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Noon Kickoff reflects a sad state of affairs for UM attendance, but coaches like that it gives them extra time to prepare for Georgia Tech

   Except for the true-blue diehards, and there are some great ones out there, noon kickoffs don't bring University of Miami fans.

   Yesterday's crowd was announced at 39,435, seemingly at least twice the amount of people who were actually there, and we all kind of looked at each other in bewilderment. Sun Life Stadium seats 75,540 for football, according to the Miami Dolphins media guide. I understand the "announced'' crowd reflects paid tickets (and probably includes the band, etc., but not sure about the people working in the stadium), but this crowd was so small on a nice day.

   I've been in South Florida many, many years, so I know the situation (super hot, humid, people have conflicts if their kids are in youth sports, too much other stuff going on in this area, too early, etc.). But I'm just wondering your take on it. Kudos to the people who show up, especially on a day in which the game wasn't televised (it was shown only on ESPN3). And it was the home opener, if that means anything. I know it was against Bethune-Cookman, but still...

   Last year's "announced" average attendance, according to UM, was 56,207. What the...?

  Coach Al Golden was asked after the game if he would have liked to see “a bigger crowd out there.’’ I believe that coaches wanted this game at noon to give them more time to prepare for Georgia Tech.

      “I don’t worry about the crowd,’’ Golden said. “I understand. I understand the market we’re in, and there’s going to be a day when we’re delivering. There’s going to be a day when we’re delivering and they’re going to come out and see guys like Duke Johnson and Malcolm Lewis, and those guys. And we’re going to grow up together. I promise you this team is going to grow up together.

   “They’re working hard and they’re staying humble and staying together. I understand that.’’

    That said, Golden was then asked if the noon kickoff helped the team better prepare for its next opponent, Georgia Tech, because of the padding it gives in terms of extra time.

    “It does, tremendously,’’ Golden answered. “You know we were on the road the first two weeks and got back at 10 p.m. last week and 1 a.m. the week before. That’s tough on a team.

    “This is huge for our team in general, and really for us to regroup, because we have to go back on the road again. I don’t know how many teams are doing that, but we are. And so this was important for our guys to regroup, get some rest and allow the coaches to get in and get going on Georgia Tech.’’

    Anyway, just wondering your thoughts on the situation, or if you think it really matters one way or the other, regarding attendance. Or do you think the importance of the team having more time to prepare for the next game supersedes the inconvenience of a noon game?



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I am less concerned about the kickoff times then I am with the scheduling in general.....Top programs do not schedule 3 of the first 4 games of the year on the road, with the only home game against an FCS school. Shame on Eichorst and his staff. Marlins conflicts are no longer an excuse either...............

Miami is a winners town only. Unless it is a major opponent (FSU, Ohio State, etc.) support will be weak. If we are a good team, people will come. And we will be a good team. If we are a great team, any stadium will be electric.

When the Orange Bowl died, a huge part of the magic of the Miami tradition went with it. The place had heart and soul, amplified by the amazing Canes teams from the early 80's on. It was legendary, on the order of the Rose Bowl in LA. There was a mystique of our sacred house and rebels fighting the world. And winning until that fateful day against Washington.

Without our own on campus stadium, and a major winner or big-time opponent, attendance will be iffy. Arguments such as "Coral Gables would never approve it" or "there is no room on campus" must be transcended so that this dream can come true. Where is the administration? Who has the bucks?

An early game gives coaches more time to prepare, and players more time to rest. It seems marginal though.

Either way, we will be major underdogs against G Tech. And any advantage for our young team will help.

UM is a small school. Even if All the students show, it's only 10k seats. Therefore you rely on "community fans" to fill the seats. Many of these fans don't have a real connection to UM. So like you mentioned , unless the product is good, any other event in town is an obstacle.

And yes, enrollment does matter. Look at a large state school. If only half of the students go to a game, that's 20k seats!

Noon games are so hotttttt. I stayed for 3.5 quarters and threw in the towel.

Come on! Stop with socio-jibber jabber. Fans, alumni and the general community aren't going to show up to see this team. Although there are thousands of Cane fans in the South Florida area they just aren't gonna spend their money to be frustrated by this team. Fans will meet their obligation when the team does. Unfortunate but true. Miamians like stars and Miami only has one, Duke.

Tony said it best. A lot of people wearing cane gear in this town didn't actually attend the university. They only support the canes when they win. That's not going to happen for awhile. Get use to the poor attendance.

I'm a fan. Always have been, always wii be. But..,I will NOT attend a noon game in early September. If this had been a 7:00 start the stadium would have been at the least 50% more full than it was. Coach Golden might need the extra few hours to prepare for his next game, but The U needs the FANS in the seats to pay their bills.

This current Administration needs to take a hard long look at the state of the program....

I'm a UM alum and I went to the game, with a group of 15. No excuses: it was hot, we live in Miami. A few buddies of mine went to the beach. My kids stayed home with mommy...
I don't let anything come between me and the home games. I've to every home game since 1996 - my first year at UM. Every single one.

How many years are we going to discuss the attendance. It is a small,elite--YES ELITE---university whose enrollment base is located somewhere between East Islip and Darien, Connecticut. The people who say they are fans for the most part saw their only collecge matriculation at some JUCO. They are only going to "support" Miami by occasionally holding up the "U Sign" at a swap shop. Miami is a very prestigious institution but EVERYTHING must be functioning on all cylinders for them to be relevant. The people either have the money but only marginally care or they really care and are more concerned about providing that proverbial receptacle to relieve themselves in. At least Golden isn't going to Sandusky State.

All of the above is true but you also have to have as part of this equation the state of our depressed economy.

An on Campus Stadium is the only answer. Seat about 50,000 and attendance and game day atmosphere would improve dramatically for the sake of winning and recruiting.

It seems when the city demolished the Orange Bowl they did the same to the football program.

I strongly believe that Golden is the right man at the right time for the U.

I don't blame Donna Shalala as many do because I remember what she did to build the Wisconsin program under AD Richter, an alum ( who had an amazing Rose Bowl in 1967 as a receiver) whom she hired along with their current AD and former Head Coach.

The money for an on Campus facility could be raised, it is just a situation that the city of Coral Gables has continually blocked.

Shame on them!

Fans are frustrated by the this team so they don't show up to the stadium. People aren't going to show until this team is ranked in the top 10....sorry.

It sucks that Miami fans, both Canes and Dolphins, are fair-weather fans. "Only when the teams' win" or "if its not too hot"; how many more whiny excuses can the population come up with?

Unfortunately, Ive lived in Tampa since 2003, and still make it down for my football weekend's that allow me to watch both teams play. And if I still lived in S. FL, I'd be at the stadium for each home game. There is a magic of being at the game, seeing it live, seeing records fall, and even watching the reaction by the players post teams' lossess. True football fans are not fantasy staticians; they appreciate players such as Paul Soliai, who won't rack up tackles or sacks, but sacrifices personal achievements for the greater good of the team. That's football; real football.

So stop your whining about how humid it is, what time the game is on, etc... You chose to live in S. FL regardless of the environmental consequences which means you've accepted it. And if you've accepted that, then such excuses cannot be used as the basis for the argument as to why the population is not showing up for game day. Economic hardships, taking care of family members first- ABSOLUTELY! Whining about the environment as a reason not to come out and support your hometown teams, you are nothing more than a fake.

Go Canes / Go Phins!

I want to take my kid to these games. I grew up going to Canes games and want to share the experience. But...
1) it's not the same at Dolphins stadium. It feels 100% corporate, not like any of the college stadiums I've been to on the road
2) it's $30 to park. Really? $30? Is anyone at UM embarrassed by this? Is this the most it costs to park at a college game in the country? Probably.
3) walking through the parking lot is disgusting - trash, beer cans and loud alcoholics (alternating with passed out and/or fighting alcoholics)
4) the Canes don't even look like they're trying
5) the stadium is in the middle of nowhere. The relationship to the U is strictly contractual - there is no nostalgia, geography or tradition tying this spot to the University and you feel it.

No thanks. I'll watch on TV or the internet or whatever. UM got greedy and is too lazy to put a stadium on site. I can see the consultant projections on the cash flow predicted for the two options favoring going to Dolphins stadium; unfortunately, the projections don't account for people having disdain for the experience.

Shalala, you dropped the ball on that one. Consider me a lifelong Cane (and double alum and contributor) that you've lost. Enjoy the marginal return on your dollar.

You people make me sick with your horsecrap excuses. Yes its hot, yes your team isn't a top ten team right now, listen I live in north carolina and travel to every stadium within 200 miles of me that the canes play in EVERY SINGLE YEAR, REGARDLESS OF WINS OR LOSSES, EITHER YOU'RE A FAN, OR YOU'RE A FAIRWEATHER TURD. If you are a turd I don't want to see you on the bandwagon when the team wins> Like so many suposed heat fans

Interesting points above. I didn't realize the coaches preferred the noon game to give them more time to prep for next week. Also, it's a fair point that a noon kickoff v. a 1AA opponent hurts attendance. A later kickoff time would have done more to increase attendance. Few want to seriously tailgate at 10:30 a.m. That said, the admin needs to do more to reach out to fans (advertise better for example). I understand that fans want to pay for a good product but come on! Last year UM beats rival OSU and the next week hosting K.St. the stadium has few fans! Get real. A lot of fans are great but a lot of other "fans" don't exactly have true grit.

First of all I disagree with almost everythingthat was said here with few exceptions.

Susan- You've been in SO Fl for many many years but you havent covered the canes for many many years. I have been a fan for longer than youhave been here. Guranteed. And Never. Ever in the many times that Miami played Temple, FAMU, Bethune or some other scrub team, has Miami ever put anywhere even close to 50,000 people in the stadium. At Sunlife or the OB. EVER.

Second. I ws in section 144 yesterday. The stadium was more full than any one of you including blah blah Degnan said. In facvt YAhoo Sports posted an article about UM's poor attendance last night- ARE YOU NOW WORKING FOR YAHOOO SUSAN? The photos that were taken of the empty stadium were at the beginningor before the game began. Official attendance was 39,000 but Igurantee there were at least 28,000 people there at the peak. The student section was almost full and was fairly raucous. I'd say attendance was 25-32K. Which is bad, but reality is;

UM is a small school but UM never put a lot of people in against Bethune- I challenge anyone to give me contrary figures from past games against Bethune or FAMU.

It was a noon game and it was hot as he--. True that. But I stayed the whole game. Couldnt get enough of Duke Johnsosn.

Despite that,I love the hip hop atmosphere at UM games. No where is it like that. I dont care if its Choke Campbell or the D(swa)ump or anywhere. This program is heavy on its city folk. The support is there form O-town, L-town, Opa locka, Miramar- to Belle Glade. How can you exp[ect any support form poor inner city (white, black, or hispanic) to afford $30 for parking and $ 7 a beer? You all must be stup-id. UM admin must be stup-i-d

The U has been a county-area tema since 1980. Period. THis is not just a studnet and alumni program. The U is our team. It belongs to all of us who have a U hat or tshirt or whatver. Not just to the alumni who dished out 40,000 a year to attend it or where smart or lucky enough to do so. I for one am not an alumn- but guess what- I have donated thousands of dollars to this U. Why? Because I bleed green and ornage. Do you all think Nevin shi-t--iro's lawyer who is a UM grad bleeds green and orange? Do you all think that P-Diddy and Luther Campbell who are huge Miami fans attended the U? No.

So Susan- stop with your negative diatribes. Concentrtate on the positives/ Your chubby buddy Manny Navarro was all up in arms last week warning that Miami could lose to Bethune. He was as wrong as youare about this garbage article. Focus on What we have- A special p[layer in Duke Johnson. Seriously.

Hey, Golden!

Get rid of D'Suckio and the fans will come!

While you are at it, talk to StinkFisch! His game plans suck!

All of the above reasons for the small ( disgusting) turnout yesterday are valid- Did you guys see the picture on Yahoo sports showing the visitors side with about 400 people. picture was titled "Thanks for turning up 300 fans".Sure- its a small private school- last I heard abou20% of grads are the elite of Central?So America- come to the states for education. another 50% from out of state, and 25% of those in state, live significant distances. All that being said I was down there and held seasons for bout 35 yrs Went to Notre Dame/Oklhoma games 65-70,000.What I see now is depressing the h--l out of me. Abn empty seat gathers no momentum.Some of the blame has to go to the ticketing /marketing people. Try to buy a ticket and the prices are sky high ( and unsold)
My suggestions;
1 try to establish better attendance, at least in the short run
A. Let servicemen in uniform in free
B. Sell or offer small blocks of seats
at reduced prices to churches civic groups etc
That's what the Rays do at my church for one game and they get about 30 people to go
C. Let the Ambulatory vets at the VA hospital in for free- they used to do that in the 60's 70's
D discount the tickets > was out of town and in 1995 went to some games AS I recall Syracuse and West Va. Went to the ticket agent he told me to go get a herald, cut out the coupon and get 2 for the price of one. Got free parking inside the OB gates as well.
They gotta do something but the biggest thing to do is to STOP LYING ABOUT THE ATTENDANCE FIGURES. dESGTROYS CREDIBILITY

im from illinois and ive been a huge cane supporter for years..no offense but the support in south florida is terrible..i know the team has not been as good the past few years as it had been but attendance was a problem even when the team was good..it gets hot ok fine but the winters here arw terrible and fans will still pack the place for bears games and even illinois games every year..show support get out and go to the games. i am. i dropped 200 to see them play nd this year

I live in Hawaii. And I too refuse to go to day games. I want 7 PM starts. days are for going to the beach and hiking. And going to your kids soccer games. They are not for gpoing to NCAA football games.

This is why reporterd don't know jack squat about football teams, or sports teams period for that matter. No offense Susan, but what would you think is more important, worrying about how many people show up for a meaningless game against Bethune, or preparing for one of the most difficult offenses in college football, which incidently has a direct impact on whether or not this team wins the coastal division. If I were Golden I would care more about getting this defense together, assessing Perryman's health, and coming up with a plan to stop Ga Tech. The defense is young and although talented, need all the time they can get to prepare for GA TEch.

they need to plat at fiu field except big games. they cant get 40,000 on regular basis.

Good points, St. pete cane - It's better to reduce ticket prices with promotional packages, etc. It's better to get some $$ for tickets than not selling them at all. Pick different community groups, especially kids, for free attendance for some games. They are your fans of the future. UM should do what it can to lower the parking price. That is price gouging. Winning is the real answer, but these things can help some.

Lifeless statdium is poor excuse for a Football stadium. Face it, its not a football stadium, its not a baseball stadium and its not a soccer stadium.

Because the of the poor attendance I sat 20 rows up on the 20 yardline and It still felt like we were a mile from the field.

The city should Design and Build a new Orange Bowl in Miami. Design it as a Football stadium and Nothing else.

Go Canes!

@ Marshall Pepper.

This isn't Eichorst's fault. Schedule was set long time ago with former AD Hocutt.

It is a bit embarrassing to know people aren't going to games. I'd make it a point to go to at least one game a year. Plus, I'm not an alum. Came here from Colombia.

The top teams would never have scheduled their season the way Miami did. This schedule is one of the reasons why the Miami played so uninspired against K-State. The first week on the road at BC, the following week, on the road again against K-State, a top 25 team. Really! The top teams know how to pace themselves. In 2010 Nick Saben was heated when he discovered that the schedule set up for Alabama put his team on the road vs. LSU, while South Carolina had a buy weak followed by a home game against Alabama the following week.

This is Donna Shalalalala's fault. She killed the OB and hates the football program. Look at our record since she took over - numbers do not lie. Plus our AD's continually give us a terrible schedule. Open in the ACC? Two straight road games to start? "Neutral" game in Chicago vs. Notre Dame? I have had enough...if the administration is not going to support Miami maybe we should not either - and I am a LONG time Hurricane. Donna, PLEASE quit killing our program!!!

I saw several fans being carted off because the heat. They really shouldn't have noon games in September. Anyway, I call bull on the on campus stadium thing. Here is no room and the traffic would be insane. Wow, they get huge crowds for the basketball games.... Not.

Poor attendance has nothing to do with a noon kickoff. No matter what time the game is scheduled they would have the same poor attendance. That is because they have very few true and loyal fans. This town is made of bandwagon, fairweather and front runners and the canes are the prime example. Only when the Noles, Gators or ND come to town will you sell out, and then it will be because of the opponent's fans. You are a second rate program when in big games half of those in attendance are rooting for the visiting team. That is the curse of No Life Stadium, that is the state of affairs of your sorry program.

these games were always not high attendance games. and the heat, that was home field advantage. like when we go north in the cold, it helps the home team. but this stadium is just that, a place to play. the OB had an atmosphere, it was a dump, but it was our dump. the fans could be loud, and it felt like you were a part of the game. even packed, there is no noise here. but these games will only draw so much, night or day, sep or nov. thats miami, accept it, and just go when you can. go canes

All these so called fans have Bull S#@t excuses, its too hot, the team isnt that good, so on and so on. Stop whining and go support the team. Stop making excuses and help become part of the solution.

blah blah jaime your stupid, you were not there you were smokin' crack and if i can drive to the game, so can you people. so sit down, shut up and go. manny and susan, be a supporter, not startin' garbage like this. its the MIAMI herald, so getit right bunch of babies, and do-no gooders

Miami fans have given up. the crowd at the opening of the game as the Canes, without a home to call their own, ran through the smoke in their leased stadium. It was their home opener. Several local hereos are starring for Miami as freshmen. And the NCAA hasn't even ruled yet on the biggest NCAA rules scandal in almost a quarter-century.

But Cane fans don't care. They're not taking the time to enjoy 2012, which should be better than the sanction-riddled 2013 season and beyond. They're done.

Not that this was unexpected from perhaps the worst fanbase in college sports.

After the Miami Hurricanes were blown out 52-13 by the Kansas State Wildcats in Week 2, we anticipated it being so bad that we actually held a contest to see who could capture the best screenshot of Miami's crowd. And it was even worse than expected.

That's OK, though, because both local and national media noticed. Here's the Miami Herald with Noon Kickoff reflects a sad state of affairs for UM attendance

Miami is a fair-weather town. It what it is. I'd like it if more people were there but I don't expect that to change until we start winning big. I'm not too broken up about it though. Games are won the field, not in the stands. Michigan leads the nation in attendance every year and they have 1 title in the past 50 years.

Rootfor thecanes... Go jump into i95 traffic moron loser. Nobody needs you we cane fans dont need you in fact we are glad a loser like you dont root for the canes

As far as attendance is concerned there were at least 30k in attendance. So what. It was Bethune no one cares.

Never ever has Miami ever filled a stadium vs Bethune. I guarantee you Doak Campbell wont put 55 k against hometown Famu

Even during the championship yrs Miami had half empty stadiums against the likes of Temple, Bethune, FAMU, Tulane, or even Duke. Last years attendanxe average was >50000. Lets see where we go this year. With duke Johnson there is a lot of excitement but they have to win.

I was there... Where were most of you losers saturday?

We just need to stop the negative bs articles by these half a55 writers who are nothing but negative niinnies. How about reporting on Duke Johnson?

I'm one of the die hards and have been so for over 40 years. Play the game at 2 am and I'll be there. Loved the way the young guys played. They have the 'U' in their blood. Go Canes.

5>3>2, you are the loser. your right about the article, but you post some dumb stuff. you just like to stir up stuff with other posters, never saying anything worth reading. i-95 is where you belong. right UNDER root for. getlostbro

The situation in Miami will never change. There are too many reasons why Miami is a sh*t sports town and the people that know Miami know most of those reasons. The fact is Miami comes out to sports games when their team is winning. If UM is ever able to win say at least 9 games a year again (big if the way this team has looked the past 5 years) people will start to pack out Sun Life or whatever the name of that stadium will be once they start to win again.

Why are you even discussing the lack of attendance as if it was something new. This town has the worst fans in the nation and everyone knows this.
The hometown paper has to run an article about it, what a bunch of crap.
The only team that can sell out in Miami is the Heat. Can you say bandwagon.
For the canes just wait til FSU come calling and you will get a sell out. Pathetic.

It's the economy. 44k for USF in Tampa against Rutgers in a conference showdown. USF has 40k students and many more graduates in town as it is a suitcase university around for many years and can't come close to filling one of the best stadiums in the country. Tickets are priced low as is parking. People have to be careful how they spend their cash these days and pick and choose what entertainment they are willing to drop a load of cash on with their families. I'm in Clearwater and watched the canes on the internet. Even if I lived in Miami I couldn't afford to go to all the games with my family and I'm sure there are a lot of folks down there in the same boat.

Clwtrd right on.

With a55holes like richmond cane one cant get a point in on here

Richmond cane thanks for chiming in when nothing wqs directed at you, jerk

The phins official attendance was 55000. I watched the game and i think it was 50000. Wheres the outcry?

But another point. I realize the canes havent been stellar, but the polls, which incidentally have FSU at #4 show that there are more votes for western kentucky, ul monroe, and others.

Miami needs to win. I still predict 8-4 at worse.

Patience my fellow canes. Patience. Slowly but surely Goldens team will come around.

Uva, vt, nc state, unc, usf, duke, wins

Gtech a wash

ND, Fsu losses

Unless the coaches go to an exclusive four down lineman defense and move the LBs up close and blitz from the weak or the blind side, and unless the coaches throw the ball down field and especially to tight ends instead of throwing flat passes, this team will be lucky to have 3 wins.

And someone needs to duct tape the guy with the siren.
And someone needs to rebuild the OB where it was so I can get my Cuban expresso, watch the band and the big screen, tailgate, etc.

Get rid of shallaalalalalalalla and golden and bring back JJ or Schnell or Butch for a year or two.

It is not the players who are playing like crap, it is the coaches telling them their crap formations that got Miami killed at KS.

Should have never torn down the OB. It was centrally located and the tickets were cheap. Most of us true fans only neeed a bleacher seat and a cold beer. We do not need need luxury seats with our own cockltail waitress! Don't blame the fans! BLAME the"TROLL", she has destoryed the CANE program and she is proud of it

Fans, someone has hacked my account and is posting insults directed at other posters. Please ignore those postings which are directed at particular posters. Thanks.

Meanwhile FSU and UF keep winning. Getting real sick of this!!!!'

Go 'canes!

Look this stadium set up will NEVER compare to the Orange Bowl. Unless the Canes start crushing people again this stadium will never be our stadium it will always be Pro-Player Stadium, or Joe Robbie, or Dolphin Stadium what ever you want to call it. Its not the Orange Bowl.

We will show up to the GT game (Alumn '89); the U comes to Altanta every two years. I was at the U when the O Bowl rocked, no matter what team we played. The Pro statium is too far and has no U connection at all. Give us a 45 thousand seat stadium near the U and we will show up every weekend.

I think the kids would love to play in front of 60 thousand for a home game, but it does not really matter, thier family and friends are there, and they are still playing for a team they love!! Most of them understand the dynamics of the city they grew up in or now playing in, so it really does not matter!!!!

@5>3>2: I did not post that attack on you. Someone has hacked my account or they are somehow able to use another account with my screen name.

You and I are generally of the same mind.

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