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Official #UM #Canes Injury Report for Georgia Tech Game is in...

Here's the official injury report, per University of Miami, for Saturday's 3 p.m. Georgia Tech game:


LB Denzel Perryman-Lower Extremity

DB Andrew Swasey-Lower Extremity

LB Raphael Kirby-Lower Extremity

DT Curtis Porter-Upper Extremity


Surgery/Out for the season:

LB Ramon Buchanan-Lower Extremity

Snapper Sean McNally-Lower Extremity


Next injury report will be Monday after the Georgia Tech game.





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From what I've read, GT is a physically strong team that plays a punishing game, and the 'Canes haven't done well in those kinds of games.

But the Hokies beat the Ramlin' Wreck, and the 'Canes seem to have had the key to thwarting their offense for the last few games, so . . . I'm cautiously optimistic.

No Perryman = No Good! :(

I say we stop playing Bethune Cookman because every year we come out with serious injuries

Stop the FB dive. run ball best we can morris throw downfield and move pocket and scramble please...i think this game is on QB. they just played a patsy
..maybe just maybe we stike first fast and often...like morris to hankerson 2 yrd ago

Injuries won't hurt in a few years when the roster is loaded with depth and experience. Golden will get it turned around. Imagine when our opponents defenses have to worry about Duke Johnson, Alex Collins, and Sony Michel in the backfield. Al Golden is a beast recruiter and knows how to develop the talent he brings in. He'll have the Canes oozing talent like days of old. This team will be scary good real soon.

Sit back and enjoy the process.

I think if we execute the game plan and stay within ourselves we can come together as a team to pull this victory. Show some swag, throw up a U, have Ray Lewis give a shout out, and we will 3-1 and in the national title hunt yet again.

Go 'canes!

i wanna see improvement thats it...i would love a Win..I am optimistic..i believe like everyone else the game is on the offense.....Improvement

Dear Canes if you win the coin toss take the ball and definitely try not to fall behind.

Hurricanes have a clear speed advantage on offense, need to take some shots, someone needs to step up as this year's deep threat.


Tampa cane is right..BCC always plays us dirty..Did you see the cheap shots taken against Duke and James? Last year we came out injured also..

the offense must hit 50 to win

the thing that will hurt most after this game will the pride. gt will blow these canes out, we are worse on def than the last few years so comparing is out. the offense better get it together quick, or the game will be over in the 2nd qtr.

As a fan, I'm expecting a W. As a realist, we ain't doing ish with 4-5 true freshmen playing on D. It could get ugly early. See KSU.

We just cannot turn the ball over. Someone get a nice shot on the QB to make him tip-toe the rest of the game.

Did anyone see the camera shot that showed our lineman standing together? McCord looks like a beanpole at DE. He still has high school weight. We need great DE and LB assignment football this weekend to even hang.

I have a bad feeling that GT will run for 600 yds in this one. With the youth and injuries, we really have no chance guys. Lets be realist and enjoy watching these kids grow up. Hopefully in a couple of yrs we'll be competing for the conference championship.

gocanes1... 50 may not be enough. This is going to be a game where the team will remember a couple of yrs from now when hopefully they'll be ready to compete and be in the top 25. GT is going to run it up on us as much as possible. We just need not forget when the time for payback is upon us

F*ck Georgia Tech, who are they? Lost to Va Tech, beat a D2 and Virginia.

wow some you all aint canes fans at all...really does type of yards ....we will see..hopefully they hear all this and play good...I would take it personal if I was them...Heather Dinch said 42-21...wow

Get lead early and make them One demensional on Offense, that will be Huge!!
Hurry up Offense from first snap.
Lets Go Canes!!

THey (GT) ARE a one dimensional offense. When they pas its for all the marbles only. Their passing games is horrible so we need to make them even MORE 1 dimensional. I agree with the post. Who has GT beat? UVA? ok. But Presbyterian college and they lost to VTech.THEY are not Kansas State. KSU is a much more complete team.

UM 35 GT 21 in my view.

I must humble myself before the real CaneFan'72.

He is 100% correct to demand 4 down big Miami defensive linemen with inside linebackers moved up close to the line of scrimmage, blitzes, and the DE's turning options and end runs back into the center.

And the real CaneFan72 is totally right about throwing the ball down field instead of flat passes for one yard plus or loss. And especially throwing the ball to tight ends.

everytime I read the "extremity" word I vomit.

Play hard fellas....complete YOUR assignment.

Hey guys,

Miami was NOT that great last year on defense. Do you remember that? What was the score last year in the GT game? Miami 24 GT 7. You don't have to have a top10 defense to take advantage of this offense. They are one dimensional, and they really haven't played anyone with the exception of VT, and yes, they lost.

It's all about playing assignment defense and keeping everything outside. Miami has always played well against the option. Relax guys, I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Our junk defense held them to 138 yds rushing last year...So they give up 250 this year. So what, we will still out score them..

Go Canes

I sure hope you are correct. It would be nice to be 3-1 or even 4-0 if the coaching staff had just followed the real CaneFan'72s brilliant defensive instructions and playbook and formations.

But alas, such brilliance of CaneFan'72 only comes along once in a decade or so in Miami coaches. One misses Butch and Jimmy and Schnell.

Where are the Canes fans going to be tonight? I will be in ATL tonight and looking to hang-out with some CANES!!!

This week the best defense is going to be our offense. Ball control, field position and a couple big plays on special teams

Dear Canes if you win the coin toss take the ball and definitely try not to fall behind.
Posted by: Brian | September 20, 2012 at 05:24 PM

I agree with this. We are not in the days where we could win the toss and defer, over and over again, knowing the offense had no answers. And by doing that, other teams get to know they will ALWAYS start on offense no matter who wins the toss. Make your opponent uncertain, and make them unprepared for your plans. Part of that is not ALWAYS deferring. It killed out win streak when the Pac 10 refs gave the ball to Washington on both halves because they chose to purposely misunderstand our desire to start the game kicking off, as always, and instead letting Washington get the ball to start both halves. That doesn't happen if you are GREEDY for the ball.

Miami 28

GT 10

Heard it here CANES FANS!!!! We got this like we had this for the last 3 yrs. In that same time period everyone said that we had a terrible defense and we ended up being the team to not just control GT but do so convincingly. Stack the box and blitz the LBs and make GT throw the ball. Put the DBs in man coverage and it'll be a very long day for the stumblin wreck.


Very noticeable that we are hearing very little before this game, from the team, chatter etc....

I really believe that the 'Canes are laying low and have something to prove...

Everyone and I mean everyone is looking for the loss for all the reasons stated.

If GT comes out flat and Miami scores first, with Special teams playing well and generating points,and the offense hanging in, we have a fighters chance when we get to the 10th , 12 th round or the 4th quarter..
A long game would not hurt either, with the long passes that Morris is capable of, the GT defense would not anticipate this. They would be thrown off their game plan and forced to play catch up..a la last year...Mix it up for Al Groh..

We might surprise, and a win would be teriffic.
Go 'Canes Always

BEating GT wont be an upset. The media esp ESPN etc have no respect for Miami. UM has the same record as GT and UM beat BC away, lost to a KSU team that is better than VT and still GT is close to being ranked in the top 25 while UM is no where near. Um beats GT and the excuses from the talking heads will start-same with ND next week in Chicago. I hope ND beats Michigan so the real UM can come over to Chi town and show them where its at... Payback.

Let me talk notre lame for a minute- Last year 2 players beat UM:

Their stud wide receiver and Jacorry Harris. This year they have neither. So lets bring it.

rum the 2 mimute drill every other series. no 1yd passes in the flats please. STOP the FB DIVE
..and blitz!!!!!go canes

The key is to have long drive that result in touchdowns. They have a few players on defense that are out of shape and if we can drive down the field in six or more plays each possession then the fourth quarter will be ours to win. We have to break their will on defense each possession in order for all the conditioning and offseason to pay dividends. Next we have to score often to take them out their comfort zone on offense. Hopefully we can watch Stephen Morris grow as a well rounded quarterback and the rest of the team gel this weekend.

Great comments by UM fans. Tough game ahead,
and I hope our young team breaks out. Must have strong
ball control and passing game, and best effort from the D yet. Time to come of age!


Just man up and tackle....please. dont even care if you win, just hit people.

Dbc - as a child of the 80's I'll admit that I've been a little harsh on these message boards, I've been harsh on Golden, harsh on other fans, and harsh on some of these payers........realizing it took Butch about 3 years to lay the foundation and about 5 years to bring us back to the top I'm willing to give Al time. If he can bring in more kids like Duke, Deon & Co., I'll keep the faith BUT lord in heaven let's hit somebody tomorrow like my dude junkie said...... We can still be pit bulls, young stubborn pit bulls that never quit and leave a few scars on the opposition...... Canes all day!

Well said Ted. There is nothing wrong with being passionate but at the same time we must be reasonable. Now I know that will sounds strange coming from me but I always said that a team is not built in a year, nor two. I also admit that I have been harsh on our OC and DC as of late. That is only because I'm seeing the same plays over and over again on offense and adjustments not being made soon enough on defense. We are one of the fastest teams in our conference yet we don't use that to it's fullest potential in my opinion. You are right that it took Butch time to build a foundation and more to get it to the top. I know, I saw it all. So patience must be shown from true Canes fans. I will never turn my back on my Canes, through good and bad I will continue to bleed orange and green. There are those on this blog that think like myself all in their own way. I see this freshmen class being in the top 5 by the time they are seniors fighting for a National Title. All Golden has to do is continue to recruit exactly as he has, be a drill sergeant day in and day out. The weak will be weeded out and we will be left with the cream of the crop. Fisch needs to open the book and unload on everyone. Morris has the arm to go deep literally every other play. D'Onofrio needs to show everyone what speed really is. No more cushion, man on man, punch you in the mouth defense. I want our special teams to destroy people on every punt and kick return. That UNC game where two guys got obliterated always comes to mind and then Darryl Sharpton knocking out that Clemson TE. Hell even Jordan Futch block against a GT defender. Just knock someone to the ground. Rattle them and they will fold. I still say we pull this off but we need to unload on them to do so.


What channel is the game on or is it on Espn3 again

cane- yeah but theat UNC game that you mention while that hit was awesome and sparked the crowd- led to MIami (actually MArve and Hankerson) choking away a win. In addition to pasion these players also need to execute basics as well:

Catch passes. Drops have killed us in the last 3 years

Make blocks

Stay in your lanes (wow. THat was especially treu vs KSU both times)

Dont turn the ball over- so far so good more or less

Just watched the beginning of College Gameday and we aren't even in the opening anymore. Sad, we are border line irrelevant.

Go 'canes!

In other words, do what you have shown incapable of doing and play in a way that you have shown you can't. Wishful thinking, prayer and baseless hope.........

Cane725, it is on espn3. Also on FSN, I think.

Watch the first few series of Miami on defense. If no four down linemen hitting straight ahead and turning end runs back to the middle, and linebackers up close, it is going to be a LOOONNNGG, unhappy day for Cane fans.

On offense, if Miami does not throw the ball down field on timing routes for 10-15 yards instead of flat passes and long passes, and if our linemen do not fire out and block, it is also going to be a long day for Cane fans.

It is kinda bad when I can not trust the coaches to coach sound football and formations.

Sarasota 'cane, no, not borderline just flat out irrelevant. Why is this a surprise you have been so for a decade.

Canes need a new QB!!!
Give us Crow..
We need Brawn and Brains



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