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Grading the Canes - Week 2: Are Canes' defensive woes personnel, D'Onofrio's scheme or both?

Remember last week when Al Golden told his players to savor that win at Boston College? Hope you did, too.

Saturday's 52-13 blowout loss at Kansas State was an eye-opener for Canes fans who didn't take the 500-plus yards BC rolled up as a huge warning that trouble could be on the horizon for defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio's unit. Because the Eagles decided it was easier for them to throw against Miami (441 yards on 51 attempts) than run (101 yards on 34 attempts) it temporarily masked what we all feared could be UM's biggest weakness heading into the season -- an inexperienced front seven. 

Kansas State and quarterback Collin Klein quickly reminded us Saturday the entire Canes' defense could use an extreme makeover. He attempted only 11 passes, but still threw for 210 yards and completed nine passes to guys like Curry Sexton (Curry Sexton?) who were flying right past UM's defensive backs. When the Wildcats weren't throwing, they were running right through Miami to the tune of 288 yards on 60 attempts. How bad did it get? UM saw K-State's third string quarterback.

Canes fans can hope for miracles. But I don't suspect Ty Pennington will be telling some driver in front of Greentree Practice Field Monday to "move that bus" -- suddenly revealing seven to eight studs we had no idea were on the team. As Randy Shannon used to joke, there is no college waiver wire either. 

Now, the offense obviously had a few setbacks Saturday. They aren't totally off the hook. But Jedd Fisch's unit hardly makes you as queasy as D'Onofrio's looking ahead to the rest of the season.

No, D'Onofrio doesn't deserve all the blame. He's obviously been put in a position to play a lot of young and inexperienced players. And let's face it, some of them obviously aren't ready or probably are not good enough to be thrown in the fire this quickly. Maybe not ever.

But is this simply a personnel issue? Or, is D'Onofrio not doing a good enough job with his schemes to put his team in a position to succeed -- like having his defensive backs playing so far off in coverage and rarely bringing extra pressure to rush the quarterback? Could guys really be that lost?

For those of you arguing that UM waved good-bye maybe to too many good players from last year's defense, first know that this unit returned five of the eight leading tacklers from a year ago: linebacker Denzel Perryman, safety Vaughn Telemaque, linebacker Jimmy Gaines, defensive end Anthony Chickillo and cornerback Brandon McGee, and also got back linebacker Ramon Buchanan from injury. Defensive tackle Darius Smith started seven games last season.

So those are essentially seven players who played a big role on last year's defense, which finished 45th in total yardage (359.92 yards per game), produced just 23 sacks (59th out of 120 FBS schools) and was among the worst in the country at taking it away (15 turnovers), yet still managed to finish 17th nationally in scoring defense (20.08 points per game).

Could losing Sean Spence (3rd round pick, Steelers), Olivier Vernon (3rd round pick, Dolphins), Ray-Ray Armstrong (booted off the team), Jojo Nicolas (not in the NFL), Marcus Robinson (not in the NFL), Mike Williams (not in the NFL), Andrew Smith (not in the NFL), and a couple of undrafted free agents to make NFL rosters -- Micanor Regis (Falcons practice squad), Adewale Ojomo (Giants), Marcus Forston (Patriots) -- make that big a difference?

Sorry. I'm not buying that entirely. I didn't just mention Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Dan Morgan or Vince Wilfork did I? Except for Spence, most of the guys gone from last year's defense hardly did anything big when they were here. So, this defense isn't entirely devoid of contributors from a unit that hardly looked as bad in 2011 as they have in their first two games (84 points, 1,035 yards, 4.1 rushing, 325.5 a game passing, 14 of 25 on 3rd down).

With that, we'll move onto the grades:

> Play/Player of the Game: Since this will always be given to a UM player even in defeat, I'll give this week's award to the only guy who got in the end zone for the Canes -- tight end Clive Walford. He finished with three catches for 61 yards including a 56-yard catch and run to the Kansas State 10-yard line with UM down 14-0. I felt the turning point in the game happened moments later when UM had to settle for a field goal instead of getting in the end zone. Had UM scored six there, who knows if something changes.

> Offense: D. Not a lot of positive this week when all the Canes mustered was six points before garbage time. The most disappointing offensive play of the game for me was when Stephen Morris scampered toward the end zone only to get pushed out of bounds at the three yard line late in the third quarter. Sure, UM was down 31-6 at the time, but Mike James has to make a block on that play when it's just him and a safety. He didn't. Showed me a lack of want to -- especially on 4th down. As for the rest, freshman Duke Johnson had six carries for 19 yards and couldn't generate the magic he had last week. Wasn't all his fault. UM ran for just 40 yards on 29 carries and couldn't generate a running game or protect Morris, who despite going 19 of 26 for 215 yards, was sacked five times. Some of those sacks were his fault for not getting rid of the ball. But after a stellar week 1 performance, the offensive line looked human and error prone. Right guard Brandon Linder was hit with flags twice. Left tackle Malcolm Bunche got beat on a sack that led to a fumble. Who looked better? The receivers. Only drops I saw were from Duke Johnson, who had three. That's a good sign especially since we don't know how long Allen Hurns could be out. He looked good early with two catches for 32 yards, but never returned with what FX reported as concussion like symptoms. Seantrel Henderson entered the game early in the third quarter when freshman Ereck Flowers limped off with an injury. Interested to see how Henderson graded out and how banged up Flowers really is. 

> Defense: F. That's not for fantastic either. Instead of going over all the bad things that happened, we'll highlight the few good things. Brandon McGee made a wonderful leaping interception, showing us some life in coverage. Redshirt freshman Eddie Johnson once again was all over the field making tackles. He finished with seven. Anthony Chickillo produced the team's first sack (albeit a coverage sack). And Shayon Green led the team with eight tackles. Problem for UM is Green, who now leads the team with 15 tackles, makes most of his tackles downfield after the defense has already been gashed.

> Special teams: C-. Took a step back this week. Outside of Duke Johnson's 77-yard kickoff return that led to UM's only score late in the fourth quarter, the Canes were pinned inside their own 20 three times and didn't get past the 25 otherwise on kick returns. Kansas State, meanwhile, had a couple nice returns on kickoffs and punts. Jake Wieclaw hit a pair of chip-shot field goals, but booted the opening kickoff out of bounds. Dalton Botts had four punts for an average of 40 yards, but his first one after the start of the second half went just 29 yards and gave Kansas State excellent field position at their own 29. UM could have used a boomer inside the 20.


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This is golden's first real recruiting class. We are on a good path for next year too. Talk to me a year from now when Malcolm Lewis is our #1 receiver and Duke is our #1 rb. When Flowers and McDermott are a year older. Next year after a full off-season Earl Moore, Jelani Hamilton, and Dequan Ivery will be bigger and stronger. Our Lb's will be Kirby, Perryman, and Eddie Johnson all with more experience. Same as seconday with Bush, Howard, etc. Seriously, who do this young kids have to mentor them. VT, McGee, etc? Golden offered Darius Smith a spot after signing day, Ambrister and Pierre were signed to fill spots and be back ups. Did he expect Luther to be a baby? Did he expect Porter, who plays hard when healthy to always be hurt? Did he expect Ojomo not to get an extra year or Vernon and Fortson (who is an underacheiver) to bail. By the time, this class is juniors, we will be back in BCS hunt. You cant minimize what they did at Temple. Coach D turned Jaquan Jarret who no one wanted into a 2nd round pick. He turned Muhammad Wilkerson, a no star recruit into a 1st rd pick fighing to start on the jets DL. They did this in an inner city campus in a horrible neighborhood. You mean to tell me they can't right this ship? Just be patient.

The majority of these fans on this site last year crowned golden king before he had done anything for Miami. They made golden the savior of the U because of the disdain for Shannon. Neither have proven to be good coaches. Golden could have had a better season last year if he would have adapted to more of the things Miami did well. The dc said that the players did not learn his scheme fast enough and that's why you did not see his scheme flourish. The real problem is that it seams like he lacks creativity and the know how to run a defense. Everyone in the world knew what Ksu game plan was and yet the defense was playing as if we were trying to stop the pass. How do you not put eight in the box until the second half. I believe that golden is a descent coach but he has some crappy stubborn and inexperienced coaching assistant. Every team replaces players and has players that are inexperienced.bcc will be a good team for us to experiment on defense with all these option type teams coming down the pike. Do remember though we struggled with them in the first half last year.

I will support this team forever no matter what but here are a few observations (some more):

Coach Golden seems to be doing everything the right way off the field but it has not transferred into success on the field...yet. It's only game 2 of his second season full of off-field storms. I'm not blaming him for everything but it does seem that other newly hired coaches come into problems and make an immediately impact. Again I know it's early but this team looks just like the team of the Coker and Shannon eras.

Both the offense and defense looked totally lost out there at moments.

I would like to think that given a couple more seconds at the end of the first half we would have scored but so much time was wasted at the beginning of the drive. This is on the coaches. I was screaming at the tv calling for the time-out.

I don't know how Coach Golden could justify Coach D and his defense this weak. Well not just the D but every other unit on the team.

You people have no idea what you are talking about. How many players did coach d, franklin, terry richardson turn into nfl players?
Coach Golden has had one real class come in so far. Is Deon Bush a getting this much player time at Bama right now? Is Duke? We are young, undersized, and inexperienced. You don't change culture overnight. You guys got mad Shannon always fired everyone and now you want Coach D, gone right away. The foundation of this team is Golden's recruits, who believe in the system, and the kids coming in like Keith Bryant, Artie Burns, Jamal Carter, Kevin Olsen, etc.

Defensive scheme or personnel? Where was the offense? We all knew the offense was going to have to carry this team. The entire defensive depth chart is underclassmen.

Miami fans calling for coaching changes or changing scheme are your typical instant gratification entitlement issued morons. How about enjoying watching this young team get better and just shut the fock up already?

IMHO. Our problem is that our best underclassmen leave the program for the pros early every year, even if they are not ready. Some after their redshirt sophomore year. Say what you want about them. They want to help their families, 500k a year as a 6th round pick is hard to turn down, the risk of injury is too great, etc. Vernon and Forston would have helped us a ton. Streeter and Lamar would have helped us. Ojomo got screwed. Depth, baby. Without it no team can be consistently good. It seems to me we have more players leaving early, every year, than any other program in the country. And it shows!

Nice article Manny. I agree with you that we have inexperienced players and that the players we lost where not stars. I think it all comes down to coaching. When you are in a situation like this, you have to bottom line it. What do you get? Coaching. How many teams you see with less talent playing well? Lots. Why? Because they are well coached. Both our coordinators are not good coaches. In fact, our only improvement from last year is the o line. Why? Great coach. But we need improvement in all areas. Solution. Fire the CEO. Great guy. Bad coach. The U is greater than one person.

You guys act like this is new. Miami has been pretty mediocre for years now. Miami has a good brand, good school, and great recruiting base. But so does UCLA and Texa A&M. And those schools have had long runs of mediocraty. It happens. In sports, teams have runs, and then become like most other teams in the nation --some good seasons, some bad, some great.

I read people talking about dropping the football program if we don't improve soon. Are you kidding me? Vandy, Kentucky, Northwestern, Washintong State struggle big time every year. No one wants to cancel their football programs. Suck it up.

I'm not a big Coker hater. The guy won a national title, and had one 7-6 season, and a slow not so dramatic decrease in wins. I think Shalala hurt the program more than anything. Hiring Shanon, signing the Pro Player Stadium deal, and pussifying the culture at the U has hurt more than anything.

Golden haters have a point. He took temple from 1-11 to 8-4 or something like that? Versus MAC teams? To take a team from 1-11 to 8-4 is a lot easier than taking a team from 8-4 to 11-1. He really doesn't have a mountain of work that is impressive. His main thing to hang his hat on is that it happened at Temple, the most football indifferent program in America.

However, you can tell the team is better coached. They are not offsides every 3 plays. They look tougher and more disciplined. He has a great attitude and a very creative system of building a team. He could just as well be great is what I think Im trying to say.

I think UM could be real good again soon. But they could also suck. It is hard to tell. People should just take it a game at time and enjoy the wins when and if they come.

The problem is coaching on defense. They have 4 seniors starting and a number of 4-5 star players.

Buchanan, Telemaque, & McGee are all senior starters who were 4 star recruits coming out of H.S. Darius Smith is a senior transfer from J.C. Kacy Rodgers & Denzell Perryman were 4 stars out of H.S. and Anthony Chickiloo & Jason Grimble were 5 star recruits and all are in the 2nd or 3rd yr. of the program. I have not even mentioned Deon & Tracy who were also 4 & 5 star recruits.

The Canes have access to a greater talent base than alot of other schools who put a much better defensive scheme out on the field. It comes down to coaching, & D'Onorio does not look like he can get the job done.

Wow! I have not seen this many postings on a topic since RS got fired.
Let’s be real, The Canes are young, the coaching staff are new, the defense needs work, and the offensive future are bright. It takes time to build the “U” to the power house we once had. You see, the past four years we lose a number of under classman to the NFL. We have not had a rebuilding system in place since Butch Davis left. Larry Joker and Randy Shameless set us back for years.
K-State is Good, I mean VERY GOOD and they exposed us for what we are, VERY YOUNG, players and coaching included. We got an old fashion back yard whipping. We can learn from K-State coach Bill Snyder, patient, aggressiveness and smart football (win Games). Don’t forget, Ken Dorsey lost at Washington State, and the year BYU beat us on national TV, when we were ranked high in the top five in the polls, and a contender to win the National Championship. Guess what, we did win because we came back and took care of business. We must redeem ourselves in Chicago when we play Nobody Dame. This will set us up to contend for the ACC games that we face ahead. We have a four year plan of action to get us back, but don’t count out the “U” yet. We will surprise a lot of haters before the year ends. Canes4life......

No Swag in the "D".
More like Stagg (Stagger).

Looks like it is gonna be another building year. Think we were all hoping for the return to the smash-mouth force to recon with. After yesterday's game I feel like a lot of teams are penciling in "W"s next to the Miami games.

Still gonna root for those Canes! Gonna be a long year...

Theres nothing to enjoy but pain watching. Waiting 20 yrs is not instant gratfication. Why wait for the envitable...look at Chalie Weis - 9-3, 10-3, 3-9, 7-6, 6-6 or 35-27 then gets fired...now 1-1 with kansas....statistics define the coach going forward when there is a history...the ratios dont move off that much.....Golden will not ever have a Butch Davis or Dennis Erickson recored going forward....Golden is not a 51-20 coach or 33-9 conference coach.....thats the hard cold reality....sorry to burst your bubble. So why wait, its not logical or makes any sense. The hire was all wrong based upon the history.

Meed e o ker!

Jim Gallo,

Waiting 20 years? WTF are you talking about? Golden has been the coach for 14 games now. He inherited a dumpster fire. This team has 55 true sophomores or younger on the roster. Let me guess, you thought Miami was going to beat a top 20 team in their own house with youngsters? History has nothing to do with it and shyt for brains has everything to do with it.

Coach D has to go! Coach D

Sorry, not going to happen. Have to duplicate Schnellenbeger hire...go to the NFL like the plan was before Golden hire. There are 5 key NFL assistants ready to be pick off....there over 719 million in the endowmnet that will just sit there forever....never goes to zero.....pay all the money via NY yankee style. 8 2010 teams in 2011 went from 6-7 to 10-3 all... with a dumpser fire....also lets not forget ND who had a winning coac t the helm via his win/los record...or Clemson at 10-3 then fired DC immediately after OB blow out....can be dont, takes leadership and guts....

Wow............. Been a Cane for 27years & will die a Cane! Like Golden but NOT impressed with DC. Yesterday was humiliating! I live in Tallahassee with a dressed out Cane truck 24/7. You have no idea how much heat I get. I fire back but its kinda hard when your team looks & plays like hot garbage! I know were young but not doing fundamentals falls back on coaching and coordinators. Get it together Golden! I know that's ya boy but this is bigger than a friendship! This is The

defensive scheme is all wrong not miami football you have to call plays to the strength of your team and recruiting florida its all about speed guys firing off the ball and trying to beat oL to gaps not taking on blockers directly.miami has always had undersized de and lbs jamaal green,jerome mcdougle etc and lbs ray lewis rohan marley,vilma,jon beason just to name a few were all undersized, just very fast ones. the dc want these guys to take on blocks and the are getting pushed around big time

The clock is ticking. I like the effort coach Golden has put in this team, but something has to give. I am not the one to call for the coaches head, but if he does not get his defense to play better without blowing assignments and getting any pressure or penetration against the opposition then it will be Golden that will take the fall along with the rest of his coaching staff.

What I saw was a defense that does not attack but reacts very slowly to what the offense is doing to them. I could go on and on but I won't. We need to attack and build off that defensively

If we win four games I will be very surprised cause I do not see us winning any other games besides Duke and Bethune Cookman.

So many variables contributing to this horrible loss:
1) Youth
2) Inexperienced
3) Smaller
5) Weaker
6) Out-Coached
7) Out-Schemed
8) No Creativity
9) Limited Playcallingb
10) Poor Tackling(in no specific order)

The defensive C is playing in schemes that attempt to keep the play in front of them, sorry, thats not working, they need to bring those LBs in closer, bring a blitzing DB off the edge, something, and that may leave two DBs on an island, but isnt the talent supposed to be there now, to do just that? Nothing wrong with the Coaches saying we dont have 3 or 4 guys who can pressure the passer, perferctly ok to say that, just BLIZZ!!! If you get beat deap, you simply get beat deep, but what is more demoralizing???

Too many chicken little's on this board. Oh so many experts who know what needs to be done but at best have only played computer games or electric football, lol!

Running at the first sign of adversity, I surely don't want you in my foxhole. This team has a long way to go and the ride will be bumpy at best, it takes more than 14 games and a full squad with depth to compete in the college game today.

Doing things the right way is not always the easiest way. Golden is committed to this program and fans who have unrealistic expectations of this team are delusional and don't live in the real world. ( For the uneducated if you don't know what that means, look up the word, "liberal")lol

Was this game to the point of being embarrassing, yes. Was this game painful to watch, yes. Do any of us have faith in the defense, NO. Will things get better in the years ahead, YES.

Don't be a front runner and pull for, cheer for and speak in glowing terms about the Canes only when they win and show some faith, Golden is 7-7 at Miami and things "will get better."

Don't be a "Real Man of Genius," and duck your tail between your legs and run away from this team and this coaching staff. Just saying........

The DC needs to go...

AG brought in Jethro and D corch, and he will need to get rid of both..They looked clueless in the sidelines and screaming at your players, yet NOT CHANGING that FACKING SCHEME isn't going to help!!

they just need to modified on the go, as the game progress, real simple, if your 3 or 4 man front not getting to the passer, you blitz, if your bubble screen and quick hitch is not working, you go deep, either way, you gotta put more pressure on your team, no more babysitting, send your WRS deep, and get your DBs and LBs closer to the line of scrimmage, force your OL to pass protect long enough for your WRs to go deep, either way, this team gotta be push harder and the Coaches just simply have to change-up as the game progresses!

This is college. You do not have to come up with some major scheme on defense that is too complicated to understand.

So it goes like this...

1.) Only play zone or man coverage.
2.) SS Zone Left or intermediate to short zone
3.) FS Zone Right or Deep to Intermediate zone

1.) Man, Zone, or Blitz
2.) Never play zone unless it is an obvious passing down
3.) Only the MLB plays middle field zone coverage when both corners are blitzing.
**** When Blitzing one LB then Shift man coverage responsibilities to non-blitzing line backers
**** When blitzing one two or all three LB positions then the SS is playing short zone and the FS is playing deep zone and watch the eyes of the QB.

Defensive Backs
1.) Always play man to man coverage or blitz.
**** If blitzing from both edges then Safeties play man to man coverage on the WR, the LB play man to man coverage against the tight end or RB and only the MLB plays deep zone.
**** If blitzing one DB then shift the Safety nearest the blitz into man coverage and the other Safety into zone coverage deep and intermediate routes.
****If overloading one side with a blitz using a LB and DB then shift the closest safety into man to man coverage against that WR and the farthest away into zone coverage for the side that you are blitzing from. Rotate your LB coverage accordingly, and put your best DB on an island with no help over the top.

Just let their instinct take over!! keep the defensive playbook simple

Anonymous cane is right all the way. Period
I think the coaches should read this blog and make their
game plan based on all these knowledgeable coaches on here.
Man with all the great schemes and solutions to the d that I have read will contend
for an acc title this year. I know the coaches don't watch film and don't go to practice
Every day so they need to come to this blog for their schemes. For all the true cane fans
On here, times are tough but I still fly the flag with pride here in cougar,husky, and bronco
Country. Go canes!!!!!!

I remember when the Canes went to Syracuse and got stomped 66-13. The know it all Miami fans called for heads to roll then too. Butch then went on to build the greatest college team in the history of the sport.

How about you morons support the team that is made up of 55 true sophomores or younger rather than acting like any of you have a clue WTF you're talking about.

GD this program has some mental midgets for fans.

Your the mental midget since you still had beef stew in your pants in 1998. The difference being prior to the blow out with Syracuse Butch Davis was already 29-15 at Miami with a Bowl win. You make things up since nobody called for Davis to be fired...thats complete BS. Also at this same tenure:

Butch Davis.....10-3 overall / 8-1 conference
Al Golden.......7-7 overall / 4-5 conference

lets not forget Davis was defensive line coach under JJ at Miami then won back to back super bowls for Dallas as DC before comming back to Miami.....see what I'm talking about....no disrespect to Golden but how does a hire like that happen? I will tell you this...Donna Shalala has ruined Miami football, ever since she took over its been down hill...just stating the facts

Unbelievable some of these comments. Donna Shala saved Wisconsin football, it got totally better during her watch there. To say it is her fault is pure a dumb uniformed comment. Show some sense.

Yes Butch Davis had many, no...very many detractors and his firing was called for, so your wrong about that.

Look at Beamer's record at Va. Tech his first six years and then look at it now. Bowden didn't start out winning at FSU. Coach K at Duke had a losing record at first at Duke. This generation of instant gratification doesn't come close to the folks that built this country, no wonder as a nation we are where we are. All these uniformed and ignorant comments just prove that!

Get a life and stop living and having your mood and demeanor determined by what a bunch of 17-22 year olds do a a field of play.

And don't think I don't care about the U and all their athletic programs as much as you!

WTF are you talking about. I'm fine. Beamer is at a school in the woods. They can afford to wait, theres nothing to do there at VT. In a city like Miami....tons of sport competition. Losing teams get punsihed bad financially. Alos as always ypou dont know facts...Bowden came to FSU 73-32.....a huge winning record...then the first 6 yrs at FSU he went 50-19 and a bowl win. So i dont know where you get this "didnt start out winning at FSU" stuff. He kiiled it his first years. But it dosent matter. After watching Goldens post game video, I wouldnt be suprised if he resigns....I feel sorry for him now, looks totally defeated and the reporters didnt bother to ask the hard questions from their tone. They felt bad also. We'll see next week.

Gentlemen simply put Golden is great for the program, but would be better with "professionals" around him. We've all heard it before, you're only as good as the people around you. As I watch Steelers and Broncos, the Steelers have run a multitude of schemes in just the first quater. Before some knuckle head says, "but they are pros", realize I'm simply pointing out that really good coordinators don't sit back and respond to the offense. Doesn't matter the experience, coach them up! Sorry D'Nofrio can't teach what he doesn't know.

The DC has to go. He is over his head and the players will blame him at the water cooler and wont play for him. Golden should fire him and take over the defense and supervise the offense. Re-establishing the structure at the top will sent the right signal to the team and media/fans that we are serious about winning. Doing it early and fast will be a benefit to Golden.

Looking at last year's defense which was suspect at best, and this year's defense in the 2 games BC and KSU, I just don't have much confidence in the DC.

Hey Canes, i just want to wish you all the best of luck against that mid tier Big 12 school, Kansas State. I know you guys are gonig to crush dem biatches like Da U does!! Gettin ' it ....


Never mind...

I am not bashing Golden, but I am bashing his defensive coordinator. This is the second time an offense has put up nearly 500 yards on our defense.

On all other phases of the team we are playing better. The only problem we have on offense is sustaining a drive and that comes back to haunt us cause the opposing defense stays fresh.

This defense is way too complicated and he needs to dumb it down for our younger players who always seem to be out of position.

Just keep it simple. The only position that should play zone is mainly the safeties and on special occasions the LBs. Have ball hawking safeties play deep and short zone who watch the QBs eyes to know what routes to jump and occasionally man to man when you are blitzing a corner. If you are not a safety then either play man to man or blitz, and blitz often. If you are a safety playing the short zone then make sure you provide run support.

worst Dc we"ve ever had so far, made no justments in the first game, gave up a nickle, then looked as if they had taken the whole week off pryor to ksu,came out after half still no justments, gave up another nickle, 1000 yrds in two games, yea he knows what he"s doin. He has completely gotten away from what miami football is about, gap this gap that. Cant believe this cat ever played football, but then Shannon played too, and he"s right about where he should be now, position coach

You know im seeing a lot of talk about How Al Golden is mediocre and that he was a bad hire. First of all the last Good head coach we had was Butch davis He took a team through serious sancations in which we were dressing only 60 players mostly freshman and sophmores. When he left, he left a national championship caliber team. The Joke that was Larry Coker took all of what Butch Built up ( yes even including the national championship team) and destroyed it. Randy Shannon then took over and we continued the downfall. We played with no heart and from what we understand now was not the recruiter we all thought he was. I literally refused to recruit part of the state of florida. Different area High School Coaches would say when Al Golden took over and started recriting their kids would say that was the first time they had heard from the U. His first recruiting class he started late due to his hire and he turned 7 recruits that had been commited elsewhere. He took over a Temple Program that was literally kicked out of the big east for not being good enough, and had no wins. Al is a man of character and he is still choosing to stay at the U , even after he was never told about what was going on with Nevin Shipiro. And he had a top 10 class even in the wake of sanctions. Yes our team is young but we need to give me more time. You remember Tommy Streeter last year ? He has a great year and the year before he never saw the field under shannon. Shannon was never a good coach or developer of talent, and was only an above average recruiter. Let wait will we pass judgement on the coaching staff, Our Team has more heart and plays with more effort than any other team in the recent pass. Guys we are very far from where we were back in the early 90's so lets not jump of the legde just yet

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