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Golden said defensive system, tackling needs examination after blowout loss at K-State

UM coach Al Golden defended his defensive coordinator after last week's season-opening win at Boston College, saying he had the utmost confidence in what Mark D'Onofrio was doing. 

Golden sounded a little less emphatic about that after Saturday's 52-13 blowout loss at Kansas State. 

"We're going to look at everything tomorrow and see where we're at from a system standpoint and from a tackling standpoint and get it fixed going into next week," Golden told WQAM color analyst Don Bailey Jr. when asked what he thought the defense could do after giving up 499 yards including 289 on the ground to the Wildcats.

"This is just a tough one. We have to do a good job leaving this here and moving on. We can't let this game beat us twice."

Except from a handful of plays, the Hurricanes were dominated in just about every phase Saturday. As usual, Golden opened his post-game interview with WQAM with the company line after an ugly loss -- by saying there is no excuses.

"They beat us in all three phases, out played us, out coached us. We got to do a better job starting with me. That's it." Golden said. "No excuses."

UM's offense, which produced 34 points in last week's win at BC, produced a total of 264 yards. Freshman tailback Duke Johnson -- except for a 77-yard kickoff return late to setup UM's only touchdown -- had a forgetful day. He finished with 22 yards on 7 carries and had more drops (3) than catches (2 for 20).

"We didn't convert enough on offense. Clearly," Golden said."We didn't get the explosive plays we needed on offense and we didn't get off the field on defense. We had opportunities in the red zone on offense. We didn't score. We never put pressure on them. At the end of the day, we never put any pressure on them with the score. They played from the lead, which is tough to play them from the lead."

Quarterback Stephen Morris finished 19 of 25 for 214 yards, but was sacked a handful of times and fumbled once. Morris also had a shot at the end zone in the second half, but didn't get the block he needed from Mike James and ran out of bounds at the 3-yard line. Kansas State drove the length of the field after that to put UM away.

"Give them credit they did a better job then we did, they got pressure from a four man rush, had him running a little bit," Golden said of Kansas State. "We weren't very sharp in some areas."

UM ran the ball 29 times for a total of 40 yards.

"We never got the running game going for Mike, Duke and OT and got behind," Golden said. "It made it tougher, just compounded for us."

UM turned the ball over three times and produced one turnover -- a leaping interception by cornerback Brandon McGee. But it was the first turnover -- a fumble by Eduardo Clements with UM down 7-0 in the first quarter -- that hurt the most.

"Can't win like that -- especially the one of the first drive was tough. You're going down there to answer, get in a situation where you can compete. It ended up being a big play. We just got to protect the ball better than we did," Golden said.

A number of true freshmen played again for UM including defensive tackle Earl Moore.

"There were a number of guys that got a lot of reps," Golden said. "Again, we got to see how they responded and look at the tape. We can get better and see what changes we need to make and do that."

So what kind of things can UM do to make sure they don't get beat twice as Golden put it after this dreadful loss? Golden didn't really seem to have answer for that really.

"We're going to continue to be the same guys," he said. "We're trying to build a program. We're trying to get back to where we want to be and the way you do that with consistency. I know people want to wave a wand and I don't know if some people thought after 1 week we were right where we needed to be.

"[Winning at Kansas State] is a tough task, a tough out for a lot of people. In the last decade or so I think there's only been three people who have beat them here in the last decade. This is a tough out. Obviously, we were weren't as focused as well as we needed to be. We didn't execute as well as we needed to. That's on me. Bottomline."


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As long as the offense can score 40 points a game, UM can still win a lot of games. This means they must repeat the BC performance playing no-huddle.

The offense needs to bail out the defense just like last year.

Let's look for a new DC next year.

Too many "Chicken Little's', too many folks live vicariously through their college football teams manned by 17-22 year old young men (BYU and exception,lol).

I am not defending what I saw on the field and yes everyone on the team including the coaching staff need to take a strong look at what is going on. But this fix, this turnaround was not going to happen in 14 games (Golden is now 7-7 at the U) or in 24 games.

It is a good thing that Golden and his staff are more committed to the U and sticking it out through the tough times then some of the U's fan base.

Expectations need to be tempered and realistic and I don't see that in all the comments I have read.

Yes be angry, be pissed off, but if you think anyone associated with this team is satisfied, think again.

Fan comments are hateful and hurtful and if you don't think the players and staff don't know about the storm of comments and don't read some of them you are crazy, which some comments I have read, make me believe you are.

Been a fan since my dad took me to my first game in 1957. I have lived through 0-11 seasons, the Gator flop, the 66-13 thrashing by McNabb and Syracuse, the embarrassment of the 48-0 game in the OB final.

But I have also witnessed 5 titles, denying the Seminoles shots at the title more than once, the many wins against Notre Lame, the many wins against the number one ranked team, 58 game winning streak in the OB, a 6-1 record against the Gators over the last seven played, players calling Bosworth early on a game day when OU is playing the Canes, "to come out and play." A record number of #1 draft choices and players in the NFL, the weekly TD streak in the NFL.

All the bad and ugly made the winning and success that much sweeter. So buck up and stick with this outfit, better days are ahead.

We knew we had no defense..I was surprised that our offense was inept..Again we were out-muscled and looked slow..We have to get better as this is the worse I've seen since we had Butch and sanctions..

A disgraceful performance. Imagine the carnage had it been Alabama or LSU. Its more disturbing though how everybody's ready to concede and accept that the football program is years away from being a contender. Why should UM fans accept this? Why are the outstanding recruits not coming to the U anymore? Why aren't the necessary changes in administration and coaching being made? Are they indifferent to losing, or getting hammered? Maybe we need recruits with better table etiquette. And what do I hear in the aftermath of this latest disaster, No excuses??! They beat us in every way imaginable??! What dog crap. Well, duh! Throw us a bone coach. Have a public fit. Show us some anger for the lack of intensity and attitude. Criticize the lack of vision, innovation, and adaptation of your coordinators. Make us believe that you are as fed up as we are and that you're going to do something about it. At least that would be entertaining. Otherwise there really will be nothing to look forward to from the U. Football wise. Nothing to cheer about anyway.

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