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Game Day! Finally. The Hurricanes are about to get this season rolling. Will it be a happy Saturday night for UM fans?

Good morning Canes fans.

Game Day -- love those two words.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Boston, and I'm sure the Hurricanes are incredibly excited, anxious, nervous -- whatever word fits for whichever player -- about starting the season.

Last season ended so disappointingly against these same Boston College Eagles.

I believe UM will take care of business today and win the opener IF:

* Quarterback Stephen Morris protects the ball first and foremost, and does not throw interceptions. I'm not doing an over-under on picks, which had become a sad tradition among many when Jacory Harris was the quarterback. But how promising would it be if Stephen didn't throw any today and keeps his composure?

* The UM defensive line can hold up to the physicality that is Boston College's MO.The Eagles rushed 50 times in last season's finale. UM has proven so porous in its run defense the past few seasons that you just know the Eagles will give it a shot. However, BC's top running back, Rolandan Finch (he rushed for 96 yards on 22 carries) has an injured foot and is not expected to see a lot of action today (we'll see about that, too).

* The UM linebackers tackle the way they've been taught. Sometimes in the first couple of weeks we see a lot of missed tackles.

* The Hurricanes' running game emerges. With no Lamar Miller, you just have to hope that Mike James is ready to get some yards. If not, we're going to see a lot of Eduardo Clements and Duke Johnson.

* The offensive line does a decent job.

Who are you, as fans, most eager to see play today?

I can't wait to see Duke Johnson, and interested in seeing how Ereck Flowers does at right tackle.  Also looking to see how Deon Bush and Tracy Howard do, if they get in, which I suspect they will. I'm sure a lot of these guys will start out with special teams and then get integrated into the offense or defense.

Boston College has a lot of injuries, which you never want to see, but helps the Hurricanes.

Al Golden just wants to win, but a well-played victory would do wonders to start out the season.

Our Manny Navarro will be blogging live during the game, so be sure to join him!

Oh yes, people are asking me my prediction for the game. I know I had all those qualifying "ifs'' above, but I do predict a win for Miami today. Don't ask me the score. Who knows?










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I don’t only see light at the end of the tunnel; I see a blinding, bright light in 2 yrs. And (unlike the “other team”) I think we can enjoy the ride watching these kids grow and mature as this young team learns to compete. Al gets it, U’s brand is respected everywhere; we just need the trend to be winning and the goal of NC attainable. Compared to the other team in the house, there is no question; the U is going in the right direction. Look out all you haters, THE U IS BACK!!!




The Sun has barely even risen on the opening 2012 Saturday and they're already beginning to Red Line the DelUsional RPM GaUge...

[]_[] n Real ...


Satchels... GO GATORS


Is it game time yet!!!! I guess I will mow the lawn or have a beer to burn off some pre game energy. I want to see how the d-line responds as a unit. Still think we are coming home with a w.

It's exciting that the season starts. I am mostly eager to see QB Stephen Morris. He could be a difference maker. And, can our D stop a big, bruising BC running attack? Huge factor, And, can our WR's make it happen, show speed and get open?

Miami 24 BC 10.
Go Canes!

Can anyone tell me how to get a pic of my lawn on here for all to see my U. It is awsome!44'x38 ft. Bigger than the one on the field..

Um 36
BC 14

Sidcane, onthe home page U cam download pics. I put one of Ft. Myers scrimmage.

Hey Soldy, Satchels sucks!

UM 24-10 Young D steps up today against injury riddle BC offense.

Personally, I can't wait to see Deon Bush and Tracy Howard. I just hope the defense rebounds from last year. The offense I think will be there, I truest believe we have the playmakers necessary to be successful! We just need the stops and keep the opposing team off the board. Bring back those vicious defenses of the past!

Great now Can anyone tell me how to get a pic of my butt on here for all to see my Ibis. It is awsome!44'x38 ft. Bigger than the dude in the costume!

Go Canes! We know we are better than anyone can imagine. Get er Done!


look we should really be fine. the only reason we lost was because jacory threw 4 picks last year..plus they don't have kuechly anymore and they have those tight end/receiver injuries.

Miami 145 BC -0

What I'm worried about most is Stephen Morris, I think everybody should be. At his worst there was only one qb worse at int in the country than jacory, and that was Stephen Morris.
Hopefully the canes start off rifhr

Waz it's Name 21 Gators 13

Two Gator QB's at the podium following the game, crying, boohooing, sniffling and promise it will never happen again, until next week!

im most anxious to see guys like luther robinson,thompkins,davon johnson. guys who have been given a 2nd chance under golden. are they going to step up make the blocks downfield even if the ball isnt thrown their way? also new guys in key positions like gunter, if he can cover one on one and also mcdermott ,its very important to protect the ball and make the right calls at the line


Good thing harris is gone. Time for morris to shine


I see the Canes winning.Can t wait to see the wr s and running backs under the calm and dual threat talent of Morris.Can/will the O line step up??????We ll sure see.Can t wait to see the first pick either from Howard or Bush.Finally....but the single biggest key to the game as I ve been saying forever now is.............the DT spot.If they and D Onofrio s D line has not improved and been coached up.......then none of the stuff I mentioned regarding the Offense matters much if we still can t hold teams down.I ll be looking at the first set of plays Miami s DT players make...believe me.THAT will tell me ALL about this game and all about THIS season.GO CANES.

I somewhat discount last year's loss to BC, the no bowl announcement, jacory stinking up the joint, and some malcontents still occupying the Canes locker room.
Still, a loss is a loss. It helped create what is the present public perception of the Canes as whiners and losers.
We know that has changed, thanks to this influx of (hopefully) good character kids, and a tough love approach from Al, WITHOUT the favoritism pervasive in the Randy Shannon regime.

Regardless of the NCAA penalties, we knew it would take Al a couple of years to get HIS players signed, and institute HIS brand of UM football, which is a return to the traditional Canes way of doing it...ferocious defense, strong rushing attack to soften them up, and then a quick strike.

This is year 2. We will do OK, but watch out for year 3.
Canes 23 BC 16.
Steve Morris, PLEASE throw it away if no one is open.

Go Canes.

Oh, Deon Bush and "Sir Duke." (Stevie Wonder reference, for those too young to remember any music before 1990.) ;>D

42-10 Miami

The canes should be fine if the go out an execute an stop pointing fingers an forget about pending sanctions from the ncaa, we have a youthful talented roster with maybe the best coach capable of turning our program.. the freshmen should impress everyone across the country today... Lookin forward to seeing Tracy Howard an deon bush can become the next ed reed Sean Taylor or antrel rolle.... Miami 17-6

Tick tock, when you people realize that Golden can not mentor, teach, or motivate these players to win.

I agree with everyone that Jacory sucked as a qb, but let's not forget that it was Golden that gave him the keys. 5 star players are avoding the U because of Golden. No defensive line pressure, no CB's denying pass receptions WTF!! You can make excuses and say that they are young/nervous but when you face reality you will see that Golden at best is a FBS coach!!

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