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Golden said defensive system, tackling needs examination after blowout loss at K-State

UM coach Al Golden defended his defensive coordinator after last week's season-opening win at Boston College, saying he had the utmost confidence in what Mark D'Onofrio was doing. 

Golden sounded a little less emphatic about that after Saturday's 52-13 blowout loss at Kansas State. 

"We're going to look at everything tomorrow and see where we're at from a system standpoint and from a tackling standpoint and get it fixed going into next week," Golden told WQAM color analyst Don Bailey Jr. when asked what he thought the defense could do after giving up 499 yards including 289 on the ground to the Wildcats.

"This is just a tough one. We have to do a good job leaving this here and moving on. We can't let this game beat us twice."

Except from a handful of plays, the Hurricanes were dominated in just about every phase Saturday. As usual, Golden opened his post-game interview with WQAM with the company line after an ugly loss -- by saying there is no excuses.

"They beat us in all three phases, out played us, out coached us. We got to do a better job starting with me. That's it." Golden said. "No excuses."

UM's offense, which produced 34 points in last week's win at BC, produced a total of 264 yards. Freshman tailback Duke Johnson -- except for a 77-yard kickoff return late to setup UM's only touchdown -- had a forgetful day. He finished with 22 yards on 7 carries and had more drops (3) than catches (2 for 20).

"We didn't convert enough on offense. Clearly," Golden said."We didn't get the explosive plays we needed on offense and we didn't get off the field on defense. We had opportunities in the red zone on offense. We didn't score. We never put pressure on them. At the end of the day, we never put any pressure on them with the score. They played from the lead, which is tough to play them from the lead."

Quarterback Stephen Morris finished 19 of 25 for 214 yards, but was sacked a handful of times and fumbled once. Morris also had a shot at the end zone in the second half, but didn't get the block he needed from Mike James and ran out of bounds at the 3-yard line. Kansas State drove the length of the field after that to put UM away.

"Give them credit they did a better job then we did, they got pressure from a four man rush, had him running a little bit," Golden said of Kansas State. "We weren't very sharp in some areas."

UM ran the ball 29 times for a total of 40 yards.

"We never got the running game going for Mike, Duke and OT and got behind," Golden said. "It made it tougher, just compounded for us."

UM turned the ball over three times and produced one turnover -- a leaping interception by cornerback Brandon McGee. But it was the first turnover -- a fumble by Eduardo Clements with UM down 7-0 in the first quarter -- that hurt the most.

"Can't win like that -- especially the one of the first drive was tough. You're going down there to answer, get in a situation where you can compete. It ended up being a big play. We just got to protect the ball better than we did," Golden said.

A number of true freshmen played again for UM including defensive tackle Earl Moore.

"There were a number of guys that got a lot of reps," Golden said. "Again, we got to see how they responded and look at the tape. We can get better and see what changes we need to make and do that."

So what kind of things can UM do to make sure they don't get beat twice as Golden put it after this dreadful loss? Golden didn't really seem to have answer for that really.

"We're going to continue to be the same guys," he said. "We're trying to build a program. We're trying to get back to where we want to be and the way you do that with consistency. I know people want to wave a wand and I don't know if some people thought after 1 week we were right where we needed to be.

"[Winning at Kansas State] is a tough task, a tough out for a lot of people. In the last decade or so I think there's only been three people who have beat them here in the last decade. This is a tough out. Obviously, we were weren't as focused as well as we needed to be. We didn't execute as well as we needed to. That's on me. Bottomline."


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Smae stand for you cool turd..

How many of you ever strapped on a helmet? Seriously, how many of you have become Bear Bryant over night. Butch Davis had games like this in the beginning. The future of our team is the freshmen. We cant go to a bcs game with freshmen.

Jim Gallo

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couple of little mama's boys here the rest are good posters. so long for now.

Morris, Cain, Hagens, Hurns, Lewis, Perryman all good players. Hard to believe they got blown off the ball. I'm sure, Costa, Erickson, Torretta, Kelly, both of them, Collins, Kosar, Steve what's his name, but not that horrible Dorsey, are somewhere wondering how???

The. Defense obviously needs work. Saying that it was an easy fix after last week was wrong. Johnson needs to star and get 20-25 carries per game


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With a name like that you still stay with your mom you have to come out of the basement sometime.

Golden always with the same rhetoric. Same results. This year will be like last year and next year will be like this year. Just like Obama.

jim gallo i'm with ya!!!Mark May's comments , whateva his Pitt boys are the worst in CFB. put a sh in place of the p in pitt and it not only desrcipes the Town but the Team. If the D'cord is not gone tomorrow then we know we are in for years of pitt ( sh ). The O'cord gets 1 more game and thats it before we come for his head to!!!...I am a cane in Arkansas and having to listen to bull@*it from these rednecks..I know , I know they will not play the canes again for whatever reason. But they of course say hey we ar SEC. These pigs r wimps but hey they win!!!

This is a poorly coached team. Period. These coaches have taken the U to another level. High school!


we want to check your documents to see if you were born here.


Sorry for the typing screw up..remember I'm in Ar

wow looserana monroe just got a intercept and a 1st down on the great SEC pigs..sick of SEC and PIGS

Born in Houston, Texas. Not in Africa. And I bleed orange and green!

sorry...I'm a CANE...no more bout pigs!!!!!


We can tell.

And all this is not Goldens fault. He did not built this.

There's nothing Coach D can do about the D-Line. They are average at best, especially with 2 missing D-tackles. If his defense is too sophisticated for inexperienced players to pick up on the run, then it's time to simplify things. Judging by all the busted assignments, either the young players are poor learners or too much is being asked of them. Be vanilla if you have to. At least players can play fast and not have to be bogged down thinking. The busted assignments have to stop.

fire d-dumbfound now.. the d sucks... is not the players is the d-coordinator... fire him now save the canes

Get rid of the defensive coach. Poor, Poor, no second half adjustment at all....embarassing


We want to see your papers your name is not American.

Rbound , these boys are not being coached up , and that is Ob...no ex>

Wow! I never thought we would get kicked in the butt like today. This D scheme is horrible and even with young players, we should not get beat 52-13 by K-State. How low can we go?

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DA@N right Cane89..

Robud. He was really vanilla last week and people complained. The comment about d line inexperienced is right, plus they are thin


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Your not American either.

We need another #75 in the d line.


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I came swimming. And I don't work. I live from your taxes.

I am not saying Al Golden is Howard or JJ yet but we started to defensive tackles today who were basically brought in to fill spots. How can we have freshmen step up when they have no leadership to look up to on defense? Did Golden recruit Luther Robinson or Ray Ray? Did he recruit Sentrel? How many players that golden recruited have been suspended? Every makes fun of Golden only coaching Temple but forget the recruiting job he did with Virginia's defense. Who is gonna teach Deon Bush to be in place? Vt or KR? give me a break. Who is gonna groom Earl Moore or Dequan? It does matter, if you look at Flowers being able to lean on Linder, it shows you what can happen with the right upperclassmen in place.


My taxes help Americans not illegal aliens.

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That's right Alberto!!!!!! Go CANES...GO CANES...GO CANES...

Why don't you guys face the truth. I was hoping we would win or make this game close.
The fact is as someone said earlier. Boy's playing men.
D-Line pushed around. After last week not surprised.
O-Line sorry display.
K -State won the game in the trenches.
It would not matter who was coaching. You lose the trench war on both sides. You lose.
I will let you arm chair coaches argue the rest.
As always


This team is just a mediocre mid-major program like it was in the 60's and 70's. Golden may eventually bring it back, but if we're having the same conversation 4 years from now, it's time to drop football...for real this time.


Obama supporter.

Exactly, canetally. See what earl moore, ivery, hamilton, etc can do next year and year after. These guys werent early enrollees. Look at the size difference of kirby compared to guys like Terry.

Well the pigs tied looserana monroe and are driving so , oh yeah I'll hear it now... big woop...pigs against warbirds ( or whatever they are now )wooohooo!!!!big time SEC team that only starts with HS teams....sorry I said I would stop beating this dead PIG !!

This is a canes blog so you idiots go somewhere else with this illegal alien and Obama crap.

Can't really blame D'Onofrio. There is NO talent on this defense. Our best D-lineman seems to be Olsen Pierre. That's right, the tradition of Jerome Brown, Warren Sapp & Cortez Kennedy is being carried on by a guy who was on his way to Temple before Golden was hired. Hate to say it, but this program has been in an embarrassing nosedive since Shalala was hired. Not sure if she is a cause, and I like what she has done otherwise, but it couldn't hurt to lower admission standards for awhile and stock up on some JuCo D-linemen. Worked for Snyder at KSU. They can get a good education when they get here.

That said, this is a no conference road loss. A loss by 3 or 39 is still a loss. Welcome back to Earth, Duke. Win at GT in two weeks and all will be good again.

Paul Ryan can kiss my big o'le white butt...there is nobody to vote for...I am voting like Montgomey Bruster said to " non of the F@#$&ing above " Our country is doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is everyone bashing Morris? The kid went 19-25 with 3 drops, so he could have very well finished 22-25 which is pretty damn good. The issue is, same as last week, both lines. The D line is generating ZERO rush and getting blown off the line in run plays. On offense, the Canes are just getting pushed off the ball(so much for the 'U Toughness').

Now for the offense; why does the offense seem to consist of short out routes, screens and power o runs? There were a couple of occasions where they had 8 in the box and we still ran right at it(to no avail). The only knock I really have with Morris, is that he doesnt seem to read the field. He always seems to lock in on 1 receiver and stare him down. Eventually, a defensive back will read his eyes and jump a route for a pick six.

Finally, the "defense". Where to even start; This 3 down lineman thing isnt working, not even remotely. The Canes are generating no pass rush and leaving the db's out to dry by asking them to cover for 6+ seconds. Coach D really needs to rethink his schemes because its terrible at best. Hopefully, this is a wake up call to him and the defensive staff.

Luther Robinson should have been playing. Coaches' egos are to blame for this.

agreed YEP...no more politics CRAP....its FB season ie CANES season!!!!!!!!!!!

IF tim Walton was DUMB, this Motha' is DUMBER!!Fire corch D he sucks and is clueless!!!

Would have been a different game if Clements didn't fumble...Alberto suck my African c**k!!

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