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Grading the Canes - Week 1: UM has obvious work to do on defense after BC win

Enjoy this one. Savor it. Al Golden definitely is and told his team to do the same. 

His young Hurricanes battled back from a pair of quick upper cuts Saturday afternoon at Boston College and survived 542 yards of offense from a team that finished last in the ACC last year in that department and still won 41-32.

Duke JohnsonNot bad, especially when you consider seven Canes -- LB Thurston Armbrister, S Kacy Rodgers, CB Thomas Finnie, DL Olsen Pierre, RB Duke Johnson, OT Ereck Flowers and C Shane McDermott -- were all making their first career starts and several others were getting their first real taste of action. Like youth movements? The Canes put eight players on the field who weren't here last year -- including seven true freshmen (Deon Bush, Tracy Howard, Tyriq McCord, Malcolm Lewis, JaWand Blue, Flowers and Johnson).

Saturday was fun if you bleed orange and green. But the truth is, Golden knows much tougher challenges lie ahead. As talented as those freshmen are UM is going to have to solve major issues on defense moving forward if the good times are going to keep rolling.

Now, to the first round of grades/observations for the Canes:

> Play/Player of the Game: True freshman Duke Johnson had three huge plays -- including touchdown runs of 56 and 54 yards -- to spring UM to life and rally them to victory. But the biggest play in my opinion was the two yards he picked up on 4th and 1 and UM down 14-0 left in the 1st quarter. For all the talk about Duke's lack of size, Johnson barreled past three defenders to get the first down. BC was flagged an additional 10 yards for a facemask on the play. If Johnson doesn't stick his nose in there, the flag might not happen. Eduardo Clements scored three plays later to make it 14-7.

> Offense: A. Hard to find much wrong with what the offense did other than the three big early drops that lead to UM falling behind 14-0 (and a couple of flags on the offensive line that hurt). Allen Hurns, Kendal Thompkins and Rashawn Scott all looked bad early, but Hurns recovered nicely and had a career day at receiver with eight catches for 81 yards. He scored big points with me when he raced over the middle of the field on 3rd and 16 and snagged a 21-yard pass from Stephen Morris on the drive that eventually put UM ahead for good when they were down 23-21. If Hurns doesn't make that catch, maybe game sways a different way. Stephen Morris, meanwhile, was truly fantastic. He scrambled for a couple of big first downs and put several tough balls on the money en route to a 28 of 45 for 207 yards, 1-INT, 1 TD performance. The pick wasn't his fault either. It was Scott's. The offensive line, meanwhile, was stellar. UM ran for 208 yards on the ground and gave Morris plenty of time when he needed it. Morris was sacked just once.

> Defense: D. No pass rush. No pass defense. And not a lot of good other than three turnovers, Denzel Perryman's 41-yard interception return for a touchdown and a couple stops on 3rd-and-1. We can debate about UM's coverage woes. BC quarterback Chris Rettig threw for 441 yards and two touchdowns. But when nobody breathes on you and you have time to order pizza, bake a cake and plan the rest of your Saturday night before making a pass, how else is the pass defense you are going against supposed to look? UM obviously didn't produce a single sack and there were times when receivers (Alex Amidon 10 catches, 149 yards) had nobody around them. But I believe this all stemmed from the success BC had running the football early for big chunks. The Eagles only finished with 101 yards on 34 attempts (3.0 average), but they ran play action off their early success and kept UM's secondary off balance. Meanwhile, Rettig exposed horrendous coverage by the Canes' linebackers and safeties who always seemed out of position when the quarterback rolled out. Whatever defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio planned in terms of creating a pass rush failed miserably. He's got to devise something new. It's going to obviously take time. But Saturday was a day to forget.

> Special teams: A. Now you know why punter Dalton Botts is so respected. He took a bad snap right before halftime that could have turned out badly and got it off. He finished with five punts for 40.6 yards including two inside the 20. Miami's return team of Johnson and Phillip Dorsett, meanwhile, put a good enough scare into BC after the first half the Eagles basically refused to kick it to them anymore. The Eagles, meanwhile, never took over possession outside of their 30-yard line following a kickoff or punt. That's good coverage.

- WR Allen Hurns. Emerged as the go-to-guy when times were tough at receiver.
- QB Stephen Morris. Coaches were right. He is a lot better. Tremendous arm. Very few mistakes.
- RT Ereck Flowers. Didn't hear his name for anything bad during the broadcast once. Seantrel Henderson is going to have trouble getting his job back.
- WR Davon Johnson. Came in with six career catches. Had a huge third down catch down the sideline to pick up a first down. That wins you more chances.

- S Vaughn Telemaque. He was already getting bushed by true freshman Deon Bush for playing time. He was out of position too often.
- RB Mike James. He finished with 54 yards on 14 carries (3.9 a carry) and had a couple nice runs. But the Duke arrived Saturday. It's going to be hard for James to take on the lead role with him around.
- WR Kendal Thompkins. He started after shining in practice all camp. But he dropped at least two balls in the game and finished without a catch. Just disappointing. 
- Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio. He's a standup guy, a great quote and a good coach. But his defense can't go on like this. 


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Busted Busted Busted.......................
Jim Gallo is aka curse blog pig. Who else would come on here saying that?

Great game. Yes great. A young team on the road gets down by 14, and comes back and wins.
I liked the hurry up offence. It wore BC's D down.
It is obvious that the team is going to have to blitz to put pressure on the QB. No push from the tackles. Lets hope Porter can make a difference when he comes back. Nice goal line stand to seal the game for the D.
Big test is next week at K-State. If we can win this game. Then the Coastal division championship is well with in reach.
As always


Terrific win against a terrable team. We need coach HUTTOE to be in charge of defence.He won two rings at the U! GOLDEN IS GOLD. Thank god no more lazy,PAMPERED, want a be thugs from North West H.S.

You guys want to fire the coordinator after 1 game with this team? The defensive line suks, cant you see that its causing an issue on runs. The secondary is too young to crticize right now. They adjusted and held bc in the second half. Btw....we won.

It's obvious that the closest Jim Gallo ever came to a football locker room was sniffing his cousin's jock. What a complete tool. This team is on a fast track to improve. It's too bad that the same can't be said for some fans, like the jock sniffer.

Jim Gallo and G-305 get off at the next bus stop..

You guys want instant satisfaction and it ain't gonna happen on a rebuilding team like our 'Canes.

If you both don't like our playing don't watch..No one is forcing you to be a fan..it is your decision.

So the'Canes are so bad then turn off your squak box, radio, sqaure telivision or radio..We would not miss you, because win or loose, we are the 'Canes.

One victory does not a team make..but fighting back, showing determination, and finishing are traits that the Coaches can build on...

This is the first game and you guys are acting like the season is ending and Miami is dismal.
Get yourself something cold and sit in the corner and ask yourself am I a real Miami fan or am I just looking for something to criticze..
Anyone watching knows the D has to be tweaked, and the offense has some dropped passes but don't indict the team and tear down the guys who are out there trying to win..

Good win, the Coaches know where to work and adjustments will be made the season is young and for goodness sake it is the FIRST game..

Get a life if you can't stand to watch the 'Canes play.
Go 'Canes Always

U of Miami Pass Defenses Was no where to be seen. LBs and Safeties out of position and getting toasted the rest of the game.The RBs would flare out and the stupid LBs would just watch them and not fan out, same situation with Safeties and Tight Ends. It was really sad to see this over and over again. This was not corrected by the D-Cordinator at all. He was simply out coach

The obvious problem is lack of pressure from the DL. D'Nofrio also has to accept somr of the blame and do a better job adjusting under fire. Receiver have to learn to catch with their hands. Offensive line is really good and we should commit to a powerful run game.

D'Onofrio needs to restructure his philosophy. We have the speed and talent to play cover 2/man. Let the your corners challenge, nothing else is working. Give it a try. Our defenses on the past were built on LOCK-DOWN corners and front 4 pressure. GET IT DONE!!!!

G-305----WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with you 100%.
Defense was out coach period. It was sad seeing him do the same mistakes over and over again. The RB going in motion to a flare pass and the LB standing still like a statue was mind boggling the whole game. No adjustment made the whole game on that play.

wow cant believe all the negative talk about the coaches. Back off! Show me how many players on defense we have that can go start right now at any major football school. Show me how many Dlineman that have actually played a full season. Show me all the seniors we have that are considered to be elite. Did you think this class of recruits that started this game suck? They looked like the coaching staff THAT RECRUITED THEM said they are.
Jim Gallo just go be a fsu ot gaturd fan already. Learn something about the game then post a intelligent remark. I bet by midseason the U fans but still haters are saying ya we improved. Something no one can say since we had butch for a coach. GO CANES!!!!

And to the fans who say we want perfection, you are right. We want the defensive swagger we had back in the 80s. Did you hear Saban reaction to the touchdown that was scored before halftime, and they had a huge lead. He was pissed, and as Miami true fans we are aloud to voice our opinions on the mistakes that are being made by the Defensive coach. Especially since they are the same mistakes being made from last year on the defensive side of the ball. Boston College is no Kanas State, and we will get blown out by them next week because of the defense. Mark it down. We are not happy with the results from the defensive units and it will be a long season if changes are not made to the game plan and coaching abilities.

The Nation now that was funny...L0L...Most of us agree that the DC is a LIABILITY for Miami..Last year some gave him a pass (I DIDN'T) and this year he has the same suckie scheme...

I'm going to shock you all, this is a process people. Yesterday showed us a lot. We were 14 points down and we didn't fold. That in itself was huge. I have said it here since spring, we are a 7-5 team. If we win out at the end of the year we will have made huge strides to becoming relevant on the national scene again. I think this team has a lot of talent. I would not be shocked if we upset someone during the season. Personally I thing it will be VV Tech. If we don't stubble against a lesser team, 8-4 could be in the cars. The most improvement in a college team comes between the first ans second game. I think we will play much better this coming week. I'm not expecting to win, but that doesn't mean we can't have a good game and keep the process going.

U of Miami defense ranks #99 after 1week of play. Offense plays well and good game plan, WRs drops in the first two series, but played better asthe game progressed. Offensive Line just perfect, open good running lanes and pass protection very well.
We will need to out score are opponents to win this year, with a poor defense again as last year to win games.

Obviously Jim gallo and g305 are ignorant football fans and blog pigs.
Gallo you could not have been at the game and write what you do. Morris followed a good game plan and his throws were solid. Went long a couple of times and that 3 and 16 throw for a first down was awesome. How many drops yesterday?? If you were there you would know.

Very true David. No one supports canes more than me. Us old time fans are just tired of all the BS. I run a trading floor in CT. Either you have or you don't. This coaching staff does not have it. All this team "is young stuff" is all BS. These players have been at it for a long time as football players at their respected positions. The coaching staff game after game gets out coached....period. These fans just don't want to face the team will mirror the coaches win/lose history. It will be mediocre.

Lot of great analysis here. Given all the positives, and there were many, what's up with the D?

Last year, we watched passers become stars against us, throwing the ball underneath, TEs and RBs, all day. And D'Onofrio made zero adjustments. The same was true yesterday. Is the guy just stubborn or what?
A clueless coordinator? Who coaches the secondary?

We did well against the run which is great. Don't recall a LB blitz on any play. A few late corner blitzes. Therefore, our LBs were available for coverage along with the secondary. This is the theory of not blitzing, no? So, why were receivers so open play after play? We had 2 experienced LBs (Peryman and Buchanan, and at times Gaines, and 2 experienced DBs (Telemaque and McGee).

Even given the non-experience factor for some, why was our pass D so pathetic? It is unusal to see a team be so porous for so long. Maddening.

Although I like D'Onofrio's passion for the game, I truly don't get his scheme, when it obviously doesn't work. If your D line gets pressure, then it makes sense to not blitz, because the rush is in effect your blitz. If it doesn't, something else has to hurry the QB.

So what's the advantage of staying with a schmeme that is failing, and makes your team look really bad compared to about anyone at this level?

Are there football nuances that I am missing here?

Jim Gallo I don't care what you do.
I have my own Company but I do not expect employees on the first day of the job to be as proficient as long term employees.
With training, mentoring, and familarity comes profiency.

Apply that to the 'U'. Playing 14 or 15 players for their FIRST game and jumping on them like that after a win...is non productive..

Kick in ideas, thoughts, and comment on the process, and yes criticize, but to state "These players have been at it for a long times as football players at their respeceted positions " Totally misses the point..

Example Flowers..freshman starting his first game and did very well.

Why not compliment the kid and get him pumped we will need him down the line for good plays...

Negativity is a cancer, positivity is Growth Process.

Reality is a checkpoint of the process. Give the Coaches credit for adjusting the product.

By the way I got degrees from the U also, and am an alumni, and agree with Bob_BBA70. Thanks for coming around Bob.. you have seen the light.
Go 'Canes Always

dbc.....0 Adjustments....another moron....I can assure you the Denzel pick was a result of ADJUSTMENTS....

Great to get the win yesterday by the young Canes over a tough Boston College team. Before we start bashing the DC there are a few things to consider. First Boston College has one of the best O lines returning in the conference, so that had alot to do with the lack of pass rush. Second, our defense is full of Freshman on the two deep roster, so with it being they're first game and being on the road I can see why they played so safe at the beginning of the game by not blitzing and putting the young secondary on an island. Third Retting has QB guru and new offensive mind in Doug Martin calling the plays that take advantage of Retting's ability and aa young inexperienced defense.
Now that being said, I am going to give D'nofrio more time and games under his belt along with allowing the underclassman to grow before passing judgement because in the game of football it does take time. The problems I saw was how many times does a running back have to catch a swing pass before you take that away from him. Chickillo didn't show anything yesterday to suggest he deserves all the hype that surrounds him. Perryman played like a Mike Barrow, Vilma, Ray lewis type of MLB that we have not had in years. I will say this D'nofrio is great at making adjustments but it takes too long for it to happen. The defense looks alot like the 97 and 98 teams which were young but couldnt stop anybody unless its a turnover. I have to admit I was totally let down by the defense yesterday and would suggest that we play more bump and run two deep man under coverage like we used to instead of this soft coverage and for gods sake blitz the qb.

Punter is good. Lots of distance and lots of hang time. Showed some athletic skills off the bad snap.

Erick Flower did an excellent job as many of the long runs came the right side of the center.

They went with a 3 man pass rush which was a disaster as the QB stood back there even longer.

I agree that Mike James cannot hold off Duke Johnson and the better combo would have been Clements and Johnson. I also conclude James should have never been named the starter over Clements. James does not have the burst that Clements has. One thing I will say...if the Canes continue to progress and mature, they will be formidable by season's end and recruits will come no matter what sanctions loom. Golden and his Canes are on their way back!

Morris looked good, hope Duke can keep it up. The d dkes need improvment but if u can outscore the other team then u win. Cant wait for next sat. We didnt start with bowling green and with the young guys, i think we did ok as a first game. Now, those gators have some real problems.....

Jim gallo is a troll...

The D coordinator really has no clue. A chance to be good, but they sucked on D. How can Manny call him a "good coach." If he good, then I would hate to see great or this case really bad! Sad part is, no change their since he is Golden's golden boy! Look back at all the great Hurricane teams...they had great d's, not in the case...yet another average year since they can't stop anyone!

First, our defense was horrible in the 1st quarter but if you take that away, the last 3 quarters weren't bad. I have to say, I haven't seen the kid of energy and effort from canes in a long time. Every guy was trying to get in the pile.

On offense, Morris looked very good to me. I can't remember many bad throws. Duke looked amazing, he has that extra gear. Mike James
looked much quicker but was outshined by duke. I still think he looked better than last year. O-line played well and will only get better.
TE's need to show up more. As far as WR'S, Davon Johnson made a very tough play but Kendall needs to step up. Rashawn Scott dropped a pass early, I think due to nervousness but he bounced back. He kind of reminded me of Streeter early last year with the nervous energy. Malcom Lewis is gonna be a star. Allen Hurns is strong and reliable. Dorsett has the gamebreaking speed but didnt get much action. I think we will grow here.

Defense-Perhaps the biggest problem with a young team is, D-tackles are probably the hardest guys to play as freshmen. I would like to
see Earl Moore get time. Olsen Pierre missed some tackles but I think he will get better, he seemed to just be off by a few seconds on a couple plays. We need a healthy Curtis Porter. I think if we had some help at DT, Chick and Green could make some big plays. They both play hard but were constantly double teamed. As far as LB's, we know about Denzel but Eddie Johnson to me showed glipses of becoming a star. I really feel he and Denzel are going to be wreaking havoc on defense once they get settled in. Db is not as bad a problem, it was the lack of pressure that hurt. Tracy Howard definately will get better. I think Mcgee and Finnie played pretty strong. Kacy Rogers definately made big improvement and at this point looks better than VT. I did notice Deon Bush always being around the ball and playing physical. Our lb's and DB's need help from DL because we have some real talent and speed in those positions. people will compain about coach D but with some many fresh faces, he has to be conservative. However, I noticed things like better tackling, piling on, and going for strips which our guys havent done since butch and early coker era. Coach D took no star players at temple and put them into the nfl, he can get it done.

Special Teams- I feel every time duke or dorsett got the ball, it felt like something big might happen. Our coverage was strong.


Everyone remembers the huge first quarter by BC offense but forgets we stopped them on 4th and goal.

Absolutely Facebook. The D was very unsure to start but started to stop giving up T's and they went to FG. Last TD was a gift from Don Cherry. If there ever was or is a worse referee than him I have not seen one in a long time. Usually he finds a way to hand a game to the opponents. Two mister opus calls yesterday. That ladt roughing the passer was atrocious.

Kudos to the guys, what a great effort. But, and there's always a "but," the defense was pathetic. There were times when one of their receivers would catch a ball and there wasn't a UM player in the picture. Coverage was horrible. They ain't gonna fix that defense in a week, and lest you forget, Collin Klein is still the quarterback and he ate us up last year.

Posted by: Bob_bba70 | September 02, 2012 at 11:35 AM

Agree 100% Bob.
In addition, why is everyone saying BC is horrible?
Rettig is VERY accurate, made great decisions, and was basically let down 4-5 times, including a sure TD, which would have turned the game around.
Their O-Line stood us up for much of the game.
Obviously, they've had coaching turmoil, but 7-5 for them wouldn't surprise me.
Sorry to digress from the UM discussion.

Next week, Collin Klein will be a load, as he was last year, for EVERYONE KS Played.
I also believe it will be a UM loss (I certainly HOPE not), but we will score points.

BTW, did anyone notice how HARD we hit, and how much better we tackled, especially against screens and such?
Small steps, folks. I really like that we're playing a K-State (#22) next week, as it will only make us better when we enter the ACC portion of our schedule.
I actually wish wqe didn't have the Bethune game, though that is a charitable thing for Bethune-Cookman (we play "BC twice...LOL)

I would STRONGLY advise coach Golden to start our 2nd team QB, 2nd O-Line, and RB's to avoid injury, till we've worn BC out.
I still remember the Dolphins losing Jake Scott in a meaningless 4th preseason game against the Cowboys 2nd string. Moron Sparano. Our "gift" to the Jets!!

Great game canes. And to the ones thats bashing the secondary, listen close, a corner can not lock a receiver down for 6 and seven seconds. The dline is where the real problem lies. It starts up front. Any qb in america can look great with hours to throw the ball. The dline coach needs to go. Its the same as last year, it kind of looked like seven on seven drills.

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is a very young team. Boston College is an experienced team with two Seniors on the "O" Line. BC also has a new OC who has a history of putting up 400+ yards per game on offense. Although the defensive stats are terrible, kudos to Coach D, defense did make stops when necessary. The young guns were outstanding and got turnovers and a pick six.

Secondly, the last time we won in BC was in 2001. With a team full of NFL first rounders, we still struggled and eked out a win in that atmosphere. So, coming back after a 14 point deficit and winning there was a great accomplishment for this team. With a team full of very young players, they didn't flinch.

Coach D and Coach Golden are professionals and their game plan is limited by personnel obviously. Clearly, this team showed a lot of heart and were well conditioned. That is a major accomplishment. BC also tested our freshmen/ new corners quite a bit. Perryman and E Johnson were great out there. There is a lot to be happy about this team.

One game at a time fellas.

My team struggled with Bowling Green!



Joe, with all due respect, not that you deserve it, Golden said that Denzel had been coached on that paricular play, and did make the INT as a result. He dropped back in coverage as LBs often do. Denzel said he read Rettig's focus.

There was no adjustment on that play, moron.

Totally agree Drudge. Some of these fans demonstrate through both their thoughts and writing skills, er lack thereof on both accounts, just how stupid they are. Coach D did make adjustments.

The "I demand championship" blog tough guys need a big bowl of reality soup. Since Coker's last season, we are about five games over .500. That's mediocre any way you look at it. Considering the youth and the schedule, anything over .500 this year is good. The smart fan knows to look for improvements this year that lead to true success next year and beyond. There is a lot to be happy about with yesterday's win.

ltcdolphin and UGoCane, if either one of you played football before you would understand my comments. We had 13 games to make adjustments on D and it's not happening. If we did how in the hell did this sorry QB pass for over 400 yards not to count he had several drops which would have put him over 500 yards passing for BC. We gave up over 500 total yards yesterday. Since both of you are such football experts explain to me the adjustments made on D over the last 13 games. Did we blitz? How many times did we change from our base Defense. If you understood football you would agree that adjustments were not being made during the game or at halftime. If adjustments were the made the post, slant and RB flare would have been covered after the 8th wide open catch was made. This is the same thing as last year on D and it gets old. Clap clap clap for beating a BC team that finished 4-8 last year and they might go 3-9 this year.
One more thing stop crying because a Canes fan points out the truth. All you do is wake up and look at the final score in the paper the next day without any concept of what happen in the game. I'll buy both of you a book called football 101 for dummies! Then you might understand a little about the game!

Jim Gallo has no football knowledge! nuff said!

G-305 and to everyone else who thinks we got out coached, how in the hell do you think BC out coached us when we came back from 0-14 and won by 9? Would've been 11 but once again, good coaching on the safety, very smart. Sure we gave up a ton of yards but they fumbled 6 times, we got plenty of turnovers. I'm not saying our D played great, but you can't say we were out coached. Come on...

There is no way to get a honest read on the Canes in any game. There will never be an easy game for the Canes as all teams are primed to play their best against the Canes. Just remember CANES, you cannot let down in any game. If you can recall, a few years ago we played Texas A&M. Before the season started they circled the U game as the game they wanted to win. To no avail however, but it just shows the CANES can never let up. We do not know how much above their heads BC played.

Did I actually say Jake SCOTT???
Yikes, showing my age again. I meant Jake LONG.
But Sparano is STILL a moron, but I mean that in a nice wary, bless his heart.

good win yesterday....reading these posts makes me wonder what some of the people here want....i read our secondary can't cover guys...we should blitz more....if u believe our secondary can't cover then a team can't blitz...in order to blitz a team must have cornerbacks and safties that can cover...i felt like our secondary did a pretty good job..as one person said u can't cover someone for 5 or 6 seconds...most 18 or 19 year olds (in this case many of our d-line) can't physically compete with 22 or 23 years olds (and BC has one of the best o-lines in the acc)....i believe i heard yesterday on tv the announcers say the BC OC came from washington..and they are known for their offense out there...let's wait a few games before we jut totally trash the defense...and from midway thru the first quater til the mid way of the 4th quarter they played pretty darn well...end of the game was that prevent stuff which i hate but we won so i will take it

Like I said, the DC is in above his head. We got lucky with Duke. Don't forget RS was eying Duke long before "Goldy even knew about him.

The secondary must get better. But the play calling was something like i've never seen at UM. Then Luke Campbell says Duke is the best ever, come on, man.

nice recruiting golden. freshmen look great. go canesssssssssss

I liked Kehoe when he was here back in the day and still like him now. The OL will be there when it counts. But this D is VERY suspect. Wrong usage of schemes and players. With these kind of athletic players, U got to play more schematic and U got to shuffle, yes shuffle, at least 3/4 players constantly.

Coaching-wise, excluding Kehoe, UM still ain't back yet....And it's sad because we can match up with anybody.

Guys, a road ACC win as a win. FSU played a pee wee team. UF played Bowling Green, I mean, we started the year with a conf game, and then at a ranked team. IF U wins next saturday, to go 2-0 on road and 2-0 with a ranked win, they move into top 25. We are that close to being ranked. #2. Pass D is not problem. We dont have the DLINE STUDS YET. there young. Those guys dont dominate until 2nd and 3rd yr. So thats the issue. Put pressure, then pass yards shrink. Play action is an issue also. But thats a tough place to play, and with youngsters, you can see where we are headed.
2. We have Kevin Olsen coming in, so he can redshirt next yr when Morris is a Sr, and be ready to go for 2014 unless this dewey kid who was a espn 150 qb is good from the 2012 class. GUYS, we are so loaded at youth, that if we get hit with schollie losses, we CAN WITHSTAND IT. Thats why he took 34 kids, and has 5 espn 150 players out of 10 recruits so far for 2013. he can pick and choose.
#3. COME 2014, Heck, By next year when Morris is a SR, d line gets deeper, lb's get more exp, and howard and bush and yound DBS get experience, we are going to be BACk.
#4. BEAT KST. WHO IS RANKED , ON THE ROAD< , start 2-0 with 2 road wins. WE ARE RANKED AND THEN HAVE BETHUNE......1 GAME........The good thing is our qb has started games in 2011 and 2012 season, and hes not a fresh like marv or jacory was .........UF because of teabags mainly had fresh,soph for awhile. 2-0....

JUST NEED TO GET THE RUSSELL MARYLANDS< RUSTY MEDERAIS, CORTEEz kennedys'. JEROME BROWNS.... we need a few horses on the dline that wanna get penetration baby.

Oh., Jimmy lost 5 games in his 1st year also after the 83 team that won the Nat Title..........So GIVE GOLDEN A BREAK...........

I AM A Writer: There was nothing wrong with Jake "I am passionate about the game" Scott. He always was in arguments with Shula. But U know what? He's one of the best safeties to ever play the game and somebody like him could have prob talked some sense int a player like Ray Ray. This UM defense really bothers me.

Jim Gallo, in college, youth matters. kids grow HUGE from 1st year of college to 3rd yr. Get on the meal plan, weight room 2 times a day, trainer. It aint moms cereal , school lunch, and a burger. THEY HAVE 34 in their 2 deep of fresh and soph. Jimmie JOhnson took over a NAT CHAMP TEAM, with bernie coming back and lost 5 games putting his system in place.

By 2013/2014 they are so loaded that 5 scholies lost per year in sanctions wont matter. qbs depth, rb depth, wr depth, o line depth. NO SEANTREL YESTERDAY


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