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Official UM Canes injury report for NC State: There's a probable! And where's Dalton Botts?


The official ACC UM Hurricanes injury report for North Carolina State has been released.


*Punter Dalton Botts is not on this report, which is curious. Keep in mind that last week, Vaughn Telemaque (knee) was not listed on the report and did not play. Vaughn really wasn't totally ready to go, per some UM people in the program. I don't expect Dalton to play, but as I've said before, we'll see.

*Defensive back Andrew Swasey is also not listed on this report. But coach Al Golden said Tuesday that Andrew "is back.'' (Golden also said linebacker Gabe Terry is back)

*We have a probable this week, and that's good news for Miami. Linebacker Raphael Kirby, who has yet to get in a game, worked more than coaches thought he would this week in practice. If he plays, it probably will be on a limited basis.

*Middle linebacker Denzel Perryman is out, as expected.


Raphael Kirby-Lower extremity



Denzel Perryman-Lower Extremity


Surgery/Out for the season:

Ramon Buchanan-Lower Extremity

Malcolm Lewis-Lower Extremity

Sean McNally-Lower Extremity




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Happy to see some of the injured Canes are back in the mix and wish a speedy recover to those that are out.




so why is this news. golden said botts probably wouldnt play. just making headlines to get views i guess

It is providing the "official ACC UM Hurricanes injury report", which IS NEWS.

And it includes changes from what was the expected injury list, so that makes it even MORE valid as news.

Where is Curtis Porter?

Defense needs to play with intensity and be aggressive if it sits back and let's glennon get comfortable he'll pick the secondary apart need to blitz him early


In response to d: Coach Golden never said that Dalton Botts "probably wouldn't play.''

What he said was that coaches were hopeful that Dalton (sprained ankle)could try kicking on Thursday (today) and then they'd determine where he's at and if he can play.

He also said he'd have Wieclaw and Goudis compete "as if'' Dalton weren't going to play, but that he was "hopeful'' he would play.

Anyway, just wanted to clarify. We have no access on Thursdays and Fridays so we have no way of knowing until game time. I doubt he'll play, but have no idea for sure.

I agree glennon will most definitely pick the defense apart if we give him time in the pocket, keep the pressure on him early so he doesn't have time to set his feet accomplish that an the canes will be victorious # BEAT THE MUTTS

I'll save CanesFan'72 the trouble: It doesn't matter who is injured as long as there are 3 down lineman and prevent (the win) defense. Most importantly, if the siren blares the Canes will lose.

Someone cut and paste this each time there is a new blog post.

Leggo Canes.

Get pressure on that quarterback. Let's get one

every time I hear "extremity" word on the injury report it makes me wanna vomit, seriously. WHy do they do it? why do they use that word, it brings back painful memories of bad times with this team.

D-Cleat Glennon + Tackle= W


Sorry guys, my math is wrong:

D-Cleat Glennon + Tackle + Tyriq McCord= W

just play 4 qtrs and we get out of here with a W. balance on offense mix the RBs...that is working....morris NO screens to WRs that does not work... defense get after them get some turnovers....

I need an education on this injury report business.

Is there a limit on the number of players a school can dress for the game? If so, is it different for the home and away team?

If there is no limit, why wouldn't everyone everyone be listed as probably, except those out for the season?

this game will be a grind until the 4th qtr where the Canes will pull away 35-20 Canes.


Why wouldn't you want to make the injuries as vague and general as allowable? If you tell your opponent the exact location of a player's injuries, the opponent will likely target it. As wrong as it sounds, football can be a brutal game.

Sunny dee, if you are going to blog for me, at least try and get it right.

I want the Canes to win all their games.

I also KNOW they will NOT win if the Canes have only three down linemen on defense and if the LBs are 5 yards off the line of scrimmage, and if they do not blitz, and if the Canes play zone pass coverage. Those are asking to get smashed and bashed on run and passing plays by opponents. BC proved that all day long.

The Canes also must throw the ball down field 10-15 yards or at least past the first down marker and pick up first down. That is so elementary it should be a crime if they waste downs throwing bombs or flat passes.

And finally, who wants to go to a stadium where a siren blares out every few minutes???

go canessssssssssssss

Any of you guys going to the game?

CaneFan'72 - a lot of people like the sirens but I can see how grumpy old men might get annoyed. My only problem is that they stole that from the Jets.

I always said they should have saved the tin signs from the OB or made new ones. That banging was annoying at the time too but it did make for some atmosphere.

You have a crazy simplistic view on everything the Hurricanes are doing. It's like you noticed two things and decided to latch on to them and whenever the Hurricanes win it's because they didn't play three linemen and didn't throw short passes. Whenever they lose Golden and the other coaches are frauds and idiots because they played three linemen and threw short passes.

I generally agree with both sentiments but those two problems were only noticeable in the first game, have you even watched a game since then?

NCState has given up 14 sacks by the way...

Please tell me Forston got his degree even though he left early. He's been cut by NE.

They don't call it young and dumb for nothing. Where's these kids' mentors? Who the hell is buzzing in their ear. Another year under Golden would have developed them more than 3 years under Shannon.

But I guess when the rumors are they wanted to bolt because they feared offseason conditioning.

NFL money is no guarantee. Especially if you haven't done crap in college. Buh-bye entitled. Such a shame but you live and learn like the rest of us.

Cane fan72 keep telling the about defense maybe danfrio is reading.i applaud golden for being a good coach and putting some fire in these players. We play in spurts and when we win that's good but the inconsistent play will not win us a championship. Up by19 down by 17 and down by 14 against bc. This is a recipe for losses. I'm glad we are learning how to win and I will give coach d a pass this past weekend because we didn't have arguably our best defensive player and we are still very young. I'm interested to see what we do against NC's state. This is our biggest game of the season. 360 cane if fortson didn't get his degree that's his problem not yours. By the time these players come to college they better have their own drive and be capable of making their own decisions. Telling us about what Shannon did or didn't do doesn't make golden and staff any better. Shannon is fired and at another school. Golden had a safety drafted by Philly early in the second round a couple of years ago. This second round pick was cut this year after only two years. Does that mean golden is not a good coach or develops talent. No it means that jarret just didn't cut it. Lets talki about moving forward and winning ball games.

Jim Gallo,

Here you go you focking moron. Some tidbits I found about the 3-4 defense and how successful the Steelers have been running it. I especially like the line of the article that reads "With the right personnel, the 3-4 is also superior to the 4-3 in run defense by having the three defensive linemen occupy multiple blockers, giving the linebackers free lanes to hit the hole.".

"In the 2009 NFL season, seven out of the top 10 teams, in both scoring defense and total defense, ran a variation of the 3-4 defense. The 3-4 defense is predicated on the ability to have multiple fronts, with the same personnel, with the intent of confusing the offense, and having the option to be flexible on any down and distance.

The Steelers have successfully ran the 3-4 defense since the 1982 NFL season and have fielded the top defense in the NFL five times, and have placed in the top five twelve times.

Today's NFL is a quarterback, pass-driven league, and defenses have been forced to adapt as a result, which is why the 3-4 has been revitalized in recent years. The 3-4 defense has an immediate advantage over the 4-3 defense with defending the pass because of the ability to have four linebackers drop into coverage instead of three, and by having the ability to rush any combination of linebackers and defensive linemen. With the right personnel, the 3-4 is also superior to the 4-3 in run defense by having the three defensive linemen occupy multiple blockers, giving the linebackers free lanes to hit the hole.

What truly sets the 3-4 apart from the 4-3 is the amount of versatility it gives to the defensive coordinator."

This is THE U! We aren't playing caveman football. Adapt or die old man. Get with the times or get the fock out of the way!

Actually, I would guess that the Canes lined up in the base 4-3 probably 85-90% of that game against GT. This was a significant difference from the prior games, where a 4-3 was used but one of the linebackers was not in the box. GT hit some big plays with some good blocks on the outside but they didn't gouge us up the middle like other teams have done.

Yes GT scored alot of points but the defense played the scheme good early and absolutely great in the fourth quarter. The option is a funky offense and Paul Johnson is the best coach at it. It is designed to beat you from inside and then out. When the Canes shut down the inside it became more manageable on the outside. Shut down the inside runs and dictate to teams what they have to do elsewhere. I hope they stay in the base 4-3 this week.

But more importantly, the light went on for alot of players. Chickillo played great, Jimmy Gaines played well, and everyone was flying to the ball in the fourth quarter. It was the best fourth quarter defensive performance we have seen at UM in a long, long time. It showed the heart of the players and their will to win.

Lets not analyze the scheme to death. Let's not make it overly complicated. Just call a few different versions off the same base defense and let each player get comfortable doing their job well within that scheme.


I know we run a 4-3 most of the time but make no mistake Coach D is installing a hybrid defense that will show plenty of 3-4 looks once it's fully installed and we have a true Nose Tackle. Jim Gallo is just a troll moron who wants the Canes stuck in the stoned ages. In certain situations "3rd and long" and against certain offenses "spread" the 3-4 will be the look Coach D will dial up.

For Jim Gallo to make claims that the 3-4 can't stop the run just shows how focking dumb he is as i have clearly shown. The Stealers do just fine stopping the run out of the 3-4.

It's called feeling for the kid, Tally. And no, i do no expect a kid in his early 20's to have it all figured out as you suggest. Now it shows we played with a bunch of Al Bundies.

I'm a fan of a 3-3-5 with that roamIng safety at around 6'2"/6'3". But against GT, 4-3-4.

I personally dont care how many down linemen we play I just wish we had a D coordinator who gave our kids a chance to make a play. I get that he doesnt want to give up the big play, but its basically a mini-prevent defense every play. I like our kids this year. They have heart and even better technique than in years past despite their youth, but dropping them back every single game and expecting the other team not to attack the 5-10 yards that are a gimme is not a scheme...its madness.

Going to the game this week to support Golden and the Boys...and hopefully to see Donofrio make an adjustment for once.



Hey Terry,

Who said anything about being Pittsburgh? Canesfan 72 or Jim Gallo or whatever that loser goes by said the 3-4 can't stop the run and with the right personnel the 3-4 can stop the run as well as the 4-3 any day of the week. I also seem to recall Miami having a player that went by the name of Vince Wilfork come through this program and many other ballers so it's not like Coach D can't get his hands on plenty of top shelf talent to run the 3-4.

Coach D runs a multiple look Hybrid 4-3/3-4 defense and it's what top defenses run today in the NFL. Ever heard of the Ravens defense before? YOu know that team with the greatest MLB to ever play the game that also came from THE U? They run a hybrid 3-4 defense and are also the top defense in the NFL year in and year out. Ever heard of the Patriots? They to run a Hybrid 3-4 defense. Get the picture?

Canesfan 72, or Jim Gallo, or Pine County, or Cool Cat, or the Curse is just pissed Golden is about to donkey punch CFB in the back of the head. This clown knows how good Miami is in the hands of a good HC. Coach D is going to be an awesome DC once he gets the personnel right and these youngsters grow up in his Hybrid 4-3/3-4 multiple set defense.

I guess what I'm saying is, Canefan 72 is a focking moron...


Lol. Yeah...everyone else is wrong about Donofrio and you are right...Bc you read articles about the 3-4.
Lol. My god woman...Just stop...please you are wasting space where good perfectly good posts could go.

You know nothing about what you are speaking.

Please leave the football to those who have played in a 3-4 rather than reading about it in an article.
HAHAHAHA. Silly girl...football discussion is for men.

Bottom line is, Miami's success in the past came from tons of pressure on the QB from the D line, and blitzes. UM used to be a blitzing team, allowing man coverage down the field bc of our typical speed. Of course that was predciated on having stud D linemen who harassed QBs constantly. Something changed along the way around 2007- after Bryan PAta (RIP) and Baracka Atkins, UM recruiting of DLinemen went bust. Sure Marcus Forston was supposed to be the next great UM D lineman. Dont make me laugh. Forston is now inline for a job at Costco in the warehouse dept. Someone assked if he got his degree. Ill put a million that he didnt.


Agreed. I dont get why we offer up the first 10-15 yards every play instead of getting after it with our athleticism.
I hope we rock glennon multiple times this saturday.

Pine County Cane,

Yes, anybody complaining about Coach D is wrong and I will be right. He already built a monster defense at Temple with zero 4 stars a couple of 3 stars. The defense mainly consisted of 2 stars or recruits nobody ever heard of. That Defense applied plenty of pressure and shut offenses down. With Miami talent he will build a top 5 defense soon enough.

The problem is you morons don't understand that this defense started from scratch this year. 19 sophomores or younger on the two deep tells me you crackheads or crazy in thinking that this defense was going to be the strength of the team this year.

Let me tell you why Coach D keep the play in front of this young defense. It's because if he doesn't the defense will get burned for TD's. Coach D dialed up pressure last year to appease you fools and the defense gave up a TD. He's damned if does and damned he doesn't right now so I'm glad he's playing a bend but don't break gameplan right now. When the defense gets burned deep then you clowns will be bitching about some new BS. Maybe you should trust that the guy knows more than you fools or maybe you'd have his job.

Calling me woman is cute and all but you're still a focking moron. Carry on fool...

To Eudoc, and fightingibis, and other critics of pro formations and plays that I suggest:
On the siren, it distracts from fans yelling defense or block line block and getting involved all together, IMHO as well as being as irritating as having a cheerleader using the stadium loudspeakers. They need to STFU and let fans and cheerleaders with megaphones be involved themselves.

On the four down linemen defense, I played football in HS, junior college, and college. I have played 3,4, 5, 6, and 8 man (goal line and short yardage 4th and one) defenses. The only defense which works to stop the run and put pressure on the passer is the 4 down lineman defense. A three down linemen wears out the linemen. 5 and 6 linemen takes too many defensive backs from pass protection. Four down linemen must stay in their lanes, protect first the quick hitting run, then go across the line to get the QB or the end run or reverse.

A blitz is necessary by a very fast def. back having a clear route to the QB. It is a huge morale boost for the whole team to have a tackle in the backfield by our defense behind the other offensive line of scrimmage.


Yeah something happened once Pata and Atkins were gone. Miami hasn't had any balling DT's because corch Radio couldn't develop talent. Had Forston picked Bama and played for Saban he'd be 1st round draft pick. That's how detrimental that incompetent idiot was to this football program. The Defense Coach D wants to run will be aggressive and versatile. This defense isn't there yet. All you have to do is look at the depth chart to figure that out. Smith is the oldest DT and he's a JUCO who should have gotten a RS. Just wait until next year when the guys playing now grow another year and Briscoe and Ivery start getting PT. This defense will be night and day different.

People said Butch didn't know what he was doing and proved all the haters wrong then. Now it's Coach D's turn to prove the idiots wrong once again.

Canesfan 72, Pine County, Jim Gallo or whatever the fock you want to be called,

You are a stupid ass. I don't care what you did, EVER in your life. You're a focking moron troll with no life. UF needs their mental midget back.


FightingIbis just proved she knows nothing about this team. Last year is the same nonsense as this year. He didnt dial up anything. I have every single game film. I suggest you study them. He didnt utilize the blitz. He played the same soft zone nonsense hes playing now.

You Know nothing. Donofrio will get torched again and again and again...and then youll still be here on this board screeching about how good his scheme is.

He built a monster at temple?
Hah! A monster huh?
Seriously you should step away from the keyboard and stop spewing nonsense about a game youve never played.
Dont dare compare Donofrio to Butch.
Butch never ran this kind of nonsense. In fact in both his college and professional stints he employed what we're talking about. Pressure, Press, man, Blitz...

You Know nothing but you continue to double down.

FightingIbis, come on man. They have a right to their opinion even though their opinion will look foolish next year, the year after that, and the...

But you know bro, with a true freshman or RS fresh playing at every position on D, we're suppose to be world beaters. I've already posted Bama's rotation compared to Miami's rotation and THEY STILL DON'T GET IT!

Might as well let it go. These guys you're arguing with obviously played D1 ball where studying film is a must. You know, they get all their answers from watching 3 hours on their tv sets every Saturday.

If they don't want to listen to people that actually played D1 ball then so be it.

This is why football players cannot talk football with football fans. They just don't get it and expect way too much. We always gotta please the fans, right?

Yeah, thats what we are saying.
We're on these boards saying that we expect them to be world beaters...thats garbage.
No one is saying that. In fact everyone on this board who is criticizing the Defense is criticizing the D coor.
Alabama? Who the hell said anything about alabama?
I would settle for better than 98th in the country in total defense...97th in scoring...giving up 226 yards on the ground...452 overall...6+ yards every single play.
Think about that.
6 yards every single play run from the line of scrimmage. Thats the problem i have. We play with a cushion. Its the scheme that sucks...not the players. Im quite happy with the guys we have. They tackle better, are in better shape. Its donofrio that i question.
But im sure you know better since you played D1 ball.
Lol. I swear you and Ibis are donofrios offspring sent here to defend him. I dont even have a problem with saying that I may be wrong, but why cant you people possibly concede that you might be wrong about him too....?

Thank you pine county cane.

I love the Cane's aggressive defenses of past decades.
I love the 10-15 yard passes to move the ball down the field. I love the steadiness of our kicking game unlike wide right and wide left. I loved the old Orange Bowl, the friendship and insanity of Cane fans. I love the Ibis - woooooooo, C A N E S! I loved the tough mindedness of the past coaches, Schnell, JJ, Butch, and good assistant coaches.

I can't stand the siren, the 3 down stupid defense, the flat passes, the excuses, the loyalty to mediocrity, the new stadium, no tailgating, no band outside, no large TV screen playing past games, no Cuban expresso or cheap parking and walking in the Cuban neighborhoods toward the OB and the excitement in the air long before you got to the grounds with kids and tailgating everywhere.

When I talk 4 down linemen on defense and LBs up close and blitzes, it is also simple physics. Three defensive linemen can not get through 6 offensive blockers to get to the QB before he has time to write a letter, take a phone call, write a text, check the pass patterns, find some guy wide open in our incredibly, galacticly stupid DC zone and prevent (the win) defense. Hopeless. (Shakes head)

PineCountyCane, the difference is that jim gallo insults and offneds rather than providing links and facts to support his claims. And CaneFan72 sticks to the same two points in every post.

I concede that I might be wrong about him. I don't know the man, likely never will. But the results on the field, two straight years, are how I am judging his coaching skill. When the Canes gave up big leads in three straight games against Maryland, BC, and UCLA, I also judged Jimmy Johnson harshly. He has the chance to redeem himself, just like Jimmy did, but right now, there is NO reason to consider him a good coach, based on the results on the field.

Fair enough?

Let us play some Hurricanes Football..

This team got a TASTE of wins and close ones at that...
The recover from the euphoria is the critical ingredient in prepping for NCS.

We may all disagree on a range of factors affecting the 'U', but all it takes is another signature win in the ACC and a Record of 4-1, and we will all be holding hands and singing of the return of the 'Canes. Yes even Gallo.
The journey is great, the trip my be bumpy, but the final destination of having our 'Canes where they belong in the top 10 is well worth it..

As Canetillidie said " we are happy to see the injured 'Canes back in the mix, and speedy recovery to the others that are out."

Win this weekend..

Score 36-10.
Go'Canes Always

CaneFan'72 - yea, I'm with you on the 4-3, it's just that it hasn't seemed to be an issue since BC. Same with the short passes.

As to the tailgating - all I can tell you is you're doing it wrong. It's MUCH better tailgating outside Joe Robbie than in that single lot reserved for student parking near the OB.

The atmosphere isn't the same as it was down in little havana but I've had some great times tailgating outside Joe Robbie the past few years.

Also, from where I'm standing the problem is that the coordinator never blitzes out of a 3-4, that's kind of the whole point of the formation, the fourth guy can come from anywhere.

I don't care if their hand is in the dirt or not, just bring the pressure and force turnovers.

1984- Miami had just won the NC and look at their defense under new coach JJ: gave up 45 against BC and the midget Flutie, and gave up a 31-0 lead against maryland. Great defense eh? Difference is, JJ needed some time- 1985, 1986 passed, then 1987 came. 12-0. Enough said.

Point is, give the man time. He is a coach but a coach can only do what he can with what he has. Depth is an issue and so is experience. Golden has only been recruiting for 2 years, so give the two a chance. Patience.

By the way, I agree with chilling on the personal attacks, but I must say canefan 72 is really painfully annoying with that 3 down line garbage. Its like a broken record. And its silly. Fighting ibis- I tend to agree with your points, but dang it enough with the insults and withsaying fock. fock this fock that. Thats also quite annoying.

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