its hurry-up offense Saturday, don't start believing the Canes are married to it. "I was just trying to take our greatest advantage and widen that gap. I hope it helped. We stayed in it for quite some time because we felt it was helping, wearing down the defense," Golden said. "But every game plan is different."

> Don't be surprised if you see more of redshirt freshman linebacker Eddie Johnson. He finished third on the team with five tackles and made a big play by forcing a fumble that was recovered by Ladarius Gunter."Eddie Johnson gets beat and then he hustles down the field and takes the ball away," Golden said. "That is type of the effort we are looking for."

> True freshman Ereck Flowers impressed Golden in his first college start at right tackle. "Ereck Flowers graded out over 90 percent. I thought he played really well."

> Safety Deon Bush led all true freshmen on defense with four tackles. Golden said Bush played 30 snaps on defense and 12 snaps on special teams. "I think Deon is making a lot of progress and playing well," Golden said. "So is Rayshawn Jenkins for that matter."

> Golden counted seven drops by the receivers in the Boston College game and said that was what bothered him the most in his game review on offense. But he is confident that unit will bounce back this week. "I think Rashawn Scott will play better, I know Kendal Thompkins will play better, Malcolm Lewis answered the bell, we will get Dorsett more touches and Davon Johnson did his job," Golden said.

> After participating mostly on the scout team last week, Golden said Seantrel Henderson will have a chance to compete "with the varsity" for playing time this week.

> Golden is not anticipating a return for defensive tackle Curtis Porter (appendectomy) this week. That hurts against a good rushing team like Kansas State.

> Golden reiterated that he is hoping freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby, who had a cast removed from his right leg last week, can return by the Georgia Tech game on Sept. 22.


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Why do you whiney babies forget that this D stopped BC on a huge goal line stand? That was major steel nuggets from the D line. BC scores there and its a 3 point game with 3 minutes left.

Miami dropped like 5 crucial passes as well. So dont give BC so much credit. Had Miami receivers caught those passes game wouldnt be that close!

Its call a football game. You play for a W. UM with a bunch okf freshmen won. We have possibly the next coming of clinton portis or frank gore. We are 1-0 in the ACC. We are 1-0 overall. Morris is a good QB. There is speed and conditioning on this team. We have huge depth at rb and wr. We have a future outland trophy candidate in Ereck Flowers.

So please you all stop whining and take this great win.


5>3>2 Exactly well spoken.

Yep and community org. Two different types of teams two different sets of problems.
Yes a dolphin fan through and through. Grow up little minds

How hypocritical of you community organizer and 532 was right on.
Co2 you are full of it, you might be white heron.

I think its time to put Tracy on the other side at corner. Finnie is looking good too. Mgee is just not making the field. He has speed, but can't cover. The line has to creat pressure. All the great Miami teams of the past had the ability to dominate the line. I hate Bama, but they are using our formula of the 80's, 90's, and early 00's: Dominating line, shut down corners, hard hitting safeties and linebackers. They will get better, but currently the offense is way ahead. Usually its the other way around this early in season.

You guys just do not get it. Talk about offense all you want. But offense does not win games nor championships. offense puts butts in the stadium seats who do not know a down from a donut. Oh, gollee, look at the one good run, the one good marino pass. But they lost. Oh well, they have stadium drunk boxes.

Real fans will not come to games run by loser coaches.
Lose at KS, win over Bethune Cookman, lose to ND = LOSER COACHES. mediocre. You no nothings like mediocrity. Claim it, it is yours.

A four down lineman defense with blitzes wins games.
Throwing the ball on routes going past the first down marker wins games and moves the ball.

Stick with loser golden's three down linemen defenses and flat passes and start whining three years from now about break even seasons, young teams, young players, blame the players, bad luck, Mercury and Mars are in retrograde, etc. etc.

Go with golden. You guys are losers. Neither of you know football. Watch the first five minutes of the KS game when Miami is on defense. Count the number of defensive linemen with hands on the ground right before the snap. If there are only three instead of four, place a bet that Miami is going to lose.

True enough on 4th and goal. A great stop. In fact, BC tried to run a hurry up and our guys got set at the last moment, if then. The D did some good things in terms of turnovers. But, changes need to be made. I think the 3 versus 4 argument here is a good and informative one. And coverages were poor too many times. Not even close to the receiver. Scary stuff...

Yah, a W to start the season is great. We all hope for a surprise season. And a win over K-State would be real sweet. We have got speed. They have got power.
They don't have a good, accurate QB like Rettig in the throwing game. Expect zone read city from Klein.

I really liked our hurry up O. It looked like Oregon on several plays when the D was not completely set. It takes conditioning to run that offense, and we seem way betterr than last year. Would also like to see fewer sideline passes, though the issue is getting our speed loose on the outside. Rashawn looks fast, as does, Malcom and Dorsett. A few other good ones in that corps as well. Let's get it downfield! Use the TE underneath.

Let's keep it going against teams that beat us at home last year!

tcdolphin. Why are you still on here crying.


Shut up already you sound like a drunk uncle who doesn't understand when to put the bottle down.

hey you,
I have to keep posting simple instructions to you morons and golden jock strap supporters on how games are won.

It worked when I told you morons how to pour water out of your boots if you would just read the instructions written on the bottom of the heel of the boot.

This is what I am up against with you moron youngsters who think that going to a football game is just a place for you to get drunk and look at cheerleaders and guys in tight pants.

DEfense needs much improvement.Can t hide in the sand and say it s good enough.Happy very much with the O line and the offense.Most of the drives showed many,many different receivers all game long making most catches to sustain long drives engineered by Stephen Morris....who did a great job and didn t panic.Duke and RB were great.

jo jo, I agree with you. I am kinda okay with the offense and Morris and running backs and offensive line. Not okay with flat passes though. Two yard gains just do not get the job done.

And I agree that a drive with first downs and a score of some kind is mandatory. That is a traditional Cane offense modus operendi with a great QB at Quarterback U.
Flat passes just get you a three and out.

again, jim gallo, you're a turd.
Quit your talk about how miami beat up on a bunch of catholic school kids from the northeast. Two of the best programs in Broward / Dade are catholic schools, you flea (st. thomas aquinas and columbus). We've also recruited guys this past year from Westminster, Tampa Jesuite, Ray Lewis' kid goes to a Catholic school, and Preston Dewey is from a small private school.

Jim Gallo, you are the dried up drool on a pillow cover.

Community organizer. On here to see you flop around like a fish on the deck with your nonsense

Links your right but you should include canefan in that too

Was wondering canefan defensive guru are you saying the VT and GT defensive coordinators need to be fired too??

all these damn ppl angry about blown assignments i understand but damn calm down its the first game there were alot of teams that had blown assignments were gonna fix the problems i gurrantee u that we got alot of true freeshmen starting yeah there good but there gonna make mistakes itll get fix these guys arent like the players that playd most of those positions ly, ly it seemed as if they werent tryn dis year there are alot of hungry players and players tht have been hungry it time for us to come bck from the shadows an dominate baby so no worries guys just keep the faith and believe#GOLDEN ERA#HURRICANES 4 LIFE#HATERZ KILL YASELF

linksys; Thats not what I said. I said that small catholic high school players from the NE beat up a Miami team with almost 600 total yards. The point I was making was that the south florida football programs (private/catholic or public) are far superior compared to most of the schools up here. 542 total BC yards is a TOTAL DISGRACE. Granted Chase Rettig is a very good QB and Emmett Cleary (sr 6'7" 302) and John Wetzel (sr 6'8" 313 lb) were almost impossible to penetrate but thats the point. What was the Miami DC game plan for those 3? I am glad Miami won but I was never a Golden fan since he came here as a coach with a losing record 27-34. I felt he was not qualified to take over this program. I will give him a chance as a true Miami fan but hold him accountable for winning. He should understand that hes on the hot seat every week. Mark D'Onofrio is not qualified to be DC at a school like Miami. All you have to do is look at his resume. You cant blame it all on freshman and NCAA violations.

Ksu will present different challenges he will have to find a way of of effectively blitzing the run without getting exposed.

Posted by: Tallycane | September 02, 2012 at 08:22 PM

Great observation. Nothing kills a blitz better than a running QB with the power and mobility of Klein. We've always had problems containing up the middle on QB scrambles.
Rettig was just not mobile enough to test us.
I HAVE to think out D-line and NBS are better than Missouri St. which held KSU to like 13 points till late in the 3rd quarter.
I believe Perryman has to have a huge game, and hope somehow D'Onofrio can maybe devise a "spy" type defense against Klein.

I'm for giving Mark a chance, but as a long-time Fins fan, I cannot help but remember Shula's blind loyalty to his best friend and DC, whose coaching cost the Fins dearly. Shula refused to fire him. The rest is, unfortunately HISTORY.

If, by midseason, we still see our secondary and LB's grossly out of position, THEN perhaps criticism of D'Onofrio would be justified.

However, part of a DC's gig is to make sure our team can tackle. We DID, and that was some of the hardest hitting in a LONG time. BUSH!!!

Sorry, meant OUR D-Line and Linebackers are better than Missouri St.

Lots of comments here...some on point...some way off point...


1. WRs need to make plays...good game to make mistakes to learn from

2. Def very vanilla outside the Red Zone...understand with so many young players on D...got to keep it that way...if you open up the D with the Blitz...you have to have the players with the reps recognition to adjust...we do not have that right now.

3. OC needs to be a little more creative and not just stick to about 7 plays...If we are committed to a high % short pass game to help offset the running game, we have to execute or we will be in some uncomfortable 3rd downs all season...we had way too many of them.

4. We need to have that Killer Instinct...we got a little tight on O and with the 4min plan after our last score. We did not take any time off the clock, and it almost came back to kill us.

5. Team looked Fresh, but we still lack size, strength
and depth on the DLine.

6. Best UM Game when down early in years. They found a way to fight back and hold on.

7. This is what I like the best...did anyone see the brewing of the SWAG we have been missing...

I hope is was just the start, but if The U can adjust to the mistakes of this game, and can grow up quickly...watch out college football in a year or two!

Reality Check on #7: BC might be a 6 and 6 Team at best.

The U has to have a massive adjustment for fans to feel comfortable going into each game.

I am confident most loyal fans recognize there have been very notable and consistent improvements on a foundational level.

The U lost by an average of 5.5 points per game last year. We have to find a way to get the extra TD a game. We did that this game...

KState will be the real test of our growth and what is to come for the Season!

I think Miami can beat both GT and VT if they both keep their 3 man defensive fronts and if

Miami changes to a four down lineman defensive front.

Last night, both VT and GT looked very, very weak on defense with both offenses running runs and passes because there was no run defense and no pass rush with only 3 men on the defensive line.

If Miami does not change to a four down lineman defensive front, I will guarantee you they will not be better than a break even, mediocre season record.

I have no confidence in golden nor in his DC if they continue to use or ever even employ a three down defensive lineman defense ever again against five or six offensive linemen. Those coaches just do not know what they are doing.

Think of physics. 5 guys can move or block 3 guys very easily. Duhhhh. Boy, that was hard.

Another physics concept. Momentum. A ball carrier follows an offensive guard with no one in front of the blocker.

How hard will it be for a smaller linebacker or a very small defensive back to fight off a big offensive lineman and tackle a big offensive back who has a head of steam and his mass plus his acceleration? A tackle just will not happen in less than a five yard gain for the runner.

Another physics concept. 3 Defensive linemen can NOT fight through 5 or 6 offensive blockers. So, a quarterback has all day to pick apart a pass defense.

GT and VT both employed the same idiot defense last night. It was a battle of who was going to lose.

people can say what they want, we played a good game but coach d is not the dc for this type of talent, blame it on the first game if u want, were stronger, i know that, but break the game down and look, we were just out coached on defense coach d is not the elite dc we need rite now but that will come in time, i just hope we dont play a real physical team with this dc at the drivers seat.

your rite james i am a diehard canes fan, they cant wait to play us because defense wins games and we are hurt and its not a lack of talent, just ask boise state, coaches on defense matters believe me, only thing i can say is i hope they were just trying to hide the defensive shceme till the kstate game.

If golden and the dc were experimenting with 3 down def. linemen, that shows 1. they did not know what they were doing, nor 2. how important 4 down defensive linemen were. Miami can NOT give up two TDs to KS or ND and expect to win using a 3 down lineman defense on the first two series.

golden and dofunnio are out of their minds. The biggest, most agile, and most hostile linemen must play the four down linemen defense with a couple more to send in on goal line stands.

Defense wins championships. Offense gets the oooooss and aaaahhha and puts butts in the seats. But there will be no butts in the seats watching a losing team. Who wants to watch a football game where one KNOWS FSU is going to beat Miami because of lousy coaching using a 3 down lineman defense?????

Canefan you really need to to stop with your four stuff. Last night if anything should have shown you that. Heck there was even 2 down at times. Glad you know so much. How does the name Al Grough strike you?? He needs to go too, right.

itc, start making up your excuses right now for the loss against KS if golden allows less than a four down lineman defense throughout the game.

Well somebody with multiple personalities has been waiting to read a response from me. Jeez get off my penis already. What can I say about the defensive effort. I'm not sure to be upset at these "blown assignments" or wrong plays at the wrong times. It might have been a bit of both but still didn't like it. I hope we get Curtis Porter back soon. The Dline was locked up with him, Robinson, and Pierre. I would have liked our secondary to have played more man coverage instead of so much zone. VT has to realize that his spot is in absolute jeopardy. He gave up multiple plays that all led to first downs. Brand McGoo has to learn to catch a damn ball. That would have been a pick 6 for the D. The Dline should have kept 4 guys up front the entire damn game and just wear out that Oline. I didn't give BCs Oline enough credit, they did well with little to no mistakes. Perryman and EJohnson were tearing it up and glad to see DBush getting some hits in. I still have faith in our Dline but we need to get healthy and I want to see better Defensive play calling from D'Onofrio. I'll give him till the end of the season before I give MPO. C'mon Coach D, stack the box and crush them all!!

Love this win over BC and as always IT'S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE. Can't say the same or UofFelons who almost lost to BowlingGreen (good lord) and FIwho who were gang raped by Duky. Who did Fswho play again, what division does that team play in?? Who cares, if they're players aren't being arrested, they're being kicked from the team and if not that, they're dropping with injuries. Enjoy your season's you overrated losers.


Cane fan if we loose it will surely not be because you knew anything. And now it seems you were wrong after the articles today. Must be hard to eat your own words.

If Miami loses to KS or to any other team this year, it will be because the coaching was poor in many respects and they they used a 3 down lineman defenses which allowed good runs and good passes to occur by Miami's opponents.

As to the articles today proving me wrong, I do not know to exactly what you are referring. Try to stick to facts instead of insults about eating anything especially after the places where you eat amongst butt holes.

Cane fan so mature of you. Obviously you do not keep up with the coach and others are saying. Keep eating your words and trying to recover with immature insults. Grow up and do your homework before you open your blow hole.

Way to go Duke

Itc, you and incompetent coaches want to kiss my what???
No thanks. I don't want your diseases.

Oh such a silver tounged immature devil you are and you elevate the conversation so much. Your lack of football knowledge is showing.

No one needs to take my opinion nor golden's opinion about defense. Look at the facts:
Look at the BC game or the KS game or future games. Divide your page into two parts, 3 defensive linemen with a hand on the ground or 4 defensive linemen with hand on the ground before a play starts.

Then, divide each of those parts into two parts. Did the other team either score or make more than four yards on each play? Simply put a check mark in the correct 3 or 4, yes or no column.

You will find that when Miami uses a 3 down lineman defense, they are unable to stop either a run or pass. And when they use a four down lineman defense, they can.

So simple even a caveman like ITC or golden or the DC can see the truthful facts.

Well done canefan72 you actually managed to write something and almost not try to insult in an immature manner, but you could not control yourself.
Did you see the VT/GT game?? Hmmm you loose that.
And the DC said something about man to man 40% of the time, rest zone, ooooops there you go again.
What happened between 31-65 BC plays

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