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Golden said defensive system, tackling needs examination after blowout loss at K-State

UM coach Al Golden defended his defensive coordinator after last week's season-opening win at Boston College, saying he had the utmost confidence in what Mark D'Onofrio was doing. 

Golden sounded a little less emphatic about that after Saturday's 52-13 blowout loss at Kansas State. 

"We're going to look at everything tomorrow and see where we're at from a system standpoint and from a tackling standpoint and get it fixed going into next week," Golden told WQAM color analyst Don Bailey Jr. when asked what he thought the defense could do after giving up 499 yards including 289 on the ground to the Wildcats.

"This is just a tough one. We have to do a good job leaving this here and moving on. We can't let this game beat us twice."

Except from a handful of plays, the Hurricanes were dominated in just about every phase Saturday. As usual, Golden opened his post-game interview with WQAM with the company line after an ugly loss -- by saying there is no excuses.

"They beat us in all three phases, out played us, out coached us. We got to do a better job starting with me. That's it." Golden said. "No excuses."

UM's offense, which produced 34 points in last week's win at BC, produced a total of 264 yards. Freshman tailback Duke Johnson -- except for a 77-yard kickoff return late to setup UM's only touchdown -- had a forgetful day. He finished with 22 yards on 7 carries and had more drops (3) than catches (2 for 20).

"We didn't convert enough on offense. Clearly," Golden said."We didn't get the explosive plays we needed on offense and we didn't get off the field on defense. We had opportunities in the red zone on offense. We didn't score. We never put pressure on them. At the end of the day, we never put any pressure on them with the score. They played from the lead, which is tough to play them from the lead."

Quarterback Stephen Morris finished 19 of 25 for 214 yards, but was sacked a handful of times and fumbled once. Morris also had a shot at the end zone in the second half, but didn't get the block he needed from Mike James and ran out of bounds at the 3-yard line. Kansas State drove the length of the field after that to put UM away.

"Give them credit they did a better job then we did, they got pressure from a four man rush, had him running a little bit," Golden said of Kansas State. "We weren't very sharp in some areas."

UM ran the ball 29 times for a total of 40 yards.

"We never got the running game going for Mike, Duke and OT and got behind," Golden said. "It made it tougher, just compounded for us."

UM turned the ball over three times and produced one turnover -- a leaping interception by cornerback Brandon McGee. But it was the first turnover -- a fumble by Eduardo Clements with UM down 7-0 in the first quarter -- that hurt the most.

"Can't win like that -- especially the one of the first drive was tough. You're going down there to answer, get in a situation where you can compete. It ended up being a big play. We just got to protect the ball better than we did," Golden said.

A number of true freshmen played again for UM including defensive tackle Earl Moore.

"There were a number of guys that got a lot of reps," Golden said. "Again, we got to see how they responded and look at the tape. We can get better and see what changes we need to make and do that."

So what kind of things can UM do to make sure they don't get beat twice as Golden put it after this dreadful loss? Golden didn't really seem to have answer for that really.

"We're going to continue to be the same guys," he said. "We're trying to build a program. We're trying to get back to where we want to be and the way you do that with consistency. I know people want to wave a wand and I don't know if some people thought after 1 week we were right where we needed to be.

"[Winning at Kansas State] is a tough task, a tough out for a lot of people. In the last decade or so I think there's only been three people who have beat them here in the last decade. This is a tough out. Obviously, we were weren't as focused as well as we needed to be. We didn't execute as well as we needed to. That's on me. Bottomline."


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no freekin sh!*&*#$ coach!! really?? now is when you realize your defense needs examination???

All I hear from Golden is focused on what the offense didn't do. While it's true that they have a long way to go. The REAL issue is this pathetic defense. Two games and over 1000 yards given up. Coach, the offense is the least of your issues!!!

p.s. kick the opening kickoff out of bounds....nice start jackass.....nice start and over the cliff we go from there.

Defense! Defense! Defense! The weakness was not hidden last week. Either too young in the front four or they are just plain bad and we need new ones. I think most of us knew it would be a long season. This just brings it home. We can hope to spoil a couple seasons with these guys but that may be it.

Thanks for the update coach! None of this was obvious at all

Only good thing about today is a butt whooping took place which I feel the fresman needed to go through.....it's tuff....it hurts....but in the end it will build charicter. A lot of young guys got much needed reps against a QB who in my opinion should be a strong heisman candidate. Perhaps at one point we will "get it".....it did take a few games last year for the defense to stiffin up.

fire your defensive coordinator asap

Greg Williams needs a job. I need a defensive coordinator who can come up with a better game plan than we have been using FIRE the DEFENSIVE Coordinator. ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ay yi yi.

Hard to blame this one on D'Onofrio when the offense only put up 6 points. They needed to look at the defense last week, the players can't run the DC's scheme. The linemen can't get to the quarterback alone and the backs can't cover long enough. Until they can, he has to adjust.

Georgia Tech is the perfect test, take some chances, get them behind the line of scrimmage or get beat deep, and take the damn ball away.

At the end of the day this is either a wake up call or a death knoll. Beat Georgia Tech. This is a nice schedule in terms of ACC play, the big dogs are at home, BC away was in September, UVA and Duke are the late away games.

Win the coastal get a shot at the conference. Win the conference go to the BCS bowl in your own stadium.

Nothing's f*cked here dude.


the offense was poor, but at least if they protect the QB, there is a chance. the Defense may need a new coordinator. not yet but by the end of the season thats two years, its time to try a new one , Coach Golden dont let your friendship with the D coordinator cost you your job and repatriation...... GO Canes

Bad omen when the kicker kicks the opening kickoff out of bounds. Poor.

Then Clements fumbles on our promising firsd drive.

K-State is a really good team and they destroyed us. Our defense is really bad. Signs of hope, but that's it.

K-State had one penalty. We had two on the same play!

Morris looked terrible inside the 20. What was that 3rd down call after a time out?

Is there a reason this team doesn't go downfield? Why are our receivers usually covered?

This was awful. Changes need to happen or it will be a very looooooonng year! Hard to watch. Ugly loss.

CLinton Portis is right about today. Embarrassing.

If we had a home stadium in tropical park then this would not be an issue. KSU got lucky today and I think we will crush Bethune next week!


blah blah blah blah,same old rhetoric from a different coach...yes this team is very young but that excuse is also old..i believe the talent is there but the coaching may not..i think golden is right man to right the ship but his two coordinators are a different story..the play calling in this game,as well as last game was totally baffling,at best..way too conservative...the d-coordinator obviously is clueless..golden needs to make a move on this soon before it's too late...it's going to take at least 2 years before this team is relevant,and that's being kind..be patient for a couple more years...

Our defense if very young, We knew that going in, Knew the d line had depth issues, and the lbs were very young, That is gonna lead to alot of mistakes.

I dont blame denofrio , Its just a young defense, Very young , its hard to win with 14 true freshman playing regular minutes , Our offense had alot of depth issues at wr also, most of our best wr's are true sophmores and freshman, Its gonna take time to fix the mess coker and shanoon made of this program but i feel golden and them are doing a good job fixing that,
U can see that in the players they have recruited, Guys like perryman and moore, and howard, and bush, Guys like duke johnson and flowers, This is the future at um and its looking good, Of course the present doesn't look so good, I feel by end of year this team will be much better team on d then are now.

I felt bad for our guys today. Many played hard, I thought. I didn't see the DL dogging it.

We were simply crushed by a better and very physical team. Those guys played hard every down, all the way down to their 3rd stringers.

My hope was that our Offense could keep us in a high scoring game. But, too many mistakes, not enough risks and a great K-State defense. Our receivers weren't open much. Our red zone performance was poor, with the exception of the late TD pass by Williams. He looked very composed, but hadn't faced the rush Morris did.

Our D line made some nice plays on the run, but any decent QB will pick us apart because of our limited pass rush. Klein is an excellent thrower and a great runner. We put some hits on them, but they just kept coming. A really good team.

Ouch!!! Painful to watch for any fan. I hope the Canes don't lose heart!

A lot of idiot posts. Understandable as nobody likes to get embarrassed like today. Sucks! Players not plays. Shed blocks and tackle better. A fumble, a dropped pass, short fields. K State was all hat on a hat and expect Klein to win one on one's.

We are Canes fans no matter what. So no matter what knid of egg they layed on the field today for whatever reasons, LETS GO CANES!

Mark May and Reis Davis joking during the highlights, "the artist formerly known as 'Da U."

Miami continue to get second tier players. It showed today. It's time to go out of state for players.

Excuses, Excuses, and more excuses for the Defensive unit. His friend is not doing his job. His defensive unit was terrible last year, and is terrible this year. Accountability. His schemes do not work, or the players are just dumb then, and that is his fault again. 1000 yards in two games...sorry fans...I don't buy it. What was your excuses last year for the defense? This year we blame it on playing freshmen, what happen to U are Tough, because we are longer Miami Hurricanes, but the Miami Cupcakes.

It is clear that K State were men and we were boys. Our problem is our most talented players are freshmen. Earl Moore and Dequan Ivery are probably are most talented DT's but they are very young and need to add weight. I also think this is a young team that was humbled because they had a hangover from bc win.
The players I noticed who were still fighting were duke, bush, perryman, eddie johnson, etc. This still is not 100% Golden's team.

Some thoughts
Eddie Johnson once he calms down will be all acc in my opinion. Him and Perryman will be best tandem since Vilma and Williams.

Duke didnt have the greatest game but this kid never stops fighting.

I would like to see more of earl moore. Pierre is really a back up. Porter will help.

Mike James is what he is. Great kid, average starter.

Bush needs to start. Rogers is nothing but a backup.
I felt like I seen #2 and #44 everywhere.

I know we were told Williams is nothing compred to Morris but he did looked quite composed even though it was against second team.

I o-line is young but if I was Seantrel I would take Bunche's job.

If hurns is hurt, Malcolm Lewis is our best receiver.

Davon Johnson has played well. Looking at Arthur Brown, Tommy Streeter, and Davon Johnson really show you the disaster coach golden inherited.

Painful!!! Old man Snyder not only took us to school, he dropped us off at the cleaners on his way home. That was so pathetic I couldn't take anymore by the start of the fourth quarter. How embarrassing. I'm really having suspicions about the coaches, especially D'Onofrio. I thought the teams had changed uniforms. That's how we use to be, "come into my house and we'll deliver you a severe beating." After looking at our schedule, and the way we played, I thought, realistically we could finish 10-2. And what the hell is the reason for giving them the ball on the coin toss? I thought you took that option when you had a great defense as we use to years ago. Two weeks in a row teams scored on their first possession, Duh!! And last but certainly not least they had more speed then us, supposedly one of our strong suits.

we substitute waaaayyy to much on defense...chick and perryman should never come out the game...OT's fumble and Dukes drop slant pass (which woulda been a TD) was the cause of this loss..

The team is young. Great example was 44. He got suckered by Klein on his TD run, but then made some huge plays later in the game. Its youth. This team can't do everything well yet, so pick one. Eudocimus has it right.

Eudo/white heron. Probably the best you have ever written. Is that you or an imposter

It seems that we have been bad on defense for many, many years now. There is no excuse to be this bad on defense. When will this defensive line issue be resolved? It just seems that the current guys on the d-lineare physically unable to play the position at this level. Perhaps this team would look different with Vernon, Fortson, and Porter, and Chikillo. We clearly still have a depth issue, and a proper balance of upper and lower classmen.

Get rid of Donofrio now, before it's too late. And Morris needed to cut inside instead of trying to run around the DB on the sideline, horrible choice.

Bad day, really bad. The defense needs to get it together or this is going to be a long season. Forget about winning the ACC, that isnt going to happen.

Just saw this:

UM quarterback recruit Chris Olsen broke his foot and may be out for the season.

K-state runs a bull crap offense thats hard to defend. boring but effective. we can run the same with dorsett at qb. it opens up all aspects after confusing the D. with that said coach D-O must G-O. i will take my chances in man covereage before i let a known running qb beat me on the ground make them pass take the run away. D ends not boxing out there pinching in cant do that against read option. they must push the linman in and contain outside. basic pop warner football.

Need to bring back Luther Robinson. He is the best DT on the team and he was left home.

I believe the biggest issue has been recruitment and managing of our roster. For the first time in a long time we have more than two QBs on the team. We need guys who will stay the course when things are not going well, and get back to redshirtingplayers. A lot of these guys on the field would not start much less play for other top tier 25 teams, lets face it. Hopefully the young talent on the field now will greatly improve unlike the young talent that Shannon developed.

The fact is that Golden and company are just not good at this. The players see themselves as strong and capable but are getting destroyed. They see these game strategies not working. The troops have or will lose confidence in the generals ( I believe they have already).....this after the Robinson issue. Goldens confidence is shaken and he will not recover.....mark it. these are times where your past catches up with you and he should have never been hires. He was not experienced enough or qualified for a program and expectation at Miami. Now who knows what lies ahead....I say now more shoes to drop.

you people have to relax...this is going to take a couple of years to repair the damage shannon did to the culture of the U...take it for what it's worth,a young inexperienced team...in 2-3 years ,look out...

Totally outclassed on the field and on the sidelines today. Very embarrassing. Morris needs more time from the OL of course, but also needs to be more decisive if he's going to run. If you're going to run, tuck the ball and go. Be a leader and show some fire. Yes Duke dropped some balls, but he's a RB not a WR. He's the one difference-maker on offense right now. As far as the defense goes, I still don't know what our identity is after a year and two games. We don't attack and are always reacting instead of taking it to offenses. I'm not a believer in Coach D right now. We are getting manhandled in the trenches right now, with poor adjustments called. Red zone play-calling was also piss poor. How do you lose yardage and get sacked on a rollout COMING OFF A TIMEOUT????!!! Awful call. The one thing I would stay with is the hurry-up. Nowhere to go but up after this loss.

..in 2-3 years ,look out...
How many times have you heard that...

We are a young team but we need to grow up real fast and not let this loss dictate the whole season.

I saw this on another blog.........

"What's this I hear about the defense and other players not liking the supension of Luther Robionson and players just laying down because the did no support it?"


Hey boo.


Hey gaytor fan.

Golden is now 34-40 as a coach in 7 years.....that ratio will not change much.....thats the type of coach he is. If you dont have a winning percentage at this point, you never will. All you have to do is research all the former Miami coaches and other NCAA winning coaches. None have ever reversed to a significant ratio of winning. Secretly start looking for NFL coach..pay all the money and make the change.

Western Kentucky a Sunbbelt team only loosing to Alabama by a score of 28-0 in the 4th. The talent disparity here is HUGE. I do not want to hear about the age of players on this one.

Jim Gallo

The drunk uncle is back are you following the 12 steps you were given at your AA meeting.

this we are young stuff is garbage as well as goldens trash. most of these guys have been playing the game for years, and they cant at least compete a little. tackling? we barely touched the runners or receivers. its not broken tackles, its no defense at all. golden better wake up. or quit. miami cant afford to fire him

Hurricanes are rebuilding everywhere and will be over matched most of the time this year. I still believe in Coach Golden.

Stephen Morris, not so much...


Only losing 28-0 oh yeah good comparison idiot.

I never thought I'd say this: UM is just another school. We are getting superstar athletes by the strokes of luck. We don't rule college football anymore. UM is now an also ran.

If U don't see that the DC is out of his league, then U don't know the real deal. Somebody MUST go. When is "Goldy going to stop protecting the DC?


Only losing 28-0 oh yeah good comparison idiot.

Posted by: community organizer | September 08, 2012 at 06:46 PM

Like to call me that to my face...let me knwo the time and place.....

I've been right so far......cant be that drunk. Your the one that is drunk. The facts are the facts.....Golden is not a winning coach. DC has no experience AT ALL at DC....former linbacker coach..really?, lol You somehow believe in Golden....why I dont know. No hitsory of success. maybe your drunk on hope or class of 2016, dumb and stupid.

'Cool 'Cat

Joejackson did you change names again.

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