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Noon Kickoff reflects a sad state of affairs for UM attendance, but coaches like that it gives them extra time to prepare for Georgia Tech

   Except for the true-blue diehards, and there are some great ones out there, noon kickoffs don't bring University of Miami fans.

   Yesterday's crowd was announced at 39,435, seemingly at least twice the amount of people who were actually there, and we all kind of looked at each other in bewilderment. Sun Life Stadium seats 75,540 for football, according to the Miami Dolphins media guide. I understand the "announced'' crowd reflects paid tickets (and probably includes the band, etc., but not sure about the people working in the stadium), but this crowd was so small on a nice day.

   I've been in South Florida many, many years, so I know the situation (super hot, humid, people have conflicts if their kids are in youth sports, too much other stuff going on in this area, too early, etc.). But I'm just wondering your take on it. Kudos to the people who show up, especially on a day in which the game wasn't televised (it was shown only on ESPN3). And it was the home opener, if that means anything. I know it was against Bethune-Cookman, but still...

   Last year's "announced" average attendance, according to UM, was 56,207. What the...?

  Coach Al Golden was asked after the game if he would have liked to see “a bigger crowd out there.’’ I believe that coaches wanted this game at noon to give them more time to prepare for Georgia Tech.

      “I don’t worry about the crowd,’’ Golden said. “I understand. I understand the market we’re in, and there’s going to be a day when we’re delivering. There’s going to be a day when we’re delivering and they’re going to come out and see guys like Duke Johnson and Malcolm Lewis, and those guys. And we’re going to grow up together. I promise you this team is going to grow up together.

   “They’re working hard and they’re staying humble and staying together. I understand that.’’

    That said, Golden was then asked if the noon kickoff helped the team better prepare for its next opponent, Georgia Tech, because of the padding it gives in terms of extra time.

    “It does, tremendously,’’ Golden answered. “You know we were on the road the first two weeks and got back at 10 p.m. last week and 1 a.m. the week before. That’s tough on a team.

    “This is huge for our team in general, and really for us to regroup, because we have to go back on the road again. I don’t know how many teams are doing that, but we are. And so this was important for our guys to regroup, get some rest and allow the coaches to get in and get going on Georgia Tech.’’

    Anyway, just wondering your thoughts on the situation, or if you think it really matters one way or the other, regarding attendance. Or do you think the importance of the team having more time to prepare for the next game supersedes the inconvenience of a noon game?



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Like many NFL venues, Sun Life is a sanitized stadium that produces a disconnected feeling for many. A quality opponent or a strong Canes team could give the place life.

Yes, the OB ain't coming back. But how about a 50K stadium on or proximate to, within walking distance, to campus? Must be a way.

Is Shalalalalalala the issue?

We need a place to infuse with our tradition and presence, not the Fins or anybody else. Our home...

Win at GT and maybe the Canes will get a 6pm kickoff and a few more fans in attendance for NC State. I'm not a UM alum, but I am a season ticket holder. I'll be in Atlanta on Saturday and at all the ACC home games. Fan Attendance has been poor lately, but the Student Support is first-rate. SunLife Stadium is ok. It's not a perfect world. Great college programs are built on coaching; without it, you go nowhere. Coach Golden is going to get results.

Guys I am the first to agree with you that this stadium is no Orange bowl by any means and the ORange bowl will always be the true home of the Canes and the city of Miami should be ashamed of themselves for taking that land and putting a baseball stadium in its place. However, the place you play at is what we make of it. I would like nothing more than for us to have a stadium of our own as DBC stated, and if Shalaber is the problem, get her outta there. The point is winning is winning and winning makes people want to be a part of it. The thing all of us true Canes have to look at is we are starting at the bottom with a team majority of freshmen. If we show the progress needed, from game to game and I am not just talking about wins, I am talking about actually playing better football, well then we are on the right track. Us true Canes will remember who stuck by our Canes and which ones are not true canes. Greatness is coming just as it did with Butch Davis, but as all of us know it takes more than a year for that to take place.

Look, I went to Miami in the late nineties and there were only 3 sellouts my entire 4 years (2 FSU, PSU). And that was in the OB. Moving the games another 30 minutes from campus didn't doesn't help either. In addition, the team didn't show up at KSU and we were playing Bethune Cookman. I don't blame the fans or the students for not showing up.

Even if we had won the National Championship last year there would have only been 45k at most at yesterday's game.

Bibla this is the truth!

Go Canes!!!


Championships: What are you talking about. Butch Davis was never an issue, those that say that are BS. nobody ever called for his removal..never. These cane bloggers were not even born yet..please. BD came as an immediate winner even after losing grads....Saturday BC still had almost 400 yeards against the defense. Miami is no comming back until there are major changes with the coaches.....lok at FSU..never lost a step and is ranked #5 total and #1 for defense. lood at Notre Dame....look at Clemson. Hire an NFL assistant, especially one that was a DC like Rob Ryan (dallas)..he would be insane.....kids would come here just for him. Turn these kids into wild men....time to get down and dirty and throw away the tie.

Regardless who the Canes play or what time I will be there. If you are a TRUE fan, you support your team through good and bad time. All these excuses are just that excuses!!!

I'm 75 and to some degree live in the past, but you guys gotta face reality. The OB is gone- never to return- beautiful new baseball stadium Can't stand in the way of progress. If they can tear down old Yankee Stadium, they can tear down the OB. I miss it too but gone is gone gotta move on

the bethune coookman band made up for half the attendance, I think they were the most entertaining part of the game

It's not just the Time of Kickoff, the place stinks, the location is awful. Miami will never draw as long as their in that dump. But no I have no suggestions.

I know canes fans want to go into Dr Brown's time machine and punch it to 88 mph back to 1987 but those days are over. You are in conference and can't cherry pick your opponents, your stadium is a corporate profit motivated shell that could not care less about tradition or the college fan experience (just make sure the rent check is in by the first of the month), and your "fans" have no true allegiance or connection to the school. You are wake forest, or vanderbilt, accept what you are.

i believe the ob was a true home field. but that aint comin back. so, a stadium will NOT make this team a winner. golden is here, for at least a few years, like it or not. so, lets give him some room, and if you look at temple, and yes, i know temple is not miami, he built it to last for years. like butch did, it wont matter the coach, the players there are still doing well. it will take a couple of years, he IS recruiting harder than coker or shannon, and hope for the results. i am telling myself this also. it is hard to watch, especially the def. but our time will come. but the stadium does not win games ask USC. go canes

WIN and we will attend

But our lack of attendance could hurt recruiting. Where would you rather play in front of an empty stadium or for Clemson, Ohio state! LSU, Alabama where they play in front of a loud packed stadium. So as a fan our support at games would definitely help our recruiting

@Lanceanne2: recruits want to play in front of fans. Poor attendance hurts recruiting any way you slice it. We'll see what type of attendance we get in 2 weeks v. NCSt. However, you said win and we will attend. How do you explain the poor attendance last year v. K.St. UM crushes OSU in prime time. Everyone was on cloud 9. The next week UM host K.St and the attendance was barely 40K with a huge number of K.St. fans. The point is UM won and fans still didn't attend.

35.00 dollars to park is a joke

I have been a Canes fan since i was 5 years old. I love the U and thier tradition. However I live in north Florida and can't afford to go in this economy. However, Miami's administration has always looked down it's nose at the football program. until the university decides to make a commitment and stand behind thier team, it will not get any better imagine if the Gators had this problem everyone would be looking for a job, and they would be cleaning house they understand even though they are a state university all of the nice educational facilities are paid for by the football program. How does UF and FSU pay for water polo? With money made from Football not from the brain bowl team.

RichmondVaCane I agree with u. But we both agree that the lack of attendance hurts recruiting and winning would maybe not produce sell outs but definitely an increase in attendance

With all due respect, people did call for Butch's head and many fans destroyed him on radio shows. This was especially after his 5-6 season and due to the fact that he was 0-10 against VT and FSU (until his final season). Even though there was never an all out fervor by the fanbae to remove him, most people thought that Butch was not the guy to "get us back" like we wanted. The feeling started to change after we beat UCLA (who was #1 or at lesat in the top 5 ) at home (final regular season game. It was delayed due to a Hurricane that missed us earlier in the season)and Edge ran for 299 yards.

Even with that win, many thought Butch was not a good game day coach. The 2000 season (especially with wins over FSU, VT and UF) changed that. So for you to say no one wanted Butch gone is not accurate.

2001 Canes:
Game 1: 39,801 Rutgers
Game 2: 36,617 Troy State
Game 3: 44,411 West Virginia
Game 4: 31,128 Temple
Game 5: 52,896 Syracuse #14
Game 6: 78,114 Washington #12

Quick math tells me we averaged about 45k per game.
We were ranked #1 all year.

Nothing has changed. Who knows why people don't show. It's been this way forever.

I go to my share of games and I'll keep going.


Tropical Park is only a 5 minute drive on Sunset Drive from Campus. Miami should rehab that stadium to sit 48K to 50K and it would be full every game.

It sits in a heavily populated area of Dade County right off of a major highway and between Bird Rd. & Sunset. The Canes can create an intimidating feel in that stadium similar to the one they enjoyed at the Orange Bowl.

It would surely beat driving to that toilet bowl on the Dade/Broward line which is over an hour's drive from the school.

if attendance hurts recruiting then JJ, and butch and howard all great jobs coaching up those lower level recruits, or, it comes down to the fact they want come here and play, no matter the attendance. i say the latter is true, looking at the history built here. recruits are won over by good recruiters, not by how many fans in the seats. if i want to play top opponents, i go to a school who plays anyone anytime anywhere go canes

It cracks me up when fans complain about the price of beer at a UM game. You cannot buy a beer at any other stadium in the ACC and very few in the entire country. All other fans in the ACC would give their right arms to be able to buy a beer at a college football game.

Agree with 5>3>2, there are a lot of real fans who are priced out of the stadium. We need to play in the city of miami. How quickly can we get rid of the Marlins?

shalalalalala hates the football team.

Look.......losing magnifies everything just as Winning magnifies everything.When the Canes start playing well again and winning against good teams.......everyone will see how quickly everyone will want to follow them.Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.It s human nature.Bethune didn t motivate too many people to want to watch the game.Yeah the Orange Bowl was great.......Electric during key games.THAT is something that will always be missing until an on campus stadium is built or a stadium similar to the Orange bowl has been built.Until then...or if.......expect much of the same....unless Miami starts playing like the great, old Cane teams with that Cane hunger of olden days.

Who cares the canes coaches suck!!!!! love the players but hate the coaches....

can4life: Sorry when Butch davis went 5-6 that was a result of sanctions via the 1995-96 seasons. Miami lost 24 scholarships....i am accurate, there was no fan outcry to fire BD, period. The guy won a bowl in his second year. He personally recruited the best Miami ever had....

dan morgan
duane starks
ryan clement
bubba franks
al blades
ed reed
andre king
philip buchanon
vernon carey
ken dorsey
clinton portis
jeremy shockey
jonathan vilma
bryant mckinnie

please, this staff is a disgrace...not in the same league

These green pea fans....class 2016 are f....king idiots, they know nothing about Miami football as do most here.

Also I will add that Butch davis handed Larry Coker the 2001 National Championship....with his other recruits:

sean taylor
andre johnson
brett romberg
jerome mcdougle
dj williams
mike rumph

BD supplied the NFL and is probably Miamis greatest coach.

Many of the above are correct. The biggest problem is the location of the stadium - if you don't have a car its a tough place to get to. And, noon, on Saturday is really for diehards in a city like Miami. If you're in east bumfiddle, and there is nothing else to do, then, you may fill it up - Maybe. The quality of the product is a factor, as well as the opponent. Lots to correct on that front. Too bad we can't get a stadium near the campus - but that's a real pipe dream....

More Goldenspeak. Noon games allow more time for preparation? He would micromanage a two car funeral! No wonder the team seems moribund, he probably issues instructions as to which shoe to put on first.

How many " U " students live on campus? Those who do can take university shuttle buses to the game and ride in air conditioned comfort through beautiful Miami Gardens ( Carol City ).
The stadium is well located providing easy access for fans in Broward, Palm Beach and S.W. Fla. I will venture to say it is no more than a 45 minute drive from anywhere south of Flagler st. and all expressway.
People complaining about the noon heat in Miami in September are sissies and probably overweight.

FAir enough Richmond- I agree. It was a bit out of character. We cool..

NJshore cane: right on man- that's exactly what I was talking about. I wish the reporter who wrote this garbage article had done her homework and research like you did and posted the facts. Like against Temple in 2001- Here we had the #1 ranked team in the country and we put 31000 in the OB?

I was at the game saturday and I am still arguing with people that there were at least 25-30k in the stadium there. The official att was 39,000. No way there were 39k but it clearly wasnt as bad as these biased photos showed. People are all over facebook talking smack about UMs attendance. Yeah- like FSU would put more than 45k at the Doak if Bethune came there on a noon game. No way.

I still feel that somewhere along the line the UM admin screwed up royally by agreeing to charge $30 for parking. That right there will eliminate a HUGE fan base. Who can afford $30 for parking, plus tickets, plus food and or drinks, even water, plus gas, etc?

If everyone here who is a fan wrote a letter or sent an email to Shalala complaining about this I am sure eventually something would be done.

I have enjoyed the comments and for the most part they are all correct.

The number one reason for dismal attendance is the stadium. As a season ticket holder, I almost dread going to games in this stadium. Not sure how much it is the stadium or the games I have seen there, but going is rarely fun.

Sitting so far from the field is #1 reason the stadium pales next to the OB. Sparse attendance for most games leads to an apathetic feel to the games. That stadium is so big, they need to close the whole upper deck for half the season, but because of their ticket price structure they refuse to do so. 30,000 down below will create a better atmosphere. Winning would help as well.

Even the OB had poor attendance for crappy games, the fans would moan and groan about how empty it was. For the size of the fan base we simply have always played in a stadium that is too big. The perfect solution is to start with 35,000 seat stadium on or near campus, and play our big games at Joe Robbie stadium. After the games are sold out a few years in a row, take up a collection to add one upper deck. Grow the stadium the way almost every other team does.

Go Canes.

Miami should give up football.
The school is too small and every other school wants to pound Miami into the ground because of all of the great years and NC it has had.
shallaalallalalala and the AD and the football coaching staff are all incompetent and shallalalalal hates football like any small person with an inferiority complex.
Someone screwed up in moving the Canes to JRS instead of buying the OB and hiring a great coach.
Face it. With golden balls, the team will deteriorate, eventually there will be 1000 fans in the stands, mediocrity will deteriorate into pathetic quality. The party's over. Turn out the lights, put the football program out of its misery. Or get rid of shallalaaallala and golden and JFS.

UM's predicament is the result of that garden gnome Donna Shallala and the deal she cut in a smoke filled room to leave the Orange Bowl.

championships is all that matters,

Well said, man.

Find a way for us to have OUR home stadium on or within walking distance of campus. Make it 50 K and affordable. For a team with such a great tradition, it is a travesty that university leadershp is not spearheading this with enthusiasm now!

The Canes will be fine under Golden. We are young and learning. He is a great recruiter, and the future is bright. We face a really good opponent on the road Saturday. Hope the O scores profusely to keep us in the game. The Canes have often stopped option teams with a seasoned defense, so this machine will be a challenge for our kids.

Whoever does the early season scheduling (Hocutt) for the Canes is nuts!

Shalalalalalala and University Trustees, get off your butts and start a search and a drive to create a location on campus or within walking distance next door for OUR home for football.

Get with it! If FIU can do it, where are you with your limited thinking?


Even at the Orange bowl attendance was small esp. if it wasn't an important school.

"...we don't believe you, you need more people..."

FSU often sells out but not always. Same with UF.

It could be me, but I would rather play for the U, always rep the U thanthose pu55ie a55 gators. Look at the NFL, its choc full of canes. why would youwant to go anywhere else?

Despite not having won a nat ch since 2001, not competing since 2005, Miami still has the #2 most players in the NFL rosters (46) one player less than USC (47). Only other one close is Ohio State. Neither Alabama, which put about 9 players into the nFL last year, nor LSU, nor Florida, nor Oregon, Nor Texas, nor Oklahoma are even close.

This is still NFL-U and I am proud of that fact. furthermore, look how many canes scored TDs yesterday:

Old ones---- Frank Gore

not so old ones---- JimmyGraham

rookies------ Lamar Miller

Even DVD made a play that made TV.

Now if we can get these players to play for the U to their potential for 1-2 years rather than bloosoming in the NFL, we'll be alright

I was actually at the game and it was miserable. Thought my son was going to have a heat stroke. That said, beating Georgia Tech on the road would be more valuable to the program than another 10,000 people at the Bethune Cookman game. If the coaches think an extra 8 hours gives them a better chance to win I am all for it.

I'm a season ticket holder and attend every home game. I looked at the 12pm game warily. I can fully understand why fans would not attend a noon game in September. It was hot, even by our standards. A friend burned himself even with a coating of sunblock so thick it could have been paint. Thankfully I wore a long sleeve shirt with my orange tie. Joe Robbie does not have the open eastern end to catch our SE breezes and becomes a cooker. Most likely there was a TV related reason for it.

The games appear less attended less each year. Some say the drive and the ticket prices are the main reasons they stopped going. I can understand: who wants to pay that much and take an hour each way to get to/from a stadium to see a lackluster product?

Attending my first away game at BC only reinforced my belief that a 40-50K stadium is a perfect fit for the Canes. Coral Gables would never let them build one on campus. I really hoped they would have found a way to build one across the street in South Miami, but condos went up during the boom taking much of that land. A Tropical Park facelift always comes to mind, and cities are cash strapped.

Good point about the open end of the OB making the place cooler with a good circulation of air and warm air going out the top. If a bowl is all enclosed, no circulation. JRS becomes a sweat lodge.

Regardless of UM's enrollment (I am a UM alum), the attendance in the stadium was pathetic. Until the community and the fans get behind this rebuilding UM team, these young kids will not understand how many people care about this football program. For all you fair-weathered fans, get to the games, get in your seats for the running through the smoke and let's support this young talent.

so let me get this straight... you have to go to the games to be a 'true fan' ...otherwise if you do not, you are not?

The attendance at this weeks game, both actual and "announced" are a testament to the leadership of Donna Shalalalalalalala. The actual attendance is a statement and indictment on her leadership and what she has wrought in the athletic department of the University. I think we all believe in Al Golden and his ability to bring the team back to relevance, but I wonder sometimes if he has the tools and the support from the administration to actually succeed. Shalala so desperately wants to attach herself to any success this program experiences, but at the same time so desperately wants to run from our history. Tearing down the Orange Bowl is just one of the worst manifestations of that mind set.

The announced attendance is a statement and indictment on the integrity of Donna Shalala. How can someone lie so blatantly and publicly? How does she have any credibility left? Who believes a word that comes out of the mouth of this self serving snake? Just as we all saw the photo of the little troll with a huge grin on her face as she accepted a check from that other miserable little troll, this "announced attendance" thing is yet another demonstration that she is willing to do anything to enhance her power.

I know that there are many important and influential alumni and supporters of the University who feel this way, I just wish they would speak out more. Dan Sileo let it slip out a little on the postgame show this Saturday, but even he is hesitant to make his true feelings known. Why? Where does this fear to speak the truth comes from?? I fear that this program and this university (and the community of Miami to some extent) will never truly recover until we are freed from the grips of this evil troll. People, please speak out!! This is the only way to effect change.

I was at the game as well. All though I agree the game was not well attended, it wasn't as bad as the photos circulating the internet. Many fans including my wife, could not take the heat and decided to watch the game from the shaded areas inside the stadium. Tailgate was good and attendance was spot on for a noon game vs a nobody opponent. Go back 10-15 years, these games at best had 40K. I know this team is still rebuilding and will need to do more to attract the fringe fans but the base is still there. People are frustrated and rightfully so. My only gripe with this program is its lack of vision for what this football team could be for the univeristy 5-10 years down the line. This experiment to No-Life stadium is a disaster. The location stinks, and worse off the seats are so far away between the 10 yardlines that the home field advantage is non-existent. I just wish the administration would address this issue and at least acknowledge to the fanbase that they looked into the idea of smaller and more intimate stadium closer to campus i.e. topical park. And if that was explored and ultimately failed, then upgrade the facility that you currently in. Help make no life stadium into the home field advantage this team desperately needs. Im out

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