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New UM Canes Depth Chart with your Monday morning coffee: Seantrel Henderson now a co-first-team starter

Good morning.

Miami just released its newest depth chart on the heels of that impressive win over Georgia Tech and heading into North Carolina State week.

* Seantrel Henderson is now listed as the co-first-team left tackle with Malcolm Bunche.

* Ben Jones, who coach Al Golden said had a really good game and graded a 90 percent at right tackle against the Yellow Jackets, is now co-first-team right tackle with Ereck Flowers.

* Rashawn Scott takes the place of starting wide receiver Malcolm Lewis, who is out for the season with the ankle injury he sustained Saturday.

* Jake Wieclaw is still listed as a backup to injured punter Dalton Botts (sprained ankle, but not high-ankle sprain, according to Golden), though I doubt Botts plays Saturday. Again, we'll see. Also, Golden told us last evening that young kicker Matt Goudis has punted better than Jake in practice. He didn't do that well in his only punt Saturday, but it was his first shot.

Here's the full depth chart, per UM:

WR 80 Rashawn Scott 6-2 190 So.
  86 Herb Waters
6-2 185 Fr.
LT 79 Malcolm Bunche -OR-
6-7 325 RSo.
  77 Seantrel Henderson
6-8 340 Jr.
70 Jon Feliciano
6-5 314 RSo.

68 Jeremy Lewis
6-4 316 RSr.
62 Shane McDermott
6-4 295 RSo.

75 Jared Wheeler
6-5 314 RJr.
65 Brandon Linder
6-6 308 Jr.
  78 Jermaine Johnson -OR- 6-6 316 RJr.
  63 Danny Isidora 6-4 320 Fr.
RT 74 Ereck Flowers -OR-
6-6 314 Fr.
  55 Ben Jones
6-5 310
TE 49 Dyron Dye
6-5 255 RJr.
  46 Clive Walford 6-4 250 RSo.
  82 Asante Cleveland
6-5 263 Jr.
FB 33 Maurice Hagens
5-11 240 Jr.
  43 Sean Harvey 6-4 262 RSo.
QB 17 Stephen Morris
6-2 214 Jr.
  11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
RB 5 Mike James
5-11 220 Sr.
  8 Duke Johnson 5-9 188 Fr.
  23 Eduardo Clements
5-9 195 Jr.
WR 4 Phillip Dorsett

83 Kendal Thompkins
5-10 182 RSr.
WR 1 Allen Hurns
192 Jr.
  24 Davon Johnson
6-0 188 Sr.



71 Anthony Chickillo
6-4 262 So.
  99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5 271 Fr.
DT 98 Darius Smith
6-2 315 Sr.
  72 Earl Moore -OR- 6-1 300 Fr.
  92 Jalen Grimble
6-2 295 So.
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
6-4 300 So.
  67 Corey King -OR- 6-1 295 RFr.
  93 Luther Robinson 6-3 288 RJr.
51 Shayon Green
6-3 260 RJr.
  94 Kelvin Cain -OR-  6-3 245 So.

17 Tyriq McCord
6-3 236 Fr.
44 Eddie Johnson 6-1 238 RFr.

34 Thurston Armbrister
6-3 222 So.
  58 Gabriel Terry 6-3 215 Fr.
59 Jimmy Gaines
6-3 230 Jr.
  36 Gionni Paul 6-1 230 So.
OLB 31 Tyrone Cornileus 6-2 210 Jr.
  59 Jimmy Gaines
6-3 230 Jr.
  57 Nantambu Fentress 5-9 205 So.
CB 20 Thomas Finnie
5-10 183 So.
  3 Tracy Howard
5-11 185 Fr.
S 2 Deon Bush 6-1 190 Fr.
  22 Kacy Rodgers II
6-2 210 Jr.
S 30 A.J. Highsmith
6-0 202 RJr.
  7 Vaughn Telemaque 6-2 204 RSr.
  29 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1 203 Fr.
CB 21 Brandon McGee
6-0 194 Sr.
  39 Antonio Crawford -OR-
188 Fr.
  37 Ladarius Gunter 6-2 198 Jr.



13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
  40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
FG 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
  18 Matt Goudis 6-0 170 RFr.
KO 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
  18 Matt Goudis 
6-0 170 RFr.
H 13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
61 Paul Kelly 6-1 262 RSr.
61 Paul Kelly
6-1 262 RSr.

65 Brandon Linder 6-6 308 Jr.
4 Phillip Dorsett 5-10 185 So.
  8 Duke Johnson 5-9 192 Fr.
KR 4 Phillip Dorsett
5-10 185 So.
  8 Duke Johnson
5-9 188 Fr.





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I'm not sure why some people on here cannot just celebrate a win and enjoy it. The GT game was one of the most exciting college football games I have ever seen. Yes, the defense is really bad, but they did come through at the end. I have previously been critical of D'Onofrio but he did make adjustments this game in the fourth quarter.

I have no complaints about the offense. I really like the gameplan and the balanced attack.

This year is going to be up and down, so just enjoy the wins when they get them. The freshmen and sophomores are very fun to watch.

Guys guys!!!

We beat GT 4yrs in a row. Celebrate man, that's not something to complain about. So we made some mistakes. We made up for them with great plays and tremendous effort!!! We hung in there till the very end. Candy Randy's team wouldn't have been able to do that, FACT. They would have been gased by the 3rd qtr. Golden is doing a great job. Fisch should stop this vanilla offense and stretch the field with Morris's arm and Dorsett and Co sprinting down the sideline. D'Onofrio needs to make adjustments soon but that's pretty much it. Stop being conservative and play lights out. We're doing really well considering that we're NOT playing like that. Now with Malcolm out we got Herb Waters and Robert Lockhart stepping up and aiming for playing time. Eddie Johnson and Chickillo looked amazing in the GT game. Our DTs even looked better. McGee is actually playing corner for the first time in his career. About damn time if you ask me.

Imagine we beat GT in overtime and they stole a TD from us and we missed a field goal. Think about that.

The U 40-10 ncst!!!!

Ncst hasn't played ANYBODY!! Go and look at their schedule, it's a joke.


You all forget that Coker et al recruited Kyle Wright, Tyrone Moss, Charlie Jones, Frank Gore, Ryan Moore, Greg Olsen and Lance Leggett.

Coker whether with or without Butch recruits, went 4-1 against FSU, 3-0 against UF, and actually coached 2 national championships, won an additional BCS orange bowl, won a peach bowl, lost another Peach bowl, and won the Nevada-south-florida-boys freeze yur a55 bowl. He was 4-1 in bowls. Randy Shannon was 0 fer. 0 for everything

wrong again green pea....the majority of Butch Davis recruits were gone at the end of the 2002 season. What difference does it make anyway? The records speak for themselves.....Butch - Coker - Erickson - Johnson vs Golden who is not even a winning coach yet with no bowl wins. Talk to me when the statisitcs prove your thesis..until then you are a green pea that does not understand this brand. Class of 2016 are idiots, lol

Most of these idiots were not even born then. Coker was the best OC Miami ever had. Its was a natural transition for him to assume the HC position. Foote was not gonna make another Gary Stevens mistake with the position. There we so many ex-Miami guys that went thru the cracks. I would have made a pitch for Stoops or pagano or even chudzinski before a Golden pick. It is not personal. I have nothing against him, I think the whole process was rushed and BS.

Jim Gallo,

The 2001 recruiting class was Butch's last class. I broke it down for you but your comprehension is zero. Let's try again shall we? Butch coached the 2000 season ans bounced shortly after it. He put the 2001 class together and Coker just had to see to it that it remained in tact. Butch probably had the 2002 recruits already picked out and identified because that's how most balling recruiters operate. Saban and Golden also come to mind as being a year ahead.

Coker had Butch kids on the roster for a long time the only problem was he failed to develop them and coach them up because Elmer Fudd has no personality fist pump fist pump. You can talk records all you want but the fact is Elmer Fudd was given a Ferrari that could drive itself to an undefeated season. That formula worked temporarily until the recruiting well ran dry and the players started thinking they could just put on a Miami uniform and instantaneously be transformed into a first round draft pick.

Coker's 1st season 12-0
Cokers last season 7-6

Coker drive the Ferrari off a cliff because he was shyt as a HC. The road runners are lucky to have him.

Carry on fecal matter eater...

Coker as OC = 51-20....33-9 conference with 4 bowl wins
Coker as HC = 60-15....34-11 conference with 6 bowl appearances and 4 wins

Golden as HC = 36-41....25-17 conference with 1 bowl loss

funny thing about statistics.....you cant escape them with psycho-babble

Miami = 1814 defensive yards @ 436 vs FSU 197 per....another Miami guy responsible for that...Stoops

Agreed,lets keep the current DC..lol

For your homework assignement tonight...you need to watch 30/30...the U. Also, its funny trhat there is no discussion about loss of bowl appearances via sanctions. Do you realize that we may not be in a bowl till 2014? Frankly I dont see how this coaching team can do it. I know Golden has though about it but is keeping quiet as he should. I hope that the team see this and plays their hearts. But the coaches have to step this whole process up a notch....

"guys used to go home at night and think about quiting, practice was that hard"

no water
broken bones - move it up 10 yards

Golden "come here and let me hug you"

Gallo still hook on numbers, what a shame. Well from all those teams u mentioned with great numbers in defense the only few of them have played 3 div 1 teams at their field in the first four games. My only concerns with this team and the young players 22 fresh 14 soph is the schedule. Whoever did the U schedule should be fired, if you have a moment to examined we play 7 teams 5 in their fields, of those 3 ranked in the top 10 and some of them times zones away. This for kids who have never being in a plane before is difficult. I bow to this athletes because they went to Boston the first week, then Kansas the week after and to Georgia 2 weeks after that and they showed thy wont give up. I understand defense is important but in my book heart and determination also wins games. Lets encouraging this kids instead of putting them down and like others say It Good To Be A Miami Hurricaine!!!!!. By the way Perryman will be back in 2 weeks.

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