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Official UM Canes injury report for NC State: There's a probable! And where's Dalton Botts?


The official ACC UM Hurricanes injury report for North Carolina State has been released.


*Punter Dalton Botts is not on this report, which is curious. Keep in mind that last week, Vaughn Telemaque (knee) was not listed on the report and did not play. Vaughn really wasn't totally ready to go, per some UM people in the program. I don't expect Dalton to play, but as I've said before, we'll see.

*Defensive back Andrew Swasey is also not listed on this report. But coach Al Golden said Tuesday that Andrew "is back.'' (Golden also said linebacker Gabe Terry is back)

*We have a probable this week, and that's good news for Miami. Linebacker Raphael Kirby, who has yet to get in a game, worked more than coaches thought he would this week in practice. If he plays, it probably will be on a limited basis.

*Middle linebacker Denzel Perryman is out, as expected.


Raphael Kirby-Lower extremity



Denzel Perryman-Lower Extremity


Surgery/Out for the season:

Ramon Buchanan-Lower Extremity

Malcolm Lewis-Lower Extremity

Sean McNally-Lower Extremity




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Well said, corpus!

Eudoc, A 3 down lineman even with a blitz still does not make sense even on an obvious passing down because the other offense can run a draw, a screen pass, a quick hitting pass, or keep the full back in to block. Several times I have seen the Cane DC use a four man down defense, then go to a 3 down on 3rd and long and the other offense picks up a first down. That is infuriating and a morale killer to the whole Cane team.

It is not who is down with their hand in the dirt. The problem with 3 man down def. is that LBs and DBs do not have the weight and strength of big def. linemen. That is why Wilfork was and is still successful and why Chickillo was so great against GT. It is also why Miami's great tight ends were so effective in catching ten yard passes for first downs. What DB would want to crash into a big lineman running full speed and catching passes?

On tailgating, let's get the band outside, the large TV screen, more tailgating and cheaper prices at JRS. And someone strangle the guy with the siren. Maybe there is hope.

I see some of these fans are psychos. It is entertaining. Some talk here like they participated in the cane successful years, but 98% were not even born then. I always try to post as accurate as possible. I have no idea where this 3-4 thing comes from. I neve once talked about defensive lineups. All I ever said was the DC is not experienced to be a DC....he has no history at that position and it is showing up in defensive yard aveage at 436. Miami has tobe under last years yardage total of 4319...its really very simple...above the teams has a loosing recored....equal they go .500....under that have a winning eason. So far 1819 total yards...heading twards a loosing season. Lets see what the number looks like tomarrow.

Golden age + corpus

It is fair to ask for time.
You have to think how long weve waited to restock the shelves on defense that we are a little ancy to see guys like tracy eddie chick denzel deon play in a defense that optomizes their unique abilities. While i dont think donofrio runs the attacking scheme that suits the personell he has...that doesnt mean im 100% right. Maybe he does need time...maybe hes not the guy.
Ill give him another week to prove it before i come on here and say anything else lol.
Also fightingibis is painful to read...and jim gallo...i think you get too personal too...but after i read your attacks i read your name and then i think about jug wine and all is forgiven...
Corpus...i visited corpus a few years back and i ate at cotton joes...is it true it burned down?

golden and his DC and OC probably do not read blogs nor care what fans think.

But I will guarantee you that when BC ran off two touchdown drives against the Canes 3 down lineman, soft zone defense, those morons changed to a four down linemen defense. They would stop BC, then on 3rd and long, they went back to 3 down linemen and BC would convert the first down.

Now, to me, that spells out incredible stupidity as well as anyone defending that kind of play calling. Same with the passes out to the flat for no gain going nowhere. So, they changed to down field passing. And LO!!! Canes moved the ball.

Please don't tell me about other coaches needing time. They might have brought their own crap and then went back to Schnell's pro playbook. Ericson came to the Canes. The players told him to not change anything. And LO!! Another NC.

I do not know if these coaches are smart enough or humble enough to acknowledge good defensive (four down linemen, LBs up close, blitzes) formations and good offensive passing attacks. We are going to find out PDQ with NC State and the rest of the year.

need this game. Miami 34 NCS 21 FIRE THE TROLL

CaneFan72, Erickson changed nothing? He went to a one back offense hat cost us the FSU game when were couldn't complete first and goal situations. The one back offense almost cost us that 1989 title.

What happened? He ADJUSTED in goal line situations to a traditional 2 back offense, and we won the rest of our games.

But you cannot say he changed nothing when he was RIPPED here for completely going to the one back offense. Do I need to show articles, or do you remember that mess now?

Canefan, 72
If Golden and company start reading ur BS blogs to coach he is as stupid as U

of course you have no idea about that time...you were not there. I was. Erikonson 1 back offense was the best offense miami ever had. Points for in 1989 when he put it in was 426 for and 127 against...that spread stayed consistant each year thereafter. He went 63-9, incredible and 19-1 conference. He and Butch were the best coaches Miami ever had....even better than JJ.

I agree with Gallo on Erickson. Erickson doesnt get enough credit, but what other coach in Miami history won 2 national championships and played for a third?????? huhh????

NC state always give UM trouble- used to be because they recruited heavily in Florida. Now they have a spattering of florida kids. But they always seem to have dangerous QBs- back in 2003-2004 or so, it was danged Phillip Rivers and it took Devin Hester's magic to overcome all the TDs and yards that Rivers was pasting on us- we couldnt stop that fool. Then Russell Wilson, although we had the jokes of the QB world in Jacorry and Kyle Wright and such. Russell Wilson ran around the UM defense like it was flag football. Regrdless it was close, in the rain the U almost came back on him.

not to mention 6 bowl appearences

Keep praising the "Golden" hurricane. He has huge shoes to fill in my book. When his performance is of those before him...then I'll come aboard. Until then...nothing. Im a hard core fan....put up or shut up. The program (whats left of it)..is more important than him or his pisan (DC) from his NJ neighborhood. Ill tell you if the defense runs up yards over 436....i will be banned form this blog, lol. I will be relentless.

UM needs to stay in a 4-3, blitz blitz and more blitz. We still have to speed to play man across the board. Deon is goin to Be a stud. Also u can zone blitz with all the versatility our ends and linebackers. Leggo Canes

gallo/curse, I wasn't there? Okay. Sure. Ask around where the fullback was sitting during that game. I will give you a hint, it rhymes with trench.

You were? When you sat in Tally and watched that offense stall at the five, once, twice, three times, were you singing his praises then? When he choked against BYU, were you saying he was better than JJ?

The original comment was that Erickson changed nothing. That was false. Please don't change it to a different topic altogether.

As I said before, Canes will win 40-10. This will be a destruction. The pound puppies have given up "14" sacks this year so far. That's a garbage Oline to give up that many sacks to garbage teams. Plus here's the kicker, both starting tackles will miss this game due to injuries. Can somebody say GAME OVER??? I've been saying 40-10 all week but after hearing that news I'm thinking more like 45-0, but I'll keep it how I have been posting as of late. Their stats are garbage due to playing garbage teams. Show me real stats versus real teams please..... Send the wolves and we'll send them back running with their tales between their legs, whimpering!




C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. I can vision Chickillo getting a stop for loss, causing a fumble, recovering the ball and running it back for a TD!!!

2. Duke will have 2 TDs one way or another.

3. Mike James will add another TD.

4. WRs will add another 2 TDs easily.

- That's 6 TDs including extra points making 42pts. Throw in a field goal and there's your 45pts.

GO CANES!!!!!!!


You are back and bringing the message of show up
for the game and yell your lungs out!

This team deserves our heart because they are laying theirs on the line and you gotta love it! This is a no quit football team...

go canes!

you were not there or during the JJ years, JJ was great....but erickson points scored/against had wider spreads than jimmy....it was because of the 1 back offense. It allowed more opportunity with the extra split receiver (at that time it was wesley carroll, rob chudzinski, horace copeland, randall hill, dale dawkins etc) to open up more holes in the opposition defense. It was great....what do we have now......weak sideouts with conservative OC playcall...give me a break....dont get me started when I look back and review its sad. You just dont know or understand what it was like back then.

btw...21-28 byu loss is not a choke....stop smoking weed in your dorm room green pea

Sure glad to see all this commotion even with the morons who do not agree with me and recognize my brilliance.

We have got to get this win. And thennnnn, I am really going to get serious to teach the golden morons football against the heat coming at us in the rest of the schedule. Stay tuned. I may have to open a payguy account so I can get paid to teach morons.

and lets not forget byu had ty detmer who as a jounior passed for 5188 yard and 41 td in a 12 game season.....so lets see how your boy Golden would have done against him?

I liked JJ. But for the replacement refs at Notre Dame blowing the ground causing fumble, JJ was headed for three National Championships in a row.

I like both the one back and two back offenses. They each have their strong and weak points. I liked the one big and fast back like Bratton who could break it big or get you three yards for a first down.

Gotta love these hard working kids. I just hope golden keeps with the good conditioning for the fifth quarters and to prevent injuries.

Still throwing insults I see, Curse Gallo. Bye Bye, no need to waste time proving you wrong again, done that befor. No links, no proof, just baseless allegations and insults is all that Curse Gallo provides.

its comical that Miami with it new and improved staff had almost 600 yards against them with boston college's chase rettig...not BC's mat ryan....can you imagine golden against Ty detmer?.....the laughs are worht $1000 a week

Look we all like posting. The old days have been there. We are who we are now. Let's find the formula that works and use it!..Live the process..

How we get there with all you pseudo Coaches who know little or anything about drawing up schemes and plays is another question?..

Clearly repeating posts and citing historic data is not going to change your other posters opinion who disagree; so repeating through 5- 6 and more posts the same SH*** may be satisfying to you but boring to other readers.
To take the board and hijack it to make your point is childish and dumb, and you loose..All the readers see the post and either do not read or move on...calling someone out does not create a lot of positive vibes for you or your post...
We all love the 'Canes, but I don't want to sit here and waste time reading a lot of retorts which have little or no concern to the Canes and tomorrow's game.
Great you don't like the defense, but when the team wins don't dredge some statistic to justify why they aren't as good as twenty years ago.. come on, because you can't acknowledge you were wrong on the call for them to loose in your post, and they won.
I am not the post police but someone who loves my 'Canes, and am supportive of my team.

.. Love the win celebrate it and move on..this is the Golden era..how in h*** can you compare him with JJ, Erickson, and Schnelly and the guy has been there for 16 games is beyond me?..
Don't you people even think before spouting.The youngest team that has the most first year players than any other 'Cane team ever.
Celebrate their accomplishment..
dbc you got it.
Go 'Canes Always

Posted by: CaneFan'72 | September 28, 2012 at 10:13 AM
I SO relate to the first 2 paragraphs, as I attended EVERY Canes home game at the )-Bowl from 1958 through 1969. Things were EXACTLY as you described, + the inevitable UM band that couldn't march straight, as they weren't. (as in STONED. LOL)

Truthfully, regarding paragraph 3, I'm not sure I'm knowledgeable enough regarding defensive schemes. I do know the conceptual differences between the 3-4 and 4-3, but I guess I'm a bit confused by comments here.
Why is it said that a pass rush can't be generated by a 3-4?
Blitz the safety unexpectedly for one, NOT just in obvious 3rd and 14 situations.
To me, we just don't have D-Linemen with pass rushing skills like UM guys of old.
4-3 was awesome in the days before the spread offense, maybe not so versatile these days?

BTW, on another subject, I wish Fisch would cease calling that horrible Morris roll out to the left and throw to the left...always on 3rd and 6-7 yards. Five times, and it hasn't worked yet, and won't.

Our receivers have really improved as far as blocking, so i'm not so sure i agree we need to eliminate the WR screen. I just think Steven doesn't disguise it very well....YET.

Go Canes. I said GO CANES!!!!!!
Enjoy the game everyone.

nobody ever called the canes to loose. then stop acting like the police if you are not like you say. well see this game. lets see if the defense gives up 400 plus yards.

Keep praising the "Golden" hurricane. He has huge shoes to fill in my book. When his performance is of those before him...then I'll come aboard. Until then...nothing. Im a hard core fan....put up or shut up. The program (whats left of it)..is more important than him or his pisan (DC) from his NJ neighborhood. Ill tell you if the defense runs up yards over 436....i will be banned form this blog, lol. I will be relentless.

Posted by: jim gallo | September 28, 2012 at 02:41 PM

Jim, IMO this is a ridiculous statement not to mention contradictory.
First, neither JJ not Erickson (Butch gets a pass due to Erickson's violations) won big time their first year, and they played in the MUCH softer Big East (Can't remember when we went from Independent tom BE.
So, why are you not giving Al time?
Worse still, how can you turn your support on an off like a faucet?
As much as I disliked what Randy's demeanor looked like on the sidelines, I still pulled for him and my Canes.

Your ambivalence to a Coach that in 2 games this season proved his teams WON'T QUIT. VERY similar to those of Dennis' and Butch's. Later on, both Butch and JJ had the benefit of just being BETTER than anyone, and very rarely did we have to come back from 14 points, let alone have 36 straight scored on us, yet come back to WIN.

Is that competitive fire our young men show inconsequential to you.

Get on the train before it runs you over. Even if it derails, what did you lose?
hey, in 2 years, you can say "I told you so" which seems to be more important to YOU, than "wow, how about dem Canes?!!"

UgoCane...sadly, not EVERYONE here loves the Canes.
In fairness, comparing the merits of, say the 3-4 and 4-3 is NOT boring to some, and in fact might be in a way educational.
That said, I totally agree with your point regarding 16 games in the Golden ERA being compared to the rich heritage of SOME of those who came before.
Al was left with not an empty closet, but one that was badly crowded with dead wood, mainly under-acheivers and self entitled.

If we get to 8-4, maybe even 9-3 (have to beat ND top get there) the penalties won't mean a thing, same as they didn't to USC.
Al will continue get the OVER-acheivers, as does Kansas State, VA Tech, and from that will follow those who don't want to play for Nick Saban and Muschamp.

Miami goin to win but close. Only bc defensive coordinator. Mark my words. Fire the troll and D'fino

imawriter, to try to answer your question about a pass rush, with all respect and IMHO, I think it is a matter of simple physics.

With three big defensive linemen, first there is a huge gap between the center where the ball and our nose guard is out to the offensive end where our DE is. Three down linemen on our defense can not stand up to twice the weight in offensive blockers and a runner. It is simple physics, two against one.

Second, our 3 down linemen have to play the run first and the pass rush second. So, that slows them down. Third, a blitzer can not necessarily get through a blocking back and an offensive lineman who has no one in front of him, so he drops back to block the blitzer in the back field. A blitzer has to have a clear path to the QB. What if he rolls out away from the side the blitzer is coming from? What if the pass is a fake and the QB runs a QB draw up the middle? No one there. Big gain is the result.

Four down defensive linemen rush straight up into the backfield. Our Linebacker backs them up in case the QB or a back pulls a draw play or tries to get outside. As a player, let me tell you, those QBs are hard to get to with even one guy blocking you much less two. And they run faster than any lineman.

Hope this helps. Not too sure golden nor the DC know this information or they would NEVER, NEVER run a three down lineman prevent (the win) zone coverage defense, not even on 4th and 50 yards to go.

i see the ibis is back in drag again. so many experts, so few real fans. blah blah 3, 4 linemen, this and that. get over yourselves. ibis is the worst. just a dufus. these canes will get their cans kicked sat. the fans like you, it was 12 o'clock game, it was hot it was this or that. you people are as stupid as it gets. go pack 3 ints, 2 fumbles will do you in. pack 38 miami, 10 i said it here

sorry....jj was 18-7 with 2 bowl wins and erickson was 21-3 wit 2 bowl wins.....also the teams were 10 times better....fsu, auburn, michigan, maryland, boston college, tennessee, alabama, byu, ND...also the attendance averaged 58,000....totally different

typo...jj had 2 bowl appaerences...lost them both

Go UM! Show your love and go to the game.


pack attack, can we just mail in your victory for NC state, save us some money going to the game and you dogs from coming down here? You have us very worried. We just don't stand a chance.

If we just let you win, we can then concentrate on ND, take a week off to rest, get stoned, go to south beach, contact our favorite criminal boosters to pay our guys, get a sun tan.

Its amazing that CaneFan72 is getting dumber about football as each day passes
Put your depends on and sit in the corner drooling and leave the football talk to people that actually know WTF they are talking about
Arent the shuffleboard courts open still?
I know youre an expert in that game

that would save us all a lot of time 72. it won't be pretty tomorrow. really, this pack will come ready, i don't think your canes will. they will disappoint the home crowd, make alot of mistakes.the difference from golden to a real coach, not obrien, but a saban type, is they do the small things all the time, very well. our teams struggle with this, one week great, next , not. but this will be ours sat., good luck though. have a great weekend, burn one for me.

"packattack" has to be the same moron who pretended to be a GA Techster.
Flamers just LOVE to come here, the place where Champions we're born, and soon, RE-BORN.

Hey Gallo you said JJ was 0-2 in bowls?,How did JJ go 0-2 in Bowl games and get a NC ??
Is it you Nevin??
Gettin it pushed in Fed??
Naw, even a slime Cane Fan wouldnt be stupid enough to think JJ was 0-2 in Bowls. And the 7 losses.. 5 in first season when he took over and changed the whole system to his Coaching style. Guy is such a Brain you couldnt understand the levels.

Malcom Lewis, keep healing and support your team on the sidline and offer any insight you can. Stay as close to the game as you can.so your even more ready for the field. Come back stronger with more Vert! On the Field, its were you belong.


Damn touch screen lol, I ment Bama,LSU, run a 3-4

pack attack,
Thank you for your update and analysis.
The Canes should just go through the motions.
After all, we have just freshmen and sophomores,
they are young and immature, no experience,

our coaches are morons, probably do not have the kids in shape,
Canes have injuries,
We have sanctions.

The heat is hot and humid in south Florida.
There is so much to do here.
Please just have the NC State wolfpack come to the stadium, give our kids a good butt whipping like they deserve.
Our fans will cry in their beer and talk about next year.
Enjoy our siren and our fat president and get a nice sun tan.

72, your on track. now, ima writer, he's right to, where champions WERE born, never to return. this aint the 80's no more, and since butch left, it's all over. golden will never reach the promised land. see at the stadium, whatever its called.

pack attack,
I have a song just for you and Cane opponents to enjoy.


There's a bad moon arising.
Hurricanes are coming, bound to take yo life,
Rivers overflowing.

jj was 0-2 his first 2 years...that was the issue in blog...fist 2 yrs, he lost fiesta (84) and sugar (85)

I agree. pressure on Glennon will be huge bc he isnt all that mobile, but the y have good rbs as well.

Let's do it Canes!

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