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Noon Kickoff reflects a sad state of affairs for UM attendance, but coaches like that it gives them extra time to prepare for Georgia Tech

   Except for the true-blue diehards, and there are some great ones out there, noon kickoffs don't bring University of Miami fans.

   Yesterday's crowd was announced at 39,435, seemingly at least twice the amount of people who were actually there, and we all kind of looked at each other in bewilderment. Sun Life Stadium seats 75,540 for football, according to the Miami Dolphins media guide. I understand the "announced'' crowd reflects paid tickets (and probably includes the band, etc., but not sure about the people working in the stadium), but this crowd was so small on a nice day.

   I've been in South Florida many, many years, so I know the situation (super hot, humid, people have conflicts if their kids are in youth sports, too much other stuff going on in this area, too early, etc.). But I'm just wondering your take on it. Kudos to the people who show up, especially on a day in which the game wasn't televised (it was shown only on ESPN3). And it was the home opener, if that means anything. I know it was against Bethune-Cookman, but still...

   Last year's "announced" average attendance, according to UM, was 56,207. What the...?

  Coach Al Golden was asked after the game if he would have liked to see “a bigger crowd out there.’’ I believe that coaches wanted this game at noon to give them more time to prepare for Georgia Tech.

      “I don’t worry about the crowd,’’ Golden said. “I understand. I understand the market we’re in, and there’s going to be a day when we’re delivering. There’s going to be a day when we’re delivering and they’re going to come out and see guys like Duke Johnson and Malcolm Lewis, and those guys. And we’re going to grow up together. I promise you this team is going to grow up together.

   “They’re working hard and they’re staying humble and staying together. I understand that.’’

    That said, Golden was then asked if the noon kickoff helped the team better prepare for its next opponent, Georgia Tech, because of the padding it gives in terms of extra time.

    “It does, tremendously,’’ Golden answered. “You know we were on the road the first two weeks and got back at 10 p.m. last week and 1 a.m. the week before. That’s tough on a team.

    “This is huge for our team in general, and really for us to regroup, because we have to go back on the road again. I don’t know how many teams are doing that, but we are. And so this was important for our guys to regroup, get some rest and allow the coaches to get in and get going on Georgia Tech.’’

    Anyway, just wondering your thoughts on the situation, or if you think it really matters one way or the other, regarding attendance. Or do you think the importance of the team having more time to prepare for the next game supersedes the inconvenience of a noon game?



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Iron: Yes I went to the BC game as well. 3 nice paved lots about 10 mins from BC campus. Free parking and shuttle which dropped you off right at the stadium entrance then took you back to your car. I live in Westport, CT and the cops had you on the Mass Pike with no line or interuption...was great. Also NO ALCOHOL allowed, much better fan base and game enjoyment and safe to brings kids (13 yr old daughter) $30 for parking goes to UM..thats how they make their money. Thas crazy....forget New stadium....never until canes win something. If they wont pay for NFL assistant type...they aint going for new orange bowl.....more fan based dreaming.

I dont think the fan base really understands how f.......cked up it is down there compared to the rest of the NCAA. Its ruined and somebody needs to be fired.

Why would an elite football player want to attend UM? To play in front of 20,000 people in a crappy, overpriced rented stadium? They will always pick a real school with a real stadium, with 100,000 fans screaming their heads off. The only ones that stay are those that want to stay close to their families (scared to leave home). Am I right or am I right?

The weather in S. Florida will not change for us 'Cane fans or others. Hot it is and hot it will be.

The Stadium does NOT determine the outcome of the game.

The Orange Bowl was romantic and Special meaning, for many of us but this is here and now.

Miami will NEVER be a "Sell out your stadium" crowd because there is SO MUCH TO DO in S.Fl. not much in Tally, or Blacksburg.

If the 'Canes play a high quality of football that stadium would be ROCKING..no question.1/2 full, 3/4, or sold out.It would be THE place to be.

It will take time and we will be back but we need to look at the good points brought up .
Parking cost, garbage strewn, tailgaiting considerations, and Promoting the most famous brand in S. Fla. the 'U'.
Good points all, but as reiterated in many posts, as the play at Miami improves so will attendance.

Gallo as usual has 2 themes "Fire them" and "Spend money". Go cheer for UCONN..
He hasn't a clue..

Give me a break you make little or no sense.

The real fans will stay with the 'Canes no matter how hot, how much, or where.They will always be there for the 'U'.
Championship is all that matters, dbc, 5>3>2 and others , hang in, the 'U' will be back.
Go 'Canes Always

Stop providing your players with cash and hookers and fans might care again.

@Jim Gallo

We drove in and took the train from Harvard Square. The lack of alcohol was a bummer, but the kids outside were making up for it and in the end I watched more of the game instead of making pit stops. I loved the fact that it felt like a high school game where you were 20-25 feet from the sideline in the front row. I only saw one UM fan heckling the BC fans leaving the stadium, too.

Even the Dolphins know the stadium sucks. It was the best when Joe Robbie built it, but living in it a while sure makes its flaws apparent. It's the new Miami Arena. I'm fairly sure the seats are as far away as they are is to make it harder for fans to throw things and taunt the other team the way we used to in the OB (Boz, OU, and the lightsticks come to mind.) That really doesn't happen anymore due to ticket prices and the police presence making the crowd a little more civil.

A further note...as I said, I am a die hard fan and season ticket holder who does not miss a game. That being said, I fully understand those who do not go. People have children who they would love to take, but consider the hour each way (think traffic and parking, too) and the fact there is no way a child under a certain age can hang for that long in the sun. I live in the Gables/Grove and it took 20m to get to the game. Hell I made it in 10m once for a FSU game. When I did not get into the stadium to park, I could do so for $15 outside.

We have tons to do outside and competition is fierce. We fish, we bike, we beach here. We have girlfriends/wives/children who demand our attention away from the stadium. This is not South Bend where there is absolutely nothing to do outside of the university or Tuscaloosa where there is no competition for sporting attention outside of competitive cow tipping or toilet seat horseshoes. No, my experience tells me that even in Boston with an Irish team, they cannot fill the ~40K stadium against a revilled opponent who should have been an easy defeat. With that in mind, how can our Canes expect to sell out Joe Robbie?

I'm all for closing the entire upper deck (it's an embarassment) and giving away unsold tickets to local public schools.

I worked all day and drove down Friday night from Jacksonville, dragged my rear end out of bed and went to the game. I am one of the fans who never attended the U. I'm just a guy who grew up in South Florida and loved the way the team was put together and the attitude. Repeatedly at games comments are made to me about my non-alumni status and it gets real old. But seriously...If I can make every home game from Jacksonville then the students, alumni and fans in Miami can get up and drag their rumps to the stadium and support the team. Up or down you have to be a fan. It's embarrassing to get tweets from my UF and FSU friends to the effect of "How'd you manage to rent out the entire stadium for you and 5 friends?"

The Gators were crap last year and still put 90,000 people in a stadium built on the swamp where they don't sell beer or liquor during the game. FSU has been off the chain mediocre over the past few years but they still fill that high school looking stadium they have. The OB is gone...lets look at what we have...Great Parking, Easy in and easy out, Beer during the game, booze, lots of space in SEATS not bleachers (Miami Swag Style) and troughless toilets. GET OVER IT and GET OUT TO THE GAME!!!

I would thoroughly enjoy going the games, but too many times lately, I've been told that I am too loud while cheering for the Hurricanes. Most of the time it's been when I've been able to get Alumni seating, and people there just tell me i'm too loud or too passionate about my team. I love the Hurricanes and I would love to go see them live all the time, but to pay good money to be asked to keep my voice down and unacceptable. So, I'd rather not go. Also, the parking and ticket fees are ridiculous some times.
If the stadium looked empty maybe they should have had the camers on the 400 seating level. I am sure that level was jamm packed.
In the OB, the stadium announcement would have asked everyone from the 400's to come and pack it in the lower bowl. Not at Joe Robbie. I was told to sit at my seats, when I came down in the 4th quarter to go go cheer the Hurricanes during a blow-out a few years ago. Staduim staff told me to go back to my 400 level seats. The stadium was half-empty and they didnt want me sitting there.
I am sure many of us die-hards just dont show bc of issues like this///

Jim Gallo, dude you need to brush up on your Cane history my man. Everybody was calling for Butch's head after blowing leads at home to Va Tech, giving up that long TD pass to Chafi Fields and Penn State, Getting blown out by Syracuse, blowing leads against ECU and losing to them the next year, plus getting beaten by FSU every year until his final year in 2001 and don't forget that debacle at Washington when all they had that year was an option QB tuiososopo. Until he beat FSU that year many Canes wanted him gone. Did he have sanctions to deal with? Of course he did but it was much like the mess that Golden has inherited from Shannon and Coker who were both pathetic as head coaches. Shannon was better than Coker but not by much. This team is going to grow and learn much like ED Reed, Portis, Vilma, and the cast from the 01 team did when they first came in. It is a process that is going to take time. So we as fans are going to have to deal with it this year. At least our team doesn't quit like the ones under the previous two head coach's.

Butch Davis was a great recruiter, terrible play caller IMHO. People did call for his (bone)head, and quite often from what I recall.

A compromise is 1 pm kickoff. That extra hour gives fans more time to plan, and the staff is not losing much with only 1 hr.

look, jimbo fisher 22-8 and 2 bowl wins right out in 3 years.....brian kelly (ND) 190-66...butch jones (cincinnatti) 43-24....chip kelly 37-6 in just 4 yrs at oregon.....lane kiffin (USC) 27-14 in 4 yes....how about chis peterson (boise state) 74-7...wtf.....some of these bloggers are completely cluless about where Miami should be and who can get us there...it aint his staff..they dont have it....including the people all the way to the top. if UM was a company and the brand sunk to the level it is at...everyone would have been fired! I could go on and on about other teams that within the first 3 yrs are already contenders. Golden has nowhere the mess butch davis had...golden hasnt lost 1 scholarship....BD lost 24, wtf are you talking about. last year miami the defense gave up 4319 yards...were almost at 1500 and were on our 3rd game not to mention we still have the an enormous hill to climb ahead......there is no way statistically we can be better than last year.

UGoCane whipped out the "too much to do in South Florida" excuse. Dude, that's pathetic. The Cane fans who don't go to the game are at home watching it on TV. The Cane fans who didn't go and didn't watch it at home are not Cane fans.

The Dolphins get a good crowd every game. Even the crappy Marlins, who play every night, bring in 25,000 a game.

You would think everybody in Miami is constantly clubbing or going to the beach, the way you Cane fans make excuses for your sorry "fan base".

Jim, they all inherited programs that were in much better shape than ours. The only one comparible to ours is what Brian Kelly inherited at Notre Dame and its taken him 3 or 4 years to get them back to being respectable. Davis had the benefit of following a two time National Champion head coach and he had a losing season in his second year. No Golden hasn't lost a scholarship to the NCAA yet, but the mess is in many ways just as bad if not worse. The reason I say that is we will no doubtedly take a hit in scholarships within the next year or so, plus he had to follow those two nimrods that were the prior head coaches. Golden proved he can win at temple and when you take that on and prove yourself there of all places by turning them into winners, well then I think I will take my chances with that guy rather than the prior two scrubs we had.

The old OB was HOME the CANES are a TEAM without a
HOME! Every school (college/university) regardless of size that has an on campus stadium has a following no matter the record popularity size tradition whatever.
You know why because kids at college create and start traditions. That's how it all started. However, Sun Life sucks that's why the marlins wanted out and "dolfan" doesn't really come out. Unfortunately when it was created it was a little before its' time but in the age of new high tech plush facilities it sucks it's a dinosaur. Furthermore it there's a tight battle between a high level recruit ala Amari Cooper, Marquise Lee, Sammy Watkins Corey Lemonier, and others the kid looks at Sun Life and then sees Jordan Hare, Bama's stadium, Death Valley, heck the Doak, or wherever there's NO ARGUMENT. OUR GUYS take a 30 MINUTE BUS RIDE to play where other teams (Bama, Gaytors, heck FAU) walk 30 paces from their dorm or the team facility center. ON CAMPUS STADIUM please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew this would happen if the Canes had to play at Sunlife and also fell on hard times. I had season tickets for 15 years until the day they left the Orange Bowl. I'm so sad my sons will never know what special place it was. I went to one game at Lifeless stadium and will never return. There is no atmosphere, pride, energy, or decent view in that place. Leaving the OB to the wrecking ball was the worst decision in Miami sports. Ever. Bring the team back home, we need them in Miami. Hurricane football was such a big piece of me and now it just makes me sad, heartbroken really. Thanks Paul and Donna, I hope the profit sharing was worth it.

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