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Grading the Canes: Bethune-Cookman

Since Bethune-Cookman is a Football Championship Subdivision team, I'm treating this week's report card more like a quarterly progress report. No grades. Just notes/observations.

> Quarterback: Stephen Morris had an unusually inaccurate day, overthrowing open receivers and looking generally uncomfortable and indecisive with where to go with the ball. So far, through 3 games, Morris has completed 63.2 percent of his passes for just over 600 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Those are hardly impressive numbers. Now, we all can see Morris has a strong arm. But does offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch know something about Morris we don't? He hasn't asked Morris to go deep often. And when he did Saturday, Morris was way off with his touch. I'm not putting this all on Stephen. His receivers haven't always created a lot of separation or held onto the balls he's put right in their hands. But I think it's fair to question if Morris might have limitations. UM's offense simply hasn't been able to spread the field through three games. And I thought coming into the season, the strong-armed Morris would do that for sure. The passing game has to improve.

> Running back: I said before the season it would only be a matter of time before Duke Johnson became the featured ball carrier in UM's offense. I honestly didn't think it would be this quickly. Saturday, though, we saw Johnson take on a much bigger role -- even though his touches (18) were not that much more than in previous games. Still, whenever UM needed a big play Fisch went to Duke. His 253 rushing yards on 27 attempts give him a 9.4 average. Yes, 9.4. He's also third on the team in receiving with eight catches. As special as Duke is, coach Al Golden realizes he can't over work him. It will be interesting to see just how Fisch balances it. With two long kickoff returns already, UM really can't afford to take Johnson off special teams. Fewer carries and more catches might work better because that allows Johnson to work in open space rather than take jarring hits at the line. But in order to cut back on Duke's carries, UM needs Mike James to be as productive as he was Saturday. He's averaging 5.2 yards a carry. Eduardo Clements, who we did not see until the second half Saturday, is averaging just 3.5 yards a carry.

> Receivers/tight ends: Phillip Dorsett and Rashawn Scott (who made a brilliant, leaping 1-handed catch Saturday) have shown flashes, but it's clear Allen Hurns (who did not play vs. Bethune) is UM's best receiver because of his physicality and toughness. He also appears to have the best chemistry with Morris. The fact Dorsett (UM's fastest receiver) is averaging just 7.4 yards a catch is troubling. Something has to be done to fix that. After 3 games, it's also pretty clear Malcolm Lewis is the only freshman receiver Fisch has any faith in. I thought for sure we might have seen Robert Lockhart by now. We haven't. As for tight ends Clive Walford and Asante Cleveland, they've combined for 9 catches, 91 yards and a touchdown so far. That means they're on pace to finish with 36 catches for 364 yards and four touchdowns this season -- that's quite a bit less than the 50 catches Fisch projected. Rather ordinary, too.

> Offensive line: Raise your hand if you wanted Seantrel Henderson off the team just a few weeks ago. Liars! Henderson felt the wrath of a quite a few fans for missing training camp. But he's made a nice recovery in three weeks time. I'm not a betting man (prefer fantasy football), but my guess is it won't be long before Seantrel is back in the starting lineup. The question is which side. I haven't broken down film like Art Kehoe, but seems to me Malcolm Bunche has been beaten more often on the left side than Ereck Flowers on the right. Either way, all will and should continue to share time. So far, UM's line looks like a six-man rotation. Jeremy Lewis (flagged for holding Saturday) has not emerged. On a side note, UM was flagged four times for false starts Saturday. They need to fix it. UM didn't give up any sacks Saturday, but have given up six total. That means they're on pace for 24. UM gave up 19 total last year.

> Defensive line: Shayon Green continues to lead the team in tackles. He's got 23 now. Imagine how many more he would have if he actually was able to wrap up on sacks? Miami by the way has four of those now, three came against Bethune-Cookman. The Hurricanes certainly created more pressure Saturday than they had all season. But you have to put an asterisk next to that because of the level of competition. The good news is we saw more blitzes -- including a few from safety Deon Bush. Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio wasn't calling for that in Week 1 and Week 2. As for the run defense, Bethune averaged 4.4 yards a carry Saturday. Opponents are now averaging 205 yards a game on the ground against UM. Yes, that's appalling.

> Linebackers: Miami fans will be holding their breath to see just how banged up Denzel Perryman's right ankle is after he is reevaluated Sunday morning. With Georgia Tech on deck, UM could I'll-afford to be without Perryman. Jimmy Gaines said he's ready to fill in if need be, but it's a daunting task either way next Saturday. If there is a positive for Miami after Saturday is that UM looked better playing assignment football against the option than they did last week. Except for a handful of explosive runs, it seems like there were fewer blown assignments and missed gaps. Georgia Tech will be the third straight option team UM faces. Unfortunately, they're the best in the country at it. Eddie Johnson continues to be the team's most pleasant surprise at linebacker.

> Secondary: The Canes still got beat a couple times downfield Saturday, but it felt like players did a better job batting balls and being around in coverage. Granted, it's Bethune. But it was still progress. Deon Bush only had 3 tackles Saturday, but it felt like he was around the ball a lot. It's pretty clear he's UM's fastest and most athletic safety. A.J. Highsmith had just one tackle in his first start. Cornerback Brandon McGee had his first two pass deflections of the season versus Bethune, a week after collecting an INT. That's continued improvement.

> Special teams: Outside of Phillip Dorsett's fumble on a punt return Saturday and some shoddy kick coverage at K-State, UM's special teams has been pretty good. Jake Wieclaw hasn't missed a kick and Dalton Botts is averaging 41 yards a punt including five inside the 20.

Grading the Canes: Bethune-Cookman


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Lay off the bath salts Emilio

They are very young, but talented, just wait and see, with another impressive recruiting class coming together, this team is being setup for the long haul!

Why is Emilio allowed to post such irrelevant blather? Stick to sports, people. Outside of Duke and a few other players this is a seriously flawed UM team, lacking in speed and experience. Morris, while not nearly as frustrating to watch as Jacory Harris, is nothing more than a slightly above-average quarterback. Surrounded by superior talent, though, he is good enough to lead a successful team. I see little chance of this team getting by Georgia Tech, Florida State, Virginia and Va. Tech. NC State, perhaps. Duke -- definitely. A 5-6 win team. Shannon left the cupboard bare!

ditto on the Emilio BS.

couple years people,couple years then watch out...

Great win considering the level of competition. Concern #1 there where literally 4 people at the game yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf I watch college football all day Saturday and see stadiums with: 70k, 80k, and 90k fans rocking the stadium. If you are a 5star recruit from dade or broward county, why wouldnt you want to go play in the sec for coach satin or miles? I see that kid amari cooper playing as a true freshmen at Bama and I think how would he not be doing this at the U? The problem is not the U. Its the US. The US that does not go to the games

Manny, Nice analysis. Thanks.

Georgia Tech is a running machine and a vey physical team all the way around. They punished Virginia. This will be a huge test. We need exceptional QB and WR play. Unsure if Morris can deliver this after the last 2 weeks. If not, give Williams a shot.

They will key on Duke. If he can break a few big plays, we may have a shot. Mike James looked good and could be a factor.

Our front 7 will be severely tested. The opponent resembles a physical K-State team, but with a weak passing game. They draw good crowds, and everyone loves to hate the Canes!

Ours is a really young team.. The NFL underclassment who bolted took talent we could have used this year. I'll take the Duke over Miller any day, but some of the other guys would have helped. So it goes, and excessive youth is the result.

Sometimes you see a new coach take over a young team and work miracles right away. Not the case here. So, we must be patient, unfortunately.

Golden is a big-time recruiter. We shall see if this staff can develop players like some other schools do.

Fan support was pathetic Saturday. Miami is a winner's only town. An on campus stadium would help mitigate this. It must happen. The lousy crowd even made a headline on the Rivals.com NCAA FB page.

And Emilio, get some help, my friend. You don't have to live with all that stress and confusion.

Go Canes!

As I watched Stanford's Offensive Coordinator completely baffle my Bucs former defensive genius Monte Kiffin, inverter of the Tampa 2 defense, I realized how far we are behind. This guy hit them with timely play calling, multiple formations and blocking schemes that USC just couldn't get a handle on. After the NCAA hands down their punishment, if this guy is still available, maybe targeted by NFL, in 2014 The U should jump on him and fast! He's a 37 year old African American, very professional, excels at player development, proven elite play caller at highest levels and simply the best at his craft. He would be able to recruit the players we need to bring this program back. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

How in the Hell can you grade the equivalent of a walk through?? This was Bethune Blanking Cookman!!! By the way, I have made the determination that there are many relevant and also arcane reasons why teenagers attends certain schools. They usually care more about BENEFITS than they do about how many people are watching.

Miami CAN beat every single ACC(This is the ACC!!) school they play. Hell, they could beat FSU.

Very few people in Atlanta--and even fewer in the rest of Georgia---give a rat's bottom about Tech. It is a University of Georgia state. They do not draw well.

LOU- BS- All of you all here including MNanny dont know squat.

Attendance at the game yesterday was way better than these minions make it olut to be- Offiocial attendance was 39,000 but I'd say there were about 28,000 which in reality isnt that bad considering youhave to pay $30 for parking, and it ws Bethune. In the 80s 90s or early 2000s Bethune would not have put 50 0000 people in the OB. NO way. So what are you all talking about? The student section was full and pretty raucous (see the photo Manny posted) and the sides were OK. No great but OK. Remember iT WAS BETHUNE!

What worries me the most is not our D like all of last weeks posts concentrated on. Donofiro made some good adjustments and played more aggressively. He has to do that vs Ga Tech. What worries me more is Morris. Manny asks what could be wrong with Morris and I'll tell you: IQ. Its between his ears. He is not a smart QB. I agree he was uncomfortable yetsrday against... Bethune! He overthrew people constabntly. Rashawn Scotts excellent one hand catch was overthrown. And he threw high rep[eteadly. The INT was HORRIBLE and Jacorry-esque. It was down the middle and there was no one within 50 yds of where he threw it.

If we intend on running the hurry-up offense, our QB MUST be on target. Otherwise our already soft defense will become worse. Execute pressure situations. Starts with the QB. GIVE THE DEFENSE A MUCH NEEDED REST.

5=5(I'm adding basketball), you are absolutely right!! It was Butune Cookedmen, therefore why would you have a writer describing any performance that may have occured as stellar.

I'm actually driving down to Atlanta for the Tech game, and I'm predicting they beat them. Miami always rises up when you discount them. They actually match up well with Paul Johnson's Offense(???), the QB has the arm---well, I can't think of a politically correct analogy. Grant Field is a joy to watch a game in and tickets are ALWAYS available unless they are closing the season with UGA.

if perryman doesnt come back for gtech game im gonna be very worried bout that defense forreal more than eva especially if our dline doesnt get any push our best lb is gonna be out that will suck bad i hope he gets better soon

people UM signed 33 guys last recruiting class so they were ranked in the top 10/15 due to #'s. In fact an avergare recruiting class with not enoough size some speed top be sure, if you took their top 20 signess it was top 35 - 35 class but sign 33 guys and you get a bump.But the class still had a lot less size then FSU,Clemson, VaTech, no speed advantage so no different, let alone what the Gators, LSU, Alabama, USC etc recruited in both size and speed. The U can only sign about 16 to 18 this year depending on attrition they already have 9 (ranked like 44) but the class won't break the top 40 due to low numbers. Then you got the NCAA hammer coming to restrict the next three years, and this is a program mared in middle of the road acc program, with attendence 35,000 on avergae unless a FSU, or ND comes and bring more fans then the canes do. Its a 6/7/8 win prgoram for the next 4 - 6 years and Golden should be given a star and raise for that.

lou, and rot. get outa here. no, i mean, get outa here go canes

i thought Tyriq Mccord looked good when he got in even had a sack, hay still be alittle unsized still but he was quick off the ball.

It would be great if everyone stopped complaining about the underclassmen that left this past year. The fact is that their having left opened up a ton of scholarships that we were able to use this year and fill space ahead of probably scholarship sanctions. So we got a class of about 30 and they are here and working.....we won like 7 games with the guys last year. I wish them all the best cause they are canes, but i'm glad its worked out the way it has. We'll be back in a couple of years with this class.

It's a solid win for UM considering as a team Bethune is probably better conditioned, probably stronger. We certainly have better training facilities. BUT UM has better athletes, more scholarships(63 compared to 85) and certainly more resources. We have only one Florida Mr. Football (and the only one that we beat division 1 teams for).That said, where were the thousands of alumni from B-CU?

Where are the grades? A, B, C, D or F. Sometimes an I in incomplete. No actually grades here. I'll give them I guess. Running game - A+, all players played well. Passign game - C+ Morris numbers turned out well although nothing he did was overwhelming except get Duke the ball. Offense overall B-, since this was an FBS opponent. Rushing Defense - C-. This was an FBS opponent who ran for 240 yards. Lets not sugar coat it. A division 1 opponent would have run for over 300 yards. Passing defense - A+. I don't know if it was us or them but three sacks were nice and nobody on their team was wide open. Defense overall, C. If you are going to be a good defense, you have to keep FBS teams from running the ball. We didn't.

Coaching - Offense B. The game plan was to wear BC down and we did. At the end of the game, we were running at will. BC is an above average FBS team. The plan got Duke the ball and he did his thing. Having Hurns out hurt what the coaches felt comfortable doing.

Coaching Defense - C. This was an FBS opponent who has no business being on the same field as UM. Holding them to 10 points was good but not finding a way to devise a plan to stop the running game against this type of an opponent is just average, so I give a C. I think next week's grade may be much, much lower.

Coaching Special Teams - A+. After the hiccup against K State, the special teams were excellent.

Overall team grade - C+. This is the type of game that is scheduled to build confidence in a team. You beat up on the patsies so your players have confidence against real competition. Ideally, you blow the team out at half and spend the second half getting younger players experience. That did not happen. Duke was spectacular but Morris didn't play particularly well. The defense is a shocker to me. FBS teams should never even be in a game against Miami at the half. You have to dominate the line of scrimmage before anyone will consider you a good team. That just wasn't there offensively or defensively until the fourth quarter of the game against the FBS team.


Terry, I hope you are right and I am wrong but lets consider the numbers for a second.

The defense is just plain aweful. We are 100 out of 120 teams in total defense, 102 in rushing defense giving up a whopping average of 205 yards per game, 85th in pass efficiency defense (helped only because of the fact no one has to try to pass on us when they can run so well and the fact that our fbs opponent was aweful in the passing game. We gave up over 400 yards to BC and over 240 yard in the air against K State). Our defensive coordinator is the worst at Miami since the 1960’s but happens to be Al Golden’s college buddy. It is a plain joke what is going right now on the defensive side of the ball.

On offense, Stephen Morris has struggled to find his very young recievers. We are 79th in passing offense. Mike James hasn’t produced as a runner who can break a long one. Although we showed some improvement against our FBS opponent, the offensive line is adequate at pass protection but hasn’t been dominant in the running game. We have a special player in Duke Johnson who has flashed some brilliant plays in our two wins. But Duke is a small back who hasn’t developed physically enough to handle the work load at this stage in his career. We are 68th in
rushing offense and 83rd in total offense.

GT is 3rd in rushing offense, 113th in passing offense and 17th in total offense. They are 34th in rushing defense, 22 in pass efficiency defense, and 18th in total defense. We probably have an edge in special teams.

Given the fact that we have not yet figured how to stop the run, and the players on our perimeter are almost all freshman or sophmores or guys with little actual game experience (except Brandon McGee) GT is prohibitive favorites, Vegas has them favored by almost 14 points. The only way Miami makes this a game at all is if somehow Morris breaks out of his slump and the offense can match GT because GT will score at will against this Miami defense. I just don’t see us beating GT.

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